Battlefield 3 Premium – Celebrate the New Year With Double XP

Beginning January 1, 2013, Battlefield 3 Premium members on all platforms will have the chance to celebrate the new year with some ever-so-sweet double XP.

“Ring in the new year playing the new Aftermath expansion while scoring Double XP! All Battlefield 3 Premium members will get double XP across all ranked maps and modes!” reads Battlefield 3’s Faebook page.

DICE lists the start as follows (the event runs for a total of 144 hours):

  • Los Angeles 1AM January 1
  • Stockholm 10AM January 1
  • Paris 10AM January 1
  • New York 4AM January 1
  • Tokyo 6PM January 1
  • Moscow 1PM January 1

By now, Battlefield 3’s fourth expansion, Aftermath, is available to download for all Premium members, so now would be a good time as any to learn these new maps inside-out and get some good game time in the new setting.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC review as well as the latest details coming from Battlefield 3: End Game.

  • Just what everyone needs!

  • jimmylara


    But why on the day I go back to work? 🙁 oh well Wednesday always a good day.


    For some reason Double XP doesn’t have that specialness to it anymore.

    • I agree despite me not being a 100 Col.
      kinda wish we could reset all unlock to unlock again. Kinda like prestige but not in a way that turns people into douchebags and fills douchebags with a sense of false badass-ery.

    • Nemesis_96

      They sure know how to party…..

  • Better get the shit bucket back out.

  • where is the january camos ?!

  • Andrew

    DICE use to do double xp across the whole game, not just the people that bought premium. There hasnt been a single doubleXP event for non premium members since it came out.

  • Storm

    Unfortunately, I feel like I have to play Ziba Tower 500% 24/7 to make the most of double XP. Ranking up doesn’t have that appeal that it used to for me in Battlefield 3, but I will definitely be enjoying Aftermath, and the double XP is an awesome bonus.

    • mark

      lol, Close Quarter maps are the easiest to rank up and unlock weapon add-ons

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  • Kyle Jackson

    Yay, Ziba Tower with everybody using shotguns 🙁

  • Just saying

    I wanna see this website expand to be a gaming news website not only multiplayer games cuz I love websites like mp1st with easy navigation unlike ign for example which is so freaking crowded.

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  • Does anyone else feel like theres really not much fun in ranking up after you’re a colonel and done all the vehicle unlocks?

    • Hol_Up

      Reset your stats.

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  • HELP

    Hey Battlefielders,

    Up until about midway through COD: MW3’s lifecycle, I was a huge COD fanboy. But MW3 made me realize how terrible the series is becoming. I’ve been trying to play BF3 the last few months, but coming from several years of Call of Duty I really can’t seem to adjust. I’m not “bad” per se, but I’m not good by any means, so how well I do doesn’t seem to be the problem. Any tips on how I can get into it?