Battlefield 3 – DICE Outs Patch Notes For June 4th Multiplayer Update 3: M26 Dart Fix, Suppression Reduction, Console Color Blind Mode

DICE has just outed a full list of changes in their upcoming “multiplayer update 3” which will be making it’s way to Battlefield 3 across PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in less than a week.

The release schedule is as follows:

  • PC and Xbox 360 worldwide: June 4th
  • PlayStation 3 in Japan/Asia: June 5th
  • PlayStation 3 in all other regions: June 4th

DICE highlights some of the more important changes via the Officlal Battlefield Blog.

  • M26 dart situation resolved
  • Somewhat reduced suppression effect
  • Adding symbol for custom server rules (console)

Server Browser Custom Rules

  • Colorblind support (console)

3D HUD and Colorblind Support on Consoles

  • Improved VTOL fighter jet (F35) performance
  • Improved VTOL fighter jet (F35) performance
    • Based on community feedback, we have improved the performance of the F35 in Back to Karkand to better match that of the SU35, particularly when it comes to turning speed.

Full multiplayer update 3 change list below:

Vehicle related changes

  • Tweaked the F35 handling to more closely resemble that of the SU35 (see above).
  • Jet & helicopter ECM Jammer should now deflect missiles more reliably when it is active.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles wouldn’t spawn if their intended space was occupied by a deployable gadget. The vehicle will now spawn as intended and the gadget will be destroyed in the process.
  • Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds.
  • Reduced the direct damage from unguided Javelins to require better side hits for a 1 hit disable. This was previously too forgiving and easy to accomplish.
  • Removed the direct damage from aircraft launched guided missiles. Players will need to have laser designated targets for full effectiveness.
  • Adjusted the helicopter rockets to their original prepatch damage value against armored vehicles. This is a reduction; a revert of a knock on effect that was introduced accidentally.
  • Fixed the US Tank Guided Shell doing the reverse damage values when guided and unguided.
  • Adjusted the M224 mortar damage against vehicles. Some tweaks and adjustments in a previous update accidentally increased its effectiveness greater than intended.
  • Increased the range on the AA guns so they can reach vehicles hovering at the maximum height in select maps.
  • Replaced the VDV buggy on Gulf of Oman (Back to Karkand) with the DPV buggy for both teams at the City flag.
  • Fixed a bug where some vehicle unlocks were still enabled after the player left the vehicle.

Soldier and gadget related changes

  • Reduced the inaccuracy added when in suppression. There is still an enhanced suppression compared to the initial state in the game, but the effect is now less than it was in the last patch (see above).
  • Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.
  • Tweaked the deploy times on gadgets to be faster to deploy in high stress combat situations.
  • Greatly improved the responsiveness when deploying a bipod when going prone and shortly after moving.  The bipod deploy should no longer abort if the player deploys the bipod immediately after stopping.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t deploy the mortar anywhere on Grand Bazaar.
  • When changing the accessories of a weapon in the Customize screen, the weapon previously selected in the Deploy screen will now automatically be selected when entering the Accessories screen.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Aim Assist at close range. Testing in Close Quarters proved our current assist to be inadequate in tight quarters. This is a global change, and will improve the effectiveness of Aim Assist for all modes and maps. Aim Assist over distance is still significantly less effective. This is console only, as Aim Assist is not present on PC. If you prefer, you can also turn it off on console.
  • Players will now spawn on the Radio Beacon looking in the same direction the Beacon is facing. The Beacon always faces in the direction the player is facing when it is planted. Previously the Beacon’s direction had no impact on the player’s spawn direction.
  • The Spawn Preview camera on the Spawn Beacon has been updated to better reflect the direction the player will be looking when he spawns.
  • 40mm smoke now stays longer again.
  • Tweaked some tracers on sniper rounds to have better visibility at range (the tracers are smaller).
  • Tweaked the flashlight so it is less blinding at the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t pick up your deployed gadgets after being revived.

Weapons related changes

  • Fixed a bug where Heavy Barrels and Underslung Shotguns could be over powered. (This is the so called M26 dart issue, see above)
  • All semi-automatic sniper rifles now properly have shorter range when using a suppressor.
  • The L96 now properly shoots where the iron sights are aimed. The position was previously offset.
  • The SKS now has the proper damage values when using a suppressor. The damage was previously too low at close range.
  • Slightly reduced the suppression effect of SKS rounds.
  • Decreased the long range damage of the SKS to highlight its close to medium range role.
  • Slightly decreased the foregrip aimed accuracy penalty on the M4A1 to bring it in line with other guns.
  • Slightly increased the foregrip aimed accuracy penalty on the SCAR-H to bring it in line with other guns.
  • Reduced some of the vertical recoil and zoomed accuracy penalties added to the FAMAS in the previous update.
  • F2000 foregrip accuracy penalty reduced and recoil reduction bonus increased.
  • AEK971 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
  • SG553 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
  • FAMAS foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
  • Fixed the M416’s M26 with Flechettes not having a name in the kill log.
  • Fixed so all clip based LMGs have Extended Mags as an available unlock.
  • All semi-automatic shotguns now fire at 220rpm. There was previously simply a small difference between them, whereas now they have different pellet counts instead of rates of fire.
  • Improved the recoil and accuracy of the M26 to match the 870.
  • Reduced the impact suppression has on shotguns. Shotguns are still affected by Suppression but it should no longer significantly impact their accuracy from the hip as it previously did.
  • The 870’s pump speed has been increased slightly from 0.55 seconds to 0.48 seconds. The empty reload time for the 870 has also been reduced slightly.
  • Improved the accuracy of aimed shotguns when on the move.
  • The Saiga’s recoil has been reduced.
  • The M1014 now fires 10 projectiles. The other semi auto shotguns have 9 pellets, and since the M1014 has a lower mag size and a slower reload it now fires 10 pellets to give it some edge.
  • The USAS-12 now fires 7 projectiles.
  • The MK3A1 now fires 8 projectiles.
  • Fixed so the weapon’s fire mode is saved between spawns.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Added colorblind option for consoles (see above).
  • Added colorblind icon for squad leader (all formats).
  • Added the option for console server admins to show a symbol in the server browser signifying custom rules are in effect (see above).
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps couldn’t be heard behind you.
  • Fixed so that the arming of an M-COM station will not be cancelled if you look at a dropped weapon.
  • Fixed exploit where you could teleport to the AA gun on carriers by firing an EOD bot at its door.
  • Fixed co-op ammo HUD not showing on first enter.
  • Fixed so you get prompted if you really want to switch team when pressing the Switch team button.
  • Fixed so that Assignments are being correctly sorted on the My Soldier\Assignments screen.
  • Fixed issue with commorose not working on soldiers in vehicles (PC).
  • Added blinking capture point icons in the 3D HUD, and added blinking neutral icons in objectives bar.
  • Composed a more informative error message for when a console player attempts to rent a server in a location where there are currently no servers available.
  • Fix for dog tag icons in the My Soldier/Assignments screen appearing slightly stretched.
  • Fixed some tracers appearing behind the soldier or vehicle that fired them.
  • Potential random audio crash fix.

  • Michael

    Why is there no proper hit detection fix?

    • ostrichbean

      Because there was no problem. Make sure you filter servers to your continent and you’ll be fine unless your internet is absolute trash

    • QwietStorm

      There is no fix, its peoples connections, being that this game is client side based. Pay attention to ping and play on servers in your own region.


  • how I wish

    no input lag fix? :/

    • Iury Simas

      They did mention this: “Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.”

      I won’t get my hopes up, though… they didn’t mention they fixed it. They just said “reduced”

      • Akira2020

        All games have lag…some more than others. They can’t guarantee no lag because all games have it. I’m sure you’ll see a tremendous fix.

    • bob

      dude read 2nd part in Soldier and gadget related changes Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.

  • Tludt888


    Still no fix for servers that want to have no minimap, retain the regular HC player health of 60, and be ranked.

  • dpg70

    Love the changes! Nothing too extreme this time. Just curious what the next broken weapon will be. Bets anyone?

    • masada157

      Better idea: Place bets on how long until they fix the next broken weapon. 4 months? Half a year?

    • iliketurtles

      probably one of the weapons in CQ most likely

      • SneakySniper548

        Thats fine with me because im not getting CQ. Atleast for a long while. I might get Armored Kill.

    • aznassassin159

      Bahahaha the AUG with M320 Smoke is now broken. It now has no bullet drop, increased bullet velocity, and OHK. It’s essentially an underbarrel sniper rifle now!

  • JustinD

    Reduced suppression? Why not get rid of it all together if it’s gonna be worthless again/still.

    • airsoftsnip3r

      you want call of duty? go play it suppression is realistic ffs

      • It’s a decent feature but for the sake of a video game it needs to be balanced to specific weapon classes. Ghost Recon: FS has suppression by LMGs only, to keep things balanced and it’s a perfect fit.

      • JustinD

        Fuck call of duty I like the suppression on battlefield the way it is I don’t think it should be reduced

    • They said it’s reduced compared to how it is now, but still more powerful than it was when the game first came out. They’ve said it like 5 times. Before it was a bit too weak, now it’s a bit too strong, in the future it will probably be about just right.

  • right, so no friggin bug fixing again or SPECTATE FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just balancing meh, this game simply has bad support. Last DICE game for me.

    • bob

      dude, u dont see all the bugs that they fixing in this patch. out of this whole list u just see balancing and nothing else? really?!?!!? u know what, im glad this is your last dice game…

    • You failed on a whole nother level

    • chuck

      excuse me sir, but do you know how to read and comprehend information, or do you just skim through everything?

  • MasonMei

    C’mon. Time to break more stuffs up.

  • scotty too hotty

    I lost a little hope when they said “somewhat reduced the suppression effect.” I hope they tone it down a good bit, b/c right now it is just annoying. Bullets themselves offer the suppression. I think a little blurriness, like pre-patch was good. I especially dislike the duration of the suppression effect, don’t need to be blind for 10 seconds after being shot at. I also wish they could do something about the 2 second spawn protection when the player can kill you, but you can’t kill them. I think 1-1.25 seconds is enough. It’s on the player to spawn in an area where you won’t be taking heavy fire, no need to baby sit people.


      And what about those who just sit and watch the beacon? >.> Just about can’t do anything to them, but sit and watch them fire bullet after bullet into you.

    • That spawn protection is cancelled if the player shoots, moves, or takes any action besides looking around.


    I just hate how Dice only fixes/patches their game when they want us to purchase bullshit dlc.

    • airsoftsnip3r

      shut up at least they listen to their community and are supporting it

      • QwietStorm

        So because he has a [valid] opinion that you don’t agree with, the first thing you do is tell him shut up. Brilliant.

    • no they dont… there was a patch in march and in january every two months please do your research before commenting

  • What now? No credit for me? Do you even read the “Submit News Tip” stuff?

    You could at least send me an automated response to let me know you have received it…

    Heavily dissapointed!

    • Really sorry man. Started writing this at 11:29am… your email came in 11:35am it seems. Been keeping an eye on DICE feeds all morning 🙂

      • Okay, that’s good 🙂

        Is there any way you can implement an automated response in the system that my “tip” has been received?

    • Tbag

      lol…you for real?

    • Iscariot

      Wow,your day is ruined.

  • thank god helis cant circle strife tanks in one go round anymore.

  • I wish they would come around and rebuff the IRNV. I realize people hate on it but for a med/long range scope it only see’s at very short ranges

    • ostrichbean

      I agree, I think they should buff the visible advantage it gives but decrease the ADS speed

    • Finally someone with a resonable comment.

  • Arendsb

    No input lag fix.

    I know some don’t experience it, but for those who do, this is probably the single biggest factor that will contribute ps3 users quiting this game.

    Dice said it would be fixed by CQ, now not even a blurb.

    Figures. This is why people
    can’t stand Dice any more.

    • Arendsb

      And “reduced” isn’t fixed.

      Further, it said across all game type systems; oh I didn’t know PC and XBOX had this issue. They were running the banner “shut up ps3, there’s no input lag”

      So this does concern me. I’m sure I’ll have to try it to be sure, but since it doesn’t directly address ps3 input lag, I have my doubts.

      • I did t know either because I know I don’t experience it and I have not seen any posts on Battlelog about Xbox 360 input lag, but more responsive controls are welcomed

      • did u try to fixing it on your tv? I always have that problem with any ps3 game I play I always have to adjust the input lag from my tv settings so try that out?

        • Arendsb

          Ya I’ve tried new cables, all input modes, new types of cables, different game disc, disable v sync, rename inputs, try different input modes (game, pc, movie), all hdmi ports, different resolution (refused to play below 720p, however).

          My results found that the highest reduction in input lag occurred when:

          -reduce ps3 output resolution capability to 720p from 1080p (yes the game is 720, but limiting the ps3’s threshold to 720p helped)

          -disable v sync

          Those were the only things that helped.

      • If by “fixed” you mean “removed”, then that’s not possible. Every game has some input lag. This game just had some circumstances under which it became worse than it usually is.

        Every console has input lag. You cannot remove it. There will always be some input lag. It can only be reduced, not removed.

    • yami

      Soldier and gadget related changes
      Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as
      a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more

      2nd line under the Soilder and Gadget related changes category

      They did mention change to Input Lag its in the full list, not the highlights, even though I think it should be on the highlights being that its probably one of the most complained about things and would be seen as very significant to many players who dont even play the game for this very reason.

      • Arendsb

        Also a bit afraid that Dice still doesn’t unerstand the input lag is experienced in all factors of the game, not just aiming.

        Since they only mention aiming, it makes me question…

    • ostrichbean

      If I were you, I would contact EA customer services and ask for a refund for the game and any DLC you have.

    • Anonb

      > Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.

    • B_Boss

      “Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a
      soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.” Relax.

  • Artdafoo

    What about the Op Metro CQ wall glitch ?

  • Chriski333

    That’s great can’t wait to play close quarters gonna be fun! Haven’t played in awhile

  • Michael Kelley

    I’m still pissed they aren’t changing flares back to being unable to deter LGMs… We can buy the ECM jammer for crying out loud!

    • tyler

      are you sure about that? i’ve seen in game and in videos where flares have done nothing to deter laser guided missiles, both pre and post march big patch. personally, i’ve fired quite a few LGM’s at targets only to see them flare and still get blown up lol. i don’t think flares ever could deter LGM’s, regardless of what’s been said in patch notes.

      • Michael Kelley

        I’m positive about it. I can lock onto either a lazed jet or heli, fire my Javelin/guided munition, they pop flares, and my shot goes careening into the distance. It’s a load of crap, them catering to the low levels who don’t want to put the time and effort in to unlocking ECM

        • tyler

          interesting. i probably should have specified. my personal experiences involve the scout heli’s and laser painter and guided missile. when i paint a target and then fire the guided missile in a scout heli, it’s a guaranteed hit and kill, regardless of whether the person deploys flares or not. the only thing that can deter my LGM, i’ve noticed, is ECM jammer. i guess the consistency is BF3 can be weird sometimes…

          • B_Boss

            No kidding about the consistency (cf. damage taken from certain heights when falling/jumping, etc.

            Thats interesting then. It’s almost like a “rock, paper & scissors” game when it comes to ECM or Flares. You have to (in some sense) hope that you’re right once the battle commences lol.


        Actually, I’m with somewhat with both of you, as it seems to be a 7/10 chance that the LGM’s will hit their designated target (Due to flares, that is).

      • B_Boss

        So then, would you need to use ECM Jammer against LGM’s?, and Flares against Heat Seekers? So in battle, if I have ECM and my opponent has Heat Seekers, am I screwed lol?

        • tyler

          technically no, because ECM can distract AA missiles at times, and probably will do so more once the patch releases lol. for me tho, personally that’s how i’ve viewed it: use flares for standard AA missiles, and use ECM for LGM’s and to avoid lock-ons in general. whatever suits the situation and personal preference.

        • Streetja

          ECM jammer both produces phosphorus flares and a laser infra-red to deter heat seekers and laser guided projectiles this is effective as a deterrent for all Surface to air missiles and air to air missiles

          • EX1L3DAssassin

            Let me clarify some things for people wondering about this… situation. If you fire an LGM/guided munitions at a laser designated target, and it stays laser designated throughout the duration of the missile being in the air, it will hit. 80-90% of the time. Of course there are those rouge missiles we have to account for. If you fire your LGM/guided munitions at a laser designated target, and then immediately loses the laser designation, the target can then use flares to deter the missile. ECM’s will stop the lock on of the SOFLAM or other laser designators for a short time, but will NOT deter the missile. If the missile gets to the target before the ECM’s run out, the missile will veer off course and lose the lock. If the missile reaches the target AFTER the ECM’s run out, the target is destroyed. This is how me and my friends kill things out of the air using nothing but a supply crate, a SOFLAM, and a javelin. If you guys are doing a javelin squad, make sure that the thing you are locking on to stays laser designated throughout the duration of the missiles flight. We have encountered some scenarios in which we keep the target laser designated, the missile is launched, flares are dumped, and about a second later lose designation and the missile still hits. This is not reliable though, and is only 50% effective. Hope this helped you guys!

      • streetja

        In life laser guided means to use laser tracking to authorise and destroy a target regardless of flares and only heat seekers are deterred by flares because of the heat signature that makes the tracking system lock onto them.

  • I wish they would fix the freezing on the back to karkand maps.I cant even play them because of the freezing all the time.Other then that cant wait for next week.Huge week for BF3.The premium comes out, close quarters comes out ,a good patch comes out and of course E3.Cant go wrong there.

    • QwietStorm

      Get out of here with your enthuhisiasm and optimism. Don’t you know we don’t do those things on the internet.

  • love all of it except trying to make the F 35 more maneuverable its not suppose to be its the f 35 if people learn how to use it properly they wouldnt be complaining just stay far away with your missiles and hover in and out of cover. lolz

  • yep dirk diggler

    what i want fixed is how overpowered jets are! you cant bring them down for shit. only another jet can bring one down and if theres no good pilot on your team prepare to get raped the whole round stuck at your deployment. especially on rush. (op fire,caspian) stingers are useless against jets and javelins are too slow most of the time. frustrating. we also need the filter for rented servers from official. also shotguns…hate the state of bf3 as is. mostly shotguns on every server and map. hella annoying they made a mistake adding shotguns especially so many.

  • Luff you bf3, keep up the good work

  • Casavult

    Great job, DICE! I’m really pleased with what I’ve read! Great job! 🙂

  • B_Boss

    Great job DICE :). I think I only scratched my head at the odd absence of the “damage received when falling, landing and/or jumping from certain heights reduced.”

  • WOOHOO!!!!!! finally colorblind mode!

  • Trav

    About time they reduced the input lag some more

    • B_Boss

      I am so excited about that especially being a Recon. It’s heartbreaking to go from MW or even BC2 and experience the smoothness of those controls.

  • Billy Ho

    Am I missing it? Did they say anything about fixing the FAMAS XP loss issue?

    • Kevin

      They are fixing the recoil on the famas because when it recoils it sends the gun way up in the sky

  • friendly poster

    hate the guided missile patch

  • Billy Ho

    Am I missing it? Did they say anything about fixing the FAMAS XP loss issue?

    (reposting due to the fact Disqus blows and put my remark as a reply to someone else for no reason)

    • Billy Ho

      And now it is showing out from under the other persons response and as it’s own comment. What is up with Disqus????

  • Billy Ho

    “Adding symbol for custom server rules (console)” They really need to find a way to show the custom rules prior to joining. Not just an exclamation point.

    They need to reflect first off how many tickets the server is running. I NEVER want to jump into a Rush game with 500% tickets…. useless.

    Also, they need to separate the MIXED servers from the search criteria. I hate searching for a TDM game and start playing only to find out it switches to CQ and then Rush the next games. Add a search criteria that will include or exclude mixed game modes in the rotation. With that in mind… go ahead and add a search criteria for DICE EA servers only. Simple I would think?

  • my next patch wish list: mortar put back to normal, IRNV buffed so its a med/long range scope again, claymores to stay on the map.

    • Mike

      I agree, the claymores need to stay through out death. At least 2….whoa wait sec, just undo the couple patches. It was fine when they updated with the B2k dlc.

  • Hey look, they’re fixing 99% of all the problems. It just took some time. Just like I’ve said. They’re not ignoring us. They just can’t fix everything immediately.

  • Outlawz

    Potential random audio crash fix? Lol Can’t Dice fix their game already? I hope this works.

  • get rid of minimap

    They still have not mentioned anything about the stuipid minimap in hardcore. we need a voice that will bring this issue up.

  • get rid of minimap

    Have anyone else every notice dice has not said anything about the minimap in hardcore game modes? The game has been out for quite a while now and they will not answer the forms or anything! can anyone get a answer feom them?

  • still nothing on squad stability…. Nice!

  • That guy

    how big do you think will this be?

  • i just realized it comes out today! thought it was tomorrow

  • Kevin

    To bad they didn’t leave an estimate of what time they will finish the updates

  • Chambo 472

    Not a huge point but m320 smoke and HE should be same load out, like they are on mortars. Just makes sense

  • Milo

    Thank you! The L96 is still horribly bugged though…

  • Jared

    F2000 foregrip accuracy penalty reduced and recoil reduction bonus increased.AEK971 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.SG553 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.FAMAS foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.

  • SneakySniper548

    If only there was battle recorder, amazing stuff otherwise. I just have a love hate relationship with the way jets dont crash into each other, just slide off. Its usually in my favor but its unrealistic.

  • SneakySniper548

    If only there was battle recorder, amazing stuff otherwise. I just have a love hate relationship with the way jets dont crash into each other, just slide off. Its usually in my favor but its unrealistic.

  • Miller

    I think we should have a theater mode so we can make better gameplay vids or the ability to remove your HUD and gun like on PC but a theater mode makes more sence lol.

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