Battlefield 3: End Game Maps Inspired by Four Seasons, More on Dropship and AA Vehicles

There’s quite a bit to look forward to this march with Battlefield 3’s final expansion, End Game.

Just recently, we learned the Air Superiority game mode would be joining the re-introduction of Capture the Flag (originally seen in Battlefield 1942) which would star the fast and furious motor-bike as a brand new vehicular addition to Battlefield 3’s already vast lineup of war machines.

What we still don’t know very much about are the four new maps themselves or some of the other vehicles that will also become a part of Battlefield 3’s gameplay this March like the lightweight AA vehicle or the new dropship.

According to a recent post on the Battlefield 3 blog, you’ll be able to “jump into the seat of two new AA vehicles or use the new dropship to call in reinforcements or parachute in behind enemy lines.”

You’ll be able to defend yourself from both aerial and ground attacks with the new roof mounted AA turret and rocket launcher attached to this troop transport vehicle. Considering it’s original purpose of “transportation,” it most likely won’t be that heavily armored, however. Like the AC130 Gunship introduced in Armored Kill, the dropship will be awarded to the team that captures and holds the central flag in Conquest. It will let you drop in an additional Fighting Infantry Vehicle by parachute or allow soldiers to paradrop from its location.

Interestingly, the four new maps in End Game will be based on the four seasons within a year, according to the blog. “By making each map distinctly unique, End Game serves as a beautiful reminder of the broad range of vistas we can deliver with the Frostbite 2 engine, and how the environment influences gameplay in subtle ways,” writes DICE. “From the beautiful fall-themed Operation Riverside, with its many rivers and electrical sub-stations, to snowy Sabalan Pipeline, End Game brings all of your favorite settings into one tight package.”

Operation Riverside is most likely the map that was featured in End Game’s premier trailer.

So far, End Game seems to be a fitting close to Battlefield 3’s post-launch DLC support. Each of the four new maps will bring flavors of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, while classic game modes from both Battlefield: 1942 and 1943 return in style.

Looking forward to it?

Thanks, DelucaFTW, for the tip.


    Im ready for a full on jungle map. We have had everything else and a ton of maps with sand. Personally my vagina is full of it.

    • WTF?

      LOL… still I’d love jungle maps 😀

    • DeLucaFTW

      Well, so far we’ve only seen 2 maps. One of them look summer’ish, while the other lne looks like it’s set in the autumn. We know there’s going to be 1 snow map. Thismoeans there’s still 1 map left. Should be set in spring time. It COULD be a jungle map.

      • to me we have either seen summer( maybe spring ) in the first trailer released awhile back, and this looks to be Fall ? Just my two cents.. also what map is the prem. trailer .. looks to be Fall ish as well ?

    • lrishjake

      unfortunately that would require new “set pieces” of ferns and trees that they would have to completely render from scratch. Which kind of goes against the whole idea of add-on (basically) and would make them work more..

      So no jungle maps. But look for more of the same, just slightly different.

  • Alkanida

    If anyone wants to watch the premium video it’s here:

    Air Superiority Gameplay!

    • lrishjake

      That honestly does not look as fun as I had imagined.. never played it in the earlier BF game.. So I guess Ill have to wait and see. I love flying so maybe Ill love it, but it does look like it would get boring fast.. I dunno, dont judge me 🙂

      • VEX_VEHIX

        I’m judging you! lol

        Just please don’t jet ram me, bro. hahahaha

      • zakrocz

        Tbh Air Superiority mode is just jets flying around in circles endlessly until someone gets taken out :))

    • Jason

      Thanks man! Looks like Those Windmills will make for some tricky Dog Fights!

  • JustinD

    I don’t think we need a beautiful reminder on what frostbite 2 can do. I think we need awesomely good maps that people want to play. I still have a little faith but a full on jungle would have been cool

  • lrishjake

    The 1st map shown in the teaser was Riverside, the map shown in the recent CTF trailer is the desert map though, not the snow map..

    So thats:

    Fall – Riverside
    Summer – Desert Map shown in recent CTF trailer
    Winter – Sabalan Pipeline
    Spring – ???

    • DeLucaFTW

      Yep. Spring MIGHT be a jungle map. Or some kind of forest, maybe.

      • JustinD

        Fingers crossed

  • like a boss… keep up the good content, cant wait to throw this into map rotation.

  • QwietStorm

    Weapons? Don’t play us, DICE.

    • random

      I highly doubt we’re getting new weapons. i assume they’re waiting for battlefield 4

  • Nick Loner

    I really like their decision of going with season-themed maps. Every single one of the Aftermath maps felt very dusty and very VERY brown.

  • of course I’m looking forward to it .. END GAME seems the best DLC in BF3 with these maps and vehicles

  • kyuubi_clone

    and people wonder why Battlefield is a success? this is how DLC should be made! well done again DICE

    • I don’t think anybody actually wonders why Battlefield is successful.

  • tludt888

    Great, more AA… it’s not like we don’t have AA on -everything- already. Idiots.

    • DoucheJackson

      COD kids need EZMODE point&click2win didn’t ya know

      • tludt888

        Hah! It isn’t about “EZMODE”, it’s about making flying enjoyable. Dodging AA 24/7, because nearly every vehicle and person has some sort of AA capability inevitably short-changes the amount of CAS that can be delivered to players on the ground. It hurts teamwork having -so- much AA, plus it COD-ifies AA into a sub-category, rather than an actual role (like in BF2 and previous titles).

        I do quite well in flying planes and helicopters, but I don’t enjoy a lot of my time doing it… because I spend half of the time popping flares and hiding behind mountains. I’d much rather spend that time off-target repairing or re-arming, but I’m just hovering behind a mountain to avoid the proverbial porcupine of AA. Tanks need not have an AA capability outside of the turret, SOFLAMs don’t need to be on tanks, SOFLAMs need not be able to lock on aircraft for Javelins, and Stingers need not ignore “Below Radar”. Perhaps if DICE took the time to integrate more IFV’s and SPAAG vehicles into more maps, they’d have not had to include the ludicrous amount of AA in BF3.

        • you dead

          Really though if the below radar even worked i will still take you out with my tank

    • Turd Ferguson

      any decent chopper pilot should be able to shred the new AA vehicle before they get locked.

  • zakrocz

    Great trailer! Makes the new CTF mode look insane, now I’m seriously looking forward to End Game

  • No new weapons???????? Kinda disappointed on that “soldier upgrade”.