Battlefield 3 – Incoming Fixes and Patch Confirmed

Two days after it’s launch, It looks like fixes for Battlefield 3 are already in the works. The game did suffer from a few launch issues, but those seem to have been fixed.

According to Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designer at DICE, a future patch is already being worked on. When asked when we will be seeing a bug fix, Thylander responded yesterday, “it’s the day after release here, so I do not for the life of me have a schedule, but the fix has gone in to the patch-code.” There are a few fixes that we can speculate will make it into the incoming patch.

DICE has reported that they are “aware of the issues that are affecting users’ ability to activate BF3 and to redeem game codes. [They’ll] update once fixed.”

Regarding some problems PC players have been experiencing with the mouse, it seems DICE has “found the issue thanks to your guys’ threads. Sneaky bug.” Apparently, “it’s a code thing, not a setting. When [the mouse] hit the cap for movement it interpolated time of movement instead of distance.”

Many fans on the PC and PS3 have reported issues of look sensitivity. On PC, it probably has much to do with the problem noted above. However, Ian Tornay has stated that “we’ve heard similar concerns regarding the sensitivity and control for PC and PS3. We’ve forwarded all of these concerns along to the DICE team who is looking at this issue.”

These are most likely just a few of the things that will be making it into the first patch for Battlefield 3. Again, no expected date has been given. Remember to report any problems you notice to DICE in order for them to make the proper improvements. Meanwhile, check out Dr. Pepper’s Giveaway. It seems they are giving out in-game content as prizes for purchasing their product. If you’re interested in earning some exclusive new dog tags, then grab your self some Dr. Peppers.

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  • Anonymous

    How about fixing the multiple crashes everyone deals with when playing this game for more than 1 minute? EA needs to fix all these problems fast.

    • Gftufcgfyuf

      Ive never had any disconnects or crashes while playing mp. must be your connect.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t have any issues running the game at all. But there’s a lot of people on the forums and other places that are having the issues that my friend have. This game crashes a lot. Dont believe me? Check out the forum and this vid.

        Same thing happens to my friend and other players who’ve spent money on this game.

      • ‘Ive never had any disconnects or crashes while playing mp. must be your connect.’

        I cant stand dick head remarks like that. You do realise the whole world doesnt revolve around your experience? Idiot.

        • Jamieleeswindells

          i’ve never had any crashes either internet hard man , why not look at your connection ?

      • Arno Gideonse

        There you go, 70+ pages for of people having the problem. 

      • apf

        I have the same problem. And no, it is not my connection. I play BF3 on both online and offline and the game crashes 1-3minutes in. I cant make it past the very beginning car of the train, because my PS3 freezes too soon. I generally make it 2 or three minutes on multiplayer before my PS3 crashes. I have a wonderful internet, as i never have a problem with any other online game. The problem is with BF3 itself.

  • Never had no disconnections and I have 30 ping 17 up and 4 down connection

  • Anonymous

    A lot of Battlelog and server issues popped up today. It got launched in most of Europe now and it is really laggy right now in a lot of servers. This was NOT the case yesterday. Battlelog also doesn’t work as it should in Google Chrome… Firefox runs it like a dream.

    But if you look past these (small) issues and are willing to give them some time to fix it, an amazing game is hiding underneath. I managed to unlock quite a lot of stuff for the jets today…. HAWX doesn’t get me the same thrill as BF3 while flying.

  • Kristab123

    What is the point of getting into a party if it divides you up in the game anyways? And my party (one in so cal, one in Nevada, and one in the room next to me have had the “cannot connect” message off and on all day today. What a mess!

  • For Conquest, they need to patch the flag icon’s. When in the capture radius they are really distracting.

    • DaynTetrick

      100% agree. They are right in the middle of your screen.

      • BentBilly

        And you cannot ‘select’ them as an order when they are like that…or is that just me?

  • Badanus13

    I play recon, but in beta played engineer for 1st time an loved… As im usual pretty bad with machine guns but i was doing fairy well 10+ kills per round, an now i have retail version the aiming controls feel strange very twitchy.. An im struggling to get 1 kill, dont get me wrong this no rant but theres defintly a diff aim feel from beta… I just hope the take it back to that.

  • Cc

    Let’s all buy Dr.Pepper because that def paid off back with BC2! Hardy har har 🙂

  • Munchies

    Are they going to fix the ridiculous lense flare and bright lights

  • PLEASE give me a numerical input for sensitivity as well as the slider. Can’t imagine any serious tournament gameplay happening without this.

  • BetaMyAss

    How about a fix for users having multi monitor setups where the icons do not show or are displayed on the far left monitor.

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  • Slevin69

    And the problem of spawning with out weapons in multilayer?

  • Engrained Traveller

    And why even release a raw game, why not finish it and then release to the public ?

    • that would make a lot of sense, even if they had to push the date back to get it right i wouldnt mind

  • SSGrupprenfuhrer

    Mic problems within squad.  Breaks up. Cant work together as a team. Also finding spots on the Bazar map during conquest you get stuck in and can’t move. Screen shakes, cant jump, if someone doesn’t kill you, you have to suicide to move.  Have you tried suicide?  Its not fun!

  • Fhgf


  • Wilson69

    ive spend 1000 bucks on a gaming PC i just hope they fix it but in DICE we trust 😀 not trust in EA though

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  • fix the issues that are happening when friends are trying to join game they either get placed on wrong squad or team pretty disappointing. I want to play and hear my friends in the game not going against them….please fix 

  • Erik Olsen

    I’ve had the game since the 26th and have played exactly zero time on MP.  BF3 messed up my account with EA and until that is fixed, who knows when, I cannot access anything but their lackluster single player portion.  I’m taking it back Monday for a refund.  I figure I can get MW3 the following week, and whatever problems it has, at least I’ll be able to play SOMETHING!

  • Riflemenx

    on ps3 cant progress after being hit on the head in semper fidelis, just get the lost blue square flicker in corner.

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  • Blubreezy

    I dont know what’s going on with my game but every time i enter a loading screen my system freezes so i cant get any gameplay in at all so hopefully there is an upcoming patch for this because i just bought this game and i dont want this to be the end of dice also i know im not the only one with this problem

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