Battlefield 3 DLC Rumor – All American Map Pack

Today, we have a very interesting rumor coming from YouTuber, TheAustrianToast, regarding DICE’s plans for future Battlefield 3 DLC.

In a dual commentary with DCRUColin, TheAustrianToast revealed, “I have a source telling me that there will be an all American DLC.” He added that these maps would be based on locations like “New York City, Miami, New Jearsey, and I think it was San Francisco.”

Before Battlefield fans get a little too excited, since his sources were never revealed, we have to consider this a fairly wild but rather likely rumor. Rather likely, because if we take a look at the recent Back to Karkand maps, they are already based on various cities in the Middle East. This also seems to be the overall theme with Battlefield 3 – environments within city limits, as opposed to Battlefield: Bad Comany 2’s more open environments. It would make sense for DICE to stick with what the Frostbite 2 engine seems to do really well.

TheAustrianToast later stated in this commentary, “I mean, the all American DLC pack is a great idea and should actually come out middle, or in the beginning of summer.

Lastly, a while back, DICE mentioned that they weren’t into making “map packs,” but rather “expansions.” This would most likely mean that we would also see a new set of weapons, vehicles, and assignments much like the recent Back to Karkand expansion. On top of Battlefield 2143 rumors, DICE also considered the idea of a snow-themed expansion, something many Battlefield 3 fans have been craving since Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Does this rumor seem likely to you? Would you love to drive a tank down the streets of New York City in an all American themed DLC?

  • Mieksssss


    • lol!

    • This is the most likes I have ever witness in this gaming site…

      • same it just keeps growing! i guess alot of us americans love dis site 🙂

        • Mieksssss

           funny thing is, i’m english =D


    I hope it isnt just a rumor! We need new content…month after month.

    • I’ll take quality over quantity, everyday and twice on Sunday.

    • Johnnyrjr88

      I like summer for new dlc gives time to unlock everything we have now unless your hackers that would rather cheat and say ya man I’m the best

  • ex

    Hmm… doubtful, but if it’s true, it’s not expected until summer?? Jesus that’s a ways off!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. DICE CM tweeted new stuff is to be revealed in a few weeks. I dont think every other season to release DLC was part of the initial plan of “agressive DLC”

  • Markdelll90

    this sounds legit. i remember seeing a leaked photo of what looked to be nyc about a month ago. anyone recall that news article?

    • nate

      no. ur probly thinking mw3

  • Sweet!  BF3 keeps getting better!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to play the REAL Operation Metro (NYC)

  • sadbanana

    Is love to see some of Americas great sports landmarks as part of DLC expansions. Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park. Include them some kind of way.

    • Unique_9

      hell yea that would b sick

    • Unique_9

      hell yea that would b sick

    • Michael Kelley

      Only if they are totally destructible.  I’ve always wanted to level Yankee Stadium >:)

      • change that to red sox, and its a deal!

        •  Blow up the RED SUXS !!!!   YEA !!!!!!!!!

    • Dag Eirik Rebne

       How awesome wouldnt it be to roll a tank into the Yankee stadium or hover a attack helicopter down into the stadium and blow it to hell:D

  • Christianus49

    This would be soooo awesome *__*

  • andy b

    I’d actually love to see something in the US countryside, like a map in the Rockies or something.

    As for city stuff, a Chicago map would be cool if they incorporated the river and bridges, as well as the lake coast line. Could do a lot with that.

    A NYC map with Times Square would be awesome (lots of color and chaos).

  • Tludt888

    Operation Road Rage remake
    Harvest Day remake
    New York urban map
    Miami urban map

  • nate

    I want open maps like atacama desert 🙁 if they do an america pack, a map in the farmlands in the midwest with corn and bean fields and many farmyards with houses and barns around a single road would be sweet!

    • Almont10

      More open maps! thats what BF was founded on

    • Michael Kelley

      Sounds a lot like Harvest Day.  Would be great to see it again

  • I could go for some snowy maps. Operation Blue Ball / Thundersnow Mountian

  • Anonymous

    They need to fix the infinite glitches first!

  • Add a snow map already!

  • Anonymous

    I just want more DLC for this game – as long as the vehicles it adds are balanced. I have yet to see a good pilot in an F-35 go toe to toe against a good pilot in a Flanker. And when they do add new vehicles, make them available in more maps/modes (at least on consoles). The F-35 is only in the Wake and the larger version of Oman, and the BTR-90 is found only in the larger version of Oman – conquest. At least the consoles finally got the LAV-AD. Just requires the US to conquer B on Wake.

  • Serradoss

    Hey it’s me Serradoss, I got some stuff mixed up. Instead of San Francisco, the 4th map is Los Angeles

    • Jeremy

      LA is lame and played out since the 90s….boring

      • Paxfounder

        America is lame, and has been played out since the 1900’s

        •  played out…You speaking German now? Or Japanese ?  hmmmm

  • I’d much rather they got together with the Reality Mod team and port Project Reality to all platforms as DLC…I’d buy that shit up :3

    • Ryan


  • Gregory Childers

    I would really love to see a suburban map that isn’t too cramped (Seine Crossing is too cramped). A really large version of Estate from MW2 seems like a great idea. 

    • We dont want any CoD shit dude

      • Gregory Childers

        I’m gonna have to retract my previous statement. We do not want any CoD shit. However, what I *really* meant to say was.. I think there should be a wide open map included, similar to Harvest Day.

    • spyZdave

      seine is an urban map, not suburban ( think strip malss fast food chains and sub developments) 😀

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    First they need to fix all the bullshit glitches and VOIP and then maybe some dlc. There is NO communication at all in this game on the PS3. Why would someone want to keep putting money into a game that plays broken?

    • Ben Bourjois

      There’s no communication on Xbox either. No one talks on Squad Chat so I switch to Team Chat and I never know if anyone can hear me as all I’m met with is silence.

      The only people who go on mic are the noobs that got Kinect for Christmas who don’t realise their Kinect mic is on – picking up everything thats happening in their room.. most prominently their TV >.<

      • u dont have VOIP and if ye DO not  as BAD AS US PS3 GAMERS

  • Eskimokels

    Seattle would be an interesting map. A mix of water combat and urban.

    • imawildboy16

      awww yea sniping from the Space Needle? Yes please.

      • Dag Eirik Rebne

         and to get down u Bungie jump:D

    • Psn echo_one_alpha

      Whats that big tower in seattle the space needle? Id love to see that fall like the tower in caspian. Also have a elevator take you up so you can snipe from it. Then when it falls you go down inside it! Im getting way to exited just thinking about this

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hope this is not an DLC.

    I want BC2 maps. 🙁

    • Ryan

      BC maps wouldnt be in a BF game they would be in a new BC

      • Ryan speaks the truth. If they wanted to release BC2-themed maps, they’d do it in BC3. BF3 is a completely different game set than the BC series.

        • sithy

           Then I want A Bridge Too Far and Backstab!

          • yo mommma

            That would be awesome but that ww2

    • sorry wont happen BC is in a totally diffrent universe then BF3

      • john

        No it isn’t..they may as well have called this BC3.

    • Ayofrisko

      New game new maps wtf dude ha……SMDH ._.

  • spelling fail *New Jersey*

  • Lil Rizky

    Rolling tanks down the Vegas strip anybody? 

  • Azax

    I NEED 2143

  • Inz-

    “…overall theme with Battlefield 3 – environments within city limits, as
    opposed to Battlefield: Bad Company 2′s more open environments.” Either i dont understand this sentence..or the author of the article has never played BC2.

    • Moopie

       lol you don’t understand this sentence. Because what they say there is 100% true.

  • jo

    I hate snow maps!

  • Oxmate

    ummm in my experience may if not all ppl complained about the snow maps… they only taking in what americans want?????

  • Mtown304

    How bout a snow map in the hills of West Virginia. I know some people will have bad comments about this but come on it would be fun running around the mountains of WV. But anyways they need to do like the karkland update. More weapons , more vehicles and more aassignments..

    • Jrod84109

      it’s KARKAND not karkland. idiot. 

      • PrEdAtOR656

        Sorry, but that made me laugh so badly :’D

      • Derpstrodamus

        Heh, DICE should make an indoor infantry map based on Costco…we could use the produce stacked on shelves to kill opponents

  • Music43

    I don’t want rumours. I want concrete facts or announcements so I can get excitied…

  • Anonymous

    Summer? Seriously?

  • Brezb

    I truly hope these are not going to be congested city maps.

    It’s starting to remind me of COD maps.

    Vehicles need open areas.

    or we can just start calling it BattleCOD

  • Being British, I couldn’t care less if the maps were set in the USA, I just need more maps. Though, I suppose a map set around the statute of liberty might be nice. Sweet sniping spot.

  • John

    I’d like them to fix the issues with the game first.

  • SweViking

    We are going to destroy Aktivison headquarters >: )

  • Dakillaforlife

    they should do a map inside the apartment complex n the mission operation swordbreaker

  • Magicspacepotato

    They need cool maps with at least one cool thing in it…Like the cliff in Damavand Peak….And the boat objective in siene corssing….LIKE A MAP MOSTLY WATER AND U HAVE TO DIVE IN AND SWIM…IDK…

  • PSN: MisterMoustache1

    POLAND !!!!!!! 🙂

  • Sean_foley


  • MrPoopStain

    ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ version of New York…..

  • Abcdefmate

    yeah, i would kinda like it 2 be in usa but wishhhhhhh itll be free coz i want it and i want it 4 free pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezezeze

  • Ayofrisko

    Not into mappacks?? The gamers are though! ill jus go back to mw3

    • Scouse

      anyone else flag this comment as inappropiate

  • hahahahaha yea

    They needa put a ghille suit in Bf3 🙂

  • Robocop

    Way to spell out “New Jearsey”…….*facepalm*

  • Can’t wait to destroy some americans buildings!!I’l DESTROY UR FAST FOOD’S FAT ASSES!AHAH

    • lolwut?

       Envy shows it’s ugly face again!!

      • Anonymous


  • Bf3 i Sverige!

    Since Dice is from sweden, a map of inner city Stockholm would be realy nice, with like the metros and all the stores, high buildings and shopping malls, typ Hötorget och/eller Sergelstorg and the area around it! 

  • Crookcole

    i wish they would make a world war 2 expansion for bf3. could you imagine D DAY with the frost bite 2 engine? WIN!

    • Anonymous

      WW2 expansion would be the greatest news i would have ever had. DDay and concentration camp!

      • Nicholas Raimondo

        ya they need something like that to change up the pace of the game i dont think 4 or 5 new maps is going to keep me playing this game for 6 more months 

  • Alan Smithee


  • Aman

    Miami that’s a very beautiful city when this come to battlefield 3 players will turn this city from fortune city to ghost town very bad fortune for this lovely city

  • Red44

    I want SNOW…………………..

  • Dice knows what the fans want.  A good paced military simulation game that has emphasis on real stuff like bullet drop, destructible environments, etc.  

    Great job Dice!  Keep it up and don’t be like those “Other guys”

  • blackRabbit

    Um. Who care’s about America? Fuck american maps. It’s all been done before. Say fuck yeah to that.

    • Missionman913

      I care about America. This thread is about possible maps in American cities, not a place for you to shit all over my country. If you don’t like America, don’t buy American military shooter games then.

      • Toby Bright

        very good point Missionman, but hes right in saying American cities are used too much in shooters.

      • T97heox

        Battlefield 3 is from Sweden actually…

  • Markus Juuso

    fuck all of your suggestions antartica, here we come!

  • Big_time213

    more explosions sound great.all out war in mexico include mexican cartels in the game vs russians and americans.san francisco sounds good taking the bay bridge into the bay with a rpg or a tank.las vegas desert and strip and dam sounds like a good idea.NY and LA of course add some blood and crips and mexicans in the game!!!!add some lowriders with all out arsenal equiped to the low lows.bf3 game of the year.

  • Jacobcarll

    I would like to use the M82A2 or drive a Leopard 2A6. With BC2, there was onslaught, Id like to see that in BF3 with the ability to drive a Little Bird. Or even Afghanistan type Enviroments. Have a mission as a different Unit. Like Royal Marines or the Canadian Forces. I like Co-Op. But its just you can only have 2 people. GRAW2 Youd have the Singleplayer campaign, but for the Multiplayer, youd have a different Campaign, and there was more people, not as in depth, and the graphics were different and the engine was too, but I think having something different. And another thing.. Bring back the M203, and put a little more customization into it (:

  • Anonymouse

    so, Dinosaur DLC is coming when…?

  • Angelfromhell70

    Awesome cant wait i going to but that shit when it first comes out 🙂 BF3 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • dan


  • bonkerpeckers

    In other words, you know a guy online that knows a guy that says he heard they are coming out with a map pack? Promising…

    I’ll take some battlefield 2: modern warfare (console version) maps along with some bad company 1 and bad company 2 maps. Preferably more snow maps.

  • Damuskinous

    I would also like on top of everything, Like 5 more co-op missions i think they did them well and they were fun as hell to do. 

  • krumkake44

    America just likes to play battlefield

  • Robotssssnake

    They could av made some russian maps aswell , they are soo cool , n verry good enviroments like chernobyl n prypiat 

  • Aksent_401

    A snow based map would be SICK!!!!!! Long time I’ve been waiting for it!!!! Fuck   YEAHHHH

  • Dominic

    They should make a map pack after this in London. It should be based near the london eye and you should be able to go in it and it should collapse at the end of eatch game like in caspian border and crush big ben and the parliment. LOL. I would bye that as well as this also tokyo would be a good map. 

  • Kambam21xx

    well considering bad company was a shit game just to make money and stall for bf3 and that bf2 actually had maps themed in america i expect this to be true.

  • Some one spelled new jersey wrong.