[Updated] Battlefield 3 February Premium Content Drop: Three Exclusive Golden Dog Tags

Battlefield 3 Premium members can already look forward to next month’s Premium content drop.

As stated on the Battlelog, three new exclusive golden dog tags will become available some time next month, February, for all Premium members on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. As of yet, no images of these dog tags have been included; however, we will update this piece once revealed.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.10.04 AM

Thanks, lolleflikker, for the tip!


Thanks to Pouchka-13 for sending in these images of the upcoming Premium-exclusive dog tags.




  • Finally got this on PC! yay 30GB download…

    • Jordan Matt

      I did that too, only to find out that mine didn’t work. My matchmaking isn’t working ATM, so it’s a bummer

      • Aaron


      • Matchmaking? on PC

        … You search on the server browsers.

        • Jordan Matt

          Doesn’t work man, via server browser, quick match. Nothing.

          • You need a fairly good internet connection, check what speed you have.

            • Jordan Matt

              15.93 down, 16.74 up. Thanks anyways, I got all figured out!

  • Fingerupahawaiianasshole

    Ooooooo dog tags that almost everyone will have….who cares? This is not exclusive. Everyone will have them. So what’s the point? Ya thought so.

    • dpg70

      Huh? Only premium gets in game content.

  • ypyp

    You’ve got to be kidding me..we want content! Not uselessness! Damn, I mean im still in love with the game but you guys are being extremely ridiculous with the premium service. Golden tags?? Why not new soldier camos(trade a shitty choice for a less shitty choice) what purpose wll it serve having golden tags. Black dogtags were to show Premium,What in the hell is gold suppose to depict because we all know the tags are guna look stupid, bar none. Lackluster I tell you

    • Hol_Up

      The dog tags are acquired by doing tasks in-game. I’m sure the dogtags will have some ridiculous requirement, and I’m sure not everyone will be running around with them. Only the dedicated and the elite will.

    • they want you to feel like a golden member for them

    • dpg70

      So don’t buy premium next time. The power of choice is lost on so many BF players. Everyone would rather bitch about a decision they made of their own free will.

  • It’s this dogtag 🙂 French Battlefield actuality on twitter @Pouchka13


  • plasid93

    Wished this was a golden camo for a weapon of your choice…oh well, guess I’ll have the middle tag for a while before going back to my SCAR-H tag.

  • mrneoshredder

    Battlefield: We finally have gold stuff!!!

    COD: That’s nice.


      Battlefield: Cool story.

      • Jamic

        Red Faction: Amateurs, I did that in 99

  • That was quite fast David … thanks

  • DeLucaFTW

    It’s weird that they have detailed the bcd but not the premium video which is supposed to come out in a few days.

  • do you ever actually pay attention to any of the dog tags you collect?

  • lolwut

    You people are complaining about in-game bonus content when what we got before was an artbook and some wallpapers…? I would say this is a vast improvement.

    • Michael Kelley

      It is indeed a vast improvement. Still, they could have done so much more with Premium if they had included Premium-only expansion packs with the bonus drops. Yes, it would be greedy of them to do that and leave some players out in the cold, but it would legitimize hyping up the bonus content and making more people want to buy Premium.

      • they already have your money fool

  • JK Monroe

    Dog Tags…… Man I’m glad I got Premium for free! 😉

    DICE, why so stingy with weapon releases?

    • I’m sorry but BF3 has plenty of weapons!! I haven’t even used have of the weapon yet in BF3

  • Hell YEA..It is about time they give a “Bonus Content”

  • I want the Rambo dog tag , can you run on my c4 with 4 of your friend in a jeep please 😉

    • Just saying

      Play Russian in metro and when u have control of all positions, use the M320 in the small tunnel in the middle of the US deployment and enjoy the 5 multi-kill

    • Well, I have not even tried to get it and have 3 out of 5, I think.. comes naturally after a while, especially if you use engineer and support on the regular. Trust me, you’ll get the cheevo eventually, even if you aren’t trying. peace.

  • 2nd feel me like king of death .. these dog tads are awesome 🙂

  • Jamic

    I feel like an ass for saying this and apologizes but…

    … First you stick with pretty lame outside-of-the-game content and now we get something which could have been just included in soldier upgrade or even DLC.

    Okay, they are something but why did you change your mind ? I think they even said somewhere bonus content is NOT going to be in-game content.

  • The Army Ranger

    The dog tags look nice and all, but I just wish there would be more news from DICE or EA pertaining to End Game.

  • derp

    Mmmm… Lotsa BF3 tags kinda suck, but those are lookin’ kinda sweet.. Gonna have to get that sh**

  • Drabent

    Now add dlc that adds more players so this game won’t be boring and I can play more, 32 vs. 32 will work.

  • wow I’m so excited wait no I’m not I stopped playing this bug fest of a game a month ago lol how about communication from EA and Dice on there forums now that may just get me all razzed up …all you guys that post stuff like this for battlefield 3 ever go to there forums if you did you would have a real story to post on just how many people are fed up with EA try it sometime then you would have something good to post

  • Guest

    wow unreal you deleted my post ? what was wrong with it other then voicing my opinion on a game just how much is EA paying you to post this then ?