Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch 1.03 Now Live, VoIP Issues Fixed

DICE has released patch 1.03 for Battlefield 3 on the PS3 to address the VoIP issues.

As DICE promised last month, the studio found and fixed the voice chat problems on the PS3 that have plagued the game since its launch. The patch is still being rolled out, so don’t worry if you haven’t received it yet. The patch will set you back 11MB in memory, and seems to only fix the voice chat problems.

Judging by the size of the patch and user feedback, this is not the much anticipated February patch that will address several bugs and exploits.

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  • StupidMortar

    Fan-f*cking-tastic. I could care less about VOIP, mortar makes playing Seine Crossing impossible half the time. Plus half of the people don’t show up on the minimap because they’re partially behind cover.

    • leeray666

      Shut up. Mortar is underpowered and easily countered. EVEN IF THEY ARE IN COVER.

      • StupidMortar

        Shut up yourself. 9/10 times I get killed by one, will pick support with mortar, will wait untill he kills someone, look for him, doesn’t show up, place mortar anyway, look for him some more, get mortar on top of my head. In hardcore, most of the times you don’t have a killcam and even if you do, sometimes it is impossible to see where he is. I cannot drive the MBT in Seine for 50 meters without having three mortars on my head.

        • Blunts

          Shut up. Mortar is underpowered and easily countered. EVEN IF THEY ARE IN COVER.

          • You can destroy any mortar with another moratr when is not reachable. You can see the mortar position in the map  pressing the start button

          • Anonymous

            There have been times when the mortar doesn’t show up on the map at all.

            Like one time, a guy sat in one particular spot on Sienne and nothing could be done because he never showed up on the map. Still till this day I don’t know the exact spot he was in…

        • leeray666

          Sometimes it takes teamwork to get the job done. Or some thinking-outside-of-the-box. Just because you cannot think of a solution doesn’t mean there aren’t any.
          Because of people moaning like you people who are getting spawn-trapped are going to have an even harder job escaping, especially if the opposition can still mortar INTO the spawn area.

          • StupidMortar

            What the fuck are you talkin about. I’ve never been spawn trapped by a mortar. I’ve only been trapped for 10 times when I’ve played over 1500 rounds of CQ. You are not reading my message. If someone will take cover in a way I will not share on this page, he will not show on the minimap and if there is no killcam, you will never know where he is shooting from. That is my only problems. I doubt there ever will be a patch that bans mortars from spawn.


          Why don’t you go kill YOUR self you little fucking queer.

          • StupidMortar

            You’re sad

      • Anonymous

        Underpowered? LOL

        Your kidding right? You can hide in the spawn and mortar away, yet you say it’s underpowered!? Have a look again.

        • no no buddy it is alot of the time u get hit markers the ones who get killed are the ones who dont move and if they and it is countered esely so y dont u use it and stop bitching it people like u who ruin the game because u bitvh and bitch and get more people to untell DICE nerfs it when it needs to be buffed and tell us what u like to use so we can bitch like u and get it nurfed

          • Anonymous

            Lmao, speak English please, I could barely make out some of your sentences.

            As for bitching, look at your post and see who’s bitching… bitch.

            Lol, I never said it needed to be nerfed, your putting words into my mouth that I never said. I have used the mortar and I have to say it’s NOT underpowered. The fact that it can annoy the shit out of people, get free kills and not be countered easily IS overpowered.

            You sound like one of them pissed of mortar guys that I usually mortar because all you do is sit in the spawn and mortar away. People like you is the reason why I carry the mortar! I don’t use it to get cheap kills. I use it to mortar ‘mortar spamming’ nerds like you!

      • agreed

    • Cyborg6971

      You just suck. Move around use a suppressor. Mortar op I’ve heard it all now.

      • StupidMortar

        Supressor on a MBT, yeah right. And I don’t need a supressor when I walk around with my m16 or m4a1, I almost never get hit by a mortar.

    • Blergh

      *I couldn’t care less   < For all intensive purposes these sorts of mistakes are a diamond dozen

      • guest

        It’s intents and purposes, lol.

        • Blergh

          Well, it’s a doggy dog world and sometimes mistakes are made

          • Cr

             lol i think you mean a dime a dozen, and a dog eat dog world…

      • wow

        “intents and”…

    • GunzTheGr856

      Wow people complaining about the wrong issue there’s nothing wrong with the mortar it’s complaints like this that end up getting something that doesn’t need to be nerfed nerfed the usas-12 with frags needs to be nerfed it’s too OP’d that’s why I don’t use it it’s ridiculous

  • Vanity

    February patch written “Be My Valentine” comes from DICE on February 14.

  • Dynamix

    It took them + 105 days, but finally we have working VoIP. Let the teamplay begin!

    • Umad?

      haha, no one will use voip, no one uses mics or communicates.  

      • well u have a shit team when u have a plantonn on battlelog its good becuase hardcore players like communacation my team love it

      • Dynamix

        I play this game with friends, discuss tactics and have a laugh…ever tried that? Umad now?

  • OcelotRigz

    Fixing the VOIP is great and all, but i was kinda expecting the USAS nerf too, guess i will just have to avoid the smaller maps for while longer.

  • Guest1

    Shit game shit company.. input lag

  • Vinniv88

    They should fix those goddamn shotguns with frag ammo… Ruins the game for everyone…

    • Phatl2028

      keep crying

  • in 6 games this morning on ps3 not one person was using voip besides me.  One other person but I couldn’t hear the little kid so it doesn’t count.

    So is it working?  People bitch and complain but don’t use it when they can.

  • Battlefield Engineer

    So much hate. Probably just a bunch of Call of Duty players that are upset they purchased Modern Warfare 3 and found out how awful it is. I love Battlefield! The game plays just fine right now and the future fixes will only make it better! Whoever made the comment about nobody using mics, maybe you should add different friends or join a clan. That way, you’re guaranteed to play with people who like to communicate. Grouping with random people and expecting miracles isn’t going to get you very far.

    Sure, the USAS-12 may be over-powered as of now, but it’s getting patched very soon. Plus, if you get to rank 45, you can have it too! Problem solved. Honestly though, I feel like the FAMAS is just as bad as the USAS-12. It doesn’t sound like they will be patching that weapon, though. They are blaming the grip for its awesome abilities, which is not the reason it’s such a good weapon. The rate of fire for that weapon is a bit too high and the gun is possibly too accurate or needs more recoil.

    I have found that it’s actually hard to get killed by a mortar, unless you are playing hardcore. In regular core matches, it takes like three hits to kill a fully healed soldier. It’s hardcore where they are over-powered. Just switch to regular core for the time being if it bothers you that much.

    I may be used to the input lag by now, but I don’t find it to be that bad. It seems the majority of the people complaining about it are just looking for an excuse to their poor playing abilities or just a reason to knock the game. Everyone else is dealing with it, so it’s a fair playing ground in that matter. If they have finally fixed the voice chat, I have confidence in them to fix this input lag everyone has been complaining about. Honestly though, if they never do, I won’t be upset because I can play the game just fine even if it does exist.

    •  …
      Sure, the USAS-12 may be over-powered as of now, but it’s getting
      patched very soon. Plus, if you get to rank 45, you can have it too!
      Problem solved….

      What you typed is encouraging people to play in a cycle which worsen the problem..

    • Brandonthomas

      The FAMAS has a high rate of fire/damage in real life. I don’t use it much myself as the recoil is annoying. I prefer the F2000, less damage, same firerate, more accurate.

  • screw this game its been like 5 month? and its still almost the same as it was on release day f*ck this!

  • China Plate

    my ps3 has had the gun glitch for some days now but tonight feb 6 uploaded new patch
    now the battlefield 3 is not working , the game freezes my ps3 as soon as i go online  in quick match or server ..serious issue

  • Well at least it’s something, the Frag Rounds with the USAS needs to be changed. Auto Shotguns shouldn’t even get frag rounds, turns a short range weapon into a goddamn grenade launcher.

  • Zoltan

    Tested VOIP and it worked great! Thank you and what a world of a difference it makes when you can finally communicate critical info.
    Looking forward to next patches. Enjoying every bit of this game… never gets old and you know what..  it just keeps getting better.Cheers! 

  • Laval

    This game just sucks. MW3 FTW FUCK BF3

  • Chrismorrey

    The patch has ruined my game. It’s made me spawn without any weapons or equipment a lot. It’s useless. If only you could avoid this patch.

  • Davekesson

    people complaining about frag ammo coz they have no skill to counter