Battlefield 3 PS3 VOIP Patch on Feb 6, No Comment on DLC Rumor, and Much More

DICE has confirmed that PS3 users should expect an update this Monday to address the VOIP issues. The developers also commented on various issues.

Bugs, MAV, and DLC Rumor

DICE has assured fans that “the developers are aware of” the game freezing, on the 360, when players bring up the scoreboard right after dying on Sharqi Peninsula. Another map issue is when, in Team Deatchmatch, players can reach the highway on Tehran Highway, DICE revealed that “we are aware and investigating!” In regards to the MAV exploit, when asked if it is considered cheating, the developers stated, via Twitter, that they “certainly don’t encourage it, put it that way.” Cheating or not, this issue will patched soon. On different note, DICE’s Alan Kertz expectedly refused to comment on the “All American” DLC rumor, stating that it’s a “rumor, speculation;” therefore, he didn’t comment on the subject.

PS3 VOIP Update

The VOIP problems that have plagued the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 will finally be ironed out on February 6th. The mandatory patch, which was promised last month, will set you back 20MB in memory, DICE announced on the official blog (can’t be accessed at the moment). Unfortunately, we still don’t know if this is the long awaited February patch, or a PS3 specific patch for VOIP. The other, rather more important, PlayStation 3 issue, input lag, wasn’t commented on, but we will make sure to update you on the matter when more information surfaces.

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  • I’ve completely given up on the PS3 version of BF3.  I wasn’t going to wait around forever for the input lag to be taken care of.  I only wish I had gotten it for the Xbox originally so I wouldn’t be so far behind on the unlocks.

    • Guest

      Input lag is your TV, not the game.

      • fixit

        (double facepalm) no, it’s the game. 360 and pc players don’t have this problem at all and no other game in my library has this problem. I’ve even tried it on an SDtv and the controls are still erratic and wobbly because of the input delay on the ps3 (not as much as in HD but it’s still there). It feels like my character is always playing catch-up with my input not matter what tv i’m on. It’s an issue that DICE needs to fix

        • yea i have no input lag and either do almost everyone i play with we all got around 12k kills

      • Akira2020

        Sorry bro….It has nothing to do with the TV.  I own BF3 for both the Xbox and PS3 AND I own a 60″ Sharp TV with Vyper Mode.  The Xbox version works great, but the PS3 still lags!  Don’t know if they’ll ever fix it or even acknowledge it.  They’ll just keep saying “We’re looking into it” and continue to put their heads in the sand.

        • Guest

          Why would you own it for the 360 and ps3?  Seems like a waste of money to me.

      • I have it on both the Xbox and PS3 on a TV with a 5ms response rate… yet it only has input lag on the PS3… yeah, totally just the TV.

      • guest

        If just about all ps3 players are affected by this, then wtf is the problem?  Everybody will lag and it will cancel out any unfairness.  Stop complaining and get a life!

        • Moocrew247

          well, it’d would be more fun if ps3 players didn’t have to be handicapped by input lag, meaning players can play to their actually skill level

          • Goatfish

             This comment is horseshit. I haven’t noticed a single fraction of input lag and I’m still at the top of the score board every round and my stats are way better than they were in BC2

            • fixit

              re-read your statement and time how long it takes you to come to that ‘AHAH!’ moment

            • whahhha

        • fixit

          @guest: shut up. 

          we don’t like fighting with the controls just to do something as simple as aiming or navigating through a structure. personally it gives me a headache after a while. and who tf are you to tell someone to get a life? you’re on here and play games just like the rest of us. maybe you play on a platform other than the ps3 and don’t have to deal with it. I bought, no, we ps3 users bought this game assuming that basic functions such as controls would work correctly and since it doesn’t we’ll complain all the hell we want.  

          • BingTheBluntMan

            what the hell u talking abt i never have any problem with aiming buy a freak lol

            • fixit

              you’re an idiot

          • me and the 15 or so people i play with are all on ps3 no input lag complaints from anyone. . and since you think its cool to call the below an idiot. You are the idiot newb

      • well i’m on ps3 and have no input lag

    • meh its not that bad ive play every couple weeks and i still unlock and im at rank 45 i just play it when i got nothing else to do its sucks a donkeys @$$ on ps3 though -__-

  • Bsk92484

    I haven’t really seen any of this input lag that people are talking about on the PS3. And as far as the NAV exploit I seen someone trying to use it yesterday on Grand Bazaar, after I shot him he ended up leaving the game.

    • Anonymous

      I’m totally with you on not feeling any input lag. I own and have played both the 360 and ps3 versions since launch and even when playing 360 and switching directly over to ps3 I feel no difference what so ever aside from my preference for the PS controller for comfort and accuracy. Perhaps it is so minimal I can compensate even though I don’t notice it at all but my PS3 K/D is 1.52 vs 1.16 on Xbox so if it is there then it is an advantage for me.

  • YES!!! finally!! please fix input lag even though they havent said anything PLEASE!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought that with the direct competition from MW3, DICE would have had more updates better communication with their fan base. I LOVE BF3! I LOVE IT. However, I hate the publishers. It seems as though they got their money and now BF3 is left to shrivel on the vine. I had high hopes for Homefront as an alternative to the Call of Duty series, THQ dropped the ball with the updates and tweaks and that game never even had a chance to live up to it’s potential.

  • Anonymous

    Battlefield dies from DICE greed.

  • TheC1aw

    Input lag only affects certain models of ps3. Luckily i own one that is not affected. If you do have o e, set your display settings to 480p. Unfortunetly this is the only workaround at the moment.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, I find that hard to believe. I own 5 PS3s and BF3 lags on all 5. One is the old 60gb fat model, 40gb fat model, 120gb slim model, 250 gb slim model and another 250gb slim model. It lags on ALL of them. I’ve even tried different TVs and it still lags.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody please link a video of this input lag because either I don’t have it or just got used to it? Thanks!

    • L1pp3r

      There are tons of videos that shows the input lag on ps3 on youtube but there are none showing NO input lag, so pls show me a video of BF3 on PS3 with no input lag!!!!!

      As said before, mentally challenged people are not able to notice the input lag and they are the ones that ruins the game for PS3 users saying that there are no input lag.

      • F8b10

        I play regularly with a few friends and none of us get input lag. I’m at about 250hrs on the ps3 and I just recently got the Xbox version and there is no difference in input at all. The one thing I did notice is that the ps3 version runs at 720p and the xbox version runs at 1080p. I wonder if that makes any difference on certain TVs?

        • L1pp3r

           I’m sorry but I dont belive you.
          All the people that have tried to disprove the input lag has failed so far, even those who has uploaded videos on youtube that claims there is no input lag HAS massive input lag and just proving the input lag even more.! Im sorry but the majority of people are kind of stupid and dont notice this kind of lag.

          DICE has acknowledged the issue so pls stop saying it isnt there, it’s you that arent there.

          • F8b10

            I don’t really care if u don’t believe me. The only reason I even know it exsists is because it’s reported on the Internet. U can go ahead and call me what ever u want but TVs and home theater r my specialty (I’m a professional a/v installer). I’ve been gaming since 87 when I got my nes and Havnt stopped since so no one is going to tell me that I’m experiencing something that I know I’m not. I’ve spent thousands of hours online since the halo 2/counter strike days and I can tell u it’s not happening to me. I have my tv set to game mode which bypasses all the extra processing but when I turn it off I def do notice major lag (auto motion plus 240hz) so I’m sure some, but not all, r experiencing lag just from that alone. U should b a little more open minded and acknowledge that just because it happens to some people it doesn’t mean it’s happening to everyone.

            • L1pp3r

              Show me one, just one video showing no input lag on ps3 playing battlefield 3 in HD and I will believe you.

              Its not the quantity that makes the player its the quality!

            • F8b10

              i made a quick comparison video of the ps3 and xbox verson.  i watched about ten times just to make sure that they where comparable. there is a slight lag in both versions but i would say thats normal in every game. they are soo close that if anyone argues otherwise imo they are just looking for a reason to bitch but either way i respect other peoples opinion. please watch the whole video and tell me what you think. either way im happy with the game and play it for ps3 80% of the time (i hate the viop problem of course, and it freezes every now and then) since thats what most of my friends have it on.  here you go

            • F8b10

              just for comparison, i think in this video u can c it pretty well.

            • L1pp3r

               Still input lag.
              As you probably are a camper gamer you wont be affected but when running gunning in tight corners this input lag screw you over every time.

            • F8b10

              Wtf r u talking bout. Your just being a whinny bitch. The Xbox version is identical and the video shows it. even if it’s not, u would need super slow mo to even notice it. If that’s what your complaining about then you just suck and need excuses. I get the same results in pts and kdr when I play both versions and I dont camp since I play conquest and I always have to be on the move to get captures. First u say I’m lying, then I show u a video to prove they r the same, then u call me a camper, just goes to show I’m wasting my f$ck#ing time arguing with a complaining f*g looking for excuses cause he has no skills. No one is going to argue that there is a slight delay if u slow down the video but at full speed u have to really sit there and analyze the sh#t out of it. it doesn’t affect my gameplay at all. I’ve seen other vids on YouTube that actually do have serious input lag an this is not one of them so stfu and go cry somewhere else

            • L1pp3r

               Man you need to get laid, you are such an A/V high school geek that plays dungeon and dragons and your brain aint capable of handling a FPS game.


            • F8b10

              If I’m an av geek your the fag high school drop out that probably works for me and doesn’t even know it. As far as getting laid, I’m sure u dont get pussy cause a grown man doesn’t bring that into a forum as a defense for his lack of wit u pimply 13 yrd bitch. Grow a brain and learn to debate things like an adult. Until then I have no problem ripping your ass apart on this thread

            • L1pp3r

              Ha ha you
              have no Idea how far behind you are booth intellectually, school  and career wise. You are working in a fucking
              retail store selling ordinary people TV’s.

              I don’t even
              know where to describe what I do and I will even break the Swedish law if I
              told you what kind infrastructure systems I work with and have access to.


              I had to
              bring the level down because geeks like you and I mean not the smart ass geeks
              like myself that have two university degrees but plain and simple bad looking geek
              like you can’t comprehend a statement from DICE telling that there are an issue
              regarding input lag on the PS3 regarding Battlefield 3.


              You can go
              trolling on some A/V forum instead coming here telling everyone that input lag
              is just an illusion and there is no spoon.

              Now go on
              and sell that big ass TV and spoil yourself tonight with some grease and coke  you obese American.

            • F8b10

              Haha. Only virgin pussy Would list his accomplishments in an Internet forum. You’ve been insulting since your first post which goes to show that your condisending and arrogant. I have no problem admitting that I don’t have two degrees from a prestigious ivy league university but the beautiful thing about America is that I don’t need one. I work for my father, who owns a successful security/home automation business and I actually enjoy playing games instead of crying about them. So go bring up your intellect in a different thread cause I won’t do u any good in a bf3 related one. Your obviously not to smart to be above arguing with someone like me so I have no respect for fags like u since u can’t just stay on the subject matter. Even if u r smarter than everyone on here your still insecure and inferior in every other way and U just look like an asshole looking for respect, yet u dont know how to get it because your a smart ass with no social skills.

            • Lebiglebowski

              @L13ppr, stop embarrassing yourself, your getting pwned lol. @ f8b10, there is a very slight input lag even in your video. It’s not anything to complain about IMO and it doesn’t bother me but some players r very competive and if they spend $60 on something then they should have the right to complain if its not up to standard. There r other fps games that respond much better.

            • L1pp3r

               I want you to remake the video on the PS3 and just dont jerk the controller, hold the right stick in for longer sessions and make big movements and post it on youtube and let me know.

            • Mikey2012

              Haha, I watched the vid. If that’s the “input lag” I’ve been hearing about then I’m gonna have to agree that gamers r just becoming whinny bitches. Lolol

        • There is no input lag in that  game. Its considered regular. Gamers are getting too sensitive about minute stuff. From what i think the developers may have made it the movement slower so that its “realistic” you cant move abnormally fast like in counter strike so ill treat is as inertia. Loving the game.

  • Anonymous

    I never get an answer for this, but can someone give me a definitive statement about this lag? I’ve seen people go so far as to say its like Killzone 2, but I experience no lag in any shape or form. What I’d like to know is are only certain types of TVs affected, certain PS3s, etc. Because clearly not everyone is affected. My biggest problem with the game is the USuckAtShooting gun, nothing to do with mechanics. I’m about 230 hours in and having a lot of fun with it.

    • fixit

      go on you youtube; search “bf3 ps3 input lag ” and you’ll find plenty of answers 

  • nate

    my xbox has frozen like 5 times while i was in a jet on op firestorm… 4 of those 5 times it froze right when i roadkilled someone in mid air… anyone else have this problem? 

  • Dynamix

    After 105 days since release we will finally have working VoIP on the PS3. Should i be happy now or…?!?

  • Yosoyyo

    And what about AN-94 buff, frags nerf and that stuff, for PS3 and 360?

    • Anonymous

      AN-94 doesn’t need a buff. If you read the description, it says a skilled riflemen will be good with this gun. I use it all the time and it’s awesome.

      •  TRUTH! /r/ps3bf3

      • But I still hate it when its default setting is a 2 shot fire.Quite irritating to keep switching it to full auto

  • Artdafoo

    I guarentee you guys input lag will never get fixed period. They have no way if fixing it short of going back and re coding the game. If there was an easy fix it would have been pached by now. DICE effed this up big
    time. I just hope they learn from this ( doubt it ) and MOH 2 and BC 3 are done correctly.

  • huhiiu

    DICE you need to fix the input-lag fast.. i cant play bf3 anymore its not fun playing like that… please fix it!!!

  • I wish they’d add a “tank/air superiority” expansion. Maps for Tank only battles. Maps for Jet only battles. :]] lol

  • Lsdjstjd

    I’m on PS3 and I don’t have input lag…

  • Scribbles

    Never had any input lag. For some cases it’s the TV, but not all. Nobody I know has any input lag either. I’m not sure, but I think it may be in the connections from TV to PS3. With the better graphics the lag is being shown because of the amount of info sent through the cables. 

    Possibly people might need to buy higher quality cables? Don’t start trolling me for this, but I think people need to stop buying the cheap HDMI cables, I bought the best ones at the store and bought the warranty on them.  

    • L1pp3r

      My god you must really be an actually retard?
      As I stated before stupid and bad FPS players don’t notice input lag and no body has proven me wrong so far.

  • Guest

    People have been complaining about the input lag since the game came out in October and DICE still haven’t fixed it. Fuck this overrated piece of shit.

  • azoz

    And finally

  • truth

    what input lag? get a good tv =;

  • Anon

    I’ve noticed a little input lag but it isn’t as game-breaking as everyone is making it out to be