Battlefield 3: End Game – All Map Names Revealed, More on Motor-Bikes and Big Jumps

Battlefield 3 developers DICE are busy fine-tuning and testing motor-bikes – motor-bikes you’ll be riding in End Game, that is, Battlefield 3’s last expansion pack due out this March.

DICE QA Analys Malin von Matern recently laid down some interesting tid bits of information on the Battlefield Blog regarding her favorite new Battlefield vehicle, the motor-bike.

BF3 End Game

As childish as it might sound, getting the jumps on End Game’s maps just right was an important aspect of her work. It’s important to maneuver the battlefield quickly and fluidly in order to keep the fight’s momentum going. To ensure minimal frustration on the player’s part, Malin needed to ensure that players weren’t crashing in awkward spots on the map when going for that sick air. One instance of this was on “Operation Riverside,” around the “mega jump.” Play testers were often crashing in a ditch hidden by the jump itself. Here’s an example of how she fixed the tricky situation.


Death trap (left) avoided by careful placement of tree as visual marker (right).


Same death trap as above, this time from a 1P view.

Malin mentioned that not all jumps on each of the four new maps are so obvious. While jumps on Operation Riverside might be made clear by metal ramps supported by dirt piles, Kiasar Railroad, for example, features jumps that are “molded with the landscape and often made out of wooden planks laid out on dirt mounds. This encourages players to explore the levels to see if they can find all the jump spots,” she writes.

Check out the DICE QA team testing out some jumps below.

While the two previously mentioned maps – Kiasar Railroad and Operation Riverside – are two of the more jump-centric maps, Malin writes that “the other two maps – Nebandan Flats and Sabalan Pipeline – rely more on using the skills you have learned on the constructed jumps on the raw terrain. I have personally had lots of “Battlefield Moments” during playtests on these maps. My knowledge of what I can make the motorbike do has saved my skin more than once. So don’t be fooled if you have a hard time spotting jumps on those maps. They are there, just a bit more hidden.”

BF3 End Game

If you haven’t yet, make sure to read up on the new dropship and AA vehicles. You can also catch the latest Capture the Flag gameplay trailer here.

Does the sound of catching some sweet air with the brand new motor-bike in End Game have you excited for Battlefield 3’s last expansion pack?

  • When I hesitated on buying Premium, I thought there was no way I’d still be playing Battlefield a year later and I was wrong. Aftermath was great and this guarantees to at least pique my interest for a few more weekends. DICE…I’m ready to pre-order BF4 and the accompanying Premium package now.

    • Absolutely agree. Battlefield knows how to do DLC, and they know how to do it well.


      i agree, at first i was pissed off about BF following the COD dlc pack model, but it really pays off. BF3 is my main shooter

  • Sgt. Mofo

    The only name that comes to mind seeing the motorcycles is ‘Steve McQueen’

    • BrokenThinker

      Because he rode motorbikes, lo

  • Again.. luff you bf3… you always, day after day, somehow amaze me in new ways each night….

  • hrm the only way the dlc will be good for me is if it has good maps….

    • Sebax55

      …or weapons…

      • dude we already have enough weapons..

        • Sebax55

          But I love new weapons 🙁 they give me something to do, after armored kill came out I started to get bored with this game day after day

          • lol i think BF3 has more weapons then any other game atm *besides MMO’s*

  • Hol_Up

    I want to pop wheelies!

  • Misfits

    So there won’t be any new weapons?…. 🙁

    • Jordan

      Dude, they promised 20 weapons when premium came out. 10 in B2K and 10 in CQ.

      • jj16802

        And then there’s the crossbow in Aftermath… I never heard them promising only 20 weapons.

        • MasonMei

          Then check out the Premium trailer or any promotional stuffs. When it comes to the amount of weapons they only said “20 new weapons”, no more, no less, yet some other things involved 20 more and players are somewhat confused by that.

          • noobslayer

            Cry me a river. If you can’t get the job done with the hundreds of guns already in the game maybe you shouldn’t be playing

  • HBK

    I just wonder how different BF4 will be? BF3 already has sooooooooo much BF4 can really only add a few features and touch it up (polish it) and make it run smoother, which in of itself is good.

  • They try to make Battlefield as versatile as possible … This people won’t get bored…

  • Hodgez

    I can’t wait to lay all my land mines in the dirt before the jumps and landing zones.

    • psychonaut78

      Yep… I’ll be doing it with C4 🙂

  • Laser0pz

    I giggled like a 5-year-old when seeing the broken bridge jump 😀

  • Jonchr2

    I want to jump my dirtbike into a helicopter and jump out in midair!

  • the specialist

    put some cool sports car in the game and it will be more stupid than it is now.

  • BrokenThinker

    All I play is Battlefield 3 and any driving games, I’m gonna clean up on this DLC.

  • battlefield is dead

    People still like this shit? Man people gotta realize this shit sucks and bf4 will only be slightly better..

  • It really good !!

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  • MasonMei

    Hey David, what happened to the comments of this article…?