Battlefield 3: End Game Premium Video Shows Off All Four Maps In All Four Seasons

As DICE preps for the launch of Battlefield 3’s final piece of downloadable content, this shiny brand new Premium End Game trailer shows off the four seasonal locations you’ll be racing around in with the new dirt-bike and dogfighting in with full teams of jet fighters. DICE will be highlighting each style of combat with the introduction of two brand new game modes, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority.

Check out Kiasar Railroad, Operation Riverside,ย Nebandan Flats and Sabalan Pipeline in all their Frostbite 2 glory.

Expect Battlefield 3: End Game to launch first for PlayStation 3 Premium members this March.

What do you think of the four new maps so far? Any favorites?

  • I hope that they will use dynamic weather and seasons on every map in BF4. That would be interesting.

    • lrishjake

      They may be doing that.. if you have ever seen the bug on AK night map where it changes to daylight, you can get an idea of how easy it would be for DICE to have at least day/night cycles if not seasons as well.

      • scott

        i’ve never seen that bug! do you have any video/pics of that? i’d like to see

      • masada157

        That wasn’t a bug. Someone modded it to get rid of the blue tint.

        • lrishjake

          No, dude.. Im talking about a bug here. No video or pics, it happens over the course of less than a second. It will flash when you spawn in or when you die on rare occasions showing literally a day map. Its really weird to see it..

          • That makes since. The map looks so unlike nighttime. If it actually looked like a realistic night time setting instead of just a shitload of blue i wonder if it would look as good during that flash.

    • How about real snow drifts and sand dunes that you can displace? Talk about particle effects…that would be outstanding. Highly unlikely, but still…we can dream. 25 years ago, I dreamed of games like First Person Shooters and we have them today. Far better than I imagined.

    • Noobslayer

      Too bad this “video” is just a glorified slideshow of whats already been shown. Premium offerings really have gotten piss poor. Next time around in BF4 I’ll just buy the DLC’s individually since half of them are crap in BF3.

      • hey

        That was probably the colour tweaker.

    • Seems like you’d have to play a game with a lot of tickets for the time of day to change. I suppose if the game starts just before sunrise or sunset it would work fairly well. I wouldn’t mind seeing this in BF4 either.

      • No, the time would be the same as the server, e.g. America have night and here in Europe we have day. the weather should be randomly though.

        • Siiick

        • Ahhh gotcha… the problem is I’d never see the maps in the day. I’m at work. I only play at night. I wouldn’t be a fan of doing it like that at all.

    • Capture the flag

      I have to say I am more excited for this DLC then any of the other ones before it. i really am wanting to play capture the flag even though its going to be a camp fest and mine fest at the flags.

    • dpg70

      Night to day matches would be epic!

  • Bennie_Hair

    Hurry up and release!!! I’ll be playing this until the PS4 drops, hopefully BF4 will be a launch title! How awesome would that be!!!!

    • LittleP

      It will be a launch title, in March 2014.

    • BF4 will be done before “holiday season” starts in November. I expect it to release for PC, 360 and PS3 a month before the PS4 launches so it should be there waiting on the release of the PS4 and “NeXbox Durango 720”.

      A launch title is probably a fairly safe bet.

      • Retro

        BF4 will release at the earliest March 2014.

        • Jason

          You are sure aren’t you? The Beta Was supposed to be around July-August 2013 So If Next Gen Xbox and Of course PS4 (is a givin) come out Holiday 2013 then I expect BF4 to release around the same time, After all they don’t come out with Beta’s then make you wait a year later lol, usually 1-2 months at the MOST. But the clear answer here is: We don’t know until DICE and/or EA announces it, which will be very soon!

        • Not a hope. EA said it was coming out in the fiscal year of 2014, which starts in Q4 2013.

        • I’ll take that bet all day. They’re not going to release that late. That frostbite 2 engine is jumping out its skin to be put to use fully for the consoles. BF3 pretty much was the beta. I will be out holiday season this year for sure.

  • hey

    WHOA, Kiarsar Railroad looks fantastic!!!!!

  • Riverside and Pipeline look excellent. You know, I keep looking at all my other games and think i might as well sell them. Sure, I want to play them, but BF3 is there, in the tray, ready to go, and who am I to say “no, not today.” I look at buying new games and think, what’s the point? They’re just gonna end up collecting dust like the last 3-4 games i bought after BF3.

  • lrishjake

    Its going to be so good.. cant wait for tuesday.

  • lrishjake

    Taking a closer look, the maps all look large yet centralized.. unlike AM maps which were fairly spread out. That could be a great design, since it offers tons of flanking and air maneuverability..

  • Blaine

    Honestly I don’t think this lives up to Aftermath or B2K…. but idk everyone likes different kinds of maps and that’s the beauty of BF3 – it offers everything and can be fun for anyone

    • trrue

    • I would agree except Pipeline looks like Firestorm with Snow. That map alone may make the map pack rank up there with those two.

      • armored shield looks a lot like Caspian border but are very different!! So don’t judge there map design when you haven’t even played it

        • Thomas

          Speaking of passing judgement before you’ve experienced it, how’s the future XBL and the new Xbox looking? Still passing judgement before you’ve experienced them? Sorry, had to point out your hypocrisy ๐Ÿ™‚

          • lol your a dumb ass!! That is a whole other subject and your just a Microsoft fanboy and I’m just unsatisfied with Microsoft and the stuff I pointed out is what many people will tell you but fanboys like yourself are to dang blind

            • Thomas

              You kids throw around the word “fanboy” too often. I’ve never praised or faulted either console. I’m a “fanboy” of common sense. Think about it. You’re bitching at him for talking bad about something based on past experience, even though he hasn’t played it yet. You bitch about about the new, yet to be announced Xbox based on your past experience and you obviously haven’t played it yet. How is that not the same thing? I knew I’ve made a good argument once you started trying to insult me, so please continue with it.

            • no.. Dice has yet to release a DLC that feels like a ripoff of another “copy and paste” like a lot of people feel like this one will be and I a faith in DICE to deliver unlike Microsoft. Defend Microsoft all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that there a casual gamer target-er and only care about making there machine a entertainment machine rather then a gaming machine which is the reason I buy a console.

            • Thomas

              So what your saying is your opinion is the only one that is correct? Gotcha.

            • lol no, There a difference!! Dice has made amazing DLC for all sorts of players and I doubt this DLC will be a disappointment and a copy and paste like people are saying. I know Microsoft and they only care about sells and they know targeting casual gamers and the entertainment will boost there sells without in effort. Stop stalking me now lol

            • Thomas

              If by stalking you mean “reading articles I find interest in and reading most of the comments” then sorry, can’t do that. I’ll just have to remember that you’re always right and DICE/Sony walk on water and just keep moving along the comments.

            • I never said Sony and Dice were saints but I feel like I got my moneys worth with the Playstation 3 and Battlefield 3

        • Very True, but you see some of the same elevation provided by the plant. Of course, how linear it is and where everything is set up will have a lot to do with how it plays. So, yes, fair point. Of course, I said “may” make it rank…because, you know, I haven’t played it yet.

  • hey

    Lazy fucks are giving us snowy operation firestorm

    • Truthbringer

      Does have a strong resemblance, doesn’t it. And theres another one (with the group of windmills) that also just looks like they took Firestorm and removed the buildings. These maps dont appear to be from scratch, just mods to existing ones.

      • DICE doesnt care anymore. Their current target audience will “eat” pretty much everything they throw at them and say: AMAZING WORK DICE!

        • Maybe for one map

          Before you start downing DICE. Let it be known that they are masters at map design. You wanna down a map design down metro which is clearly a COD inspired map. Thats the only map that is bad in my opinion. There is no tactics in that map. Capture B have a medic train and enjoy. Wow really fun.

          • Retro

            For conquest yes, but I actually like Metro for rush.

            • Maybe for one map

              True. Rush is not bad at all. I should have put Conquest.

          • so… “large”, copy-pasted, full of emptyness, centralized maps are the way to go! why do you guys have such low standards?
            DICE WERE masters at map design… WERE!
            Look at the B2K maps, now that’s what i call a good map design. Maybe you should check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Maybe Play the Objective sir

              You must play as recon a lot. I have no trouble finding action in the big maps. Maybe before you start saying bad map design look at your crap play style. PTFO and you wont have no trouble finding action. Besides its not DICES fault that consoles can only do 24 players.

            • Wrong, wrong and… wrong again! You are the weakest link, goodbye.
              Good sir! You should learn some basic skills of text interpretation… And review that cheap psychology course of yours ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Jason

          Because they do, Try playing one of their Games and you will see.

          • they do… what? care? LOL
            sonny boy, i’ve been playing BF series since BF1942. They cared for their community back then. Nowadays… they just want your money and care for nothing else

    • I find it ridiculous that most every structure model in the DLC has been copied and pasted from the vanilla maps. Seriously, how hard is it to come up with fresh models? I may be misremembering but I swear even as recent as the Bad Company series the maps all had somewhat unique models.

  • CaseyFTW

    Looks good, finally gonna use my joystick again… wait that didn’t sound right.

  • “Big”, empty, copy-paste maps… nothing new to see here! Move on!

    • See ya

      Then move on to COD nobody will miss you trust me.

      • naaaaaa… stoped playing COD after COD2.
        As for BF… you’re probably right. Too many DICE ass lickers these days. I already had my share of playtime in the BF series since BF1942. Time to dump this bitch ๐Ÿ˜€

        • This would suit you more

          There is always Barbie fantastic adventure. Maybe go play that.

    • Thomas

      “How dare you say anything detrimental towards Battlefield or DICE!” he said with heavy sarcasm.

      • ?

        Hi Thomas the train. I do not sense sarcasm. I sense retardation.

        • Thomas

          You must be a comedic genius. You referenced Thomas the Train (never heard that one before) AND called me retarded, all in one fell swoop. Bravo, sir.

  • Jason

    Did anyone else notice the Pause camera pan and Zoom out of all the Maps? It looks like something they have not done before? Maybe a Theater Mode built in on the Frostbite 2? I can only Dream…

    • there is a theater mode but DICE said it is a very bad one and they have no plans on releasing it to the public but we can always hope!!

      • Jason

        Dude, I sure hope so since this game has so many Crazy moments that NEED to be captured! lol

        • Roger Larsson

          PS4 Share will help a lot…

    • lrishjake

      My guess is they are perfecting it for either BF:BC3 or BF4 which are their next releases in that order.. so hopefully we will see it soon!

  • Norwegiantroll

    Looks awesome, can’t wait.

  • lrishjake

    Here is a link to the BattleBlog post on all the new assignments and etc..

  • Where’s the dinosaurs???

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  • zach

    sabalan pipeline looks like a re-skinned operation firestorm.