Battlefield 3 – Incoming Server Maintenance on Xbox 360 and PS3, DICE Comments on “Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]” Issue

Tomorrow, the 15th of february, DICE will be performing maintenance on the Xbox 360 and PS3 servers.

Community Manager, Daniel Matros, recently posted on the Battlelog, “this will cause a downtime between 9am UTC and 10am UTC. This is to improve server stability and overall connectivity. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience but we’re confident this is needed and will be awesome for you and those involved. Keep fragging!”

DICE has also commented on the current issues many PC players are facing ever since the latest PC update. “We aware of the issues caused by “Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]” and are working on it. More announcements during the day.”

For those interested, FuZion74 has posted a temporary fix for Punk Buster related problems on the Battlelog forums. Click here to read.

  • how about adding more infantry only servers?

    • Ryan

      how about HC infantry?  or just decent hardcore modes

  • I’ve been getting some really shoddy hit detection these past couple of weeks, good to know that it was server-side, and even better that they are going to fix it.

    • guest 69

      I’ve experienced that too, thanks for commenting.

  • “Keep fragging!” poor poor POOR choice of words especially when we have the USAS with frags problem!

    • Teamkiled

      Agreed – yesterday i could not frag anything at all – thanks to DICE and a patch that seemed to be so minor and yet so destructive…

  • Anonymous

    USAS Fragging all day long!

  • ipwnstar4hire

    I think EA needs to send all of DICE’s programmers back to school or something.  Do they know what they’re doing?

    • Anonymous

      Well, if you know what needs to be done, why don’t you give EA a call for a job?

      • ipwnstar4hire

        Maybe you could be the janitor.  OOOOOOOOOH!

      • Teamkiled

        So is your BF3 working, casavult? If so, shut up and play it for the rest of us.

    • Teamkiled

      Seems like they totally skipped the testing…

  • nate

    so far my save on 360 has been corrupted 5 times LOL… probably becuase ive had the same unbroken xbox for 4 years… 

  • Guest

    …Well i guess this is a start? Haha now keep these updates coming!

  • Gpatitucci

    anyone know f this involves the lagging isse for 360?

  • guest

    the AU ps3 server is still fucked