Battlefield 3 – DICE Still Working on PS3 Input Lag, New Patch Details

Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 woke up to a nice little update this morning which should have addressed some of the VoIP issues that have been interfering with online communication since launch. But what about the PS3’s input lag? And, where is the “big” patch for all platforms that is meant to go live this month? Luckily, members of DICE have commented on the issue and we’ve learnt a few more details as to what fixes will be included once the next patch goes live.

Addressing Battlefield fans’s concerns about the PS3’s input lag issues, Community Manager, Daniel Matros had this to say: “Sorry but we’re still working on it. No updates from my end unfortunately.” So it looks like PS3 users will have to practice their monk-like patience until the issue is resolved.

Matros also cleared up some confusion surrounding the MAV exploit. We reported earlier that the “MAV exploit” is to be addressed in the next patch; however, it wasn’t clear whether DICE was referring specifically to “MAV riding” or its ability to roadkill an enemy. For those unaware, MAV riding entails a player jumping on top of the MAV as it elevates said player to generally unreachable areas, giving them an unintended advantage over others on the Battlefield. As for the other issue, surely many of you have already had to deal with a pesky MAV hovering over top of you trying to get you killed in the middle of a gunfight. Recently, Matros clarified the former to be the issue being looked into. “There will be a fix for Mav riding later on,” he said in response to one concerned fan. No word on whether or not DICE will be keeping the MAVs roadkill ability.

As for further patch details, it has already been stated that the USAS-12 equipped with FRAG rounds will be receiving tweaks, as will the Mortars and M-COM ribbons. Click on the links for more details. Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander, was recently asked if the laser designation medal would also be receiving some tweaks. Along with the M-COM defender, it can be one of the harder achievement to earn. He replied, “we aren’t fixing the medal, we are fixing the actual laser targeting,” most likely making it easier laser designate targets. “What about suppression ribbon and flag defender/attacker?” Asked another fan. “Suppression ribbon is getting easier to get. Flag ribbons are about right actually,” answered Thylander.

Which ribbons/medals do you think need tweaking? Do you think the MAV should have the ability to roadkill enemies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to stay tuned to MP1st as we learn more about the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch.

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  • The M-COM defender ribbon and suppression ribbons have always been a pain to get, as for laser targeting, I hope this tweak, will make squads run more of a soflam and javelin setup, at the moment it is a little difficult to use well.

  • I can’t ever get any mcom ribbons at all.  The only two ribbons I do not have are those.

    I think that the usas should be omitted from having frag rounds and extended rounds at the same time, or also make it incredibly long to reload so you can’t spam with it.  I was playing Bazaar Rush today and kept getting killed or down to 6% health.  They say the frag rounds are not that damaging but they are. The splash damage is too.  I was killed hiding in a corner and they rounds wern’t even hitting me but I died.  Mav riding should sure be dealt with but my only concern is usas right now.

    • mcom attacker ribbon is easy. i have the mcom attacker medal

      • M-COM attacking is easy for sure, however the M-COM defender ribbon is a pain to get, only one of my friends has it, and it is only once, keep in mind he has around 140hrs of play time.

        • Akaka

          Play Operation Firestorm, go to the second floor right above the mcom from the left building. wait til someone tries to activate the mcom and kill him, remember to ACTUALLY wait until he is ACTIVATING the mcom, do that 4 times and you’re done.

          • Jajaj

             Sorry for the mistake, from the defender viewpoint it is the mcom from the RIGHT, i can’t remember if it’s A or B but it is the one inside the building, next to the stairways. Go up and aim to the mcom until someone appears, if you hear shots don’t help your friends and wait until the activation, I know, it’s is a bit selfish but it’s the only way to obtain that ribbon, 4 kills in a round, a little hard but sure you could get that ribbon in one or two attempts.

    • Qaf_777

      M-com defender is very difficult because u can only get it by killing someone who is arming. I think DICE should give you m-com defender points by killing players within a certain radius of the m-com.

  • L1pp3r

    Well, they have been aware of the issue for over 3 months and still no fix for the input lag.
    If you read between the lines that means that they fucked up big time and has no clue how to fix it without re-release an entire new version(re-coded/re-renderd) of BF3 for PS3. That will cost them too much and people might not even accept to download a new “fix”13+gb file.

    But worse of all is that they are keeping us in the dark. The only responses we have got so far is that they are aware of the issue and are making good progress. That was 3 months ago.

    • Qaf_777

      Spot on. I totally agree.

    • qqmuch?

      Disagree. It took this long for VoIP patch, and we only learned that they had a fix shortly before it was released. So the evidence points against it being an unfixable fuck up.

      • L1pp3r

         I hope to you are right, but I have my doubts.

        • L1pp3r

           – to

    • Mat_archy

      I have played it in a while but did they ever fix the controller lag in Uncharted 3.  The cream of the PS3 crop had and may still have this same issue.

  • Glock Lover

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but in my case, input lag is present sometimes. Some days input lag doesnt exist at all but some days BF3 is unplayable because of input lag. For example, this weekend there werent lag at all but last week it was unplayable. Maybe the problem are the servers.

    • Lebiglebowski

      It seems that different people have different definitions of what input lag is. Some of the input lag is happening due to 120hz tvs (which only adds to the lag that already exsists) and that is easy for anyone to see without slow mo. Without 120hz however some can’t even notice it on most TVs without taking a video of it and putting it in slow motion. It seems many people don’t notice or dont care about the small delay and therefore don’t consider it input lag. All u have to do is look at these forums and u can clearly c that there is a divide in the bf3 community about it. Many people say they don’t have input lag while others argue that all ps3 version have it. So in the end it really depends on yor standard. I feel like it doesnt bother me at all personally and for that reason I don’t consider it lag since it doesn’t affect my game. So I figured I’d post this before the “I don’t have input lag on my tv” vs the “yes u do, every ps3 version has it” debate begins

      • Glock Lover

        In my case, input lag in BF3 reflects as a slight delay (half second) when pointing the gun, rifle etc. When present, i found it hard to shoot in close situations and move from side to side to find cover, with input lag I get a 2-12, 5-20 in a match. When no present, i go from 20-5, 25-4 in a match. When present input lag is obvious, just move the right ps3 joystick side to side and you will note the half second delay, this is a killer in a game like BF3. At first I thought it was my 120 hz led tv, but after playing MW3 and KZ3 i realized the problem was with BF3 alone. But like i said before, BF3 played well and without input lag this weekend, so i expect it to stay that way. To people who don’t have input lag, you’re a happy player.

        • Lebiglebowski

          Yea, I’ve never experienced what your talking about. That’s a whole other problem and it sux. Half a second is pretty bad and I’m sure it’s very noticeable. If u look on YouTube some people slow down they’re videos and compare them to other fps games. A typical delay between your input and a game is about 80ms which is not something a normal person would notice unless they put the video in super Slo mo. Bf3 on ps3 seems to b between 120ms and 200ms in many cases, which is actually noticeable if u take the time to analyze it. For many people this is hardly a problem, for others it seems to be a major issue which is y people seem to argue over wether or not there is input lag.

    • guest

      When I press the button to throw a grenade or aim it happens instantly and I’ve played BF3 on LCD and CRT tv’s for the ps3.  Input lag refers to lcd tv’s.  Not a computer person by any means, but it is most likely caused by internet connection.  Have you played MW3?  That game has atrocious lag, due to their lag compensation and who knows what else.  MW2 was 10x better.  In comparison the action in BF3 seems to happen in real time for me.  The fact that I don’t rage over BF3 also proves to me that there is no problem other than internet connection related issues, which comes with the territory.

      • Glock Lover

        So you think 16 mb internet connection is not enough to run BF3? and what the “comes with the territory” means? New York territory internet is inferior to connections in other territories of the planet? No one is raging over BF3 in this posts, is a fact that people are experiencing input lag, led, lcd it doesnt matter the tv, the problem is BF3 at least in my case, I play MW3, Killzone 3, Mortal Kombat, MW2, BF bad company 1 and 2, DC online, Metal Gear Online, and none of these games have input lag in my led 120 hz neither my lcd 60 hz. BF3 is my favorite game right now, but the truth is i have experienced input lag in past matches, and I understand everyone that are not happy about it.

  • ….so it aint in the FEB 6th patch? …..dats i give up!

  • Well, I’m glad I have ZERO input lag.  The aiming is fine on my end.  Playing on a 19″ VIZIO in 720p, I run both component for recording and sometimes HDMI for clearer picture.

    • Porryporr

      Have you ever checked the game in 576p mode? Don’t you see any difference? I also though there is no lag until I’ve changed the mode…

      • Yeah, I got my HDTV about a week after getting my PS3.  I bought a PS3 at BF3 release because my Xbox died, the hardest challenge was getting used to the tiny controller, and I can assure you I have no input lag.

        •  ….no there is input lag  alot of people think thats how the game is though but people who no better hate it

          • andy b

            I think it’s TV dependent.

          • Phatl2028

            @google-7550478e4855c76a7fbedea3a1e6b52c:disqus ….. seriously TV dependent for lag, GTFO your tv has nohing to do with SERVER lag or Hit detection lag its all on game devs who need to fix they’re half finished game for ps3. realisticly they OWE ALL BF3 owners on PS3 free DLC for rest of releases.

          • I have the same gaming LCD connected with HDMI to both the Xbox and PS3.  Both consoles I have set at 720p.  The controls on the Xbox are noticeably crisper.  It’s not night and day difference, but it’s noticeable if you go from one to another.  The controls on the xbox respond faster for sure, and it’s a lot easier to stay on target in CQB situations.  Even though 90% of my gaming is on the PS3 and I’m much more used to that controller, the controls on the Xbox are definitely better.

            They really need to fix the input lag on the PS3.

        • Moocrew247

          you probably don’t notice it, check youtube videos they prove input lag, and dice has confirmed that ALL ps3 users have input lag

          • Yep… they confirmed it has to do with the resolution you’re running the game at on the PS3.   Only the lowest setting will run the game without input lag.

            Maybe people don’t know what input lag is?  It’s when you move the aiming (right) stick from a standstill all the way to one side or another, it’s not instantaneous.  It takes a 1/4 second to respond.  

            Your personal input on the controls lags behind what your character is doing on the screen.  It takes 2x as long to respond on the PS3 as it does on the 360.

            If you play enough on the PS3, you get used to it.  It is however always there…. unless you reduce your resolution to below 720p.

    • Dsert

       How about a video for proof? not saying I don’t believe you but, I (along with many others) just kind of get tired of reading these claims without backing it up.


    • Anonymous

       You might actually have input lag somewhere else.

      I hadn’t really noticed the input lag before, never noticing it when I was shooting, flying, or driving. I wasn’t sure if people were just making it up, not realizing the game isn’t the twitchfest of CoD and closer to Killzone 3 (this was when initial reports of it were coming in and no one had videos). Then I unlocked the TV missile for the attack helicopters. Takes 2-3 seconds before it starts turning, completely throwing off my aim and making it useless. Nothing else on my end has lag, only the TV missile.

  • Phil_316

    With the mav roadkill I hate it and can’t do it but
    If you look there’s a dogtag to get for mav kills
    So I don’t under stand yes I really hope the get rid of that
    As for the lift I like but I guess it is unfair to do it
    Most people do it no and everone knows were people
    Will be and get kill so I like and i hav. Killed people up on high
    Buildings you just have to look for them my psn is MCKESSY I’ll see you
    On the battlefield

    • a random stranger

      The MAV dogtag actually calls Motion Assists “Kills” which pisses me off because that means both the assholes who roadkill and those who actually use it properly will both look like the asses, it pisses me off to be completely honest that they haven’t fixed it yet.

    • anonymous

      The MAV dogtag that lists MAV roadkills is obtained through surveillance ribbons

  • Tucka

    I just want you to fix *No Gun Glitch* and Infinite Loading screens because its getting pathetic

  • Got to say I really feel for my PS3 brothers, still having that input lag thing is really poor… I played a game on my friends and its terrible compared to xbox, for me its unplayable…

    The MAV stuff would be nice, maybe reduce the amounts of bullets it requires to take it out down to 2-3, also id really like to see a point penalty start to apply for TK’ing… esp as I play hardcore and I cant tell you how many times ive spawned into a chopper as gunner, he takes off, then quickly lands again, his buddy runs over shoots me and they head off like little butt buddies… at least penalise them in point form, right now nothing happens until they do it 5 times! crazy, TK’ing a player in a vehicle or spawn location should be an insta-kick and 5 minute ban… You dont ‘accidentally’ kill a gunner in a chopper.

    F*ag rounds should just be removed. At the very least the range needs to be reduced so people cant sit on the roof of the TV station , and shoot me while im between Alpha and Bravo on Sharqi… Stupid.

    Thanks for the updates MP1st, keep em coming…


  • andy b

    Either eliminate the MAV’s roadkill ability, or severely limit its operating range so dweebs can’t hide in a back corner with it.

    I’m cool with not touching the flag capture/defense medals. They’re easy to get if you actually play conquest correctly.

    The suppression medal definitely needed the adjustment…

    • I don’t think the MAV should be able to be ridden at all and it should only do like 10% health damage if you’re hit by it.  It definitely shouldn’t kill you as quickly as it does.

  • Matt Allen

    I just got all the ribbons.  The only one i actually had to TRY for was the m-com defender ribbon.

  • Ben616

    If you can’t take out an MAV using one of the many methods available then, quite simply, you’re an idiot. The moment someone puts one up I take it out within 1 minute, usually within seconds. 

    • Moocrew247

      Yes but with the ps3’s input lag its pretty difficult and this is coming from a coronal rank 20. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not complaining any more, they’ve fixed the PS3 VoIP issue perfectly for me, so I’ll just wait patiently for the next updates now.

    Thank you DICE.

  • Moocrew247

    NO MORE MAV ROADKILLING….or at least make it easier to shoot down the MAVs

    • Michael Kelley

      Shotguns take down MAVs in one hit.  As for the roadkilling, it’s part of the game, so deal with it!

    • Anonymous

      They are already easy to shoot down, the tools are there to use so use them.

      *cough* stinger.

  • No

    What lag? It’s fine for me.

    I don’t care about people riding the MAV, just lose the roadkill. It’s fun to find new hiding spots like back in the days of UT99 with the translocator. It’s not fun being run down by something that can fly faster than you run. The mortar fix is welcome too.

  • Guest

    And it’s always the PS3 that has problems. What a PoS console!

    • Phatl2028

      hey dumbass it’s not the console but the lazy DEVS (Dice) who ported over a pos from an even bigger pos console(shitbox). everything made by sony devs seem to be nominated most years for GOY.

      • Glock Lover

        PS3 is the best console right now. The only con is the lack of cross chat, and that will be introduced on the PS4. Xbox have nothing on PS3, and PSN is free whoot!!

      • Richard

        With SOOO many games having problems on the PS3. It’s definitely NOT the developers’ fault. It’s Sony’s fault for making such a crappy machine. It’s the WORST console to make games for. It is therefor indeed a pieec of sh*t! PS3 is PAUPERSTATION, the console for the poor.

        • L1pp3r

          You are right, Im a PS3 user but there are too many flaws in that system compare to xbox360. And the 360 are way ahead with services and not to mention the dashboard layout. The only downside with 360 is that I just cant get used to that controller.

          The reason might be that MS is 15 times bigger company then Sony and they have the resources to really develop and put in the time/money and effort to their system.

        • Snake Eater

          This is just pathetic. Every discussion is becoming a fanboy rant. Sooo stupid guys!

          •  I’ve tried coding games for the PS3. It sucks. Coding on the 360 is way easier, and less buggy. It’s not the dev’s fault, it’s sony’s for releasing a hard to code console.

    • Stestagear

      more like what a pos third party developers, first party developers are ace on the ps3.. 

      • Last time I checked, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3’s controls were a bit on the laggy side too.  So it’s not just 3rd party devs who have issues with the PS3.

        That being said, I still would prefer playing games on the PS3 over the Xbox.  If they get the controls on BF3 taken care of, I’ll go back to the PS3.  For now though, I’m only playing on the Xbox.

  • Hakim0v

    Can anybody plz explain to me how the top leaderboard players on PS3 have 10000 SPM ?! and 600+ kill streak ?!

    • Phatl2028

      it’s called HACKED accounts, battlelog has been hacked a few times. people can change their numbers by simply typing it thats one reason DICE has been looking for security people for th game and battlelog cause the genius at DICE can’t even keep up with todays hackers. i can understand why, Kertz has admitedly nerfed weapons and items WITHOUT doing any actual research. yup he took the word of all those lame forum spammers who just cry abount infv (cause they camp) frag rnds (cause they camp) that tanks took too many rpg so now one cripples a MBT, GTFO. all the nerfing is BS fix important issues like hit detection lag, MAV glitchers (flying to areas off limits) have no problem with MAV rk its funny watching noobs being distracted by it, runnig around chasing that damn thing trying to shoot it which just alertrs all gamers with quality headsets, easy pickins.

  • Ness_leon

    U ppl shunning about input lag its ur tv I have a 3d 120hz vizio tv and have no input lag when I remove the smooth motion effect and turn game mode on but if I turn on the smooth motion the input lag pops up taking about half a second to a full second depending on the level I put it at. Also maybe check ur tvs response time if its over 8ms like the majority of samsung tvs are then that could explain the lag.

  • Jpsalinas625

    And where the f*** is the DLC you promised.

  • truth

    Theres nothing wrong with the input response for me on ps3 input lag is caused by the tv and cables so .l. fangirls

    • Then how come i only have input lag on BF3 and killzone 2? here you can see a comparison between bad company 2 and BF3 input lag

      • It has already been shown it has nothing to do with TV cables and TV settings. You are wrong truth, and it doesn’t even make sense. It’s only BF3

        • andye

          I’ve never noticed any control lag, which is weird. I’ve been playing online since ye olden days so if there was a couple hundred extra milliseconds there I think I would notice.

          The TV thing does make some sense in that certain TV modes might perform processing which delays the video slightly. It could be that something to do with the way BF3 sets its video modes is a problem on some TVs? 

          From what I have just read about this issue (googling around) it sounds like they haven’t got one solid theory but are confused by testing results which do not pinpoint one factor. It is quite possible that 2 or more issues are causing this. When that happens, it can be very difficult to fix.

  • Wtf is going on with the people?!!, battlefield is fine tha way it is right now, the only bad thing about it, is the damn noob people always complaining about everything, using the mav like an elevator is not cheating, a good sniper can shoot you in the head in any place you are, no matter how far you are, or high,, that´s not a cheat, a cheat is in MW3 when you use a glitch like hide in a container, or hide underground and kill everyone, but no one can kill you, that is cheating, if you aren´t good enough playing this game, then go back to shit on duty to kill people like an a**hole

  • Shockwave1942

    No MAV riding, No MAV killing, but make the mav a little tougher in compensation.

    Fix the DAMN SOFLAM/JAV tone bug so the tone goes off when the fire like it’s supposed to. 

  • mav riding is cool, and it does somewhat add to the experience, because it allows you to open up the map more. although, because it wasnt intended, it should be removed. mav roadkills however, WERE intended and should stay. mav roadkilling is one of the few things that balances out and helps redeem the recon class from being so underpowered. now if recon had C4, like in BC2, or claymores, then i could see how one could argue that the mav is abusive or overpowered. but right now the mav and its roadkills are pretty much the only thing recon has going for it

  • Fred

    There are some aspects to the game that should have a real-world consequence such as crashing an aircraft that is relatively healthy should give a negative score or have another similar penalty to stop those who use them to ram others for a quick kill or for example those that use a helicopter to bail out and parachute to otherwise inaccessibly areas (perhaps if in that aircraft you’ve ever touched the driver seat that counts) or bailing out of a transport aircraft, again, when it has good health (I hate it when I’m a passenger and the pilot bails out of a healthy craft and before you know it all the passengers are dead).

    My point being with all this is similar in-part to my feelings about MAV road-kills in that a military faction wouldn’t let pilots crash multi-million dollar aircraft for sake of taking out a few individual soldiers nor would they let MAV controllers attempt to kill the enemy with an expensive drone regardless of how expendable it was (perhaps let an MAV still road-kill but earn the controller a negative score for the kill).

  • Someguy

    MAV kills rule.  The only people who hate being MAV road killed, are kids that play metro all day.

  • With BF2 they delayed the launch by a few months… With BF3 they launch it and we have to deal with the issues… The whole VOIP is/was BS as the game should not have been released just because of that. You then add in the input lag and freeze/crash…. These are some very very big problems but all we hear from dice is how they plan to nerf weapons… Screw that fix the GD game!!!!

  • I’ve not only given up playing BF3 since it is absolutely UNPLAYABLE with input lag the way it is (it’s like drunk car racing), but I received absolutely horrible customer service when I actually attempted to contact EA support about this problem. The community on the forums is so horrible for this game, that they sabotage themselves as well.

    I have to say, I don’t think I’ll even want to play this game, even if they do finally fix it for thousands of affected players…. a quarter of a YEAR later. I used to be a huge BF fan too. EA/DICE, you are an absolutely disgrace, and owe your player base a HUGE public apology. I’d argue even some sort of compensation for being stuck with an unplayable game.

  • By the way, MP1st, thanks for covering this story when no other major gaming site has. Huge props to you. I swear IGN/Gamespy and others are corrupt as hell and just getting money under the table from EA to avoid covering how severe this problem is.

  • Had input lag. thought it was my system.. or my internet connection.. was my tv. Had to be set to “game mode” any other mode produces input lag that handicaps to the point u will never get a kill.. – samsung led tv