Battlefield 3 Goes Double XP This Weekend For Premium Members Only

To celebrate the release of Battlefield 3: Aftermath, DICE will be hitting that double XP switch for all Battlefield 3 Premium members across all platforms for the duration of this weekend.

DICE writes on their Facebook page:

Stay warm and cozy on the Battlefield while you hit the all-new Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion.

All Battlefield 3 Premium members will get double XP across all ranked maps and modes!

Go Premium now.

The event will last from Saturday, December 8 at 6am PST until Monday, December 10 at 6am PST.

Keep your sights on MP1st for our full Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC review shortly!

  • Mac

    Sweet, the weekend before finals…

    • Mitch

      yep having the same problem lol

    • uwantSAMOA

      All my finals are on Monday… which just so happens to be my birthday… 🙁

  • Yes!
    stopped playing in months, but AM is good so far, although the assignments are ridiculous.

    IT should reward you with attachments for using the crossbow, not making you get 5 noob-tube kills!

  • battle gay sucka

    Does anyone still play this game? Trololololololo

    • Jason

      Stupid Question = Stupid Answer: Fuck No, Nobody plays a Top 10 most played game on consoles (don’t know about PC)!

      • jason. no

        Hahahahahahahaha its not even top 10 Hahahaha fuckin fail fag

        • And the “who masturbates more” contest begins…

        • Jason

          Uhhhh? Yes it is! Maybe you should check it for this week and not refer to last week lol

    • nickmaster1150

      yes, a couple of 20000 do

  • Daddio

    Why not start on Sat? Some of us lifers have to work on Monday…:(

    • wtfray

      Huh? It does start on saturday

    • Quit your job

  • 2.3 million plus premium users … WOW

  • ayrtonsenna94

    Do it for Friday you turd gobblers.

  • Hol_Up

    We need some more Squad Rush servers for AM!!

  • uwantSAMOA

    You can tell who is probably on Battlelog because they’ve got a Gravitar hehe

  • truthbringr

    Double XP lul like it matters at this point, the core player base is long gone now its just kiddies with weekends free and braindeads that got it on the $10 Origin sale and run around shooting rocks instead of PTFO.

    So long BF nice knowin ya

  • to bad bf3 stopped working

  • What’s with these weak soldier upgrades, Camos for guns u don’t really use frequently. How about a camo 93R pistol or a 44 magnum in camo. Or any pistol for that matter.

  • What the fuck is wrong with Battlelog???