Battlefield 3: End Game Launches March 5, Get the M1911 S-Tac, New Assignments, New Dog Tags and Much More

DICE spills everything you need to know about Battlefield 3’s upcoming and final expansion, End Game.

Most importantly, when does it release? According to the Battlefield 3 Blog, users can expect to download End Game on the following days:

PS3 Premium members

March 5th

X360 and PC Premium members

March 12th

PS3 players

March 19th

X360 and PC players

March 26th

Along with four new maps, three new vehicles and two new game modes (Capture the Flag and Air Superiority), End Game will also pack in a brand new set of medals, ribbons, achievements/trophies, assignments and dog tags.

Most interestingly, DICE is finally giving us a crack at unlocking the elusive M1911 S-Tac pistol.


Check out all the details below and be sure to tell us what has you most excited in the comments!


1. Capture the Flag Medal

Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

2. Air Superiority Medal

Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times


1. Capture the Flag Ribbon

Play Capture the Flag once

2. Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Capture the Flag

3. Air Superiority Ribbon

Play Air Superiority once

4. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Air Superiority


1. It’s no Sidecar (Silver/30G)

Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle

2. Heavy Lifter (Bronze/20G)

Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping an IFV

3. Capture the Flag (Bronze/20G)

Capture 1 flag while playing Capture the Flag

4. Transport Pilot (Silver/30G)

Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle while playing Capture the Flag

5. AA’s Revenge (Bronze/20G)

Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps (20G)


1. Defender of the Earth

Destroy 5 air vehicles using the AA jeeps
Reward: Fly Swatter dog tag

2. Scar Spangled Banner

Return 5 flags in CTF
Capture 2 flags in CTF
Win 1 round of CTF
Reward: Standard Bearer dog tag

3: Fatal Drop

From an airdropped IFV, get the following kills
Enemy soldier
Enemy transport vehicle
Enemy IFV
Reward: Look up dog tag

4: Road Warrior

Requires the following Assignments to be completed:
Defender of the Earth and Scar Spangled Banner and Fatal Drop
Destroy 20 vehicles
Get a road kill with the dirt bike
Rewards: Road Warrior dog tag
Unlocks “All About Precision” Assignment

5: All About Precision

Requires the following Assignment to be completed:
Road Killing
Score 20 headshots with pistols
Rewards: S-TAC pistol and S-TAC Dog Tag


1. Pancakes

Earned if the player falls over 200 metres and dies from the impact
Displays the number of deaths on the dog tag

2. Motorcross

Do 50 jumps with the dirt bike
Get 10 kills while on the dirt bike
Displays number of kills from bike

3. Elite Flag Runner

Capture 50 flags in Capture the Flag game mode
Displays number of flag captures on it

4. Capture the Flag Medal Dog Tag

Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

5. Air Superiority Medal Dog Tag

Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times

6. Capture The Flag Winner Ribbon Dog Tag

Win Capture the Flag 10 times

7. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon Dog Tag

Win Air Superiority 10 times

8. Capture the Flag Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Capture the Flag 10 times

9. Air Superiority Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Air Superiority 10 times

10. M1911 S-TAC Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 1

11. M1911 S-TAC Master Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 5

12. True Primary Weapon Master

Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class

13. True Handgun Master

Get 100 kills with handguns
Shows handgun kills

14. True Combat Efficiency

Obtain the Combat Efficiency Medal
Shows highest kill streak

15. Bomb Squad

Obtain 50 Anti Explosive Ribbons
Shows Anti Explosive Ribbons

16. Squad Wiper

Obtain 50 Squad Wipe Ribbons
Shows # of squad wipes


1. SCAR-L Specialist

Get 100 Kills with the SCAR-L
Capture the flag 3 times in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
SCAR-L Desert Stripe Camo
SCAR-L Digital Woodland Camo

2. G53 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the G53
Destroy 20 vehicles as Engineer
Camos unlocked:
G53 Navy Blue Digital Camo
G53 Woodland Stripe Camo

3. M39 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the M39
Kill 10 enemy flag carriers in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
M39 EMR Tactical Camo
M39 EMR Woodland Oak Camo

4. QBB-95 Specialist

Get 100 kills with the QBB-95
Get 50 ammo resupplies as Support
Camos unlocked:
QBB-95 Airman Camo
QBB-95 Berkut Camo

5. MK3A1 Specialist

Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Assault
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Engineer
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Recon
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Support
Camos unlocked:
MK3A1 Airman Camo
MK3A1 Woodland Oak Camo

Thanks, BattleChatter and Alex Green.

  • What does the M1911 S-TAC look like?

  • i want the silenced magnum and 870 :C

    • You don even like bf3

      • i know but i still want it 😛

      • He sad

        We can let people dream cant we..

      • MasonMei

        I don’t like BF3 either, since some update FUCKED Noshahr TDM spawnpoints. Now I whether spawn behind a foe’s ass and get a free kill or in front of one and get killed. But man, getting new guns are always fun, even if you never get to use it.

        • Danz

          Then why do you play Nosehair on TDM? With so many different maps and different modes out there why keep playing in this piece of crap that they named a map? Seriously…

          • MasonMei

            I’m just complaining about TDM spawns and where did you find so much shit to say?

        • Esteban Blettry

          Nosehair Canals TDM isn’t BF3. If that’s all you play, might as well buy codfish: money wasted 9 times. Air maps FTW

          • MasonMei

            Air maps FTW no, they only fuck you.

            • Esteban Blettry

              I’m a jet pilot, so I can crush anything and anyone on an air map. Maps like Strike at Karkand are a lot of fun too, but maps like Metro and TDM maps are purely based on who has the most OP gun rather than on skill.

          • hey

            May as well go on BF3 since, metro, operation 925, ziba and scrapmetal are all infantry maps let’s not forget about grand bazaar and various other maps, this game is pretty much COD. BF4 will have more maps just like METRO.

        • blondbassist

          Buys BF3…

          …Plays Noshahr TDM

          • No shit

            Really? Must be a COD former fan.

          • MasonMei

            Nope, only recently. Since when an update canceled gunner flares i stopped playing CQL since all these nooby pilots will get you killed. Before then I get 10+ KDs in CQL, and that thing is slow and boring.

        • JustinD

          Yeah you failed there. Could you like a smaller map? And tdm no less. BF3 is my favorite shooter of all time. So far. And I have never ever once played tdm on it nor will I ever. You might as well play CoD. Play conquest and rush and enjoy

          • MasonMei

            Yeah I’m not an all-time TDM guy, i used to play CQ and Rush, but you know these modes require proper team cooperation. When play in clan matches I represent my team in CQ and Rush, but when playing with random guy…… You know what happens. US snipers who never rush in Rush, or some fucking stupid teammates crashing your own jets and choppers in CQL. I was fed up and since then took up TDM, and Noshahr TDM offers the most adrenaline filled action, that’s why I like it. You guys are being way too sensitive and fanboy-ish. MAN, i’m still a BF3 player and treated like a COD fanboy.

            • Slenderman

              Holy shit! Jeez everyone freaked out at you for Noshahr. I personally don’t find too much joy out of TDM in BF3 just because I think that it has the worst TDM spawn system in any game ever, but I can see what your talking about. When I picked up my first Battlefield and played it online I thought it was shit. Then I played it with friends and it is an entirely different game if you have good teammates.

        • Blaine

          if you bought BF3 only to play Noshahr TDM I think you’d enjoy a COD game much more…

          • MasonMei

            DID I SAY “ONLY TO PLAY NOSHAHR”? Or are noshahr TDM players receiving to much hate and discrimination from other guys? Oh fuck me, what a world we live in. Yesterday people are crying about what stupid Respawn to wipe COD, the best-selling FPS recently, off the map. Today they are now attacking someone who only wants some fast paced action in BF3.

        • “i dont like bf3 either, scince some update F**ked up noshahr canals tdm spawnpoints.” So you would stop liking Bf3 because of tdm noshahr? Dont blame these people for thinking you are a Former CoD player or that you only play Noshahr Canals because aperently you dont like bf3 because of an update that messed up the map with the cod players at noshahr canals.

          • MasonMei

            Not because of TDM Noshahr, but the attitude of DICE on the support. And I’m not a FORMER COD player, I’m a COD player right now, as well as i’m a BF player.

    • Scope me dice!

      I want the L96 20x scope!!

  • JustinD

    Looks like my right 1911 dog tag might finally have a replacement after a year

  • Jason

    Finally the S-TAC! lol i thought we would never get it!

  • Marth 12th perfect

    Yes I was worried about the March 5th date. But thats for PS3. Good it will give me time to beat Tomb Raider before it drops.

  • Patch or balance changes

    I wonder if we are gonna get another patch. Seems every DLC drops we do. Maybe they will announce tomorrow.

    • Bladeshiner

      On Battlelog it says there will be maintenance from 9-10 UTC on March 4. Maybe then.

  • Really ready for some CTF. Honestly, why wasn’t it a game mode from the beginning? And why can’t they give us it on many other maps too? Annoying. I still play though.

  • Kyle Jackson

    10 days, I can wait.

  • Gtfo

    STAC ? good, less people using my M1911 Supp.

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    Hey DICE, how about with BF4 you release the DLC on like..i don’t know, a Thursday maybe instead of a Tuesday. Just a selfish suggestion, can’t wait for End Game!

  • blondbassist

    Customisable pistols, Now that would be worth buying the DLC for!

  • I believe this is going to be the best DLC ever !!

  • acealchemist

    Meh… I’ll be to busy enjoying Arma 3 Alpha and it’s mods. Wait, did i said mods? and it’s barely Alpha? Fuck yes, this is what PC only titles deserve. I gave up on Battlefield. I been playing since BF1942 and this took a complete dive to shit.

    • Hope that is not what you look

      Noobs use mods.

  • Blaine

    S-Tac is cool, M1911 is the best pistol in the game, but I’d still much rather have the silenced .44 Magnum with the laser sight… =/

  • Blaine

    Also, 90% of the camos they put into this game are so lame… I know this isn’t COD and they want to have “authentic” gun camos, having some more interest or exciting-looking camos wouldn’t hurt anything.

    • Camos=useless

      Your gun camo still wont help when I shoot you in the face.

    • Shittyskins4us

      It also seems like they’re on the dumbest guns. Like the MK3a1… Really? That was the best they could think of? Why not the 870? Or any other gun?

  • lrishjake


  • lololol

    I want a silenced RPG or Tank.

    • Joe

      Omg sorry to destroy your hopes but you cant suppress an RPG :L

  • blaze

    and noone seems to wonder if the “Requires the following Assignment to be completed:Road Killing” is a typo or not cause there is no assignment premium or not thats called road killing

  • WTFdice

    I feel like when everyone bought premium it gave DICE the ability to slack off on the DLC. They’ve been okay, but really the DLC hasn’t been very great. I seriously question why they’ve stopped adding new weapons. There are plenty of weapons they could add, yet they don’t add any. Now they come out with a pointless pistol? I’d much rather have had a new pistol.

    • nightwing2097

      they did say 20 new weapons, which were in B2K, CQ, and AM, 10 in B2K, 10 in CQ and 2 in AM, and now a new one in End Game. thats actually 3 more than they said.

  • thebulky1cometh

    First, let me declare: i am a cod fan. Next, let me say I’ve been so fed up with all the lag bs on blops2 that I’m considering buying bf3. But i read someone’s comments below that there is already a model 1911 in the game? What’s the point of adding this gun? Can you not silence the other one? Is it the flashlight that’s important? Are there a lot of night maps in bf3? I’m not trolling- serious questions. Also, most ppl say there’s a huge learning curve for ppl switching from cod to bf- true? Thoughts?

    • nightwing2097

      theres a learning curve no doubt but i wouldn’t say huge, you’ve got to learn to lead targets and compensate for gravity, something thats not in cod, also the guns have considerably more recoil, so you’re bursting more than auto firing. also theres a M1911 and a silenced M1911 the flashlight blinds enemies and i *think* it was a Dev only weapon like the silenced Magnum.

  • CaseyFTW

    “Earned if the player falls over 200 metres and dies from the impact”
    could there be any doubt?

  • the y jsut put in TDM and DM for noobs who cant play team