Battlefield 3 PS3 Server Rental Options and Prices Detailed

Now that both Battlefield 3’s client side and server side are synced up with patch 1.04, prices and details of server rentals have been revealed.

Update: Here are the prices in American dollars:

  • 1 day: $1.49
  • 7 days: $6.99
  • 30 days: $24.99
  • 90 days: $64.99

Original Story: Renting private servers is now available to all Battlefield 3 players on PS3, and can be done through the PSN. There are four rental durations, 1 day, 7 days, 1 month and 3 months. The prices are in Polish Zloty as renting servers hasn’t been made available in all territories at the time of writing.

(US dollar conversions are in parenthesis) Remember the prices in American dollars below are not final as they are based on conversions, we’ll update the article when the final prices are up on the American/Canadian PSN.

  • 1 day: 5 zł ($1.62)
  • 7 days: 26 zł ($8.40)
  • 1 month: 89 zł ($28.77)
  • 3 month: 218 zł. ($70.46)
UK prices are in, thanks to blondbassis. (US Dollars conversions in parenthesis)
  •  1 day: £1.19 ($1.89)
  • 7 days: £5.49 ($8.71)
  • 30 days: £19.99 ($31.73)
  • 90 days: £47.99 ($76.18)
Thanks to Colonel Ramirez for the tip!

  • Akira2020

    $70 for three months!!!!!  What the hell, is this a Porn site?!  Jesus, every other game gives you private matches for free.  God Damn DICE, nice way to fuck us. 

    • yaouza

      Think that this can be divided between let’s say the members of a team, or a store, or friends or whatever, so at the end it’s not that much.

      • also most servers will only be rented for a day or 2, they’ll primarily be used to teach new players and for clan battles, so theres not that much of a problem in that regard it’ll cost (based on the 24 players on consoles) $0.01.3 per player, all in all, thats not bad

    • AL_GR33N_

      Every other game that doesn’t have dedicated servers gives this option free.

      Basically, if the game (as in COD) is hosted from someone’s console, then there’s no difference if that game is private or public.

      However, if in the case bf3, all games are hosted on dedicated servers, then if you want one to yourself, you have to contribute to the running costs of that server.

      As I understand it, bf3 needs to run on dedicated servers because of all the backed processing required (destruction, more players than cod, bullet physics etc).

      You can’t have it both ways I’m afraid.

      Show me a game which has dedicated servers where you can hog one of those for you and your mates without paying for it.

      • AL_GR33N_

         That should have been “back end processing”

      • Jasper

        ever heard of BFBC2 ? you know, the previous BF ? that one had free private servers. fuck you

        • AL_GR33N_

          Not in the same way we have here.  Here, you have your own server where you can change all of the game settings down to not allowing certain weapons etc, starting health, tickets, map rotation.

          As I understand it, there was no such option with BC2 (on console), correct me if I’m wrong though (reasoned and polite rather than rant, as I don’t get why you were so offended by what I wrote.  I didn’t make this decision).

          Long and short, these are fully customisable servers of your own.  Therefore, I assume not subject to the minimum 8 players you needed on BC2, which limits their usefulness to clan matches.

          • Arendsb

            Make more friends from BF. I have 85- all from BF. it’s the only game I really play, so filling up matches with my friends (no clan lol) is easy to do.

        • Stfu

          Did u really have to say fuck u? u piece of shit. The reason u pay is that the game is not hosted in your console. You have full control of a server that belongs to dice, which they bought, and you will have to yourself, for a fee. There is no host advantage like there is with peer to peer hosting and everyone is on the same footing (depending on their Internet connection of course).

        • Suntzufan

          LOL!!!!!! Funny shit dude.

      • Casavult

        Homefront? Dedicated servers with free private match.

        • AL_GR33N_

           Haven’t played homefront, but good to know.  Cheers for the polite response 🙂

          • tadevt

            Just my 2 cents: In Killzone 2, all game rooms are fully customizable while still being hosted by a huge rack of dedicated ps3’s (And i mean HUGE). Can’t u see a room suiting your desire? Just make the game add a new labeled and customized persistant room for u! then it’s just a matter of how many players like your setup: the second the room gets empty resources are freed up for someone else, but if tweak worths u can join your own setup even days later. And even if room got recycled u can always use your saved options to recreate it again. In terms of dedicated servers in ps3, that one is my known reference for sure. But sadly KZ3 went the cheap way instead ^^#

      • Spiritphilosopher


      • Thebds2

         Warhawk. Private, dedicated, and clan specific servers.

  • A 8

    they are actually cheaper than alot of pc dedicated server costs.

    one site wants 0.71p per slot which is £18.48 a month,

    so the prices aren’t too bad

  • I don’t think the prices are that high, i’m definately gonna rent me a 1 month. 🙂 

  • Jakedunc

    I’m not sure the conversions are right.

    5 zł ( $0.32)26 zł ($8.40) Basic proportion maths tells you this cannot be right. 26=5×5,2 whereas 5,2×0,32 equals barely over $1,5


    • Yeah sorry about that. I fixed it as soon as I saw your comment yesterday. Thanks!

  • RabidTurtle

    Is there a price difference between ranked and unranked? I know some PC server rental services offer unranked for cheaper.

    Any word on the mod tools for these servers? I was hoping we could set multiple admins controlling the server via PC (thus allowing to kick potential cheaters/trolls, lock out specific weapons – at least on the unranked, etc). Haven’t seen anything on how you control the servers as an admin.


      No price difference. The ranked/unranked will be determined how much the user changes the games perimeters, thus making it unranked if tweaked too much.

      God, this feature is amazing!!

      KUDOS DICE!!

      • RabidTurtle

         Hey, since you are playing around with it, mind me asking if you can have multiple admins for the server? Or is it just the person who buys it?

      • It’s ‘parameters’. ‘Perimeters’ has a completely different meaning.
        Just thought I’d point that out for ya.

      • Spiritphilosopher

        you’re a douche, Starhawk has customizable servers, where you can set friendly fire,
        map rotation, etc, and it remembers them next time you are on, this is such
        bullshit… BC2 had private games… EA is going the wrong way and will start to lose a lot of customers in the next few years, esp. with this money-grubbing behavior and the online pass issue (where you have to buy the online pass when you buy a used game)

        •  someone never played a BF game on PC 😛

        • RabidTurtle

          I don’t see why you had to call the guy a douche. All he did was answer one of my questions.

          If you don’t know the difference between a dedicated host and one where a player hosts, then I pity you. BC2’s private games was close to the idea of a private server, but it was a mess on ps3. 8 people to start a match, and then you were lucky if it did start.

          • Spiritphilosopher

            Sorry for the douche comment, I just don’t think paying for a server is right, the regular servers work fine in terms of stability, so why can’t we have unranked private games with our own customizations? I just feel like EA is milking it. For the record in BC2 I never had disconnect issues in private matches, but mind you I played the game about a year after release (still had 25,000 players on a daily basis a year after!) and I have a 25MB connection, wired.

          • RabidTurtle

            [email protected]:disqus Won’t let me reply directly to you, so I’m replying to my own post.

            There is a huge difference between private matches run by a host and a dedicated server. Private matches run by a host tend to not be reliable, and entirely reliant on the host. The host starts having stuttering problems, everyone does. Servers run by the host also disappear when the host goes away. Dedicated servers allow for increase reliability. They allow people to favorite their favorite servers, and keep on going back. It allows them to ignore servers run by asshole admins who ban you if you kill the admin too much.  It allows you greater flexibility by selecting what weapons can be used, what maps you want in your server that is always on, what game modes you want. It allows your friends to keep on playing even after you leave (I realize most console games offer host migration, but that is annoying as hell, and some even restart a round when it happens). I may have BF3 on PS3, but I am originally a PC gamer (and still am, just not with BF3, because my friends all have it on PS3). Dedicated servers have ALWAYS been ran this way on PC, and they end up working better. Its why the PC community was up in arms over MW2 deciding not to have dedicated servers, and why people loved Treyarch for bringing them back in Black Ops. In most pc games up until approximately 4 years ago, people had the option of hosting the game on their own PC. People would ignore those servers like the plague, because they ran terribly. I’m more than glad that we are having private dedicated servers.

  • Grizzster713

    Whatever happen to the good old days like back in ghost recon the servers were free to host.kick people for team killing glitchin and talking crap just to make themselve look stupid

    • Cakiman

      You’re not paying to host a server, you’re paying to get a dedicated server who will host your server. This is an actual piece of hardware taking up space, electricity, and resources in an office. The ps3 does not have the power to host a game, even less when playing on it, and that’s why you pay for someone to host it.

      • Spiritphilosopher

        Bullshit, Starhawk has customizable servers, where you can set friendly fire, map rotation, etc, and it remembers them next time you are on, this is such bullshit…

        • Colinm_368

          yes and starhawk is even more glitchy then this game ever was AND starhawk, cod, MoH and othe rgames JUST LIKE THIS will be getting rent-a-server soon as well… sorry but its the way of keeping the SERVERS YOU play on clean and up to snuff

        • rofl

          is starhawk using frostbite 2? nope

      • Spiritphilosopher

        Bullshit, Starhawk has customizable servers, where you can set friendly fire, map rotation, etc, and it remembers them next time you are on, this is such bullshit…

  • sgt_mofo

    Any way to setup some sort of auto renewal? It would suck if people had a server added to the favorites, and every time the subscription ran out, the server disappeared.

  • Tludt888

    Soooooo…. Xbox/PC release date anyone? 

    • Bob

      PC patch releases tomorrow, thursday, march 29…i read it on Battlefieldo 

  • Kyriakos Ioannides

    why do we have to rent and not have them 4 free. the only thing i dont like in bf3

    •  Cause they are dedicated they aren’t like COD servers 😛

    • Gameguy21

      you guys will always find something to bitch about. Please act your age, unless you are a ignorant 10 year old.

      • Ijustmadethisshitup

        Ironic that you would assume someone else’s lack of knowledge when you yourself are obviously lacking as well. Regardless, I agree.

    • Are you dumb or something? This concept has been going on for 10 years. It was always like this in ALL Battlefields. Oh wait, you’re probably a Console scrub and don’t know how the concept of Server Rentals work…

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  • Mr711n

    why the prices are so high 🙁
    and europe even higher :'(

  • Mr711n

    why the prices are so high 🙁
    and europe even higher :'(

    • Gameguy21

      those prices are not high. Unless you live with your mom and dad, and they pay for everything. Get a job man.

      • Rickysmendez

        get a life

  • Trollo

    Call the Poopsmith these prices stink

  • I love the private server option and the price really isn’t a big deal unless you need to play on a private server all the time.  In that case, get friends to chip in so it’s not that bad.  As soon as I can, I’ll rent a server for a week just so my friends and I can get on, practice flying a few vehicles, and mess around with the BF3 world without caring about getting shot.  And then the bloodshed will begin.  Private Server.  1 on 1.  Caspian Border or Firestorm.  Game could take hours, but be a stealthy bit of fun.

  • Bing

    yay yens

  • Artdafoo

    Im feeling this right here, will be hosting pistols only server when CQ maps drop in june .

    • Ted

       That’s the biggest joke of all, even after paying outrageous rates for a server but it seems you cant even customize the loadouts and weapons available.  Halo2 did all this for free so long ago.  As a long time PC gamer used to customizable servers and community upgrades I think the console market is getting ridiculous ($10 to play online) ($25/month for server you can’t even customize)($20+ for what 4-6 maps)

  • What the hell are you self entitled little twats squabbling about? If you don’t like the server rental options, then bloody well play on someone else’s, or a public server. EA/DICE aren’t holding a gun to your head, forcing you to rent their servers. You’ve managed just fine up until now.


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  • Any idea when you’ll have the full list of Server Options?

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  • DarthDiggler

    That pricing seems outrageous.

  • Neiljacquest

    The one who said those prices are not high unless you live with your mum and dad. Freak and obviously some rich snob. A few hundred dollars for rental on top of all the cost of the game and all the add ons is obscene. Is the extreme expensive console plus broadband plus game expenses not enough already. Its not about how much money you have to get full use of.PS3 is becoming very expensive and we don’t work ourselves to an early death to throw money away

  • These prices is why i play on Pc!!! 

  • Jayyou1979

    Enjoy paying $300 every few months to upgrade your pc just to play it u tool. So tired of hearing pc people whine and boast. Hate to break it to you fools but the pc was intended to play games … the console was. Boom

    • Gauzl1

      LOL my pc which has a GTX 680 will last me years and will run better then the next generation consoles, Hate to brake it to you fool but pc was intended for games hence why its far better and you can build a system for $450 that runs better then the ps3 and 360

      • Heisenberg

        “will laste me years”
        I lol’d.

        • taylor

          Pc was intended to play games…. the console was. Boom.
          I lol’d. It’s more like the console wasn’t, I have one and it sucks compared to pc.

  • Matthew

    im in canada and i cant rent servers ? why not >?

  • king_kid2

    if you think the prices are outrages don’t get the 90 days or 30 days just get the 7 days

  • Can you rent a server and it count for score and rank? Would hate to get my own server only to have it not count for any score. I Mainly want to rent a server so me an my friends can play on a server playlist that we actaully like but we are all in agreement that its not worth it if score and rank dont count

  • So, here is the problem. I can put 400 tickets on the offensive team on Rush, which means there isn’t much of a chance of the defending team to win. Oh, I can also give the offensive team a tank a wave earlier. That’s what I have seen so far with this new update and server purchase.  So, why the hell did EA and DICE give players the ability to make this game crappy?

  • The main this is regarding the prices, the prices are too high that people can afford it.Most of the people have it and they fully enjoy it.

  • Wulster

    Private servers sucks. There are a lot of ragekicker fag admins. And there is no fucking option to avoid them on PS3. 😛

  • FireFoxHound

    Honestly I find this as a double edged sword…One bad thing but one good thing..The bad thing is the Rage Admins that cant take geting a headshot from a L96 (correct me if im wrong plz) Sniper rifle and 5 seconds later bann me from the server for No reason…Just had this happen to me when i was playing in Saunders71’s server. On the other hand it was one of my favorite maps only on TDM with the ticket cap at 500. So Love the fact the games last longer and more fullfilling, hate the admins that cant take geting killed on their own server.

  • 1958

    At first I was all for renting a server, then with these prices that makes me change my mind. Only worth it if you play every single day & have a group of friends to split the cost with.

  • Bill

    I had to leave BF3 since they went with the private server idea. Putting your game in the hands of children and immature adults was a huge mistake. Can’t even play a fair game anymore. Kicked by admins if you shoot them….team killed by admins and their friends… stacking, mods galore and no way to even report the bad servers. It’s just a crap fest. Back to COD for me……sadly.

  • Rent a server

    Why cant i rent a server? When i go on: Rent server it comes nothing? Do i need premium?? [Btw, pliss answere fast!]

  • taylor

    Rent a server option (Crappy Admins) & overpriced premium made me quit battlefield 3. Good thing i can go back to BFBC2 I found it better anyway.