Battlefield 3: End Game Dropship Spotted in Latest Test Video

A viewer of YouTuber TheEnd004500 spotted something interesting in a test video featured in the latest Battlefield Blog post about the some of the new maps and vehicles featured in Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC.

While the post itself may have been focused the new motor-bike, upon taking a closer look, you can also actually notice the new dropship far off in the background, said to act much like the AC130 gunship from Armored Kill, but will instead support infantry with additional troops and vehicles.

Check out the video below. Thanks, TheEnd and “TheGreatDestroyer34!”

Battlefield 3 End Game is due out this march for Premium members first.

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  • oh god please don’t be in rush

  • RRPN128

    the dropship is also in this screenshot, look at the sky next to the jumping motorbike, just above the tree

    • Triuthbringr

      So its an AC-130 that might drop a few vehicles in addition to mobile spawn point like it already is. Sounds like they didn’t really do any actual work just changed it.

      • lrishjake

        The biggest complaint about the AC-130 (which is an attack version, hence the A in the AC) was the guns, and how the owned poor ground pounders.. so they knew with the size of the maps they would need to have something to help you spawn into the action, given the motorcycles and other ways of getting across the map quickly, and they brought back the AC-130 but dropped the attack portion. The C-130 does troop and vehicle drops, so that what we have.. it also drops IFV besides parachuting troops.

  • tludt888

    Sort of gives of a lazy implementation vibe, same thing they did with the AC-130… they made a half-assed system that people think is overpowered but really is terrible and could’ve been so much better. Should’ve just made AC-130’s pilotable with a crew, akin to UH-1Y’s… rather than being Jet/Stinger/Helicopter/SPAAG/Tank/Javelin/EVERYTHING bait.

    • Hol_Up

      So the AC-130 wasn’t a tad bit overpowered in Rush?

      • hey

        NO, it was NOT overpowered. It’s a AC130 for christ sakes, those huge cannons are supposed to obliterate anything on the ground if you don’t have teamwork skills then you deserve to get your ass handed to you by the gunship.

        • NLGamer1995

          The AC-130 is overpowered. In rush you can spawn in the AC-130 and just spam the targets (M-COMs) and you will get a big amount of kills. It’s also very easy to control.

          • MasonMei

            But it doesn’t mean it’s “overpowered”. If shots from the 105MM cannon can’t even kill someone on the ground with 1 hit, the other bunch o’ people are gonna complain

        • ZDANZ

          It wasn’t overpowered but it was very unbalanced. There must be something wrong when the attacking team wins 95% of the time. After all the patches it is better now: 60% of the time the ATK team wins 40% the DEFs do.

          • hey

            it’s useless now, all thanks to the kids complaining on battlelog, it’s the exact same kids that complained about the FAMAS. The rate of fire on that gun was 1000 you’re going to get raped by it, the huge disadvantage was long range.

            • roland0811

              That’s what happens when DICE bases a weapon’s damage on it’s ROF instead of it’s caliber. And the AC-130 should’ve either been pilotable or just not put in at all. This “on-rails” vehicle crap is just another sign of lazy game design.

            • JustinD

              It shouldn’t have been put in at all. First off it is supposed to be op because like that guy said it is supposed to obliterate you. Secondly if they made it to where somebody flew it instead of the computer 99 times out of 100 it would not be flown correctly to use the guns

            • roland0811

              Whoa! If it was pilotable you mean the team with the most coordination and skill with it would do better than the other team !? You mean skill would determine the outcome of a match!? Skill should never determine the winner in a FPS! Not according to DICE.
              You’re basically saying the majority of BF3’s players are not capable of playing a vehicle based shooter….and with that I would agree.
              And I also agree it shouldn’t have been put in at all. DICE have lost the ability to properly implement anything more than a pistol or ATV into their games. Look at the mortar and it’s never-should’ve-been-used-point-and-click mini-map. It’s the most poorly implemented weapon I’ve ever seen in a FPS. *zips up flame suit* Bring it.

    • WarHero

      C-130 Pilotable? I wonder how many assholes would just crash it like I’ve seen plenty of times with the UH-1Y

      • I guarantee I would crash it. 100% Guaranteed.

    • JustinD

      An ac130 that someone controls is stupid. Nobody would fly it right. Ever hear of jet ramming? Yeah let’s give them one 5 times the size. I bet you’d see one nose dive into something at least 10 times a match

  • Ugh, that guy has a very punchable voice..

    • TheEnd004500

      Someone needs a hug.

      • Feelin Hurt.

        Visceral reactions. -_-

      • WoW .. you are here man !! my fav. dude in youtube

      • KennyKyle

        lol i didn’t even know you are here too!

      • YinYang27

        Glad to see you saw yourself here, I was gonna send you the link to this page 🙂

  • lrishjake

    Wait… people ACTUALLY thought it might be a different aircraft other than the C-130? That in and of itself is hilarious..

    • No, people thought DICE weren’t lazy and that they were creative, but that was a myth.

  • I’m curious, with the drop ship, will vehicles be nearly destroyed upon impact like most players are?

    • MasonMei

      And like most players, they can have chutes 😀 though it’s not commonly implemented on vehicles falling (literally) from aircrafts

  • The reason I stopped playing Armored Kill after a day was because Rush was so broken due to the enemies being able to parachute from the AC-130 and being at the objectives before you even got set up. :I

  • uwantSAMOA

    No Russian Antinov?