Battlefield 3: End Game Will Have You Doing Wheelies – Premium Video Now Available

Yesterday, DICE dropped some fresh new info regarding Battlefield 3’s upcoming and final expansion pack, appropriately titled “End Game.”

While it reconfirmed a few details we already know, like the introduction of motor-bikes, we also learned that Capture the Flag would be the brand new featured game mode while new vehicles like the “dropship” would be introduced as well as other “lightweight AA vehicles.” You can read up on a few of these details right here.

If you happen to be a Battlefield 3 Premium member, you can check out a bit of End Game in action via the recently released Premium-exclusive End Game teaser video. You can view it right here, if you haven’t yet.

Not yet a Premium member? Now might be a great time to consider it seeing that Origin is holding a 20% off sale on all Premium memberships. That means you get it a $39.99 USD if you buy now. Check it out here.

In other news, Reddit user Mashed8 noticed something interesting while watching the latest End Game teaser. In the screen below, you’ll notice the soldiers on the right pulling a wheelie, a maneuver that was later confirmed by a Battlelog Developer on the same Reddit thread:

It’s quite fun, though uncontrollable (obviously, since the front wheel isn’t on the ground).

BF3 End Game

Nice wheelie, bro.


Reddit user DelucaFTW also noticed a symbol on one of the flag’s that looked awfully similar to the AC130 Gunship symbol from the Armored Kill DLC. This could very well have to do with the aforementioned “dropship” that will be introduced in End Game. Chances are, it might deploy just like the AC130 did in Armored Kill once that base is captured. Reddit user bf3r snapped a quick screenshot of it for us below:

Battlefield 3

Dropship at base “C”?

The introduction of two-man motor-bikes will certainly add some unexpected gameplay elements to Battlefield 3 this March. Other than using these speedy machines to capture flags in CTF, what other uses can you think of?

Thanks, DelucaFTW, for the tip!

  • dieger

    Please put in a survival mode or Dino mode it’s all I want.

    • Lufamos

      not going to happen in this game

    • Georges

      I’m not sure one of the most realistic game/the most realistic game,
      Will go in science and lose there title ^_^,
      But for the survival mode it would be great in BF4 but on BF3 with all the lags
      that will come,I’m not sure you will like your survival ^_^

  • Guest

    Sweet! As for Dino mode

  • inFamous2-VIC

    Sweet! As for Dino mode, I already know it’s not coming. So stop asking for it! I hope this has more shock value then aftermath.

  • Aw, come on David….I sent you the tip. Whatever; looks really cool.

    • No, you’re absolutely right. I honestly forgot and ill add as soon as I’m back on the laptop 🙂 Thanks!

      • DeLucaftw

        No worries man, just wanted to point it out 🙂

  • Nemesis_96

    40 dollars? What a deal!…..

    • dieger

      Or you could just buy bf3 premium edition….

      • Nemesis_96

        A bit late for that.

  • KennyKyle

    it doesnt look like jungles….

    • DeLucaFTW

      The jungles were just rumors.

  • Mac

    If you notice in the chase screen, there is a plane icon on C. Wondering if that is the AC130 or the new drop ship?

  • Jason

    Wow! Cool Video, I want to point out something as well! It’s not concrete but at the end of every DLC video I have noticed they Show every point of interest in words around the title of the DLC, BUT on this one, it just says “END GAME” with no words around it to point out Key Features it will have! That being said… I am willing to bet that they have more up their Sleeves and/or have not completely decided on everything, giving a hint at adding more closer to release! What do yall think? 🙂

    • Hol_Up

      I’m pretty sure they hae things under wraps. The DLC is a long ways off from now so I wouldn’t be surprised if they reveal something big

    • TB

      Hi I talk in exclamation marks! Look at me whoo hoo! Hey everybody im over here!

      • Jason

        Just got to into it, my BAD! ;P

        • Gay


    • it is most likely because this was just a teaser trailer and they don’t want to reveal to much yet

    • Ebone

      Or they didn’t want to get burned again by removing features that were shown there. e.g. AK’s taking perks back to normal, and AM’s saying there were new weapons.

      • roland0811

        My thoughts exactly.

  • Man, I was really hoping for some Jungle maps… the particular map in the teaser video doesn’t look very interesting at all.

    • tanile

      I agree completely. I am getting so sick of grassy fields. Jungles would have been something different.

    • Yup. That map in the trailer reminds me of Noshair Canals after the first two bases. :[

      • DeLucaFTW

        It looks a lot like Harvest Day and Laguna Presa from BC2 IMO.

        • QwietStorm

          I thought Laguna Presa as well. And its almost sad how many people are complaining of no jungle maps after this one video.

  • Hol_Up

    This map looks like Forza Horizon, I LIKE IT! Add a racing mode DICE! REMEMBER RALLYSPORT CHALLENGE?

  • Nick Loner

    >>> Other than using these speedy machines to capture flags in CTF, what other uses can you think of?

    – Crashing into everything there is on the map while doing a wheelie and pissing off my teammates. Or getting pissed off by a teammate who does wheelies and crashes.

  • JohnO

    Its just nothing a quad bike can do so there really isnt much added by it. Thats just what i think. I would prefer new guns.

    • or new modes CTF is good but since its the last DLC i expected more that just bikes…….

      • DeLucaFTW

        Wait and see. DICE still’ve got something up their sleeves 😉

    • Theres 85 guns now with only 20 or so being used. Lets add shit that won’t be used.

    • DeLucaFTW

      I believe this thing will be ALOT faster.

  • tanile

    Considering this is the last Battlefield 3 dlc to come out before BF4, you would think dice would want to go out with a huge bang (that way people will be even more pumped for BF4). Instead, they decided to add dirt bikes, CTF, and at least one map that looks just like armored shield. I was really looking forward to this dlc, but I must say, this is a huge let down so far. Maybe they still have something up their sleeves but i am worried.

    • The map looks like one of the maps from BF BC 2. I cant recall the name of it tho

      • Jason

        Oh Yes, It reminds me of Harvest Day or Isla Inocentes form BC2!

  • DeLucaFTW

    The Dev just deleted his comment. Looks like he said too much.

  • TB

    No Dinos = fail

  • lrishjake

    I hope this is fun.. because right now its looking like the same old BF3 with CTF and 2 wheel motorcycles. Add in the C-130, taking out the A means its no longer an attack version so hence the “dropship” terms being used, a couple of AA which we honestly already have.. Yeah, it sounds like nothing really new. Especially since the map looked like some of what we already have. I really hope there is more to this DLC, otherwise I see it playing out a lot like AK.. fun for 2 weeks, then not as much.

  • Even though they haven’t show everything yet (conquest/rush)… but i gotta say this map looks very pretty, colors are beautiful, hopefully it’s not too big.

  • WarHero

    C4 + Dirtbikes,my troll will be complete..

  • Georges

    I hope the Transport will be for each of the 2 teams
    For the AC-130 its not over powered,but in rush its the ultimate vehicule and only one team got it, which is pretty unfair :/

  • genarea95