Battlefield 3 Premium Members Get Five New Assignments and Weapon Skins

Are you a Battlefield 3 Premium member? If so, the next time you boot up Battlefield 3, you’ll find five brand new assignments in the “My Soldier” section of the in-game menu.

Upon completion of each assignment, you’ll earn a brand new weapon skin for the M416 assault rifle, the ACW-R carbine, the JNG-90 bolt-action sniper rifle, the M240B light machine gun, and lastly, the PP-19 sub-machine gun.

In order to earn these new camos, the Battlelog asks you to complete the following for each assignment.

M416 Specialist




  • Get 100 kills with the M416
  • Get 25 avenger kills
  • Get 15 Medical Efficiency Ribbons
  • Unlocks Woodland Stripe Camo for this weapon

ACW-R Specialist



  • Get 100 kills with the ACW-R
  • Disable 50 vehicles
  • Get 15 Carbine Ribbons
  • Unlocks Digital Woodland Camo for this weapon

JNG-90 Specialist




  • Get 100 kills with the JNG-90
  • Get 50 spot assists with the TUGS
  • Get 15 Surveillance Efficiency Ribbons
  • Unlocks Navy Blue Camo for this weapon

M240B Specialist




  • Get 100 kills with the M240B
  • Resupply team mates 100 times
  • Get 15 LMG Ribbons
  • Unlocks Woodland Oak Camo for this weapon

PP-19 Specialist




  • Get 50 kills with the PP-19 as Assault
  • Get 50 kills with the PP-19 as Support
  • Get 50 kills with the PP-19 as Engineer
  • Get 50 kills with the PP-19 as Recon
  • Unlocks Desert Stripe Camo for this weapon

All look pretty do-able, so get to it, soldier!

  • Luff me some bf3 FoSho

  • Hol_Up

    Finally a camo for the underrated pp-19

    • hot-wire

      uhhh the pp19 had camo… this will be its second one…

    • pot51e

      Underrated by who? PP-19 is a beast!

      • JustinD

        It’s still a gay wind up gun. If it ain’t amurican I don wun it

        I don’t believe they show it but you have to actually wind up the magazine else it doesn’t feed into the gun- which is gay.

  • still no AK74 camo FML still new M416 camo boss!

  • Dirtknap

    So has anybody noticed the ridiculous disparity between the cost of the premium membership (which hasn’t changed since the service became available) and the cost of the full game inclusive of premium service? Yeah, I know I’m a little late to the party, but I would really like to enjoy the premium content without paying through the nose, or having to pick up another copy of BF3, its a cheaper option but seems silly to have an extra, unusable copy. It would be great if EA would do a price review and so that the cost of the premium service ran in line with the retail version.

    • Absolutely.

      I was amazed when I saw how cheap they were selling the combo pack. Bit of a slap in the face after i fork over $110 for the two separately.

      • inFamous2-VIC

        Same here. 🙁 probably could of pre ordered the care package edition of black ops 2 w/ useable dragonfire but ehh, I was bummed out afterwards, not even gonna lie.

      • abc123

        Just do what my friends did take it to gamestop and get tradein then use that to buy the game with premium

      • Dirtknap

        Big time! I emailed EA support, this is an excerpt of the response

        ” I have forwarded your feed back to our concern department for
        discussion and review. You can also email to PR contacts directly from
        this site: under press option.”

        I wonder if the MP1ST boys and their larger voice can help get some traction on a review?

      • That’s kind of like being mad that the car you bought for $30,000 5 years ago goes for only $12,000 now.

        Guys, the game is over a year old. Of course it’s cheap now. They wouldn’t be able to sell any more copies of the game if it was still full price. They have to discount it…. everyone who wanted it a year ago already bought it. There’s very little demand for it now, so they have to lower the price.

        I can tell you right now, the same thing will happen with BF4. So next time wait 15 months after release to buy the game, and you’ll make out like a bandit!

        • Hah I get what youre saying. And I agree fully.
          Its just such an astonishing difference, and i personally made the investment on premium only a few months before the all inclusive version came out for even cheaper than what i bought just the DLC for.

          But yes, I do fully agree. Im just bitching. It just sucks bum and my feelers are hurt.

          • I paid full price for everything too. The people who are just getting the game now may be getting a good deal price-wise, but they are getting their asses kicked by people like you and me! 😛

    • I’m not sure if any Season Passes ever get marked down!! BF3’s is the 1st I ever got because it actually gave more content then just maps

      • Dirtknap

        This is true, but surely that convention can be challenged. Other than GOTY edition titles (which are ordinarily about the single player experience only) you don’t tend to see all DLC included with games, so we’re dealing with a unique circumstance when discussing BF3 + Premium.

        It just seems crazy that the premium edition can be purchased for around 30% of the cost of BF3 standalone with premium via Origin/XBOX Live/PSN.

  • Fix Your Game, DICE!

    Great. Instead of fixing the PS3’s framerate, they add more useless cosmetic nonsense. Uhuh. Money’s worth my arse

    • uwantsamoa

      4/10 you almost got me.

    • You have to understand that that BF3’s Frosbite 2 engine was never meant for current gen hardware such as PS3 and XBOX 360. I hope that they can optimize it a little better for BF4 so we can get a little bit better F/PS

      • They have optimized it more if you ever play Medal of Honor Warfighter it is running Frostbite 2 it look a lot nicer and is a lot smother.

        • Played the Beta on xbox and it had too many issues with the hit detection. They should have kept kill streaks out because it promotes too much camping and less teamplay. I’m sure BF4 will be better optimize and even tho I don’t have a gaming PC, I hope they do a better job on it so PC players can enjoy it more since Frosbite 2 is meant for next GEN and pc is the only platform that can push BF4 to its fullest

          • I have a decent PC and able to play BF3 on high/med settings getting well over 60fps even in 64 player maps with a ton going on.

            If the rumors are true regarding what Xbox “720” and PS4 specs are, both consoles should run BF4 perfectly with 64 players and very nice graphics.

            • I really hope the rumors are true and that the new consoles do get released this year1!! At least Sony’s PS4 because I don’t like the direction Microsoft is going and most likely wont be getting both consoles since I’m a hardcore gaming and Microsoft isn’t focusing hard enough on games but Video/Music entertainment

            • They’ll both be out before Christmas this year. There have been devs already working on titles for a while now. You should be able to choose which you want.

              I’ve learned from experience the last 2 gens, PRE-ORDER EARLY!

            • I hope DICE is developing BF4 for PS3 and PS4!! I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t and I really hope it will be very similar to BF4 on pc with 64 man servers since that is the current gen consoles biggest downfall on BF3

            • From what I understand about the Frostbite Engine, they’ll be able to easily optimize this game for PC, current gen consoles, and next gen consoles. So DICE can make BF4 for all platforms (current and next gen).

              I’ll be shocked if they don’t make it for next gen consoles (because it will basically be the same as PC – same maps, same number of players).

              I can see them not making it for current gen consoles but it’s probably worth DICE’s time to make a watered-down (32 players, smaller maps) version again for PS3 and 360.

              I’m just not sure Sony and MS will want BF4 on current gen console if they’re trying to push out their new consoles. A triple-A launch title is a great way to get people to buy new consoles. That’s usually the dig on new consoles (no good games). A great launch title on both console will get people to bite day one.

              I personally am not interested in BF4 unless its on the next gen console. I already have the watered-down version. I want the full battlefield experience. In fact I’m willing to bet the reason we’re seeing a full Battlefield game so soon instead of a Bad Company game is the fact that the new consoles are coming out and DICE/EA want people to get that full battlefield experience ASAP.

            • I sure BF4 will be for current gen consoles as well since the people who pre ordered MOH WF got beta access and they would be pissed if they had to buy a next gen consoles just to get access to the beta.

              I’m very excited for May since it is the supposed month that they will be unveiling some sort of info or the complete unveiling of the next gen consoles =)

  • Phoenix

    No AN-94 camo? DICE, I am disappoint.

  • I just don’t see why they don’t add new Camo’s for all the weapons!!! Kinda sucks looking at the same old skin for a weapon

    • dpg70

      They gotta have something to push out every month

      • I know but there is still many weapons I would like there to be camo’s for and since the release for End Game is almost here I just don’t see all weapons getting new camos

  • Notorious

    Still waiting for the camos on all the other guns…

  • uhopeisarcastic

    bf3 was fun, but idk im sick of small maps ( metro, the french 1, etc) and the admins who just ban if they lose. its still ok but im on break intill endgame

    • JustinD

      “Small maps” lol
      Those “small maps” are still 2 or 3 times larger than other maps on other games

      • uhopeisarcastic

        yes but those other games (cod, halo, qauke, etc) are arcade fps games. they are built to be fast and deadly; and more often then not work well that way. bf3 is having an identity crisis ( it cant decide if it wants to be a military sim or arcade fps) some of the game mechanics like fixed spawns just dont work for smaller maps. lastly ur piont about metro being bigger than “other games” is negated by the way the map is played ( its horibly desiened with barly any flank routes which leads to mass camping. cod and halo use flank routes and indipendent spawns to keep this from happening most of the time. i dont ever really type this much but thought i would flesh out my opinion for once…

        • JustinD

          Touché sir, but metro is not a specifically built map its supposed to be like a real metro. BF3 should solve its identity crisis with deciding to be a military sim. It’s for the better… But touché

  • JustinD

    Although they have camos now for the m240b and m416 I wish you could use the same camo like woodland stripe across all guns. I don’t like any of the camos available for any gun I use except for this new one for the m416. Or just have a solid color like od green for all guns

  • I got Battle field 3 the game new with the code for the premium edition and i got it on black friday for only 30 bucks now its back to 60

  • Jonny McQuitin

    Too many cheaters in this game to even play it anymore…on PC anyway.

    • My main issue on PC (besides the fact that I don’t like a mouse and keyboard) is that I have a hard time finding a conquest server with 100% tickets and normal vehicle spawn times on the maps I like to play.

      Because of what I explained above, I haven’t played on PC in forever. Are there really that many cheaters now? I wish the server admins paid closer attention to who’s doing what on their servers even on the Xbox.

  • i want a camo for the m98b.

  • chicken d!ck

    they should just have 3 camos of every gun when end game comes out without doing any assignments