Battlefield 3 DLC Rumor – “Close Quarters”

New details regarding the next Battlefield 3 expansion pack have been leaked.

Before we dive into this DLC rumor, let’s recap what we have been hearing about the next Battlefield 3 expansion pack so far. One rumor we reported on earlier is the possibility of an All-American map pack, in which new maps would be set in American cities. DICE also commented on the possibility of a fan favorite, 2143 as well as snowy maps.

According to the Battlefieldo forums, an anonymous source has disclosed “some code” from what’s believed to be a “private Battlelog server,” which can only be accessed by DICE employees. The DLC is rumored to be titled “Close Quarters.”

Two weapons have been revealed:

  • CZ 75 Auto
  • CZ 750 Sniper Rifle

Also, two vehicles were leaked:

  • UH-60 BlackHawk Helicopter
  • Bradley Infantry Vehicle

Bare in mind, this is only a rumor at this point, so please take it with a grain of salt. We may hear more about the upcoming DLC in the next few hours during EA’s Game Changers event.

Update: Battlefield 3’s community manager, Ian Tornay, explained on the Battlefield 3 subreddit that tonight’s EA event isn’t “BF3 related.” However, we should expect “big news at GDC,” and he also noted that the “GDC news isn’t about the patch.”

Thanks Chris for the tip! In case we update this article any further, we’ll let you know on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Cyborg6971

    Sounds call of dutyish to me.

    • Immortalelite_300

      wow, a little quick to judge some rumours don’t you think? Anyways, the black hawk and the bradley have apparently been announced which probably means that there are some large open environments… 

    • Mikey

       OMG. One of the guns is a CZ 75. The CZ 75 was in Black Ops. Therefore this DLC is Call of Duty-ish!

      BF FANBOY RAGE!!!111!one!

      •  no its just those guns dont fit the BF universe

      • Sjak Centauri

        I’d be going more by the name – CLOSE QUARTERS. If the name was WIDE OPEN I wouldn’t be worried. Then again, with a new chopper, I figure they won’t all be cramped maps.

        • Cyborg6971

          That’s what I was basing it off if as well.

          • Mikey

            Yeah I get it. I was kidding…

          • a random stranger

            Good job ignoring the helicopter.

          • Cyborg6971

            Wtf are you talking about randumb? I’m basing the cod like comment on the title of the expansion.

      • Phatl2028

        Heaven forbid real guns from games we aren’t fans of may show up. I’m going to look up whatever weapons they list and check real life statistics and then go from there. BF3 has already added elements of COD TRASH so deal with it.

        I believe the patch and DLC will be as one and most likely FREE, how many other games do that. 2143 will possibly be out towards holiday season as a EXPANSION pack for $9.99 – $14.99.

        I enjoyed the assignments aspect to unlock new weapons and hope that continues.

  • how about the 50. and the ACR, the scar L, and bla bla bla!

    • Immortalelite_300

      the scar H is already in BF3 so I don’t see a need for another Scar weapon. ACR would be pretty cool but I really want to see the new Kalashnikov AK 12 in future dlc……..

      •  *facepalm* i said scar L! not heavy L light

        • Immortalelite_300

          I know, but it would be kind of stupid to put 2 scar weapons in a game….

          •  true but i was just trying to make a joke

          • Mratt

            Unless the L behaves a lot differently, I’d agree. We do have M16A3 & A4 which are just full auto & 3 round burst variants.

          •  what? What about the M16 weapons?

        • Cj

          That be perfect. Ghost recon did it and it was amazing

    • Tanvir Benipal

      cod :cough: mw3 :cough:

    • sentry

      lmao how has nobody figured out what he is referring to

  • Michael Kelley

    The (potential) return of the Blackhawk and Bradley… Awesome!

    • Striped

      What, changes do they plan on bringing, with these vehicles, Hell we already have a bmp, and a venom. They dang sure are not going to make them any better than what we have now. Every time there is a patch they just decrease the power of the guns until sc, is paintball mode and hc, is softcore.

      • Lol

        “paintball mode” Hahahahaha. But seriously, I thought they where increasing the power on all the Guns from that list that was up a few days ago

  • JustinD

    Please please please. A socom stocked fully automatic M14. Please

    •  ohhh!!! people would b*tch about that i can hear em now!

      • JustinD

        Who cares it would be the shit

        •  true but then DICE would nerf the f*ck out of it! D;

          • JustinD

            I wouldn’t doubt it if they did I’ll snap the game in half which isn’t to far from happening at times already

  • Gameguy21

    Ha, No buy from me until they fix what is currently broken. 

    • Anonymous

      Only the input lag for PS3 gamers is an issue that seriously needs to get addressed.
      Nothing else is broken.

      Because there will be a patch with many changes (like nerfs and buffs) people have the impression the game is unbalanced as fuck.
      This is not true.

      Only if you see a major amount of people running around with a particular gun, you can talk about guns being overpowered.
      The way I see it: the game in it’s current state is perfectly fine and decent, but the patch will make it like a new game and people will start to experiment again with other guns. And the heavy barrel will get useful.

      If anyone disagrees, I am open to hear your thoughts about what currently is broken in the game for you.

  • Jemapelleethan

    I’ll take any DLC at this point…

  • Chris

    According to Crash7600 the event tonight is not BF3 related.

    • Thanks Chris. I’ll look into that, and update the article accordingly.

  • DangerC1ose

    ‘Close Quarters’ should not be a promo tag line for BF maps… How about “F*cking large, open and expansive gameplay area”? 

    CQB focussed maps can suck my nuts, we dont need more Op Metros and Damavand Peaks…

    • nate

      YES. It seemed with the bad company games that everyone thought it was a compact version of BF2, but now its the more open (and more fun) game in the series. Dice manages to fuck up this game so well… 
      they need to stop trying to be like cod and go back to what made it fun for the true fans, or at least make servers that leave out the bad maps. 
      speaking of bad maps, Tehran highway takes up at least 50 conquest servers every day on the xbox and every fucking one is empty. dice should just let people use those as private servers or take that SHIT map out of the rotation… night maps have never worked in BF. Nelson bay was easily the worst map in BC2

      • Arendsb

        Agree with u on every point, except I did like Nelson Bay.

        And D. Peak isn’t so bad on conquest…

        • ILoveDP

          D peak is great on rush IMO. I love the scenery at the begining while your still battling up on the mountain cliffs. Plus I’m still not tired of base jumping. Lol

  • Ptp18

    fcuk!  no bf3 news tonight… duck cruck shuck

  • “Close Quarters” sounds like infantry-focused map pack ala Operation Metro and Grand Bazaar, which doesn’t add up with the fact that there is a new transport heli.. unless they plan to use it to replace Venom in “Back to Karkand” maps.

  • TrollHunter

    I have learned not to EXPECT anything from EA or DICE!  I wish i read this Tornay Update sooner I just watched over an hour of talking heads blather on about Sim City.  (FACEPALM)

    • EA/DICE never said they were going to make any DLC-related announcements TODAY, so there’s absolutely no reason to blame them.

  • Lmao

    one of the maps is called OPERATION AZZ CRACK… look it up lol

  • Dead Sync

    You know, someone made a good observation on the title “Close Quarters”. Although we all think CQB (which is nice in BF3 on occasion, but isn’t a TRUE definition of the series), maybe it’s meant to be a bit more subtle. Whether this is the actual title, or a CODENAME for the DLC, maybe the All-American DLC could have some life here.

    In the campaign, you take the roll of Sgt. Blackburn who is in the US Marines. Maybe the DLC is titled “Close Quarters” to explain that the fight is now closer to home than ever…and the DLC is theatered in the United States.

    It would explain why there are some new US vehicle additions. After all, a CQB centric DLC is a bit odd when you add snipers, helicopters, and mobile AA.

    • That still makes the title misleading as many people will still assume that it’s exactly what it says – close quarter combat. EA could lose a lot of customers who hate infantry-focused battles because “CQB IS SOOOOOOOOO CoD, IT’S DUUUUUUUMB!!11!!oneone”, though I totally agree that it’s a nice bit of variety once in a while. I like to play Metro & Bazaar when I get tired of vehicles and large open spaces, but another map or two like these would be nice.

      I’m hoping that the next DLC will include parts of both, kind of like B2K did. Maybe we’ll see more maps like Damavand Peak and Noshahr Canals with Scout Helis and APCs instead of Jets, Tanks and Attack Helis.

      • Dead Sync

        Well, like I said, it could be a codename. Something like that would make people make guesses which are off, so when the real announcement made, it’s a surprise. Using a codename is not at all a bad idea today in an industry with so many leaks.

        We are also forgetting, of course, that this rumor could be totally off, and the title isn’t Close Quarters or nothing at all is related to that title.

    • Destro

  • “Battlefield 3′s community manager, Ian Tornay, explained on the Battlefield 3 subreddit that tonight’s EA event isn’t “BF3 related.”” DAMMIT!! why didnt you tell us this hours ago??!!!

  • Arendsb

    If it is in fact actually infantry/ close quarter combat, they don’t need to release it on PS3.

    Close combat on ps3 is obviously Dice trolling Sony.

    Input lag FTW!

  • Tludt888

    Contrary to the “Close Quarters” codename…

    They’re gonna’ want to put in the MacMillan Tac-50. With no option for anything under 8x magnification… 

  • serop

    Unbeleivable that these companies have the nerve to talk about dlc when they have problems they have not even fixed. This industry is going down hill big time.

    • Wout Dekoster

      Well, we can assume that DICE has an agreement wih EA about upcoming DLC, so if you want to blame someone, you have to blame EA.
      Besides from that I totally agree with you about the industry going downhill, trying to make even more money and blaming the PC community because of ‘piracy’. That’s why I like the vision of developers like Valve and Blizzard, they just say: “it’s done when it’s done”, only then they will release it.

  • Anonymous

    Fix input lag on ps3… then i’ll buy it! 🙂

  • TigerShark

    Fuck you EA DICE. You can shove your retarded shoebox maps with CoD-like gameplay up your ass.  Give us some 4×4 km large open maps, 2.5×2.5 km urban maps or G.T.F.O.

    • a random stranger

      Yeah that Blackhawk shouldn’t be flying in hallways!!!111!!1!
      Good job at not reading the entire article before commenting.

  • julian hoddy

    doesn’t matter if its close quarters or long quarters to me. not buying anything else from EA/ dice till they fix my flippin HD lag problem. 

  • Cpt Obvious

    Please Dice give us an auto shotgun with overpowered Frags………Oh wait.

  • zhinto just tweeted this:

    Yup, it’s a cqc map pack. The next one after it will be a vehicle based larger maps pack though. So it seems they’re going with the system of releasing same style maps in each pack. But this doesn’t really explain how a new transport heli is going to fit into new cqc maps.

    Edit: He also just tweeted that a rent-a-server system for console players is being developed. No ETA.

  • Anonymous

    You guys should check out kotaku. They posted some basic information on future DLC plans for the game, including confirming the name Close Quarters for the first DLC (release in June).

  • Also, two vehicles were leaked:UH-60 BlackHawk HelicopterBradley Infantry Vehicle
    Great. So, we’re essentially supposed to pay for a DLC that contains vehicles, that should’ve been part of the stock BF3 game? Both the UH-60 BlackHawk, and the Bradley were part of BF2, and BF3 is essentially in the same “universe”.

    EA not learnt a thing from the Bioware/Prothean/ME3 PR disaster it seems.

    AND… No news about a possible release date for the “February” patch. Guess that’s been moved to June now as well.

  • sentry

    Now there’s going to be weeks of people saying this expansion is just like COD.. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson from creating maps like Metro and will prove us wrong with a decent expansion.. I’m just holding my tongue until I see a gameplay trailer at least..

  • Mike posey

    You should check out the article on thegameheadz, the just released details on four packs EA is releasing. for bf3

  • Mke67

    Who the eff plays BattleFIELD for CQC!?!  LARGE OPEN FLANKING MAPS PLEASE!!!

  • Mke67

    Who the eff plays BattleFIELD for CQC!?!  LARGE OPEN FLANKING MAPS PLEASE!!!

  • id rather have a new bf vietnam for bf3 than a 2143