Battlefield 3 PC Patch Coming Tomorrow, Still No ETA for Xbox 360

Daniel Matros took to Twitter to update PC players that the platform’s fourth client update will be indeed going live tomorrow.

Matros stated, “PC patch has a date which is tomorrow. Coming in hot we will go into maintenance mode from 9-11:30 CET [5am-6:30am EST].” Meanwhile, it’s still unknown when the Xbox 360 patch will be released. Matros assured, “we haven’t forgotten about Xbox.” However, there’s “no ETA right now.”

The PS3 patch arrived yesterday for everyone except Japan. Players in Japan will get patch 1.04 on April 4th.

PC players can look forward to an improved Commo-Rose, which you read about along with all the other tweaks and fixes here (official patch notes), and also don’t forget to check out the unannounced patch notes PS3 users have been reporting.

  • Lifefrombelow

    Thats cool but since the battlelog update yesterday the Nemesis Medal is fubar. It awards it at 30 but doesn’t give out the points 🙁

    • Bob

      yea, i noticed it also…i had 48 ribbons for Nemesis, and now since it unlocks at 30 instead of 50, i lost 10,000 points cause it unlocked automatically for me…

      • Lifefrombelow
        I created a topic for it on the built-in feedback site. Feel free to express your displeasure there and maybe hell will freeze over and will get it fixed. 

      • Xander_B312

        So do you mean you actually lost the points? Like, they disappeared or what? Or am I not getting it?

        • Bob

          they points didnt disappear…i just didnt get them for unlocking the medal. for every medal u get 10,000 points, and after 2 more ribbons i would have gotten 10,000 for unlocking nemesis medal, but since they changed it to 30 ribbons, it got unlocked automatically, so now theres no way i can get 10,000 points for it…

          • Xander_B312

            Ooft. Blows man.

    • Lee

      Keep in mind some of the changes where in preperation for the patch and if i remember correctly post client patch the Nemesis award will be at 30 instead of 50

  • HobbsyUK

    Great News, also possible leaked info of a spectator mode (which battlelog shows now a match spectate button) could it be?

    Can’t wait. I also want to say;
    I got the 29th Spot on! I said two days after Ps3 released.

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Bob

    see, the patch is here, only 2 days after ps3, and you PC guys were having a fit a couple of days ago…here is your patch, no reason to freak out and call dice names and cursing none stop… 

    • moose

      dont you understand that these are the same people that bitched about the beta being late, about the patch dates, about guns, about this about that… these are just people with very low self esteem who bitch and cry about everything because they are too afraid to look at their own lives

      • Tludt888

         Says the guy reading wayyy too much into things for an unknown reason.

        I’m not even one of those people that bitch frequently, but I hardly think it has to do with self-esteem at all.

        Just be cool and don’t fret when people express themselves in a way that’s contrary to your own preferences.

      • Łukasz Palka

        Beta was late? I wasn’t bitchin’ then, because I didn’t know BF3’s so awesome. I bitch now, because the game could me more awesome.

      • Coffeyville1975

        no I think moose really nailed this one. bitching is okay but only up to a point, and only good, well-meant bitching, mind you.

    • Lifefrombelow

      It didn’t bother me so much except for the fact that supposedly the patch was being held back because they didn’t want to favor one system over another and keep the game play as close to the same across all systems. Yet a few days after saying that they do the exact opposite.  

      • that’s exactly how i felt, it was expecting that sony and microsofts approval will delay the patch for PC that they announced that the release will be on the same time across all systems. but when the PS3 was finished and the rest had problems…. they go back on what they said and release to PS3 before the others. 

        that is why i was upset with how they favored one platform to the other …. not the actual timeline they release their patches in.

        • QwietStorm

          If the other platforms ran into problems, shouldn’t that logically negate what they said about all for one? What’s the alternative? Hold back the platform that IS finished? Would that make sense, regardless of what was said, which actually was that it’s their goal to have them all the same. And when working in software, that’s all it is, a goal.

    • BobIsR

      Except that the patch should have released in early February as it was originally planned if it wasn’t for consoles, smart one.

  • Tludt888

    The hell? Give a release date for 360 already… I understand it’s tough with certification, but it’s getting irritating with all the good things coming out of the patch!

    • I’m assuming its because Microsoft is being a baby of PS3 exclusivity of DLC and they are being children about it and taking their time on the certification process

      • Tludt888

         That’s what I figured, it’s just too bad that we have to feel the consequences of it.

  • after reading (and watching on youtube) all the negative whiplash effects of fixing certain things, i’m not sure i want this patch (on xbox) so no eta is good news for me..

    • Bob

      really? what negatives are you talking about…im reading all great things about it, and i’ve played it yesterday, and i thought it was excellent…i dont see anything bad in this patch at all…

      • Xander_B312

        Suddenly RPK 200 round magazine. Lolwhut.

  • Just how I’ve predicted. Smooth. It was either shit goes as promised, unlikely and now fact, or the patch would drop in this order due to platform preference and “Deals” in place. 

  • blitz1904

    Well fuck. <—- Xbox player here =(

    • Xander_B312

      Amen man. Well this blows. But that’s DICE/EA consistency for you.

      “We don’t want to show favouritism,” they said. “Release on all consoles equally,” they said. “Won’t be releasing unlock bundles,” they said. 

      Potentially bad paraphrasing, but yeah.

      Don’t mind waiting though. Just as long as it’s relatively soon.

    • SPIEDY333

      Dude it better be tomorrow or I’m going to flip a bitch.!! haha man I’ve been waiting forever for the USAS-12 with frag rounds to get nerfed.!

      • QwietStorm

        Don’t get happy. The same bitches are just using buckshot now.

      • SD Schulzey

        I just play on EPIC BATTLES servers and rarely see a USAS. It’s great. I can play for hours without running into one or having to play Metro or Damavand Peak.

  • GO PACK GO!!!

    Come on man. This patch is the way bf3 should be from day 1. No estimated time of arrival? No ESTIMATED time of arrival! Not even a guess? This is unprofessional. What do you guys do in Sweden? Just luge your way through winter! Ffs at least say we expect the patch to be ready next week like April 2nd or something!

    • andy b

      No matter what they do or say, someone will complain. Their only logical course of action is to do what’s easiest: not waste their breath.

  • andy b

    Just get it right. I can wait a bit longer. The server update that let us pick “Epic Battles” map rotations has eliminated a lot of my main issue: people using the USAS+frag exploit. Just about nobody uses it on the big maps.

  • andy b

    Also, people do realize that this is likely Microsoft’s fault, right? They submitted the patch for approval a while back. Sony just moved quicker.

  • Deathknight637

    I bet next Tuesday for xbox

  • Rossler Derek

    So whack

  • Usuckasssucker

    Fu dice u mother fker wtf ? r u kidding us first u said every 3 plateformes comes on same day and morning pc get patch and xbox not fking son of a *****

  • Usuckasssucker

    u suck mother fuuucker xbox get later fking rassimus i owned u mother money from last night u cock sucker fking bf3 maker 

  • Billy_ho

    I don’t understand how the PS3 Japan update isn’t until April??? I play with Asian players all the time on the Xbox 360. Is the PS3 BF3 different or can’t Japan play with the rest of the world??? If they can then how does one person having the update and others not having it work out online?