Battlefield 3 – Semi-Secret Pathway Discovered on Noshahr Canals, Did You Know?

User “Tallkido” recently posted a very interesting video on the r/Battlefield3 sub-reddit by YouTuber “Claudio Sad” which holds a “secret” many of you, even some of the more veteran among us, may not have known.

As documented by these fine gentlemen in the video below, what if I told you there is a secret pathway (or, at least, a relatively unknown pathway) that will get you from the Russian spawn to the B flag in a game of Conquest on Noshahr Canals in a matter of seconds, all while remaining almost completely undetected?

I sure didn’t know about it, and due to the amount of up-votes this post has received so far, I take it that a lot of other Battlefield-ers didn’t know either. Check out the video below:

Sure, it isn’t a huge “secret” by any stretch of the meaning, but it’s pretty cool to see something like this pop up after almost two years of game time.

By the way, if you are a PlayStation Plus members and still don’t own Battlefield 3, you’ll want to read this to find out how to get it for free.

So, did you know?

Source: Reddit

  • James Mulhall

    I’ve known about this for ages.. I remember seeing a video of someone trying to flow underneath it.

    • I’ve been copilot with AintSoFun on PS3. We flew under the warehouse about 5-6 times in a row about 8 months ago. It’s on my PVR but yet to be placed on YouTube.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Why didn’t you tell us about it hmm? :'(

      • James Mulhall

        Because I thought everyone else knew about it also.. D: I’m sowwwyyy.

        • SangheiliSpecOp

          It’s alright… <3

    • Casavult

      Yeah, me too. I knew about this about a year ago whilst playing Rush on this map.

  • zacflame

    I just like how all of us play this map in peace without questioning why there aren’t any canals in the map.

    • Ben

      You surely can’t be THAT stupid? What the hell do you think the guys in the video are driving their boat on?

      • zacflame

        I’m not that stupid. I mean why would it be called canals if there weren’t any canals to drive through.

        • Ben

          Your stupidity is off the charts. In the video they’re driving their boat on a canal!!

          • zacflame

            I mean that’s what you think BEFORE the video.

            • Ben

              The only extra information the video provided is that there is a secret tunnel underneath the warehouse. Anyone who has played that map before will know the map has canals. Even the noobs who just play TDM can see a big canal right on the side of the map!

            • zacflame

              I mean a usable canal.
              -yes, the other one is useful, but hardly.

            • Ben

              You’re a buffoon.

            • zacflame

    • AtheistMason

      You don’t see nosehair as well

  • Joel Santana

    Even after playing BF3 for nearly two years, still surprised I’ve never found this out. Good stuff.

    This would’ve made arming the MCOMMS on Canals much easier.

    • DanO

      Yeah I’ve never know this, and this is one of my fav maps too. But I don’t think I ever used the boats down there, mainly just ripped it up with the littlebirds =)

      • Joel Santana

        Don’t know about my favorite map. But this was definitely one of the best vanilla TDM maps in the game.

        And yeah, running around in little birds is always fun, especially if it’s the other’s team birdy.

    • paulinacio

      Same here man LMFAO But I cant remember if I have ever used that boat on

      Noshahr Canals so I’m not too surprised I never seen it

      • Joel Santana

        Yeah, that boat was just a death trap and asking to get yourself killed. Especially with the anti-air tank being up. Lol

  • jj16802

    I knew about this from watching a video 2 years ago, but I never took the time to actually use the route.

  • Jonah Thrillz

    Didn’t know cuz I hardly play conquest. I mainly stick to TDM and as you all know the maps are smaller.

    • DanO

      That’s a shame, you’re missing out on the best game modes.. TDM is so old now it’s amazing how so many people still play it.

    • MrSunshine

      What’s the point of playing Battlefield if you only play TDM?

      Unless you’re on 360 & PS3 then I understand.

      • MegaMan3k

        I think it’s safe to say that most BF3 players are on 360 or Ps3.

        • DanO

          Yeah I tend to buy more games for consoles then I do PC, I mainly just use PC for RTS style games.

      • Jonah Thrillz

        Yeah I’m on PS3.

        Often I only have time for a some quick TDM. Once in a while I’ll play the other modes like Rush and Conquest but that’s rare.

    • mhal

      Buys Battlefield…

      Doesn’t play conquest…


      • John doe

        Then he gets in Conquest mode and causes the team to lose because he is not playing objectives.

        Double Facepalm.

      • Jamic

        I hardly play conquest because DICE’s map desing is shit. There isnt many maps that work with 24 players except all B2K maps…. All other maps are utter shit. They were all even desinged with rush in mind.

        I really hope DICE learns how to make GOOD maps in BF4, though player count hides the desing flaws so they dont need to desing good maps… Im afraid BF4 has even worse set of maps.

  • Really?! ..The heli tunnel is a secret now? wow.

    • gph456

      apparently so

    • paulinacio

      its a pretty hidden pathway that many dint know about including myself lol

  • YinYang27

    I knew about this

  • oofy

    I think it was the Red Baron on youtube. But he navigated that route with a scout chopper.

  • Tyler Dominick

    New to me… even to this day BF3 still amazes me!

  • JohnO

    I use the armtrac on rush if im attacking or the vodnik if im russian to sneak up behind

  • dpg70

    As if the Russian’s needed more of an advantage on Canals

    • John doe

      No shit. I really hope in BF4 they do not make spawn points on ships out at sea, It is such a disadvantage when there is noobs that take off in helicopters without picking you up.

    • oofy

      Don’t think of it as an advantage. Think of it as a route to take if your getting spawn trapped.

      • dpg70

        Had to swim the canal on console. No boat. lol

        • oofy

          Remember, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. lol

  • xD I’ve driven a helicopter through there, didn’t end to pretty.

  • Jerry Kehr
  • WarHero

    I was wondering why it was there, when I first saw it was dark and thought that it might be a graphical glitch or something. I never payed attention to it ever since..

  • John doe

    Now I know why i did not know. I am playing the nip and tuck console version. Hell console spawn points are past that. Next gen cannot come soon enough.

  • James K

    Wow, thanks for sharing this secret route. I can’t believe it went largely unnoticed.

    Now if only people can figure out how to unlock the secret weapon in the BO2 campaign.

  • KennyKyle

    i did it once, so i guess i know it lol

  • eBunny

    Even though I knew about this it definitely took me a while to find out by actually navigating a boat the opposite way 🙂

  • Casavult

    I already knew about this about a year ago whilst playing Rush.

  • Laser0pz

    My friend showed me this about a year ago. We called it the Bat Cave 😀

    Although on the Console only the Vodnik was able to go through here. Noshahr Small doesn’t have any Russian side boats.

  • AtheistMason

    Who ever plays CQ or Rush on this map.. Noshahr TDM FTW!!!

    I’m just kidding

  • Dwyane Booker

    Knew about it.

  • I mostly use that path when playing RUSH. Very useful at the last 2nd MCOM set.

  • Kaska

    Found this “secret” pathway in a week after release. Not really secret-

  • Arvid

    I knew about that.

    • Ben

      Well done!!! /s

  • demtryhards

    Hahaha, I have known this since 2 months after launch. My friends an I always troll people under here, and its pretty freakin’ awesome to take a RHIB boat or amtrack.

  • Marcell Pirisi

    I found this a few months ago. Great for flanking, nice find anyways!

  • IceKoldKilla

    I’ve never even played the whole map! I’ve played the TDM small version in custom servers. That’s it. Keep in mind I haven’t played a lot even though I got the Limited Edition at launch. Still around level 30. Will try to play this map since I’m sure it’s exclusive to certain modes. I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks!

  • iSpiRiiT

    Makes me so exited. I can imagine this as a flanking route while playing rush.

  • Jamic

    I learned this “secret” a year ago by avoiding enemy fire in rush (we were attackibg). I jumped to the water and swimmed underneath the building. I have never even thought about driving a boat throught the canal. Possibly because Im not sure if console version has boats in nosehair conquest.

  • TriguyRN

    I saw rival ravic do death race through here.

  • Marcin Kubica

    God, this one has a longest white beard I’ve ever seen 😀

  • Paul Leblanc

    ive always knon about this lol
    since launch 😉 i thought everyone knew it.

  • Solace Unity

    I navigate that tunnel with choppers all the time.

    • BillyHoWCR

      No you don’t…. not the RU tunnel. maybe the areas under the bridge to the far left of RU but not the building access tunnel.

      • Solace Unity

        Yes I do. The drain underneath the warehouse can fit the Z11 and the Little Bird. Sadly, the Venom won’t fit. I’ve also flown between the beams on the dry dock warehouse. You know, the ones that shouldn’t let any chopper fit through. I have also on occasion flown the little bird through the second floor of the trailer next to that dry dock warehouse as well.

        • BillyHoWCR

          I would have to see the video. As it is the boat barely fits in the tunnel with the gunners head nearly touching the ceiling when traveling it. And the z-11 is much taller then the boats. And even a hint of touching water will take the Z-11 into it. (unless that is something different on PC that allows z-11 to fly with runners in the water?)

          • Yeah, you can do it on console as well. I do it on the PS3.

  • Νικος

    Lol everyone knows about it…

    At least that’s what i thought before i read the comments

    • BillyHoWCR

      Before I even watched the video I thought to myself. Bet they are going to be talking about the water way access under the building on RU side. Yep… news is so bad they make old news appear to be new news because one person didn’t know of the location yet.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Nothing new. We all knew about it in rush because.. we use it all the time to sneak into the building area. But if I recall on consoles for CQ you don’t get the boat? So not as big an issue because no transport to use to get to ‘B’ quickly. I could be wrong on the boat thing? It has been almost a year since being able to play the RU side of CQ on this map. I am always unlucky enough to be stuck on the ship it seems.

  • BillyHoWCR

    If any news post should be removed… it should be this one. Might as well post news on the finding of the gnomes.