Battlefield 3 “Matches” Feature Now Live

Behold, the Battlefield 3 ‘matches’ feature is finally here!

Wonder no longer what this feature that’s been clouded in mystery since the launch of Battlefield 3 is all about. As of this writing, the matches feature is now live across the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

In case you missed our initial report due to taking advantage of the recent double XP event or the weather outside, our recent article about this newly implemented feature has got you covered on everything you need to know to get you up to speed.

With that said, I hope to see you guys on the battlefield fooling around with the new ‘matches’ feature!

  • Super Six Eight

    I organize friendly scrims from my team, so I’m really looking forward to this thing to save me some work!! Right now it’s limited to just 2 maps per challenge and I can’t seem to get my primary platoon listed as host (it selects another one in my list).

  • Legion

    Its completely useless withour Spectator mode / Battlerecorder. What were they thinking? same with new camos, its just blurry woodland camo… i completely lost faith in dice and i wont buy next battlefields. now you can dislike my post

    • Jason

      2 words= WHINY BITCH!




      • Legion

        Another? what???

        • Its hardly useless, yes spectator mode would help and yes Battlerecorder would too but its a step in the right direction.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Yes, another!

          You’re going to sit there and say BF3 doesnt have great features? Of course we WANT many more…but dam, give them some fucking credit…or better yet, sell your game and never return to ANYTHING, BF.

          Maybe COD is more to your liking….

    • dooder

      so what do you want, pink camo? there are only so many kinds of camo and that’s what you choose to complain about?

  • The guy who posted that this is pointless without ‘spectate’ is absolutely correct. Just wait until you have created a match and you are convinced someone on the other team is cheating! Those calling him names need to grow up and play these games for a few more years!

    • He could have simply said Spectate would have made it better, which is correct, it would have. All of this is just steps in the right direction. But in his comment he is just sounding like a whiny bitch.

  • Write, edit, revise, and THEN publish…

    • Sorry about that, the piece has been revised again. Cheers!


    it wont work for me someone please help