Battlefield 3 – Small Update Makes Improvements to Battlelog

Yesterday, a few of you may have noticed a bit of an outage in Battlefield 3‘s Battlelog service.

According to DICE, the studio was busy working away at a few Battlelog improvements, which you may notice when booting up the game today.

It’s a relatively small update, but here are the notes regardless.

Battlelog Update – September 4th

This update mainly contained backend and infrastructure changes in preparation for Battlefield 4, and therefore not a lot of visible changes for users.

Improvements & Changes:

  • New header/menu design and layout
  • You can now choose to have your feed, game activity and personal info only shown to friends
  • Completely new UI for the Game Manager (only available for select few people)
  • Now only friends can see what server you are playing on in your profile


  • Issue where your presence would not change when you stop playing Co-op
  • Issue where the site didn’t scale correct in 1280×720 resolutions
  • Various compatibility issues with the Opera browser
  • Various issues with Battlefield 3 multiplayer Quickmatch
  • Issue where you couldn’t publish your emblem to the feed

  • LevelCap

    Tested it. Hasn’t slowed stalkers down one bit..

    • marpla78

      well is going to be hard for you guys but for regulars like us is ok.
      But more privacy will be better perhaps…maybe after BF4 release?

      • Mohammad Nassir

        Levelcap himself !!! WOW ..

        • marpla78

          stalkerrrr 😉


        • zacflame

          LevelCap and MP1st have kind of a symbiotic relationship, if you haven’t noticed.

        • mus1CKFps

          Xfactor is on the BF4BLOG now levelcap wheres matimi0 and jacfrags ?

        • acealchemist

          That’s exactly what i said! I never knew he comes here. Well hopefully Level we get improved privacy. It would be a dumb move for dice not to incorporate it properly after all the mess BF3 went through.

        • Solkku

          Who is LevelCap?

          • AtheistMason

            Do you ever go to YouTube..

          • Ryan Schulze

            Check him out on you tube and improve your game quickly. Some people are just better players, but he’ll teach you this that can improve your skill, even if you’re still not gonna go 25-2 and get mvp every round.

    • Just saying

      DICE should make special privacy settings for guys like you lol.

    • dpg70

      I don’t think most stalkers use Battlelog anyway. I welcome any privacy controls they add though.

    • Vidalzinho

      deal with it

    • TheChunkyPotato

      Level is that you? Love your vids man!

    • WarBroh

      If you want to make money off gaming and videos then the price you pay is dealing with a-holes.

    • Reason


      But really, that is disappointing to hear. Hopefully they improve it more as we approach the release of BF4. I’m still pretty bummed that it was those stalkers and trolls that ruined Get To The Chopper.

    • jaskdavis

      Your name sounds Familiar…

    • Bruno Espirito Santo

      Funny how those so called stalkers are the ones who give you views on the youtube and therefore give you money…

    • SamRock

      Wow LevelCap!

      I always wanted to play alongside with you hoping to feature in ur videos! 😀
      Of course not stalk 😀
      …. looks like it wont happen now 😀

      Havent logged in after the updates. May be its the Battlelog report that tells what server we last played on? Unless DICE is hiding that too?

    • ThePoolshark

      Because there is a workaround still. I have already shown it to the right people who can fix it.

  • marpla78

    I like this small update and fixes…now they need to work on the ammount of friend on the list, 100 sometimes is small and having more room to add people increase the experience of gaming for me at least.

    • SamRock

      Just curious… how many of ur friends are online at the time you play? Even if all are online, you can only play with 63 of them 😀

      I hardly have one or two online at a time.. Now my bro’s is on BF3 too… so just we two… rest all are always offline.

      • marpla78

        Understand your point Sam, but as you know you meet people playing games, even if is to joke around, recruiting for a clan, etc…is allways good to have more diversity of players/battlelog friends, i dont know but for me is a plus have more slots avalaible, im from Argentina(south america) and have friend here and on the U.S. so the idea for more room is welcome for me.

        Just my 2 pesos.

  • ButteredBread

    Still haven’t fixed the “Map change crash”!!!! 🙁

  • roland0811

    Now…..fix BF3 DICE. It’s been almost two years and it’s still a glitchy mess.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      They are fixing BF3. It’s called BF4 *troll face trololol*

    • AtheistMason

      Some glitches are associated with the game engine and are not so easily fixed. Here’s to hoping that BF4 will be less glitchy…. But still there will be bugs in the game when it’s released

  • Justin

    I hope in BF4 you can change your menu background. Like how it does when you get premium. I do’t know think that would be cool.

  • eBunny

    I hope they improve the server browser so that it doesn’t reset all the filters and such all the time, though I’m pretty sure they will.

  • theplantain


  • AtheistMason

    Still didnt fix the Co-op connection bug

  • Mike (BeyondEnergy)

    They fixed one thing and broke another completely. Trying to play with friends is impossiburu. Group chat wont open even though it says it is open. that makes playing with your mates a nightmare.