Battlefield 3 Premium Members May Gain Access to Battlefield 4 Beta, According to Rumors

Battlefield 3 Premium members may be in luck after all when it comes to the upcoming Battlefield 4 beta.

Taking place in Fall 2013, the Battlefield 4 beta will be accessible by any and all who got their hands on the limited edition of Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter. As of yet, this has been the only officially announced route to gaining entrance to the Battlefield 4 beta. It has, however, been stated by community manager Ian Tornay that additional ways would eventually be announced.

According to reports found in the forum of Russian Battlefield site MyBattlefield, Battlefield 3 Premium members will also be allowed to participate in the beta. Now, this sounds like it should be a given, but up to this point, it has never officially been stated that Premium members would be allowed access.

According to the image below, EA Origin Russia lists “exclusive access to the beta version of Battlefield 4” (translated into English) as a perk to being a Premium member.


With the unveiling of Battlefield 4 right around the corner, it would not be far fetched for DICE and EA to make such an announcement. We’ll surely hear more about the beta this Tuesday, so keep your sights locked on MP1st!

Via, MP1st Forums.

  • Vikerii

    Cool I hope that’s true!

    • Alkanida

      As long as MoH owners get their “early access” I’m also happy for anyone else.
      BF4 beta was more or the less the only value in that game and if they give premium peeps access at least make it a few days later.

      • Kevin Walters

        yeah, otherwise theyd REALLY be screwing over the people who pre-ordered the game, bought Premium, AND bought MOH.
        On that same note. Hopefully they implement the whole “Premium” thing before the first DLC. Otherwise your just wasting 15 dollars on the first one, when Premium includes it anyway…jigglypuff

        • acealchemist

          Yeah…. that’s not going to happen. We are all going to get the beta at the same time. Remember likes Medal Of Honor? Lol, same thing. EA just said that to make you buy Warfighter and get $$$$ for it.

      • Name

        Wow what a moron,did you bought MoH just for BF4 beta acess?If u did then you deserve to be screwed like with BF3 beta.

        • Alkanida

          screwed? 2 days early access is 2 days earlier than you.
          however, i bought moh also cause i wanted to play a new shooter..

      • anagramgamer

        Yeah except I bought a used copy of MOH war fighter, and didn’t get my code even though they charged me an extra 20$ for the limited edition.

        Check out my YouTube channel during summer 2013

  • hey

    I just want to play BF4 alpha, before it turns into a ps3/xbox port that brings in heaps of bugs onto the next-gen consoles and the PC.

    • Katana67

      Yeah, cause the BF3 Alpha was bug-free… Lordy, I miss that totally intended feature of being able to fall into a cone beneath the MCOM on Operation Metro.

      • Clayton Johnson

        But the alpha and beta has so much that was cut from the full game. A lot of animations scrapped, VOs removed, DICE actually removed almost the entire soundtrack and there were plenty of unnecessary changes made.

  • Joel

    What happens if you are on an origin ban for joking around on the forums?

    No bf4 I guess.

    • anything you were banned for must of not been acceptable

      • Joel

        It was fine. It’s not like I was been racist or threatening people. The mods there are just over anal and can’t take the fact that people make jokes and have fun.

        • yeah i got banned for the word fagott (the German word for bassoon) 😀 worth it

        • Tell us

          Go on…

  • I really cant be more excited for any other military FPS out this year or early next! Going to be fapin’ so hard on the 27th. Premium 4 the win ( see what i did there )

  • Arnold165

    I’m a Premium player and I hope this is true. I will be SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!

  • Yusuf Celenli

    do you guys really think they will give millions of people beta access just cause they bought premium? its a possibility, but i highly doubt it…

    • Mike

      BF3 had a free beta that was open to everyone.

    • MegaMan3k

      “Beta”? No.
      The limited-access demo that publishers call a “beta”? Absolutely.

      • Katana67

        Funny, cause the game is still in Beta… at least on Xbox. (i.e. frequent freezes, blaring sound bugs, horrible lag upon loading)

        As an aside, why the hell did DICE go with such a cumbersome UI? I mean, not being able to just back out when your game isn’t loading? Silly.

        • Yusuf Celenli

          They went with that because of you console fags. They had to hire a company called River to do the shitty UI for them, a company that never did a UI before. To compete with COD and please the simplicity of the console fags and meet the deadline, they changed to consoles as the main development platform for BF3 mid-development.

          • Katana67

            The UI isn’t simple like COD on Console. It’s cumbersome and makes no sense. So if they set out to emulate COD, they failed miserably.

          • 91gtabird

            So your saying that my 6 year old son is a “fag” because he plays on console? Whats your reply gonna be to that? “Your a “fag” for buying him a console” ? Wont work. What an immature homophobe you are.

            • Yusuf Celenli

              Obviously Im not talking about your 6 year old son, idiot. Im talking about the teenagers who think they are gamers and that MLG is the shit and that COD is where it’s at. Why the hell would I insult a little kid who doesn’t know any better. Consoles are great for kids, the thing that’s wrong with them for the main market right now is that they are not used by what many consider a gamer, but rather just about anyone because owning an Xbox and playing COD is “the thing” to be doing, and if you’re not doing it then it’s considered abnormal and strange. No one’s homophobic either, butthurt daddy.

            • Yes

              It clearly passed from father to son.
              But not genetically, because you’re a fag.

      • The Army Ranger

        Right on, pal!

    • JustinD

      You mean the people that paid 110$ for said content

  • Magilla187

    ahh at last music to my ears

  • I ain’t gonna spoil it, by playing the beta, besides i don’t think PS4 buyers will have that chance 😉

  • auslurin

    They already a said no premium members will not get premium as they never stated that if you purchased premium you won’t get an early acces to bf3 beta. I doubt we will be getting it early

  • fiqst

    I bought moh for the ps3. Since then I’ve moved onto pc gaming. I wonder if they would allow me into the pc beta?

  • that what we talk about !!

  • Kyle Jackson

    And so we should get access to the beta.

  • Clayton Johnson

    You all know that’s not going to happen. The Battlefield 3 beat was given early exclusive access to MoH LE buyers as stated on the cover. Warfighter buffers, as stated on cover is SUPPOSED to be granted exclusive access period.

  • Delta8A

    only for Russians! the rest of you [email protected] off!

  • Dmitriy

    Im russian and cant find same page on origin client or web store. Battlefield 3 Premium currently costs 749,50 rub and payment page looks completely different from that screenshot.

  • So I bought Medal of Shit for nothing?

    • pot51e

      No, it was a learning experience. The lesson young padawain, is that sometimes games are “just a pile of shit” and they cant give free blowjobs away they are so bad. Alternatively, never trust a thing that EA/Activision say.

      • Delta8A

        so true

    • dpg70

      You were never going to get anymore than 48 hour exclusive anyway. I believe we learned that lesson last time around.

  • I own the game on the 360 & PC. I own Premium. The only PC games I actually have are BF1942, BFBC2, & BF3. If there’s a way to get access to the “beta”, I will find it.

  • well aint that a bunch of shit. The only reason I bought MoHW was to get into the BF4 beta. Otherwise I never would have bought that PoS game.

  • Wiking

    Then EA say: “Only for BF4 Premium users.”
    And later after that EA will say: “We will lanch BF4 Premium 12 days after the release of BF4.”

    • Hol_Up

      Of course. Or did you think the $60 would cover both BF3 and BF4? :/

  • Sgt. Mofo

    If the Cold War taught me anything, it was ‘Never trust a Ruskie’ and ‘Always believe the media’, but when they are both saying the same thing, what’s a naive American suppose to do?

  • Scav

    Yep,that’s defo the way to go EA,after all you made everyone buy that crappy game MOHWF

  • xrefusedx

    If MOH Warfighter was the only way to get access to BF4 beta. There would only be about 5 beta testers. Lol

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  • General Bison

    I bought Premium for the PC last night, lists BF4 beta access too.
    I thought that it was always touted as a benefit.

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  • when they say you get a free map that just means “hey were giving you a free map now so when you pay 60$ for premium you get one less map”

  • i give up on this series, i have every single battlefield game but after all of bf3’s crap im done with this series for good. the controls were so janky it felt like i had no control over my character and everytime i looked at the match leaderboards i saw no one else did either seeing as how everyone was 2-8 2-13 1-19. even veterans do bad. its just not fun anymore

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  • sssss

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