Battlefield 3: End Game Dinosaur Easter Egg Discovered – Flying Pterodactyl

What would Battlefield 3: End Game be without its very own dinosaur easter egg?

Earlier, a floating spaceship easter egg was discovered on Operation Riverside, one of the End Game DLC’s four new maps, referencing the classic Battlefield 2142. You can check that out right here. Naturally, it rose suspicion as to whether or not DICE would ever follow up with another futuristic sequel.

Of course, End Game wouldn’t be a ‘true’ Battlefield 3 expansion without its very own dinosaur easter egg. Arguably, DICE has saved the best one for last with this recently discovered Pterodactyl sighting on Nebandan Flats.

As “Rumpo” says in the video, I think we can all agree that the trolling needs to stop, and that dinosaurs must play a significant role in Battlefield 4 in order to avoid poor sales and a shaky launch. Agreed?

Battlefield 3: End Game is on its way to Xbox 360 and PC Premium members March 12, Regular PlayStation 3 users March 19, and regular Xbox 360 and PC users March 26.

Thanks, FireteamHooligan.

Update 1

From the guys who brought you the Pterodactyl easer egg above, it seems that FireteamHooligan have also discovered a nice little “teddy bear picnic” on Kiasar Railroad.

Looks to me more like teddy bears being put to work in less-than-acceptable conditions. Somebody call the department of labor!

Update 2

MP1st reader Mechcell pointed out two additional easter eggs, one of which is once again dino-related, and the other which is related to a family of snowmen.

Update 3

MP1st reader Dennis found another easter egg, also on Nebandan Flats. He sent in this image below:


Swedish Pride!

  • Jason

    There it is…

  • mechcell
  • WarHero

    Dinos are overrated..ALIENS OR GTFO.

  • WasabeJuice

    What’s really the fun in shooting dinos? They are a big target and you just keep shooting them until they go down. And not all dinosaurs are carnivores or hostile. I would prefer to fight against the army of darkness.

    • JustinD

      Have you ever played turok, or watched Jurassic park? How could you not want to shoot dinos?

    • Except Raptors…they hunt in packs.

      But yes, to be serious, I like the idea of dinosaurs, but in practice, they’d probably be a lot less interesting than zombies or playing as Bruce Campbell and rallying the troops against an army of the dead.

      • “Except Raptors…they hunt in packs.”

        Wow, you clearly get your “knowledge” of dinosaurs from fiction. Embarrassing.

        • I thought my quotation marks were clear enough, but just so it’s very clear…yes, I was referencing Park, the film and novel.

          The great thing about Science Fiction is that it takes fact and then builds on it in wild and entertaining ways.

          BTW, did you know that TRex’s have poor eyesight and if you don’t move they can’t see you? Oops, unless you watched JP3…where the fiction was changed.

    • zach

      whats cooler?
      a: shooting a zombie or skeleton or undead etc. with a gun.
      b: T-REX VS TANK
      i would prefer for you to re-state your statement now.

      • JustinD

        T-Rex vs m240 sounds better

  • Nice easter egg but I would love to see the reactions of players that DICE never brought Dino mode into the spotlight.

  • Dinosaur T Bag? Big balls nut drop wtf?

  • Dino in BF4 would be cool and all, and I’d probably enjoy it for a bit… But I would hate to see DICE put their resources toward such a game mode. Its not just adding a flag here or a gun there. Its adding massive ass dinos with countless animations.

    Again, it would be cool, but I didnt get into battlefield games for dinosaurs, I got into them for the semi-realistic military shooters that they are. Im just not a fan of allocating resources toward something so unlike the normal game. Instead i wish they would just improve the normal game.
    I wasn’t much of a fan of zombies in CoD either. I think the treyarch games could have turned out better if they would have skipped em.

  • MrLadyfingers

    “-and that dinosaurs must play a significant role in Battlefield 4 in order to avoid poor sales and a shaky launch. Agreed?” Disagree. I don’t buy Battlefield for silly arcade games. IMO

  • JustinD

    Ok so I know it’s a game but want to point out and ask. Has anyone ever tried riding a dirt bike or motorcycle on snow? It is impossible. Especially with the street tires these bikes are shown with. Good thing this isn’t a rpg. Talk about ruining immersion

    • ThePlantain

      its that serious?? go join the army or buy a bike….immersion lol

      • JustinD

        Marine corps and I have a bike. Just saying its ridiculous that something with zero traction on snow has all the traction it would have in sand on said snow

  • Now I know

    So this is why nobody captures objectives they screw around and look for dumb shit.

    • FPS_GURU


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  • dpg70

    We know you wanted it, and would have gladly paid for it, but we’re just gonna keep teasing dino’s. Nobody trolls their loyal customers better than DICE.

    • False. No one trolls their loyal customers like Valve does. The amount of teasing Gabe Newell and that company does about half life 3 is criminal lol

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  • Guest

    I ate my easter egg

  • Kyle Jackson

    I only eat my Easter eggs

  • Niosus

    The word pterodactyl instantly reminds me of this song:

    (foul language warning)

  • Sgt. Mofo

    If BF4 doesn’t have some sort of dinosaurs mode, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be on Amazon, Gamestop, Newegg, etc. giving it a review score of 0 all the while using improper spelling and grammar.

  • zach

    hoping for an air vehicles VS pterodactyls mode

  • zach

    i have some feeling that they would do a kickstarter for dinomode, dont know why.
    i remember a DICE community manager asking people if they wanted a dinosaur mode.

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  • Battlefield 4: Jurassic Company 3

  • So let down… Not sure why but I thought that this came out on xbox today…

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  • I HAVE SEEN THAT SAND CASTLE BEFORE!!! It was atacama desert, we were being overrun…..lets skip to the best part…i saw this sand castle on atacama desert.

  • PhillyJim

    what about the dinosaur footprints on sabalan pipeline?