Battlefield 3: End Game Developer Interview, Air Superiority to Support 24 Jets At Once

DICE producer Craig McLeod and game designer Gustav Halling walk Battlefield 3 fans through some key aspects of End Game, Battlefield 3’s final expansion pack due out this March.

Speaking to Battlefield TV in a video interview (below), McLeod and Halling detail the two new game modes being brought to the battlefield: Capture the Flag and Air Superiority.

A key take-away from this portion of the interview is that Air Superiority will support up to 24 jets in the air at the same time, 12 on each side. In order to win a match of Air Superiority, your team will need to have a higher presence of jet fighters within the vicinity of three different capture points, depicted by three different airships.

Like Armored Kill, vehicles will play a large role in End Game’s gameplay. Three new vehicles are being introduced: the motor bike, new AA vehicles, and the drop ship. Halling mentions that the motor bikes mimic real physics, including leans and quick stops by sliding. The two new anti-air vehicles are based on the Vodnik and Humvee from the original game, but with AA weaponry attached to the roof of each. Of course, the drop ship will allow the controlling team to deploy troops and additional vehicles on to the battlefield.

Check out the full interview with Battlefield TV below (1:07 – 3:50).

Also, don’t miss out on these high-res images of all four new End Game maps, plus a brief description of each.

  • I don’t think Air Superiority is gonna be any fun in BF3. With multiple jets using heatseekers you’d be screwed. 1943 was perfect since it was cannon on cannon warfare… and bombs if you got really lucky.

    • if all the jets have ECMs then it will most likely be cannon to cannon dog fighting

      • Nick Loner

        Also BEEP-fest

      • Ghost~Vanguard

        but there are still noobs who will go in with friends and try to “troll” and just use heat seekers all day. if you have a team of randoms vs a couple of teams of trolls partied up working together you get a gametype no one wants to play anymore. don’t forget admin abuse either

    • Then make yourself a server with one rule: No heatseekers
      It ain’t too difficult 😉

    • DoucheJackson

      heatseeker noobs will die quickly in air superiority I wouldn’t worry. only the most peabrained of $10 sale kiddies bother with heatseekers in a jet.

  • I predict that Air Superiority will be so popular, it will be difficult to find a populated server running any of the cool CTF stuff.

  • Blaine

    honestly i am crazy stoked for Air Superiority. It’s a dream come true for me. Now if only they could undo all the silly nerfs they’ve given the jets over the course of this game and make them as fast as they were at first…

  • wow

    24 jets holyshit. Thats gonna be a lot of crashing into one another. Cannot believe choppers is not getting love.

    • I wonder if the Rush jets are going to be mixed in with the conquest jets.

      • tludt888

        I hope not, because the A-10/Frogfoot is infinitely better at dogfighting than the F-18/Su-35/F-35 (oddly). They really should’ve included CAS jets for Conquest, as it happens now, Jets are largely focused at taking out one another and the occasional helicopter… and not supporting ground efforts.

        Personally, I’ve mastered the art of using the AGM camera to sight in foot-mobiles and vehicles on the ground, then attack with the main cannon of the F-18/Su-35. However, there is little splash damage and little damage done to vehicles, which is ludicrous.

        Occasionally though, I get a bug switching from AGM camera to cockpit view which gives me a magnified HUD, which makes it much easier… wish they’d’ve just added that as a vehicle specialization rather than having it occur as a bug.

        • Alpine

          you should put that on your resume lol

          • tludt888

            Why? Do others have a hard time doing it?

        • john doe

          Personally I wish they would have one or the other having jets with helicopters Makes flying a helicopter a chore so I don’t bother. Helicopters is got so much going against them already in this one. With jets now you look after idiots without skill trying crash into you.

        • I wouldn’t mind if there was just 1 rush jet amongst the 12. Just like how you get 1 MBT out of all the tank destroyers in Tank superiority. First one to get in it gets to fly it :).

        • Ghost~Vanguard

          it’s actually easy, except the fact you can’t see the guys you’ve spotted on consoles till you are really close. I just orbit and spot people then fire my rocket pods in the general area while spotting, switch to cannon and use the rudder to adjust. rush is 1000’s easier because of the splash damage. honestly though, it’s really good people can’t see spotted targets from way up high on xbox because it would make a good pilot way more annoying and people would have to focus on shooting the damn jet down every thirty seconds.

    • Just saying

      I hoped they add like two choppers but unfortunately they didn’t 🙁

  • bro

    Wonder if consoles will get the 24 jet love or will it be toned down

    • The rumor was that there should be one for every player, so i’m guessing they’re talking about consoles.

  • top gun

    This makes me want to watch top gun for some reason

  • E4t_Le4d

    “In fact, I would love to see what our community video makers can actually make of this and what they can deliver to us. We love seeing your videos”.

    You would see a lot more if we had a BattleRecorder!

    • squadwin

      We have now a battlerecorder, at least on PC

      • Yep, still very buggy though, and you get banned if you join official servers.

      • potato

        What are you talking about, there’s no battlerecorder for BF3.

        • I think it isn’t an official battlerecorder. Possibly a mod or the mode that someone uncovered some time ago

    • Exactly what i was about to write. They f*king better give us a good battlerecorder and editor in Battlefield 4.

    • someone made a mod. Here is a link (not available to everyone yet)

      • Cool, but everyone looks so clunky lol.

  • Stevei

    Hey David, 24 jets at once…what about PS3 and Xbox360? same number for them?

  • tludt888

    Air Superiority seems great. Air Radar will probably break it though, hopefully they’ll allow No Map Air Superiority.

    Again, adding more AA to this game is silly and wholly unnecessary… hopefully the AA HMMWV will be confined to CTF.

    And the fact that they essentially confirmed this’ll be the the last DLC for BF3 is disappointing. So much left out, and so much ignored from previous Bad Company titles and Battlefield 2. Not to mention the everpresent bugs that are blatant as ever (sound cutting out, hit-detection, etc).

    I’ll probably catch a lot of flak as always for merely suggesting that BF3 isn’t all it could’ve been or should’ve been, as I have in the past. But come on DICE. Again, it’s not even the bugs that bother me the most… it’s the fundamental gameplay decisions that were made poorly (i.e. random spread, some of the vehicle perk behaviors, and rampant availability of AA).

    I’ve played the game on PC and Xbox 360 (where I play it primarily) and I will say that the gameplay is better on PC, just due to the upped player count and snappy hit-detection. But, it still has many of the same fundamental problems.

    Looking forward to End Game, but just for an additional fifteen minutes of “Huh, so these are the new maps?”. Sorry, but I’m really not overly stoked for this DLC.

    • This game is too old to fundamentally change the gameplay, or even make larger adjustments. BF4 is rolling out pretty soon, and im sure they held back some ideas for that.
      I believe, even the promised weapons, vehicle upgrades in the DLCs were pushed back to have them in BF4. Yes, DICE could go for a smooth transition, and start BF4 where they leave BF3. In that case everyone would complain, that its another ripoff, and you just pay for a little upgrade/patch. or choose to fundamentally overhaul BF4 with the issues raised in BF3 (and then get the flame for pleasing the COD noobs or whatever)

      • tludt888

        Oh, I have no idea what BF4 will bring. Hopefully DICE will learn from BF3 and previous titles and make a system that is better. But, I just don’t want BF3 to become the exemplar for BF4. There are serious, fundamental problems with BF3 that, in my opinion, cannot be carried forth to BF4 (i.e. random spread).

        I’m not saying they should fix BF3, I agree it’s too late for that. But it needs to be realized that there are serious flaws with how BF3 was executed, not just bugs and all that… but fundamental things like problems with the shooting mechanic, vehicle numbers, map inconsistencies, and specializations.

        • Dice has a future proof foundation for their next game with the FB, and it leaves a lot of resources for them to focus on balancing, and smoothing out issues, test out ideas. Last time they had to work on the engine, now its just polishing for them.
          I think the next BF will be more refined, and im certain, that there will be game mechanics that people dont like. Also MOHW had a better aiming / recoil system. The gun points were the bullet will go, even if it jumps around, you still see were it lands. Alan Kertz praised that game, and im sure we might see something like that in the next BF.

        • The only issue BF3 has is the bugs!! Shooting mechanics are fantastic in my opinion and I don’t see why ” vehicle numbers, map inconsistencies, and specializations ” is a problem??

    • Ghost~Vanguard

      I don’t think air radar will be that bad, it will just lead to more people circling around each other all the time though. Heat seekers are going to ruin it. Imagine three or four guys on your team have been shot down and have a five second respawn and then have to spend another five or so seconds taking off: you have three or four extra people who could all lock on to you, fire a missile, you flare or ECM and dodge, they fire the second one at different intervals and now you just have to speed off and hope the missiles don’t hit before you get flares/ECM back. Extinguisher is just useless unless heatseekers are banned or they take the time from 30 seconds to 15 seconds but even then.
      I suppose purists will take the map off, heat seekers won’t be that big of a problem
      and in regards to the ground: people should spawn like in scavenger with just a pistol and specialization with most of the ground out of bounds. maybe a repair tool too because if the other pilot is dumb enough to let you land, get out and repair, you deserve another chance to shoot him down that life.

  • 24 jets on console HW 🙁 be god with us

  • buttfacebob545

    Even on PC it’s only 24 jets at once? :/

  • blondbassist

    24 Jets will just be a mindless clusterfuck.

    If they had a no respawn elimination mode though, now THAT would be cool with 24 jets.

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