Battlefield 3: End Game – All Maps Detailed With High-Res Images

At last, DICE reveals all four Battlefield 3: End Game maps in all their Frostbite 2 glory.

In End Game, DICE will be introducing four brand new maps, each based on a different season and roughly sized similar to Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm from the original game. The flag layouts, however, will resemble that in the previously released expansion Armored Kill. That means players should get to experience the entirety of each map when going for those flag captures.

All four maps, Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline, are also carefully designed for both the new dirt bike and the new AA vehicles.

Each of the new maps will support the two new game modes being introduced in Battlefield 3 with End Game: Capture the Flag and Air Superiority.

On the Battlefield Blog, DICE has provided images, descriptions and overviews of each new map which you can view below. Enjoy and let us know which one has you excited the most in the comments below!

Click on each image for a high-res version.

Operation Riverside


Internal working title

“XP5_001” or River”

Supported game modes

Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch

Distinguishing features

“This fall themed map houses an electric power substation at its center, with a small river flowing along its axis. The layout of the bases in Operation Riverside caters somewhat towards infantry action rather than all-out vehicle warfare. It’s generally speaking an infantry-friendly landscape where soldiers can go by foot between the bases, while ground vehicles need to take more roundabout roads to traverse the environment.”

Across the river giving this map its name, players can find a spectacular jump in the form of a partly destroyed wooden bridge. A lot of other ramps have been carefully placed in the environment on Operation Riverside to make sure that the map is full of exciting options for riders of the new dirt bike.”

Nebandan Flats


Internal working title

“XP5_002” or “Flats”

Supported game modes

Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch

Distinguishing features

“In this arid desert dotted with gigantic wind generators lies a seemingly non-distinguishing warehouse. But behind its unassuming exterior hides a secret weapons and munitions depot, leading to a clash in the area. The relative openness of the desert setting allows for full freedom of movement for the entire range of vehicles at disposal in Battlefield 3 multiplayer. The low amount of natural cover available also demands quick transportation between capture points, as players are otherwise open to attack.”

Kiasar Railroad


Internal working title

“XP5_003” or “Railroad”

Supported game modes

Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch

Distinguishing features

“This picturesque summer logging industry setting sees a strategic railway stretch across the map – with covert weapons deliveries being its main purpose. The many height changes in this undulating landscape can be used to your advantage – There’s plenty of opportunity to hide from the enemy and use cover as you approach your targets.”

While this map also has ample opportunity for dirt bike riders to catch big air, the jumps on Kiasar Railroad are typically more carefully molded into the landscape itself, or not as obvious.”

Sabalan Pipeline


Internal working title

“XP5_004” or “Pipeline”

Supported game modes

Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch

Distinguishing features

“Ever since we demoed the Alborz Mountain map at GamesCom 2012 and saw the amazing fan reactions, we’ve known that snow is one of the most stunning settings we can provide in Battlefield 3. Sabalan Pipeline is no different. The oil pipeline traversing this frosty winter landscape has immense economic value and is a highly contested battlefield.”

Similar to Operation Riverside, Sabalan Pipeline was built to cater for a mix of vehicle and infantry gameplay. Compared to the other three maps in End Game, Sabalan Pipeline has fewer and narrower roads that are important to control if you want to dominate the opposition. At the center of this map lies a central base that is also an essential asset, as it allows you extended control over the road leading to and from your main bases.  This is equally important whether playing the signature Battlefield Conquest mode or our take on Capture the Flag that we are introducing in End Game.”

Thanks DeLuca FTW, for the tip!

  • God this game keeps getting better. BF3 > BO2 FACT!

    • Actually that’s an opinion.

      • I’ll up vote you for your common sense. Opinions are not facts.

      • wtf japan?

        cod is a piece of shit, that’s fact.

  • Flare Demon

    Any Battlefield Game>CoD.

    • You needed to mention this here… why?

      • JustinD

        Because its mentioned on every BF CoD article on this website. Someone always bites

        • So he feels the new to do it himself? BF players are way over their head when it comes to praising Battlefield 3. Its a fun game, but its not the best FPS ever created. And the fact that most Battlefield players say stupid shiz like “CoD is full of 12 year old kids”, which is basically saying everyone who plays CoD is immature, yet BF players don’t stop talking about how good BF3 is compared to CoD.

          • ChuckBrownoh10

            He never said BF was the best FPS ever created, he just blatantly said BF>CoD. Stop over-analyzing this.

            • I never said he said that…

            • Nor is JJ. Abrams directing both a Star Trek and Star Wars film going to affect the quality of them both. Stop speculating James.

          • DoucheJackson

            COD being full of 12 year olds is a fact, but nobody said EVERYONE that plays it is immature — that’s your exaggeration.

          • jonchr2

            i play Black ops 2 and Battlefield(mostly Battlefield). what does that make me? since you say cod players are immature..

          • Its not all hate

            We bash COD because we can and we have got massive facts to back up are arguments. COD has no argument except the 60 frames a second one which I will trade destruction and amazing graphics instead of that anyway. Is it a exaggeration to say that BF is better than COD. Of course not. Its fact. Sure you can play what ever you want I don’t care but coming from a former COD fan I know what I am talking about when comparing the 2. i dont get on here and put lies on here I just state the obvious. Its up to you to heed the warning.

            • Still calling your opinion a fact, I see… Lol

            • Thomas Hug my nuts

              Still giving your useless opinion of a opinion I see.

            • Lol saying an opinion is not a fact is, in fact, a fact.

            • ha

              Lol what, 60 frames is 30x better than the terrible destruction that BF3 has and don’t talk about BF3’s graphics on the console, it’s absolute trash. You have not played the proper BF3 until you’ve played at least 50 hours on the PC even though this game is a freaking console port.

            • Still not convinced

              That will change next gen my friend. If you have never been a PC player you do not miss any of the advances PC has. I am sure I would be blown away by the PC version but if I never play it i wont. Also considering BF3 is still the best looking multiplayer on the market on consoles it does not really bother me that much. I always hear how more advance the PC is over consoles but why dont I want a PC. Only BF3 really made me think of building a PC for it. There is not much games that really show what PC is capable of. And really I have not seen one PC game that looks better than Uncharted 2 or 3. And God of War 3 and the new one. Really find one game that comes close on PC to the graphics for God of War 3 or ascension and I will buy one. Bottom line paying 300 to 400 more than consoles for a slight graphical advantage is not very smart in my books.PC has no games and it will only get worse.


              Prepare to get proved wrong PC boys. Watch the video.

            • “I have not seen one PC game that looks better than Uncharted 2 or 3 ” are you serious ? you are telling me that those games look better than any crysis, BF3, skyrim modded* metro2033 …..

            • PC is dead

              Yes. And not to mention Pc does not even get to play them games because there exclusives. Dont be mad that all you will have to play on your PC in the future is Sim City or World of Borecraft.

            • The Army Ranger

              And when the PS4 and Xbox 720 come out, just about every game will be capable of having 60 FPS while maintaining better graphics than COD.

            • NLGamer1995

              Battlefield 3 looks better on console than MW3 looks on PC max settings. He also forgot to mention that MW3 and BO2 are full of 12 year old trolls, who ruin every match.

          • NLGamer1995

            For the record, CoD is full of 12 year olds. Every time I play online in MW3 or BO2, some 12 year old or even younger starts to spam the microphone. That’s annoying. I always have to mute everyone at the beginning of a game and when I forget I can play a game with some mic spamming idiots. I’m not the biggest Battlefield fan, but Battlefield 3 has at least serious people and not a lot of trolls, who spam the microphone.

    • potato

      Tell me how Battlefield Play4Free or Battlefield Heroes are better than COD?

      • MasonMei

        Then he’s gonna show you CODOL, 😀

    • Did you just have a massive brainfart or are you fucking stupid? The first game in the battlefield franchise was: battlefield 1942 realesed in 2002. but the first call of duty was realesed in 2003. your argument is invalid BITCH!!!!!

    • roland0811

      Meh, Frontlines:Fuel of War was better than both.

  • DeLucaFTW

    I wonder if we’ll actually be able to get ammo from the warehouse on Nebandan flats…

    • I doubt it. Even less reasons for people to use the support kit.

  • born2expire

    Yawn, more vehicle heavy maps :/

    Aftermath was the perfect mix, infantry was actually useful and always had cover unlike the terrible AK maps.

    • Danz

      Dude this is battlefield not freakin’ Infantry Ops. And the maps will not be like AK ones, there will be space for both infantry and vehicle combat. These maps show what BF3 was always supposed to be.

      • born2expire

        Sure they will, thats what they said about AK also, that there would be room for infantry.

        as for Douche, I’m far from a COD kiddie, sure I enjoyed the OLD CoD games, and I’ve played ALL the PC Battlefield games. And I’d say 50% of the BF3 maps cater to infantry (ie no air) and 50% your useless unless your in some sort of vehicle, far from a majority.

        The generalizations and name calling is making you look like the hotpocket eater.

        • Hol_Up

          I’m sure the PC players are enjoying AK just fine. It’s the console players that were disappointed.

          And to Douche, I think you should stop the COD kiddie name calling .MP1st has grown into a community that houses people that play different games. And it is not beneficial to the community by bashing each other over their opinions.

        • KennyKyle

          why da fuck you mentioned COD, idiot

    • DoucheJackson

      Yawn.. another one of the hot pocket eater COD kids that doesn’t understand the Battlefield doesn’t revolve around them.

      The majority of BF3 maps are already either infantry-only or infantry-oriented. I’d say DICE have catered to infantry smurfs plenty.

      • Actually in battlefield… there is a lot more bunny hopping… just saiyan.

    • There is always Metro

      You want infantry go play Metro. We want a BF experience. Let me define. A Battlefield experience is having infantry play and also heavy vehicle play. When you have both you have lots of Battlefield moments that make BF such a success. When you have just infantry its the same match over and over. And it makes noobs like you safe because they know that they can capture a objective without having a tank or chopper get in that ass. Trust me. People like you are not welcome in the battlefield community we want infantry and vehicles on all maps or we get pissed.

      • born2expire

        whatever buddy, i’ve been the battlefiled “community” ever since 1942.

        • Than you know

          Than you must know that Battlefield has been more about both vehicles and infantry. Thats what makes a battlefield game so superb is the unpredictable nature of vehicles and infantry, If you take just one out it throws the whole formula out the window. Metro is a prime example. It is the worst map ever but they had to make it to appeal to COD fan base. Thats why it was in the beta.

          • born2expire

            Hence my comment about Aftermath nailing it, they really missed the mark on Armoured Kill. I would also say BF2 nailed it also (on most maps, damn I miss Ghosttown), thats why the Back to Karkand pack awesome and still has tons of people playing it.

            • Not really

              Maybe on regular mode but I never find anybody playing Back to Karkand on Xbox on hardcore mode. Except Gulf of Oman.

            • born2expire

              2 problems with that, hardcore and xbox 😛

              Tons of B2K servers and even a lot of Karkand only on PC

            • I know

              I wish is was like that on Xbox. I should have bought BF3 on PS3 because they have double the players of the 360 version.

  • ChuckBrownOh10

    No night maps 🙁

    • Danz

      I wouldn’t want a night map after what they did to Death “Blue” Valley. They need to cut off the blue tint and work in an actual dark night map.

      • Yeah, but the IRNV would still not work on it.

      • MasonMei

        lol, this game lives on the blue hue.

  • lrishjake


  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    While the maps do look great, the fact that these maps use the same color palette as the other maps( The new snow map being an exception) is starting to get boring. They need to start making maps more colorful and break away from repetitive visuals from map design.

    • Noobslayer

      That’s nice pony boy but this DLC is the end of the line for BF3.

      • They’re called bronies!

        • wtf japan?

          i call them faggots?

          • You sound uncertain.

            • wtf japan?

              Sorry i don’t know whether to call them faggots or queers, as the term “faggot” applies to a bundle of sticks.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        It doesn’t have to apply to bf3. Maybe in the future, dice can look from bf3 as well as other shooters out there and acknowledge the fact that map design in fps’s these days are getting more and more repetitious and that they should start taking more innovative approaches to map design.

    • Cmon really?

      These are the most colorful I have seen yet out of the maps. But considering you have a gay looking picture with pink and shit I can understand why you said this. What do you want a purple map with pink trees and fairy dust for smoke. Your lame

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Really dude? Operation riverside looks like a reskin of noshahr canals, kiasar railroad looks like a smaller version of armored shield or just caspian border without the huge antenna, and nebandan flats looks like operation firestorm with wind turbines in the background. While the maps do look great, dice needs to depart from this repetitive pattern in map design and experiment with something new.

        • born2expire

          nice you can tell so much about a map from one tiny screen shot.

        • Please Explain

          Considering they are all color palettes of real life there really is not much else they can do can they. I mean a jungle map has not been done but thats the only colors I can think of. Being honest your not making much sense. What else is there to do. Please explain

  • Cocained

    Battlefield 4 should automatically come with atvs and dirtbikes ijs

    • born2expire

      don’t forget muscle cars, BF4 needs muscle cars!

      • Muscle cars with tire shredding rims!

      • Hol_Up

        specifically this one.

  • Nick Loner

    Nebandan Flats reminded me of Highway Tampa, and Sabalan Pipeline (another snow map, yay!) – Shuhia Taiba from Battlefield 2142. Oh the memories…

    As with previous DLCs, maps look absolutely stellar. I would go as far as say that this is the best-looking map pack of all.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that this DLC won’t be centered just on light vehicles, and that heavy armor will be there too.

    One thing I still don’t understand though: Why haven’t they enabled Gun Master for all maps? All they need is to re-use the TDM layout for Gun Master, you could even play it on vanilla maps. So please, DICE?

  • I would love to see other game modes featured in other expansion in these maps, like Conquest Domination or Scavenger. I don’t understand why DICE lefts these modes to only to the DLC that brought it.

    • Hol_Up

      Because the modes are DLC specific. what’s the point of buying Aftermath if the game modes of aftermath are in the other DLCs? Same for Domination in Close Quarters. The DLC has to have something unique for people to buy it.

  • Kiasar Railroad looks gorgeous.

  • DICE is king

    There is no denying that DICE knows how to make DLC and games for that matter. You get your moneys worth. DICE is genius when it comes to multiplayer and map design. These maps look amazing and considering they are as big as operation firestorm or caspian border makes it even more enticing. COD fangirls can hate all they want but deep down inside they know they are missing out on the best shooter on the market with the best DLC you can pay for. Hey COD fans how are you enjoying your free one weapon with a skate park map. DICE rewards its fans month after month without it feeling like we are getting nickle and dime to death. Premium was the best purchase i made for DLC last year and this year for that matter. See you on the Battlefield.

  • Hate me for it, but im really hoping that one (or all) of these maps has a superb TDM region. Im getting bored with canals 500, and there is barely any server running other TDM maps.

    • TeamScrubMatch

      Your posting on the wrong article for TDM. Ever heard of COD. Go there

      • nightwing2097

        why is he, search TDM on BF3 you’ll see the first 10-20 pages are all 500% Norsair, some people believe it or not, like a round or two of TDM as a warm up, and shock horror, some people like the BF physics and gameplay but not the vehicles. i know shocking right, people playing a game how they wish to after spending their money on it. holy crap thats a controversial subject.

        • Stat boosting

          Ever played TDM on Norsair canals you will know why they do. They stat boost on that map because they get like 3 or 4 snipers on the cranes and they can spawn kill all day long. Trust me its happened to me.

      • Oh BO2 joke. You are so funny! There IS TDM in BF3.

      • lol, another hipster

        You realize TDM was in the original BF1942, right?

  • Patrick Bateman

    Why the hell are you adding dirt bikes and CTF to BF3? Dirtbikes were in BO1, and CTF was in every COD since world at war! This is supposed to be a realistic military simulator, not some gay arcadey COD crap!

    Stop adding noob COD crap to BF3, DICE!

  • Blaine

    No jungle maps or true forest maps, no new weapons either =/

    Kaiser Railroad looks good and I like the description of Op Riverside, but Nebandan Flats looks so incredibly boring and dull. It looks more boring than some AK maps honestly… B2K and Aftermath still stand to be the best 2 DLC packs for BF3, but thats just my opinion.

  • Slenderman

    This is the first time I have actually dedicated minutes of my life to read all of the comments. My only question is: Why is there such hate between these two games? I play both of them, and I have a favorite CoD and a favorite BF. These are my favorite not because they are “the best fps ever”,but because they are the ones I had the most fun with.

    Fave CoD: WaW – First CoD I got all of my friends to play. Had a blast.
    Fave BF: BC2 – First Battlefield game I got all my friends to play. Similarly had a blast.

  • so what happened to the rumored jungle map for endgame? the maps look cool and all but it just seems to me they just hashed together death valley and alborz for one, operation firestorm with alborz snow for another.

    Plus why didnt they add tank superiority as a game mode for the maps? they have to be big enough if they can handle air superiority on them?

  • The Army Ranger

    Sabalan Pipeline looks amazing. It’ll definitely be the first map I’ll play on when End Game comes out.

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