Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Rumors – New Tools, Game Modes and a “Jungle-Style” Setting

Prepare for the first set of rumors surrounding DICE’s final expansion back for Battlefield 3, End Game.

MP1st reader Expertark5man has pointed out rumors of an upcoming End Game short film that will be made available to Premium users soon. Members will notice that the Premium Calendar already lists the 7th Premium video as an End Game teaser, releasing on the 21st of December. However, Italian website 4news, from which these rumors have stemmed, seems to have further details surrounding End Game.


DICE has announced that End Game, announced last expansion for Battlefield 3, will soon be enjoyed in a short film exclusively for Premium users.

Video made ​​entirely with scenes of the game show in which a moment of battle has a new motorcycle, and will be published in the Premium section of Battlelog December 21, 2012.

The DLC, dubbed by the Swedish team such as high speed for a lethal death, will introduce some tools and game modes that will animate the theater of war, including a jungle-style Apocalypse Now. In particular, there is four new game maps, new vehicles (including motorcycles), new assignments and new weapons.

So far, the only confirmed details are that motor-bikes will play a key role in End Game, introducing a new, high-speed style of gameplay to the Battlefield 3 series. The rest, like the possibility of a jungle-style setting, is still unconfirmed, but we hope to hear more from DICE in the near future.

Meanwhile, Battefield 3’s latest DLC, Aftermath, is expected to drop for non-Premium users tomorrow on the Xbox 360 and PC. Make sure to check out our review if you haven’t already.

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  • Legion

    YES! i love jungle maps in games 😀 maybe finally berkut camo will come to use

    • Laser0pz

      Wait, people *use* camos?


      • Legion

        sorry my english is not good

        • Wolf

          He wasn’t correcting you, don’t worry!

      • B_Boss

        Thats right, ever since MGS3 taught me how to in FPS’ lol. I use all of my techniques learned from that game (and the others) in BF with absolute joy.

  • It seems like some kinda escort or evacuation mode. Im guessing the maps will be beautiful, probably take place in exotic jungles. Can’t wait!!!

  • I was hoping for more snow maps, but jungle maps will do just as nicely 🙂

    • Ali Nadeem

      I was hoping for the same although jungles are also very nice… those maps in BC2 really cheered me up!

      • DarthDiggler

        I just hope the new people don’t have weird Eyes. DICE’s DLCs for Battlefield generally will have some oddities about rendering people. The Vietnamese in the Vietnam patch had super weird eyes (looked very uncanny), some of the soldiers in Aftermath have similar buggy eyes.

        • Dirtknap

          Somehow in aftermath, every soldier had developed a meth habit…

          • Ali Nadeem

            Hahahahahaha 🙂

  • JustinD

    Hopefully jungles mean Jurassic park

  • Jungles? I hate jungles.

    • Snakes? I hate snakes.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Spiders? I love spiders.

        • Miles


  • uwantSAMOA

    Dude what if volcanoes…

    • TB

      WGAS, WGAF. Given the amount of Dino teasing and crank yanking theyve done for the past year, if no Dino’s then they failed, period. Im not even talking about the ingame Dino’s which have mostly been attributed to making fun of the whole 4chan Activision/Dino thing a few years back, I mean blatant teases like Alaz Kertz twittering out a phonepic of a little lego BF soldier face to face with a little green T-Rex standing on his desk. Why bother if theres nothing behind it.

      If no Dinos then DICE and EA, together or separately, can drop and blow cattle. I’m hopeful but skeptical, given all the key devs were shifted to BF4 soon after the game came out.

      • FedoraSniper

        Battefield still has a lot of twaking and learning to be done before i want to see Dinos. I would love to see them just as much as the next guy, but Dinos should be an addition to a great game, not just another issue to compensate for.

  • DeLucaFTW

    “Tools and game modes that will animate the theater of war, including a jungle-style Apocalypse Now” <—I don't get this 😮

    • Battlefield Engineer

      Well, there’s an old war movie called “Apocalypse Now” that is set during the Vietnam War. Which, obviously had jungles as a setting. Maybe they were just using that as a reference?

    • dpg70

      I don’t care how old you are. Anyone should get the Apocalypse Now reference.

      • Delucaftw

        I got the “Apocalypse Now” reference…i’ve seen the movie. What i don’t understand is the “Tools and game modes that will animate the theater of war”?

        • Battlefield Engineer

          By tools, I assume they mean new weapons. The rest is just a bunch of fancy words describing the action.

          • Delucaftw

            You might be right….cheers!

  • philosoraptor

    can i haz velociraptors, DICE?

  • Jungles + campers = me just playing the vanilla maps. I’m kind of ready for the new console and BF4.

    • BF4 + new console = Orgasm!

  • Delucaftw

    Looks like the guy with the assault rifle is using an IRNV scope…This might just be boxart ofc.

  • plasid93

    Finally, Jungle Map/s where we can finally play as a true silent sniper.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      But no beloved ghillie suits 🙁

      • Sebax55

        I will miss Wookies 🙁

  • Battlefield Engineer

    I would love for there to be new weapons.


    “New weapons” They said that last time so we’ll see!

    • Hol_Up

      The bow was a new weapon

      • hes saying weapons with an “s” that means more than 1.

        • Jason

          The word you are looking for is “Plural” 😉

          • there were 2 weapons. even though tje xbow is the same, but have two different dog tags.

  • YESSSSSS!! I cant wait..How ironic is it that there releasing this short film for End Game when the world is suppose to end LOL

    • Not ironic, appropriate 🙂

      • Well, atleast we can die happy knowing we got to watch another AMAZING video by Dice =)

        • iSpiRiiT

          Im being serious here.. i don’t want to die this friday :(….

  • I wish BF4 had a dynamic weather system such as having the weather be rainy then maybe next time be snowy!! =) That would be AWESOME

    • TB

      No one ever thought of that before. And yes I’m pretty sure we’ll see it in BF4 since an early demo of Frostbite 2 demonstrated a similar feature which is why it was baffling when BF3 omitted it. Maybe the new consoles and their additional power will stop hamstringing features like 360/PS3 did.

      • It would be AMAZING because you get a different feel for the maps depending on the weather and also I think camos would be much more useful

      • mwjk13

        There are games with dynamic weather :/ Heroes and Generals for example

  • Rave

    New tools??? They better add the AT4.

  • Where are my dang dinosaurs?

  • Mogwai Warrior

    Can anyone say Valpo or Laguna Pressa?

  • Glock Lover

    Maybe is just me, but I don’t get the good same feeling for BF3 after getting the level 100 colonel. I got level 100 by the Close Quarters dlc and since then I barely touch the game. IMHO Armored Kill for CONSOLES was a total failure, and now Aftermath doesn’t look so good because it’s been more than a year since BF3 release and now other games like Black Ops 2 looks better.

    • Hol_Up

      But Aftermath IS good.

      • Glock Lover

        I know, is not a bad dlc, it’s just that DICE should extend the ranks after level 100 to motivate players that got to that level, like a prestige or something.

        • dpg70

          Oh you can try another class than assault.

  • Jason


  • dpg70

    So we finally get to use jungle camos…cool

  • Albosscap

    Oppa Jungle-Style

    • Jason

      LOL 🙂

    • iSpiRiiT


  • JohnO

    i need new guns 0.0

  • Method

    First sentence of this article and this ” Senior Editor” writes back instead of pack. lol

    • Yeah, because even the most sound professionals never make a mistake. Nobody is flawless, chill out.

      • Chill out? He’s “lol-ing”. How about YOU chill out and just lol along with him at the irony. Shit happens.

        • Jason

          Chill Out? Method was obviously just trying to “nit-pick” the Editor instead of Helping out saying “You spelled Pack wrong, lol” so there is a difference between Offending and Helping… Shit Happens, like your Reply ;P

          • Lol how is pointing out a mistake offensive? Encountering Grammar Nazis comes with the territory, so I’m sure the author didn’t take it to heart.

  • Brian

    New guns and new weapon skins plz

  • how about JUNGLE SNOW MAP! you heard it here first

    • Michael Kelley

      Crysis ftw

  • ButteredBread

    So this is what they Mayans were talking about! The calender wasn’t about the End of the World, they were marking the date that the teaser for End Game will be released.

    • TB

      Chris Rock ladies and gentlemen

      • ButteredBread


  • Please Dice!

    Modding tools!

    This is the last DLC, so to keep the game going you could release modding tools, that would intice more players to play!

    Look at half life and counterstrike, garrys mod

    And even recently The Dayz mod has 1.4 individual players!

    There is a lot of money to be made!

  • Michael Maciejczuk

    Jungle maps?! Oh, yea, god I have missed jungles maps, just because I loved them in BFBC2, valparaiso, Laguna Presa (favorite map, by far IMO), and not to forget Vietnam map pack… Mmh Map packs, god how much I miss that part. But I am looking forward to seing the teaser for the upcoming expansion, and until then, I will be playing Athermath, and I might jump into BFBC2!

  • jungle maps would be a really refreshing mix-up for BF3. Plus I read “new weapons?” Sounds like they wanna go out with a real bang

  • Dr. Mice

    Wow! Hardly anyone is down-voting comments!

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  • “some tools and game modes that will animate the theater of war,” That sounds like Battle Recorder to me!

  • iSpiRiiT

    OMG ?????? NEW WEAPONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!… OMG im hyped for this dlc….

  • iSpiRiiT

    So guys. it says new weapons. and a ‘S’ is at the end of the word that means we will get more than one.. not just a crossbow. So tell me guys what kinda Weapons would you like to see??? tell me 😀

  • iSpiRiiT

    well looks like we are gonne get to see new weapons… so tell me guys what kinda new weapons would you like to see ?? 😀 tell me

    • JustinD

      Full auto m14

  • Norwegiantroll

    A jungle map like Valparaiso from Bad Company 2 would be fantastic! And some new awesome weapons like XM8, Uzi, AT4, Deagle etc. Great work DICE 🙂

  • Kuiriel


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  • Jared

    I would love to see all the large national parks like Yosemite or Yellow Stone turned into a map. Who knows maybe even have Old Faithful have a enormous eruption every so often.

  • Jared

    No that I think about it what if they figure out a way to make maps for games using satellite images that maps the earths topography.