Battlefield 3: End Game – Capture The Flag Returns, Dropships, and Other Details

DICE has officially released some brand new details about their new upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC expansion, End Game.

Many will be happy to know that the popular game mode, Capture the Flag, will be making a return in End Game. Many of the details that DICE released isn’t all that new or surprising, though they are still something to look forward to.

Battlefield 3: End Game delivers some of the most high-speed warfare to date across four vast maps. Race through enemy lines using the new dirt bike, bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield, or fight back aerial assaults with new lightweight AA vehicles. Coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses in the return of the classic Capture The Flag game mode. In the skies, the new dropship introduces the ability to turn the tide with rapid deployment air drops of troop transports.

Key Features:

  • Four new maps designed for high speed combat and action
  • Three new vehicles including the fast and agile dirt bikes
  • New dropship provides support to ground troops with vehicle drop capabilities
  • Return of the classic Capture The Flag game mode

It’s a bit light, but we are expected to receive a new trailer/video in just a few days. So what do you guys think?

  • dropping in vehicles!?!?!?!?!?!?! HELL YEAA

  • iBeAmar

    No new guns? :/

    • JohnO

      its seems not :C

      • Georges

        Who cares about no new guns?
        I doubt you use 40 guns for each of your classes
        I only use max 4 guns a class (Except for sniper and support I only use 2)

  • Kuiriel

    By classic Capture The Flag, are they referring to actually picking up and stealing a flag and taking it back to your own base in order to cap a point?

    • Hol_Up

      Yeah Capture the flag was on BF:Modern Combat a console port of BF2. VERY FUN game mode. the hilarious aspect is that people would just mine the flags. That meant that people in trucks would just ghost ride them into the mines and kill anyone surrounding the flag. GOOD TIMES INDEED!

  • Tyoingonaphoneishell

    I was expecting an F15 and the return of Air Superiority, I’m dissapointed. But I’m thankful there will atleast some cool stuff. Not to sure about this “dropshipthing”.

    • ayrtonsenna94

      Air superiority? They already have it. Play any mode/map with a jet or attack helicopter. The air rape is not enough for you already? Oh wait…. You must be one of these amateur pilots that think they are pro cause they can get kills in either one. Air is OP. You suck.

      • Well, that escalated quickly. Also, why hate on a guy for expressing an opinion, and think that you know about what he does in bf3 from a simple post? u seem like one of those douchebags that run around with 100 service stars on your m16a3 telling all the “noobs” what to do…

      • Pro

        I’m still Gonna stick my DICK i your mouth! ;P

  • ……that’s it?

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I don’t want to be a pie! :C

  • Patrick Bateman

    “Capture the Flag”?

    Hey if you’re gonna add more COD crap to BF3, how about you also add killstreaks and tactical nukes?

    • but battlefield 2 had it so is a good come back

    • Hol_Up

      CTF was in BF2 so your comment is moot.

      • zakrocz

        And it was also in the very first battlefield game BF1942

    • QwietStorm

      Capture the flag is about as common as team deathmatch across any competitive multiplayer game. COD didn’t create it, nor are they responsible for its popularity. This scapegoating is more than sad. Its a little mental at this point.

    • Casavult

      BF3 must be your first Battlefield game…

      • Or one of the Bad Company games or 1943. Plenty of Bad Company 2ools came over pre launch bandwagon and now spouting at the mouthing thinking they know real Battlefield game without having ever playing Battlefield 2 or 2142 at the least.

    • AL_GR33N_

      Really? Capture the flag is a sport/activity (depending on your definition). You know, outdoors, exercise? Sound familiar? Probably not. I used to play CtF on paintball fields before I even played my first FPS. Remember, there is very little today which is truly original, only the way in which existing concepts are brought together.

    • Georges

      You make me think of the CoD fanboy’s that BF3 copied the crossbow from BO

      1.)Its not like if CoD we’re the one that made the crossbow, nor are they the first game to have putted a crossbow.

      2.)The crossbow from BF3 is a broken M417 and not something made with stuff that could have created real guns

      3.)They’ve putted a story for the crossbow and unlike CoD they didn’t say ‘Hey,I’ll put a crossbow in a war because I’m an idiot’

      And if you didn’t understand the meaning of what I said, I’ll tell you it without putting the crossbow examples,

      1.)CoD wasn’t the first game to come up with CTF so don’t complain.

      2.)What BF makes is stuff that started,unlike CoD not something plain old stupid that they add for no reason. For ex;Conquest is capturing the bases (Like real war).Rush,You need to protect/attack that machine that could do something Vs your country/help your country untill the reinforcements arrives. etc etc.

      3.)They putted a basic to every modes, Gun Master we could say that its a competition/bet with your team mates. etc etc.

      So don’t talk nonsense about BF3 copying CoD games…


  • tanile

    Dinosaurs :(…….

    • DelucaFTW

      DId you really expect this to be there? A dino mode is too complicated to implement just like that….maybe in BF4. though.


        Would someone please direct me to a multiplayer game that has this famous “Dino Mode” in it? I keep hearing about it and since I’ve never heard of it before I really would like to see this mode in action.

        • No game has a multiplayer “dino-mode”. After a bf3 trailer it showed a toy dinosaur since then fans have wanted a dino mode. It would be cool and dice have put many easter eggs inside the game suggesting it.
          There is a different game that recently releaed though that has man vs dino

    • Dino mode would be great… but do you really think current consoles can handle a co op game with many players in it while there are dinosaurs running around ?! they can’t give such a crazy ass game mode only to PCs. how ever i’m sure we’re getting it by BF4 when next gen comes out.

      • Then they should give the PC modding tools and we would already have a dino mode

  • tanile

    In all seriousness, they need a mode similar to air superiority and tank superiority but with the dirt bikes. It would be really fast paced and fun!!!

    • Georges

      Air superiority would be awesome!
      Everyone got a jet/attack helicopter imagine all the explosions!
      And you don’t need to spawn in your base and wait for a heli/jet
      You wait the spawn timer you click on deploy it brings you to the jet/heli

  • roland0811

    I wonder how much of this EA/DICE are gonna go back on or delete and say it never happened? I’m really only expecting the dirt bike to make it to fruition, honestly.

  • Victor Coronel

    no new weapons ? :((

    • 80 + weapons in BF3 more than any other games, isn’t that enough ? let’em keep some for BF4 for god’s sake!

      • Jake

        How about they give them to us anyway. Less is better? Not in a video game. They should have all 85, plus another 85 in BF4.

        • ^the other jake

          im sure we will see some repeats of guns from bf3 in bf4 anyway so we should totaly load up in this game

      • Well they did say Aftermath would have new weapons, and not just a new weapon. I was hoping they were only doing this so they could bundle it all into End Game. But instead we got no new weapons. I’d rather weapons over certain vehicles that can only be used on those maps.

  • Eli

    V-22 Osprey Gunner comes to BF3!!!!

    • holy fuck i lost BF3 but time 2 get again

      • jimmylara

        dude wtf
        I lost my copy to this week, cleaned my whole room out. IT’S GONE

        • Nick Loner

          Redownload it on Origin? Unless it was a brand-new non-activated copy. 😐

        • bro hate tto be a dick but i got the premium ed today 🙂 i say pic it up if u dont have premium and u getting BF3 again

        • jimmylara

          Yep console player here, though I have it on PC to

        • DarthDiggler

          Damn I break out BF3 at least once a week, no longer than once every 2 weeks though.

    • Phantom_53-7

      If they put that in the game, they should have like 2 pilot and gunner seats, and everyone else can just stand in the cargo area and be able to move around instead of just sitting a seat being able to do nothing 😀

  • the specialist

    i think that battlefield is an average has very good expansion packs(better than mw3)but its weapons are just s**t.and in my opinion in a fps the weapons are the most important.

    • Nemesis_96

      You’re right, but it’s not all that hard to beat the crap MW3 came up with…. Black Ops and Black Ops 2 on the other hand, now there’s some competition!

      • Black Ops’s bad? LOL that anal fuck gave u a psychological trauma.

        • Nemesis_96

          I’m really not sure if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with me, but either way, I mean to say that black ops and Bo2 are good.

          • now then that is clear.

    • Why are the weapons shit??? COD games are unrealistic with no recoil witch takes the skill out of the game. Battlefield 3 is by far the best FPS multiplayer game out and this is coming from someone who was a huge COD fanboy

      • I would think planetside 2 is a much better fps then BF. Like BF except with a thousand players on a map/

        • I don’t have a gaming PC to play it =( or else I’m sure it would be up there with BF3. I only have a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

        • Georges

          You can’t compare futuristic games and science games
          With a modern game.
          But its your opinion.
          And I played PlanetSide 2, its fun but its quite easy to get killed and all your classes got something extremely disapointing
          (The max is extremely slow, and is bad Vs ground troupes and ground vehicules)
          And it goes on and on, so I prefer BF3 all the classes are equal

          • ..YEs you can compare them, just because they are st in different scenes does not mean you cannot compare them , you can compare them because they are bot an FPS.

            Obviously its easy to get killed because you are still a noob, when I played battlefield for the 1st time, I was getting raped, but there are lots of Poole that are beasts in planet ide.

            Planet ide is better because you can play in battalions of about 100 players all going for an objective, kind of like the BF3 we always wanted.

      • You always bring up your past fandom of COD like that makes your argument any more valid lol. Also, why compare BF3’s guns to COD’s guns when the man made no comparison. He compared the DLC w/ MW3 to BF3’s, but that was all.

        • Because the guy above was comparing COD MW3 DLC to BF3’s so I’m guessing he think COD’s Weapon mechanics are better which isn’t the case!! Why hate on me?? I like COD but just don’t really play it since BF3 brings much more for me. I just don’t like people saying something is wrong in the game when it there isn’t

          • You’re jumping to conclusions and attempting to down another game just because the guy’s opinion doesn’t match your opinion.

            • but saying bf3 weapons suck is plane stupidity, you have recoil and bullet drop that make for a realistic feel. I haven’t played a game with such realism and I never played ARMA so maybe the weapon mechanics are just as good or better. I just was never satisfied in the weapon mechanics in COD but I guess it fits for the arcade play style. Like I said I dint hate cod but I like to use it as a reference point just to get my point across

            • We’ve had this discussion before. COD is an arcade-style shooter while BF3 is going for a more realistic approach. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Just because you love a game doesn’t mean it’s the best and just because you no longer like a game doesn’t mean it’s the scourge of gaming.

            • I never said I didn’t like COD!! I’m aloud to give my opinions and I should be able to ask people questions without you always on my ass. I haven’t committed a crime and was just asking why he thinks BF3’s weapons are shit.

            • Jason

              Lol Yall are funny, Yes they are apples and Oranges but Thomas is over analytic on others opinions and You defend BF when any COD Fan bashes the Franchise (I Don’t blame you!) , But “The Specialist” said BF3’s “Weapons are just shit” without giving a reason why (obviously it’s not the Variety lol) so I think Paul deserves an answer from “The Specialist” first (Not Offending You Thomas, I like yo style 😉

            • I didn’t mean to get hostile on Thomas but every time I say something about COD hes on my ass yet when someone says something about BF3 he says nothing and all I wanted to know was why the specialist thinks BF3’s weapons are shit?!?

            • I defend COD because people love to talk shit about it because that’s the cool thing to do now lol. “It’s for kids” “rinse/repeat” “unrealistic” blah blah blah. Though I do defend COD, you will never see me talk bad about BF3, because it’s a good game for what it is trying to achieve.

            • I never talked bad about COD. I even said the the overall weapon mechanis etc for COD fits its arcadie gameplay. You defend COD and I defend BF3..Whats the difference?? People complain all the time about DICE copying COD yet most of the stuff added has been in games way before COD. I like COD but get tired of COD fanboys saying BF3 is shit!! I don’t think COD is crap but just don’t play it much anymore

            • The same can be said for BF3 fans who insult COD fans. The difference between you and I is that I don’t attempt to put down another game in any way when defending my game of preference.

            • I don’t go around saying COD is crap tho. There is way to many COD fans that feel they need to insult BF3 on every dang article ad you are obviously a huge COD fan and I’m a huge BF3 fan, am I a BF3 fanboy?? no. I love many games and if the game is good I will play it and the only reason I stopped playing COD is because Activision is to cheap to get dedicated servers ad from my experience dedicated server gives a overall better experience

            • Not a huge fan of COD, but I like to play it from time to time and I like to defend it, when possible, because hating on it what all the cool kids do these days. FC3 has been my game of choice for the past few weeks because BO2 MP is terrible. Nothing but small fuckfest maps with terrible lag.

            • Yea, a lot of people told me BO2 sucked so I didn’t get it. I do want to get Far Cry 3 because I heard its AWESOME

            • It’s a good buy. Well worth the money.

            • Twice is always? Don’t be so dramatic.

            • roland0811

              Battlefield is an arcade-y run ‘n gun shooter, too. Just because it has a few vehicles and some bullet drop doesn’t make it some kind of tactical shooter. I go and play GRAW2 and Dragon Rising when I want a tactical fix. When I’m in the mood to just run around and blow stuff up I play BF3.
              If you want to see good weapon mechanics, OFP: Dragon Rising had the best weapon handling I’ve ever seen in a shooter. Was ridiculously accurate how they matched a weapon’s handling in the game to it’s real life counterpart.

            • your crazy if you think BF3 is a arcade style game!! I never even heard of Dragon Rising lol

            • roland0811

              I guess me and a crap ton of other people are crazy then.

              Sorry man. It’s a run ‘n gun arcade-y shooter all day long. If you think it’s a tactical shooter or more than what it actually is you’re lying to yourself. Lol! But whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

              I’m not insulting the game, I’m just stating it for it is. I still enjoy it a couple of hours a week and it’s still a pretty decent shooter. I just prefer tactical shooters over run ‘n gun games like BF3, personally.

            • whatever floats your boat!!!

      • No one has mentioned COD, you made evident you’re a hater of it. BF3 maybe the best FPS for you but I think the majority of ppl has grown up with Halo.

        • lol Actually BF3 was my 1st Battlefield game and I was a COD fanboy. I just got tired of the same recycled crap from Activision!! Halo is nothing AMAZING in my eyes and just never got into it, the game just feels strange and I find way to many kids playing it on xbox and it drives me nutts hearing them rage

          • Okay, that’s all your opinion, so then there’s no problem.

    • Georges

      BF Is not like CoD
      For BF you need real skills and teamwork!!!
      And just saying, every guns can kill but what makes you win and makes you choose the good choices, is your mind (Unlike CoD)
      So before complaining,think before saying non-sense

      • I played it and I don’t find it hard and very skilled, just normal, just that I’m not used to it.

  • Jamic

    CTF ? Holy hell, they are actualy gonna add it.
    If End Game maps are any good then maybe this is going to be my favourite expansion.

    Every expansion after B2K has been either lame or mediocre (on consoles)

    I just hope they would add CTF to all maps.

  • DelucaFTW

    OMG. This sounds crazy!

  • dragelarve

    Capture The Flag combined with C4. Oh – the horror!

    • WarHero

      *Sigh* Nobody uses the spot mechanic in Battlefield anymore…

      • MasonMei

        Talking about spotting enemies… won’t it be too serious a pain in the ass for flagrunners? Well if they’re spotted, they will be on the radar of every opponent… which will be much harder for them to capture flags

    • nate

      I can see the explosive and scan bolts being very helpful in CTF

  • Akira2020

    CTF!!!!!!!!! America, Fuck Yeah!

  • I hope this osprey is better than MW3. IW fucked it up so badly.

  • plasid93

    Let’s hope they kept the best expansion for last. Sounds pretty good so far. Let’s just hope everything makes it to the expansion. High speed action indeed, implementing vehicles to get the flag back. Can’t wait!

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  • kyuubi_clone

    This, this right here, this is the reason i love this franchise!!! clearly much more value for my money. AAA content from DICE. they never cease to amaze me. look at how diverse the BF3 universe is. can’t wait!.

    • ……

      “much more value for my money. AAA content from DICE!”

      120$…. no game is worth that much. Remeber back when games were 30$ MAXIMUM?

      And how is this value? All i see is a new dirt bike, we have little info on it…. aftermath was a fail, armored kill was a huge fail, and close quarters only appealed to half the fanbase. why did you people spend 60 extra dollars for dlc you knew NOTHING about?

      • JustinD

        I think your attitude is a fail.

      • kyuubi_clone

        the value is in the game’s replay value. compared to other FPSs this generation, BF3 stomps all over them when it comes to content. you say their DLC was a fail? all you saw was a dirt bike?

        well, i do not know about you buddy, but most of the community i play with and speak to all love the variety in the DLC that DICE produced – simply because there was something in there for everyone – regardless of playstyle.

        the variety in the DLC that DICE created is something rare in FPS games. this is why the BF3 community is STILL strong today and servers are always full.

        as for the dirt bike, well you may be looking at it wrong. the bike is good for many things besides riding from point “A” to “B”. battlefield gives gamers a blank canvass to paint on and create some of the most epic masterpieces you can imagine.
        the DLC packages were a mystery to many but lots of users knew what they were getting into. DICE has a good history with producing excellent expansions for their games. most people paid for early access to DLC (premium), some paid for the bells and whistles. IMO BF3 pemium was still better than MW’s elite service. but to each his own.

        i believe the problem is not the game, but you. your narrow-mindedness has clouded your mental development. and as the guy below me said – your attitude has failed you, it has not contributed to helping you mature in your way of thinking.

        • zakrocz

          Excellent reply!! Though I doubt the idiot you replied to is capable of independent thought and is just spouting the same old BS we’ve heard time and time again from the vile, immature very vocal but insignificant minority who troll BF3 forums

        • Georges

          +Without counting scamming CoD
          The BF games we’re the ones that lived the longest!

      • Georges

        Aftermath is 0% a fail, alot of servers that are only aftermath are full!!!!

        Armored Kill wasn’t a fail,maybe just for the new glitches that came,but for the rest it was AMAZING,the only thing I didn’t like was the AC-130 for only one team.

        CQ,I only hated the fact that there we’re no vehicules,but even without them,I spend alot of time on CQ and there’s alot of Gun Master servers full.

        And just incase you come back with a reply for ‘BK’.

        The new Jet that they brought is simply AMAZING!

        The maps are wonderful!(Like all the BF3 maps)

        And the weapons we’re awesome too!!!

        And for the patch I don’t remember back then.

        So what you replied to kyuubi_clone ,is just a lie.

        And again just in case you come back with another nonsense reply,
        BF3 won the title of being the most realistic game of 2011 (And it still is)

        And I’ll give you an example of a true scam,CoD is a true scam, using the same graphic engine since 2007, changing nothing except the maps and bringing 2 or 3 guns that wasn’t there before,some new customs.
        Even BF 1943 is better then CoD so before saying that BF3/Premium is a scam go look at the other games…

      • Risto

        When the games cost only 30$ ? SNES times games costed about 60-80$.. so they have began cheaper.. dont remember how much ps2 games costed but i think that was 50-60 dollas too

  • Ketchupzz

    Dropships?! WOW i’m already in love

  • & not a single fuck was given!

    • iamsosuperior

      LOL go somewhere else you cod troll. Us bf3 fans care now kindly fuck off.

  • BrothaDave

    I wish they would have put more maps on the smaller close quarters and capture the flag modes. I think there is about 8 between the 2 modes and the last 2 expansions where all big map based. With Bad Company 2 they expanded all the maps for all the modes but just changed the size depending on game type, I was hoping they would do the same with BF3 but it doesn’t look like it. I might go back to playing Bad Company 2 I still liked it better but I like the modes and weapons better on this one.

  • Muzzyslayer

    So in other words no Dinos. Just a motorcycle. :hand making jerkoff motion:


    • Michael Kelley

      Hopefully we’ll get our Dino mode with BF4…

      • Georges

        Why are you all thinking that dino’s will come in???
        I don’t know where you get all that fake info but, just saying BF3 won the title of the ‘most realistic shooter’ and I don’t think they will go into science fiction and lose there title.
        That’s my opinion, don’t hate

  • jrstryker

    No new rush maps? Where’s the rush map love?

  • Nick Loner

    It’s a pleasant surprise to see DICE pay tribute to old-school shooters and bring good ‘ol CTF back. I missed it.
    I hope flag spawns are slightly randomized and aren’t as suspectible to camping though.
    Hoping for new jets.

  • erpies


  • popsxtra

    why will it not come moore weapons instead of game modes ??

    • Georges

      Oh so tell me.
      You are using 40 weapons for each of your classes? I highly doubt that…

  • Wade R

    dropship probably on rails 🙁 ?

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  • Mike

    I want new weaponS, not 1. I lost interest since Armored Kill but I was hoping one of these DLC’s would be worth getting into. No weapons (like they said Aftermath would have), no desire to play. I dont see dirt bikes working out well. Sounds like a gimmick to me. Now, if we had Dino’s I would have been bought.

  • For some of the people thinking the dirt bikes will be shit, while you might think them a gimmick, they will be a fun gimmick I mean come on the quads were awesome too in Armored Kill and with the gigantic maps dropships will require to be worth anything I think I prefer the bike over walking…

  • brock

    wooooo dropshiip