Battlefield 3 Hardcore Servers Back Up and Running

Those frustrated with the lack of hardcore servers in the console versions of Battlefield 3 need not worry any longer.

DICE has recently announced that “hardcore servers for console should be recovered and functioning properly.” They also ask to “please let [them] know if you’re still having problems!”

For those unaware, hardcore servers on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3 unexplainably disappeared about four days ago. Though no reason was given as to why this happened, it looks as though the servers are now back up and running. We tested this ourselves on the Xbox 360 version and they are indeed there.

  • they were down? on ps3? i never noticed! but could you buff the MP7 please dice it takes a whole clip (literally!) a pistol is better then it but its my fav gun though 😀

    • Anonymous

      LMAO, it’s practically the Famas for all kits and I can kill people in 10 bullets. Get extended mags for it and it’s even better. It doesn’t need a buff, and it doesn’t literally take a whole clip to kill a guy you just need to learn to aim.

      • i love using pdw i hate using everything else now 😀 dont know why i got extended mags on mp7 yesterday its good but without it it sucks!! D:

  • I was screwing around last night on a hardcore server (xbox) and I play hardcore on PC normally…are hardcore rules the same across all platforms? Might just be because I hardly ever play on my 360 but it seemed like it took more bullets to kill someone on 360 hardcore servers? 

  • great…even tough I never played hardcore

  • Ack_MindsEye

    DICE just keeps slitting their own throats.
    This game has been an embarrassment since Day1.
    Add this to the myriad of issues they’ve been having.

    • Bob

      how about you go fix it, or just build your own game

      • Henrikso

        your stupid bob…. you go buy your most beloved cake, and get a dogshit. They say if u dont like, make your own cake. But you allready paied for what you thougt was a choclate cake. gj bob, gj. now get of the internet, you are to dumb for it. we are better without you. what a freak

  • MnM Killa 117

    I am trying to play on the hardcore servers right now on the xbox360 and all of them are full and have a queue of 2 to 4 players waiting, so I really don’t the hardcore servers are back up and running.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t just a hardcore server problem for me on the PS3, there was no Official EA or DICE servers for the core game modes either except for them unofficial servers that I can never connect to!

    I’m glad this is fixed though. 🙂

  • aga

    Today I turned on my console and what I saw was  lack of servers. There is no hardcore servers on a list. There are others but I cannot connect them. Is it problem with servers or my console?

  • Jamesdurham23

    I have been experiencing problem find hardcore servers this weekend.  Earlier today I was only able to find one server and I had to continuously refresh till I got the game I wanted.  I also would like to see the B2K maps make it into the rotation for regular servers.

  • Jamesdurham23

    problems finding, not sure how that happened.

  • Irish

    So all the hardcore servers are back except hardcore squad rush… are they going to fix that or just discontinue hardcore squad rush…?  That is really the only thing I like playing on this game… Battlefield 2 was so much better