Battlefield 3 Patch Details – Mortars “Fixed”, M-COM Ribbons Tweaked and More

Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 will be seeing a patch on February 6th, tomorrow, which will address the VoIP problems. But what else will the upcoming patches include for other platforms? On top of the recent announcement of the USAS-12 shotgun fix, other patch details have begun to surface.

Mortars in have always been a controversial feature in Battlefield 3. Fans have been pleading that players should be unable set up mortars while in their own spawn where they could quite easily be unreachable. DICE has recently stated that it “will be fixed in next patch.”

Also awaiting some much needed tweaking are the M-COM ribbons, or more specifically, the M-COM Defender ribbon. Currently, achieving this ribbon can be an extremely difficult task given the unlikelihood of earning defender points in the Rush game mode. Luckily, Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander, recently stated that “m-com defender and m-com attacker are easier to get in the next patch.”

Though the PS3 will be receiving an update tomorrow, DICE has not yet officially announced a date for the other platforms. There may still be a chance that other platforms will see a patch tomorrow as well, but DICE has been known to announce a date ahead of time in the past.

Lastly, It has come to our attention that some players on the Battlelog are reporting to have downloaded a 7GB patch for Battlefield 3 recently. DICE has officially commented on the matter: “We have not received official word of a patch so be cautious.”

Are you happy with what will be included in the upcoming patches so far? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned as we find out more!

  • i gotta say BF3 is a mediocre shooter there just is barely anything that separates it from COD it has barely any destruction no teamwork all it has is suppression (if you ever played PROJECT reality mod for bf2 its not very special)  and vehicles (which are ruined with regen ) BC2 was awesome cause it had uber amount of destruction whole buildings! conquest was fun and it was just overall better in my opinion sadly there are only like 100+ people still playing it 🙁

    • Jonah Knulst

       “there just is barely anything that separates it from COD”
      I stopped reading right there.

      •  then you should have kept reading 😛

        • Anonymous

          Why? You offered no actual constructive criticism other than saying that BF2 was “better and “had more destruction”, which is completely subjective. The only differences you cite are that BF3 has “suppression” and “vehicles” and that’s about it.

          There are zero teamwork incentives built into COD. The primary gameplay mechanic of COD is killstreaks, which make the primary goal of COD simple: shoot the other guy. BF3 offers incentives to dozens of different playstyles and objectives, and this facet of the game is why it’s a completely different and unique entry into the FPS market.

          That being said, COD and BF3 offer two very different types of FPS. What you play is a matter of preference, not one or the other being inherently “better” than the other. Personally, I feel BF3 offers me everything I could want in a shooter (and more) and the quality of players on that game (read: less likely to be your particularly smug smack-talking teenager) is why I stick around. But that’s just my opinion.

    • ukasskickr

      you have obviously no clue about gaming  and have never actually play bf3, u sir are an idiot if u think bf3 is anything like cod,it seem to me the only people that dont like bf3 are the same people that really dont know how to play it,fail comment!!!

      • im talking about its core it has almost nothing that seperates it from COD it like just a deathmatch game almost conqeust sucks no teamplay = COD

        • Moragami

          You played BF3 on console?!?  A real Battlefield veteren would play it on PC.  You are a loser.

          •  PC fried 2 years ago 🙁 havnt gotten around to buying a new one guess im lazy

      •  also ” have never actually play bf3″ my 75+ hours playing begs to differ my 120+ on BC2 also begs too differ my … know i lost count how many hours i played in BF2 😛

        • You won’t get teamplay in any shooter if you don’t go in with people.  Make some friends and then bitch again when they suck at the game.  The only time you are going to not bitch is when people no-life a game with you… and I bet you will find something to bitch about then…

          My .02 Cents

          •  WTF saidf i didnt have friends? is it my fault that when i jion a match with my squad half of em go to the enemy,s team?

    • KlownSnypr

           ukasskickr & Jonah Knulst
      Clearly you are BF fanboys and there is nothing wrong with that but you lack the objectivity to see how similar, compared with previous Battlefield titles, BF3 is to COD. I myself HATE COD and hate it for what it has done to the gaming community as a whole but the sad fact is that when one particular franchise is doing very well other companies try to mimic certain or all characteristics to pull in some sales for their game.

      You may be to young to remember but we have seen this with Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, and Halo being the last prior to COD. It’s a marketing thing and companies would rather take the safe route and make money then try to do something innovative that could potential yield more profit and create another milestone for gaming.

      Personally I would rather they “balance” the game for hardcore and make the guns as realistic as possible but that would also create a steeper learning curve the most COD players don’t seem to like thus the various nerfing threads that have appeared on the BL.

      • Jonah Knulst

        KlownSnypr, you are the one who’s blind here. My statement doesn’t imply that I don’t agree with BF3 being more like COD instead of BF. In fact, I agree with BF3 being more like COD, but I disagree with there barely being anything that’s differentiating them.

        •  there really isnt much that differs BF3 from COD  everything has regen, unbalanced guns,  hardcore mode that sucks! im not saying BF is like COD hell no it aint  im just saying BF3 is WAY more like COD then the previous entry’s! *sigh* i miss 2005 BF2 🙁 teamplay 🙁 i dont hate BF3 im just disappointed  they watered it down and catered to a bigger audience then its main audience  🙁

          • Dramel

            If you miss it so much, play bf2 then, its not like there’s someone forcing you to play bf3.

          • War Machine 539

            Your a bellend. You have an opinion on every post and they are not even good ones. Kindly, shut the fuck up.

            Yours sincerely,

            A Battlefield and Call of Duty fan.

        •  sorry my poor choice of words shouldnt have used barely 😀

      • andy b

        BF3 is nothing like CoD. NOTHING. Gimme a break people…

        •  BF3 is MORE LIKE COD its not cod though its LIKE out of all the BF entry,s 3 is the weakest and piss poorest ive ever seen!

          • andy b

            No, really, it’s not “more” like CoD. It’s nothing like CoD. 

    • Anonymous

      It plays nothing at all like COD. If you dont like the game, just say so and leave it at that. And no teamwork is an arguable point with any online game in history.

    • nah man u need the right time i kniw alot who still play it i dont know them but some utubers i watch playit and there is lots

  • Did they confirm MAV elevator/roadkilling?

    • They confirmed the “MAV exploit” to be patched. I think they are referring to the elevator exploit. I remember reading somewhere that they thought the road-killing was fine :S

      • Cyborg6971

        There is nothing more annoying than MAV kills. It just takes you out of the game.

    • Dalonyc

      The Mav elevator glitch is fine w/ me… How else r u supposed to get to the rooftops of buildings that u wud b qble 2 go up if u were really there…. U cud blow off locks or doors with your weapons so what is the big deal about ppl on rooftops?

      • PHATL2028

        cause hiding in areas that are pretty much out of play is CHICKEN SHIT, cmon thats the worst form of camping. get some skills and do some run n gun or anything else but hiding on roof tops that are normally out of bounds is total garbage. im fine with mav road kills , its uber easy to get away from and even better when retards chase it and try to shoot it down = super easy kills.

  • Clreagh

    yeah the guy is a fucking idiot

  • Harigoat

    Fix the “Battlefield 3 has stopped working” crash so I can actually play the game

  • 4TehLulz

    Damn! Haven’t even unlocked that damn mortar yet.  >:- {

  • Peacenik7

    That’s a good tweak for the mortar. I don’t personally have a problem with the MAV exploit on the tactical level because it opens up interesting possibilities. On the other hand it is jarring in the sense that it’s not remotely possible in real life. And even though I hate having The Bug buzzing around, that it can road kill is consistent with the UAV in the last Battlefield game.

    I’ll be kind of sorry to see the USAS-frag issue cleaned up, though. It’s fun to watch players running around basically with a big neon sign over them that says, “Hey everyone, look at me! I’m a player with no skillz.”

    • Phatl2028

      i’m sure you have tons of time to watch others run since your a camper, whats your choice FAMAS , SCAR, or A-91 all truly OP weapons, or do you prefer LAY N SPRAY with lmg and bipod?

  • Anonymous

    Battlefield & COD are as different as night and day to me.  ps. How do you nerf the “mortar”?

    • Anonymous

      Hell yeah VOIP!

    • PHATL2028

      whats your battlelog

  • jaeger13

    Fans have been pleading that players should be unable set up mortars while in their own spawn where they could quite easily be unreachable.” if they really do this then they should also make the mav undeployable on spawn. one compromise on mav roadkills.

  • Repley812

    nope. No private servers. This game has let me down plus the over powered famas…

  • Lee Rayson

    Other platforms will get the patch a week later seems that any content for this game PS3 Will get a week before just like the last patch, this due to the week exclusive rights

  • Mike

    Hey fucktards.

    Don’t start having discussions about BF if you don’t know shit about Battlefield 2. It makes me cringe seeing you ignorant idiots talk about how much BF3 is better than CoD when you don’t even understand or appreciate how much the Battlefield has gone to shit.

    Fucking casuals.

    • andy b

      I played BF2. So I guess I’m qualified to tell you that you’re wrong. 

    • Brianwias

      i have played every single battlefield thru and thru except heros. I do agree that the old PC battlefields were better in and out but i really enjoy bf3 on ps3 and pc. I hate COD but i did plaCOD 4 alot and mw2 a good amount and black ops a fair share the money games were a blast but MW3 is nonsense and i feel nothing in bf3 aside from allv the medals adn unlocks to be cod style except metro :). Pleas dont act like because u played them all you speak for us cuz to beat me in bf tinme is hard. now bf is super dumb with the 4 player party system in a game based on major teamwork. bFix the forced 4 man parties and comm options and this is a great game.

      2142 was and is my fav FPS

    •  this my friends THIS is what i support!

    • Anonymous


      Simply. If you don’t know how a battlefield game should be like, or used to be like, don’t talk about how it should be now, or in the future. Your are not qualified. Don’t talk about how this game beats MW3, it doesn’t matter. It’s a fucking bullshit comparision. And the fact that this game is compareable to MW3 at all, is fucked up.

      This is the SEQUEL of BATTLEFIELD 2. It’s not a standalone game, it’s an sequel. Which means it should follow the tracks of BATTLEFIELD 2. Not MODERN WARFARE 3, or BAD COMPANY 2.

      This game is not like a BF game at all. And if that was the plan, DON’T call it Battlefield 3. Should’ve called it Genericfield 3 instead, or Bad Company 3. Anything else than Battlefield 3. Because this is what BF turned into…

      An G e n e r ic FPS without depth. 

      • andy b

        Many of us played the ever living hell out of BF2 and just think people like yourself are spewing nonsense. I know it’s hard to accept, but it could just be that people have different opinions than you and are just as qualified to have them.

        I played BF2 when it was released and for years after. BF3 *is* a legit BF game. Just get over it. You’re romanticizing BF2.

        And this game IS NOT comparable to MW3 just because you say it is. You can’t propose a point of contention to a discussion, and then state that the very presence of the point that you introduced proves something. Logical fallacy of the highest degree…

    • Handhelds>Smartphones

      Fuck you mike, fuck you.

    • Anonymous

      This. +1


      i played bf2 and its boring as fuck. play a 30 min round and only see like one person in the whole match.

    • Djhui219

      Hardcore loser pshhhh get some daylight 40 year old virgin

    • Mike Limpus

      Try to keep an open mind man, could you imagine if DICE didn’t make any changes at all?

      I agree, BF2 is REALLY good, but sometimes you need to progress, otherwise you will get thrown out of the competition.

    • Asass

      You’re a cock

    • Currypowpow89

      i dont think you have any right speaking either Mike, since you only want to take it back as far as BF2, what about BF 1942, or the road to roam expansion, or even BF vietnam? huh?

  • thisisme

    wow, OP: your post has nothing to do with the article. You obviously have an issue with simple social behaviour and feel the need to complain and post meaningless comments just to provoke flame replies…

  • Ron Mello

    “Luckily, Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander, recently stated that “m-com defender and m-com attacker are easier to get in the next patch.””
    This is what is wrong with this game. Instead m-com attacker is EASY to get.. Just PTFO.
    Instead they dumb the game down.
    Nerfing the spawn area mortar is B.S.
    Why not just nerf all the weapons so you can’t shoot from the spawn area, that would be fair wouldn’t it?

    The game won a Ton of awards when it was in BETA… No freaking way it would win as many after the constant nerf patches.

    • Ron Mello

      Sorry I got a laptop with that stupid mouse button in the middle of the keyboard.. Sorry for the misplaced words.

    • Omega_trigun

       The difference between mortaring from spawn and shooting a gun from spawn is that you can’t reach the whole map with a gun, except sniper rifles, and even then those have limitations and require good aiming at distance. With a mortar, you set it up and can rain down on 75%+ of small maps from spawn.

      This doesn’t nerf the mortar. It makes it so you can’t be a douche with it. You can still mortar just fine. You just won’t be protected by an out of bounds while doing it.

    • Stvenable

      If a guy is shooting mortars from his spawn, there is an EXTREMELY easy way to kill him. You spawn with mortars yourself, set it up anywhere, and find the guy shooting the mortars on your map and kill him with your mortar. He should be sitting in one spot so it should be extremely easy. I have killed a ton of mortar guys like that, and once you kill him he will usually spawn with some other kit.

  • JohnRyder

    Im not happy because no announcement regarding the horrible input lag on ps3.  I want to play BF3, but its not enjoyable on ps3 as long as they dont fix it.

    •  true the input lag is annoying  but so is MAV mortars,  flash lights lasr beams! etc.

  • oh

  • its not the big one its to small

  • Platinumgamer

    6th here in Australia, gotta wait another day…

  • MCOM defender is the only ribbon I haven’t received. I don’t play a lot of rush but I have the rush medal 😛

  • The three biggest things are the usas, squads not staying together, and voip. Fix those things and I’ll be happy. It’s still a fun game but can be seriously frustrating when you have to spend time getting in the same squad, not being able to talk clearly with squadmates, and dying from a whole team of usas + frag spammers -_-

    • PHATL2028

      well if you had faster reflexes while your camping than you wouldn’t have an issue with auto frags, its only  the slowest round being projected out plus it has to be arched. all people who complain about USAS shoul go onto youtube and watch how people have made videos to show how its not OP. There’s a video showing a man have someone wait till first frag rnd hits then returns fire, USAS loses 9 out of 10 times. its a shame that a weapon thats only been voted 8% as a fav weapon is going to be runied because of cry babies. what about FAMAS, SCAR, A-91 those pos are OP for sure or when half the map does mav glitches and most of squads are using 320 spamming that shit with a support. cmon i guess my point is theres plenty balancing to be done since ps3 users got screwed again and got a 50% complete port. we all have same weapon selections for loadouts, its up to us all to adept and overcome the situation at hand.

  • Ben Bourjois

    Does the patch apply to people who are not using the Karkand update? Or do we continue to get a completely separate (and much more playable) version of the game?

  • Vicheous

    Patch is live 11Mb 😉

  • me

    BF3 is nothing like a fish

  • Rafael

    First thing about this game. No one is unreachable.

  • Jackson

     Bad Company 2 was my first introduction to the Battlefield series and I enjoyed that more than Battlefield 3. Hopefully we’re getting a 3rd instalment from the same team.

  • Mung420

    They need to fix the class layouts. everytime i get on everything is set back to default.

  • Amgginsonjaim


  • Arty

    yeah being able to mortar is kinda key when completely backed up to the spawn with the opposing team just waiting and spawn killing…. so…. yeah..
    should they consider a ammo count sure but this might make the situation worse

  • Joethomas301

    My balls itch

    • yoko ono

      mine too

  • I gotta say, I’m glad to see all of these things being patched. I play on 360 and PC, so I can’t vouch for the VoIP issues or input lag, but I am happy to see a nerf to the U Suck At Shooting 12 year old (USAS 12). The frag rounds on that weapon makes it truly OP. Yeah, the FAMAS, SCAR or A91 can be unfair, but I don’t feel that a person can run around with those weapons and own in 3 on 1 fights like the frag rounds can. I hope they just take frag rounds away from the USAS all together.

    I’m also glad that they are fixing Mortars. It sucks where you’re trying to cap a point and a guy is camping behind a building at spawn and you have to pull out your mortar to kill him, and his teammates come around the corner and own you while your trying to take him down. Completely unfair.

    But here are some things that have to be fixed:
    -ROADKILL MAVS. Why the hell won’t they just stop it? Why? Why Why Why? What possible reasoning do they have to allow MAVs to roadkill? I don’t understand their idea at all behind MAVs
    -Squad sizes on PC. 4 man teams on consoles is okay because you have a lower number of players (12 per team), so anything larger would be cumbersome. But on PC, you have 32 man teams. PLEASE bump squad sizes on PC to 8
    -Squad/team communication. Please make team communication the default setting, not squad. Most people don’t know to change the setting.
    -Engineers repairing helis while they are sitting in them. You can’t repair any other vehicles while you’re in it. Maybe transport copters would be acceptable, but not attack helis. Too OP
    -9/11 was an inside job; just sayin’
    -Oh, and once again: DON’T LET MAVS ROADKILL. Why won’t DICE explain why they think MAV roadkilling is fair?

  • Diabolus

    Any word on the fix to actually keep your squad that was setup BEFORE the match begins after getting into a game?

  • DohcHolliday

    If DICE keeps tweaking weapons and ammo we are gonna have another mw3…you can’t make everyone happy, let those who can’t get tactical suffer…after all, if you and your squad cant get over obsticals, you shouldn’t be playing with the big boys so pack up your bags and go play MW3…

  • Stvenable

    If a guy is shooting mortars from his spawn, there is an EXTREMELY easy
    way to kill him. You spawn with mortars yourself, set it up anywhere,
    and find the guy shooting the mortars on your map and kill him with your
    mortar. He should be sitting in one spot so it should be extremely
    easy. I have killed a ton of mortar guys like that, and once you kill
    him he will usually spawn with some other kit.

  • Jakeoliverarrowsmith

    my morter dosent work plz help me