Battlefield 3 Premium July Soldier Upgrade 2 Now Live

New content for Battlefield 3 Premium owners is now live across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

This exclusive content drop for members of Battlefield 3 Premium contains new specialist assignments for the F2000, Scar H, PKP Pecheneg and L96 weapons, as well as four new soldier camos. Once an specialist assignment is completed, you get a brand new camo added to either your soldier or your weapon.

In case your wondering what these challenges/camos are, look no further:

  • F2000 Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With F2000
    • 50 Squad Revives
    • 20 Kills With M26 MASS
    • Unlocks: F2000 Woodland Oak Camo
  • Scar H Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With Scar H
    • 20 With M15 AT Mine
    • Destroy 5 Enemy Air Vehicles With AT Launcher
    • Unlocks: Scar H Berkut Camo
  • PKP Pecheneg Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With PKP Pecheneg
    • Destroy 25 Vehicles With C4
    • 25 Kills With M18 Claymore
    • Unlocks: PKP Pecheneg Tactical Camo
  • L96 Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With L96
    • 50 MAV Spot Assist
    • 350 Meter Head Shot With L96
    • Unlocks: L96 Woodland Camo
  • Only For The Dedicated:
    • Get 500 Kills With Assault Kit
    • Get 500 Kills With Engineer Kit
    • Get 400 Kills With Support Kit
    • Get 300 Kills With Recon Kit
    • Unlocks: Blue Digital Camo For US Faction/Woodland Stripe For Russian Faction

In addition to the two unlockable soldier camos, the Desert Stripe Camo for the US faction and the Digital Woodland Camo for the Russian Faction are automatically unlocked and ready for use as soon as you start playing Battlefield 3.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and see you on the battlefield, and as always … Happy Gaming!

  • ScavHD

    That’s all cool,but how about some for other guns???

  • Im to lazy from the last batch of assignments to try my all for these :c

    • Alex sucks dick

      fuck u

      • JustinD

        No fuck you

      • awwww… your name is all about me … i feel special (sarcasm)

  • JustinD

    If I look forward to another soldier upgrade and it’s just shit camos for shit weapons I’m gonna be pissed. How about camos for the actually good guns dice. Bs

    • BENGALSFAN9595

      Srry but the F2000 is beast.

      • JustinD

        F2000 is fuckin gay

        • The F200 is also not aesthetically pleasing for one such as I… one of the ugliest weapons in the game :p

          • MasonMei

            M16 with Iron Sight = KING

    • Imagine camos for these weapons: m98b, claymore (black), m416, m16a3, ak74u, mtar, m240, rpg-7,g36c, mp7 and the smaw

      • joe

        black claymores would be too op IMO.

  • ShavedApe

    Pretty poor that these are camos for guns that already have camos. I didnt buy premium for the camos which is probably a good thing considering whats on offer today.

  • they gave a new camo for the same weapons as before? what for the love of god were they thinking? this is pure bs.

    • My thoughts exactly. I r disappoint.

  • no M4 or m16 camo 🙁

  • dave

    This is total rubbish. So many guns and DICE do the same 4….

  • Honey Badger

    Let me start off by saying I am not happy with this.

    I do believe; however, dice is doing this to try and dictate variety amongst the classes. By picking less popular weapons, some people will use them to complete the assignments. Why they are harping on the same less played weapons is beyond me. Why they are promoting the actual thought of 8 mavs and 1000 claymores being out at any given time to achieve these assignments is incomprehensible. Irresponsible even.

    right idea, very poorly thought out, terrible execution

  • gamer4ever

    I was hoping there would be at least one camo per gun by the time the content ended. But now it looks like DICE may be giving the same four guns five camos.

  • Jason

    Does anyone know what the “Bonus Content Drops” are?

    • Jamic

      Possibly something as lame as this package.

      I go with “2 flag Conquest Assault on metro with home home bases” map.

    • Casavult

      I really hope they are weapons! Maybe new side arms and such!


    lol, it’s like they are forcing us to use certain weapons! hahaha


    • JustinD

      Vehicle camo is retarded half the people won’t see it, and they are just supposed to change color when you get in? Come on man

      • Vehicles are larger than soldiers, surely camos will be more noticeable too, especially with the fact that you can switch to 3rd person view.
        And secondly – when someone gets in a vehicle – all their unlocks suddenly pop up from nowhere too, so having a camo appear won’t make any difference.

        IMHO vehicle camos are a great idea and I for one would definitely like to see them. But honestly, I don’t know what to expect from DICE anymore.

        • moocrew

          its true, the unlocks do appear, exp. the reactive armor, tanks and shit just grow things the second ppl get in them, i think vehicle camos would be cool, blacked out m1 abrahams…oh ya

        • JustinD

          Sorry I play hardcore. There is no 3rd person and it’s not gonna happen. They can’t even make more guns have camo it’s not gonna happen with vehicles

  • Mikey Spangler

    These will actually take a while…


    Just give me armored warfare…

  • ButteredBread

    I hope everyone realizes that close quarters is going to be full of claymores now! Like we didn’t have enough of the c4’d flags thanks to the assignments! Does dice understand this? The assignments are becoming more and more lame and ruining the game. Just give us the bonus content dammit.

  • last solider upgrade we got new knife, 4 Dog tags, Assignments, 2 Skins, Gun Camo.
    Soldier Upgrade 2: 4 camo on the same guns. I hope they come around and patch the game so all the camos work on all the guns. I’m very disappointed we didnt get another set of premium tags. The left side is getting lonely :((

    If this is what were supposed to expect for the next drop in Oct i hope dice are prepared to be flamed until the end of time.

    • MasonMei

      Well, i’m disappointed as well. but dont forget to check Camo in ingame Deploy screen. You will see 2 new camos, one for each fraction, ready for use 😀 And this time it’s 6 new camos, dont forget that crappy soldier camo which requires 1700 kills (absolutely nonsense)

  • Abdellmajib Peolpoe

    fuck this noise

  • Pinoy Ako

    Dice is getting back at the players for flaming them with the patches and the heat they had before and it’s working. I read a lot of negative comments out there against their poor decisions to unlock camos from the same guns. Why DICE why?

  • anony-mouse

    dam…..i agree with everyone here….i got up, turned on my playstation with excitement only to be dissapointed like a mofo at the start of my day. what a buncha bs fosho. and the assignments are so lame. i already did these last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fukn A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JustinD

      I agree but your English is retarded

      • moocrew


        • JustinD

          I also did the same thing though just with my superior Xbox. Got all excited and was like you motherfuckers.

          • inb4flamewar

          • JoseFO

            Superior Xbox. That is just as stupid as the lame assignments.

  • M27 IAR

    Not really excited by this. These are hefty assignments for camos for weapons that already have camos. Why aren’t there camos for all weapons?

    • MasonMei

      Cuz they are just a bunch of lazy dudes

  • talonkard044

    Wow I am really sorry I called this one. Yes, I too have NO IDEA why Dice is A) Using the SAME WEAPONS for the camos again, B) Making the assignments for said weapons INSANE, and C) For the love of christ why aren’t they just FREE!!! People can rip on Call of Duty Elite all they want, Elite hasn’t pulled any bs like this to get the stuff YOU PAID FOR.

    Wow. Starting to regret buying Premium. Between MW3 and BF3, in my heart of hearts I will always love BF3 more, but yeah… The COD folks know how to handle giving stuff to people who pay for it, and even give you MORE for the money. No tedious BS to get the bonus items you paid for. Elite gives you everything FREE once you pay for the service… this is crazy.

    I also third and fourth what people have said already about the madness of having to go for these. You are going to see people spamming all of that crap just so they can work on the assignments. Ugh. DICE, you guys are SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. You would think the company who does nothing but re-has their games have the lesser paid-for premium service, but no. The guys who want to do so much more with their’ brand and express they have a better overall game pull this crap.

    Insanity indeed.

    • Mikey Spangler

      What do you mean “Elite gives you everything FREE once you pay for it”? Premium does that too. In the end you save money since you get the Expansion Packs for FREE too. It sounds like you are saying that we still have pay for the expansions. Unless you mean how we have to do the assignments which I actually like. We have to earn the camos/guns/dogtags. It shows we actually had to accomplish something. Thats why I never use the freeby dogtags (TREX, MOH, etc).

      • talonkard044

        Whoops yes I meant in how you earn the bonuses… Sorry I didn’t clarify. I agree it’s nice to have the challenge, but I would rather just get some or have them be added in over having to do tons of tedious little challenges. It’s almost like we paid them to punish us when you look at some of the requirements. Overall it probably won’t be too time consuming, but still. What irks me the most is the camos are still just for the 5 weapons… That’s BS any way you slice it.

        • Casavult

          The challenged are bullshit in my opinion and too challenging for such little things. I’m not going to do them. I managed to get the Assault/Medic and Recon challenge completed and it was a utmost let down when I received the goods. I hope they patch the challenges to make them less challenging for such little things…

  • talonkard044

    …and yes, I wait the 30 days for Elite content because I have PS3. But even that isn’t as bad as this crap.

  • I don’t get it. I was expecting camo for guns that didn’t previously have camo. The whole thing is a bit odd.

  • talonkard044

    I don’t know if its just me but why do my comments keep getting deleted?

  • sparx

    Kudos Dice, more assignments mean more times i have to try out a different style of play, i’ll go for the F2000 one first, i use that gun a lot, then work the rest as and when i feel like it, possibly leave the L96, that gun just doesn’t agree with me

  • matt h

    Fuckin lame.

  • Jesse Pinkman

    “Destroy 5 Enemy Air Vehicles With AT Launcher”
    Please tell me they’re not talking about the stationary ones like the kornet or the TOW. If they mean an RPG or SMAW, cool. If they don’t, WTF…

    • Casavult

      RPG and SMAW. I managed to get 1/5 when I blew up a Attack Helicopter! 🙂

    • MasonMei

      According to Battlelog, “5 air vehicles killed with AT launchers (RPG/SMAW/Javelin)”

  • QwietStorm

    Great. Even more C4 and M26 spam. I don’t understand why they would pick and choose which weapons get camos.

    • I don’t see how you can C4 spam vehicles, when that one of the uses, if not the main use for them in the game but i do agree that the same 4 weapons recieving new camos when there a number of people who havent even unlocked the first set is disappointing

  • moocrew

    Why don’t they just have the camo for all the guns in that particular kit. Makes sense since there are so many guns but only so few soldier upgrade dates…

    • Well we don’t know if this is a definite thing. For all we know, they could just be doing the dogtag weapons to unlock new camos,and then releasing old camos for all the other weapons as new soldier updates come along(or so i would like to think)

  • jrstryker

    Seeing as people paid up front for premium (disclaimer: I didn’t do premium), why don’t they just give you the camos instead of making do silly assignments to get them? Or just do camo unlocks based on service stars?

  • Like everyone else said. Kinda weird that they released camos for weps they already released some for. You think they’d do one camo for one gun in each kit for each upgrade.

    Meh, not that big of a deal. It’s still more to unlock, which I like, and more challenges are always fun. Plus after playing with the F2000 for the previous assignments, I’ve fallen in love with it, so no biggie. XD

  • Tom

    What a fail….

    Just give me Red Tiger camo for my AEK!

  • MasonMei

    Kill 1700 enemies for a camo that I may not use even once… pure BS

  • MasonMei

    Actually they should only let players unlock weapon camos with headshots of that weapon… Like how CODs do… Not all these hefty assignments!! And why cant you make camos for all guns? We all curse COD, we say it’s moneytaking, but, hey, look, it took DICE almost a month, only to make 5 (or 6) new camos. Well! CoD has 6 or 7 camos FOR EACH MAIN WEAPON at launch of the game.
    I’m just saying this to let you know how lazy this dev team is.

  • ddsalvatior

    Thank to Dice to put this lame thing in premium. Convince me to go play to something else and not buy premium. Will waste my 50 buck for psn+ will work the price.

  • S01DAT

    Where’s the new soldier skins? (if any) Cool on the weapon variations but i want more then just a uniform change, I want to change from say the Russian with the facemask to something else…

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  • Just another Soldier

    Anybody else think DICE is trying to distract us for how awesome the future upgrades might be? At least they better be because I will be pretty mad if they fail to impress me in the upcoming DLC and the Soldier Upgrades.