Battlefield 3 – Online Retailer Reveals Potential Release Dates for Close Quarters and Armored Kill

With the month of June quickly closing in, many Battlefield 3 fans are getting anxious to find out more about DICE’s upcoming DLC plans. As many already know, DICE has confirmed Close Quarters to drop this June while Armored Kill was announced for fall 2012. Though End Game is officially slated for a Winter 2012 release, recent rumors put it at a 2013 release with a 5th expansion pack called Aftermath to drop before it. Read more on the current rumors of Battlefield Premium and Aftermath here.

Recently, we discovered South African retailer BT Games, which has had a history of legitimate leaks, listing some dates that we could possibly expect Close Quarters and Armored Kill to be released.

This retailer puts the PC version of Close Quarters at a June 11th release date while Armored Kill is slated to release on September 23rd. End Game is listed as “Awaiting ETA.”

Update: These dates do land on a Monday and a Sunday respectively, so perhaps these could be taken as an approximation. Of course, PS3 users can expect both expansion packs a week earlier than PC and Xbox 360.

You may remember our earlier report confirming Close Quarters to be listed at 14.99 USD which can most likely be said about the following expansions as well.

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  • Wout Dekoster

    Well, sounds good!
    I’m more for the big open maps like we had on bf2, but will definitely give this one a try. According to what has already been leaked I think DICE will deliver a good counterweight to the B2K dlc from last year. With this expansion everybody has some maps for his/her taste.

  • God

    these dates are bullshit. does anybody by any chance own a calander?
    because CQC would be coming out on a Monday.
    While Armored kill would come out on a sunday

  • As for the Armored kill DLC, i would prefer maps where it would only be Tank vs. Tank or Aircraft vs. Aircraft..

    just because i cant fly.. :((

    • same 100+ and only 1 jet kill 🙁

      • Wout Dekoster

        Try practicing in shooting helis down with tank shells, it’s really a lot of fun.. :p

        • thats easy jets on the other hand 🙁 all i need is lock on missiles

          • Also, i hate how stingers are easily defeated by ECM and IR Flares.

            thats why no one really bothers shooting em down anymore.. 🙁

            • MasonMei

              Man heres the plan: get a M1 or a T90. Spot choppers but avoid being spotted ( if so take evasive maneuvers!) and wait until the chopper is close enough. Aim at the expected route of the chopper and a little higher. Boom fire your tank cannonballs! And then press F to switch to Canister and another BOOM. Wow shits flying in the sky. Just practice more sometimes it requires luck but most of the times skills.

            • Shooting down planes with a tank round is sooooooooooooooo satisfying..

              now all i need is to practice my aiming.. 😀

            • also im on PS3 so.. XD

            • Wout Dekoster

              Well, I think before it was just too easy in certain conditions. Now you have to play tactical to take down a chopper. I can believe that will be frustrating sometimes though… :p I play a lot with choppers myself and personally I don’t think they shoot me less often out of the air, the biggest threat are still the tank shells… 🙂

        • lets say i prefer shooting tanks than aircraft since they move slower..

          also, i blame controllers..



  • Max Payne 3 is listed as Jun 1 on PC? Consoles already have it, and the pc release is on the 29th. It might be an old list.

  • If it’s the 11th for PC that would mean it will be released on the 4th for PS3…

    • the akt

      Thats in the dau premium comes out too.

    • MasonMei

      It’s weird since it’s released for PS3 before E3 2012.

  • QwietStorm

    I’m still on the fence about this close quarters crap. I really don’t want to deal with the shotgun spam any more than I already have to. Don’t know what to do.

    • RigbyPA

      Stop crying so hard about nothing. That is what you should do.

      Thank you very much.

      • QwietStorm

        Who did you say you are? Should I care? No? Cool. Run along then.

    • Engineer

      I’m with you there. I’ll probably end up getting it anyway for the extra weapons and assignments. I have all of the weapons unlocked, so I really need something to work towards.

      • QwietStorm

        Yea I been thinking that way too. I wish I could just buy the assignment for cheap, but at least some of them are probably tied to the new maps. I wonder if this BF3 premium will have good value.

      • you sheep XD

      • honestly guys I find that using the Laser or tact. light really helps with ass holes with shotguns

        • Billy Ho

          Until you run into a shotgun guy with a laser light or tactical light.

    • toto

      Shotgun spam? What shotgun spam?

    • MasonMei

      lol dude despite the fact that it’s called Close Quarters sometimes players aren’t that close for shotguns to do their max damage. As for me I’ll still use my AEK or M16 and probably AUG as well.
      and some servers will say “No Shotgun/C4” for sure (since one can put C4 all over flag area after capturing), and I hope that DICE will do some fix like in CQ maps one can carry only 2 C4s one spawn and no refill?
      As for consoles,

  • Lulu

    Personally I don’t mine the close quarter map’s cause all the expansion packs after that are wide scale map’s so well get what we need Infantry warfare or vehicle warfare we all win..

    • remember though instead of “metro 24/7 400% tickets” its gonna be “ziba 24/7 or DONYA 24/7 MAX tickets” its gonna suck :/ its not DICE,s fault though the BF community is terrible now 🙁

      • DICEY

        Its their fault for not keeping enough official servers.

        • MasonMei


          • Billy Ho

            I have to laugh at the people playing on PC. They are so screwed with all the cheaters on PC. Got a better visual and more people to play with… but at what cost? Loss of the ability to play the game without some aimbot guy taking everyone out with one keyboard button press. SAD.

            • MasonMei

              Well in my 150 hr gaming experience I’ve only met real cheaters once, or twice (although some noobs keep screaming that xxx is cheater in this server). WHY DO YOU EMPHASIZE MINORITY EVENTS LIKE THEY’RE MAJORITY? PC players have better visual and more people every round they play, but less than 1% of the rounds have cheaters inside. What makes me sad isn’t the cheaters, but YOU. SAD.

            • MasonMei

              Well in my 150 hr gaming experience I’ve only met real cheaters once, or twice (although some noobs keep screaming that xxx is cheater in this server). WHY DO YOU EMPHASIZE MINORITY EVENTS LIKE THEY’RE MAJORITY? PC players have better visual and more people every round they play, but less than 1% of the rounds have cheaters inside. What makes me sad isn’t the cheaters, but YOU. SAD.

            • MasonMei

              lol console guys voting my posts down?

            • MasonMei

              lol console guys voting my posts down?

          • MasonMei

            lol by saying PC i actually mean “wtf what bout PC” not asking if he was saying about official servers on PC lol

  • Engineer

    Author, you used “and” twice in the following sentence: “Read more on the current rumors of Battlefield Premium and and Aftermath here.”

    • OMFGGGGG whooo caresss jesus and you put a , after Author but it doesnt need to be there soo I wouldn’t be talking about grammar my friend.

      • Billy Ho

        It doesn’t need to be there but it isn’t wrong in having been put there. He is simply assisting in making the article read properly. A good thing, not a bad thing.

      • Engineer

        I was just helping him out, calm down. Some people…

    • No problem. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

      • Engineer

        Happy I could help. 🙂

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  • Engineer

    I’m still not sold on the Aftermath pack. It sounds like it would come after End Game, not before, like the retailer listed.

    Also, I wish DICE was more vocal about release dates. I suppose that community blackout thing only worked for like a day. They seemingly have went back to being rather tight with their information. I’ll give them a break since E3 is coming up, but it would be nice if they announced the release date for Close Quarters a bit sooner.

    • ik and i want to know how much the prem will be because i have 40 on the cords and ifi need more i want to know because if not i will be getting high and drunk

  • Ketchupzz

    God i love this site! keep up the good work

  • I hope those who already have B2K get a Discount on BF Premium, I don’t want to have to pay for something that was supposed to be a free pre-order, heck Some people might have bought B2K seperately and definately wouldn’t want to have to pay for B2K twice.

  • MasonMei

    Only half a month to release and still 2 maps not announced!!!! Whether is this date inaccurate or are we going to experience a strike of new maps!

  • blabla

    don’t give two shits.

    won’t buy anything from dice every again… they fucked it up when they fucked up BF3

    It’s not so much that the game is shit but their support is non-existent
    They let hackers run free and deal with them like it is their last priority
    They patch the game and fuck shit up more than before the patch.

    What does that tell you about this company?

    Really.. think about it before you respond.

    I’m dam certain that the dice team had changed drastically between BC2 and BF3 cuz BC2 NEVER had this many issue for this long a time after it was released.

    It’s like they don’t care and are off to make then next game.

    Someone said it correct that dice should do game graphics and game graphics ONLY cuz they suck shit at building the engine and maintaining it.

    • Jonchr2

      Btw there are still some glitches and the weapons arent balanced so good in bc2! So bf3 is much more done now, than bc2 will ever be. Bf3 is a far superior game. And dice has a guy looking for hackers all the time. And they answer us all the time when we Ask something

    • Thegreengentleman

      I think you’re delusional. Look at Dice compared to the “other” company. They released a 1.5 GB patch which fixed most of the problems that people complained about.
      Most games release 50 mb patches that fix things THEY think need to be fixed.
      So YOU think about it. Dice is a great developer. With CQ they are trying to give their players variety. What’s the harm in that?

  • B_Boss

    MP1st is the best, period. Why do other FPS sites even exist lol? Keep up the incredible work guys.

    • asgaro

      It’s indeed a good site.
      My only wish: remove the CoD games coverage.

      • B_Boss


      • Wout Dekoster

        I wonder why there can’t be one article without flame comments…
        What’s the use in such comments? Just stick with the games you like. Why would you even bother about those games if you don’t like them, it spares you the energy for typing a comment and we don’t have to moderate for another flame war if other people react.

        If you don’t like the CoD games, okay that’s fine. I don’t like them either, but I have respect for the people who do like them because it are gamers just like you.

        • asgaro

          You have a point there…

        • be happy that we dont have the YouTube drama on here… sigh.. its ALOT worse.. >.>

        • enobe

          Wait… You’re trying to tell me you actually consider MW3 a game? I thought it was a playground…

          • WasabeJuice

            MP1st page loop 11
            not really sure but when I pressed Post the page hang and looped.

            • Niosus

              Don’t worry about the loop thing, we’re aware of it. It is an issue with the new Disqus. We are trying to find a way to fix that.

          • WasabeJuice

            you can really tell where the douche bags are, if there is a BF3 article, COD fanboys won’t say a thing, if it is COD, BF3 diehards will trash it.

  • Roc

    Haha BT Games once again! Im from South Africa and get all my games from BT Games 🙂 They often get into trouble for their leaks of information

  • MasonMei

    Something weird is that if CQ DLC is to be released on June 11, PS3 players will get it on June 4. But E3 is to be held on June 6 and the date PS3 players get CQ is beyond that, let alone the fact that there’re still 2 maps unannounced. And IMO DICE’s not gonna announce 2 maps in one week huh? Or they’re just not announcing them at all?

  • Shaz

    lol CQ lands on my bday! haha

  • Bob Marley

    if EA’s E3 confrence is on jun 4th and thats a week before jun 11, maybe theyre releasing it on PS3 that day because of E3 ? just a random guess

  • Good to know more info about BF3 content from MP1st! 😀 thank you

  • MasonMei

    My expectations for the Armored Kill DLC are as follow: Snow maps (although haven’t seen a bit snow in BF3. but Frosebite 2 generated snow looks nice in NFS Run), heavy raining maps (man that’s f♂cking cool) and total night maps (that requires a IRNV
    to see. not like tehran). 2 men jets like shown in the mission. Total air and sea maps that players spawn on small islands and take jets or choppers or boats or AMTRACs to fight. What’re you guys’ ideas?

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  • USF

    They’ll probably show new CQ footage at E3 then troll everyone saying “Available for download starting NOW” .. meh


    It’s too bad BF3 is unplayable on PC due to rampant cheating.

  • blabla

    It would be nice to see what the sales (or lack of) end up for this shitty little map.

    Of course dice will sell shit of this map but will go on a tell us some bullshit like it’s the best selling map of all time in the game.

    They are really good at feeding the players bullshit or telling the media something which is a total lie compared to what a good number of players who post in the battlelog forum say.

  • titanking91

    Plzzzz join the newly made ps3 mp1st platoon:

    its the unofficial one

  • titanking91

    Plzzzz join the newly made ps3 mp1st platoon:

    its the unofficial one

  • Patrick Agito

    i am pretty sure it is june 3 4 or 5 because the trailer said that it is 1 week advanced