Battlefield 3 to Recieve Three Expansion Packs – Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game Announced

EA announced today that Battlefield 3 will receive three expansion packs throughout the year; the expansion packs are subtitled, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game.

After going Back to Karkand, Battlefield 3 players can expect three more expansion packs for Battlefield 3. As Patrick Bach reiterate DICE’s desire to make expansion packs rather than map pack by stating, “instead of delivering piecemeal map packs, we’re giving players a completely new experience with every themed expansion pack to keep the action fresh. Our expansions are designed to excite our large and active fan base while attracting new recruits with gameplay that is dynamic and unpredictable every time.” The first expansion pack, Close Quarters, will release in June, and will be focused on infantry combat. The second expansion pack, Armored Kill, will drop in the fall, and as the name suggests, vehicles will play a prominent role. In the winter, Battlefield 3 players will be treated to the third expansion pack, the End Game.

Expansion packs are described as follows:

  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters — In Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, players are dropped into a frantic, infantry-only theater of war. Frostbite 2 high definition destruction makes the environment come alive as everything from furniture to plaster gets shot to pieces. Players will feel the intensity of the world exploding around them as rubble and broken pieces pile up on the floor, while tight level design and vertical gameplay create a highly competitive environment. Battlefield 3:Close Quarters also introduces new weapons, assignments and unique dog tags to bring back to the base game.
  • Battlefield 3: Armored Kill — Following the tight infantry gameplay of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, DICE will release Battlefield 3: Armored Kill that ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield can do. Featuring new driveable tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery and more, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill also delivers huge battlefields for an all-out vehicle assault, including the biggest map in Battlefield history.
  • Battlefield 3: End Game — The fourth expansion pack will ship in the winter but details remain tightly guarded.

On another note, private servers for consoles are indeed coming. After months of teasing, EA stated, “a fully integrated rent-a-server program for console players will be available for gamers to play online with friends the way they want to play in either private, public, ranked or unranked matches.”

  • Gallantsquirrel

    Infantry only? If I wanted CoD I would have bought it. These had better be FULLY destructable to make up for it, or really really vertical in tall sky scrapers – I miss the days of atacama desert when whole buildings would come crashing down.

    • I think that is something similary a Metro. 
      Metro Map it is different from any map of Call of Duty…this map forces you to go with the team

    •  Its one dlc pack out of the announced 3. If you don’t want it don’t buy it, I don’t see the problem.

      • Anonymous

        The problem is if this first pack is garbage, we have to wait all the way until the Fall for some real battlefield maps. I’ve tried to remain patient amongst a boiling community, but DICE’s decisions have really been a crap shoot.

      • Anonymous

        The problem is if this first pack is garbage, we have to wait all the way until the Fall for some real battlefield maps. I’ve tried to remain patient amongst a boiling community, but DICE’s decisions have really been a crap shoot.

    • What

      U can hardly compare bf3 CQC to cod CQC. I wouldnt worry about it. Even the maps with CQC have their open areas on rush (D peak, op metro). It’s usually a nice change and it won’t b annoying once they fix the frag round auto shotguns

    • Cyborg6971

      What did I say, it sounds call of dutyish. Told yea.

  • Dkdusty


  • Str1ker

    No more BIG MAP on consoles PLEASE….CUT something from Caspian Boarder and Operation Firestorm to make it playable on consoles. Maps in towns are awesome, quick action, some tanks and one heli + Tunguska is enough. No more planes and big maps on consoles…

    • H’m

      I’m not trying to put the hate on ya, but dude people play bf for a reason, the fact it has big maps and vehicles…. Sounds like your playing the wrong game.. Call of ???? Ummm damm I always forget the name 🙂

    • warrmint

      Hahaha u playing the wrong game child. Upset that u can’t color your gun pink? Aww. Here hold my c4…. *click

      • ipwn

         Haha, that’s great.

    • What

      Dude big maps r the best thing about bf3. At least they r doing something for everyone. U can enjoy close quarters but IMO the bigger the better. Playing rush on huge maps is great cause there r so many paths to take and u don’t feel constricted and worry about idiots hiding in corners when u walk thru doors like cod (even tho it still happens). Caspian border and op firestorm r my fav maps.

      • Figura

        i agree with u

        Those maps sucks for consoles, 12 ppl each team

        2 on jets
        2 on heli 
        4-6 on tank
        2-4 snipers in base using MAV

        Infrantry ??????

        Sometimes we pass the hole match looking for nothing.

        PS: haters please, try to see a point in comments.

    • Anonymous

      Your solution is… ANY shooter except Battlefield.

      Can’t be that difficult?

    • Anonymous

      Go play Limbo

    • Anonymous

      Go play Limbo

    • Anonymous

      Go play CoD!

  • Yobiatchi
    • Anonymous

      I threw up on my keyboard watching that small scale map.

      (btw, direct link to video: )

      • Anonymous

        It was probably just team deathmatch

        • Anonymous

          I hope that’s the reason…

          • Anonymous

            I saw no markers on the screen for objectives, and look how fast he respawned. Its still very close quarters, but I’m gonna stay hopeful for now.

      • Anonymous

        It was probably just team deathmatch

  • neek81

    we gotta wait 2 fuckin june cmon man

    •  ….it aint that bad

      • PHATL2028

        any idea what they mean by RENT, are they going to try and make console players pay for access to private servers ?

        •  yep but its gives alot more options then regular servers its just like on PC you can set ticket limit what guns can and cant be in the game no vehicles etc.

  • Kushmir

    i’m sorry but thats CRAZY. If you’re not excited by this you’re a spoiled console gamer. 3 expansions this year? BF3 fans have got be excited. hopefully Endgame is snow.



  • Sweet

    This sounds great. I like that they r going for variety. As long as the close quarters is truley destruct able I will be a happy gamer

  • H’m

    I’m not really happy about close quarters has I don’t really like that other fps with it tiny crappy maps,
    but then again no VIP this time so I don’t have to pay for it so il wait til armored kill comes out, not for the vehicles but for the biggest map ever….. I love the huge maps, then again all I want is new original maps and more weapons in my dlc wish list, unless Titan mode is made available as I never got to play 2142 and I heard it was epic.

  • Anonymous

    Battle Recorder! FUCK!!!!!!!!

  • Stef

    • Anonymous

      Haha, that’s brilliant, this should get known in the community 😀

    • Funny how it ONLY affects the PS3. Xbox and PC are unaffected.

      It’s the SAME GAME ENGINE.
      But PS3 players are blaming the game EXCLUSIVELY for the issue?That’s complete nonsense. Really wish PS3 players would put a sock in it. PS3 players whine more than anyone else.
      $600 and you can build a PC that’ll play BF3. Looks a hell of a lot better than a console and controls are many times tighter. THINK ABOUT IT.

  • make it wet

    It’s gonna be a bloodbath! We all know what the number 1 shooter game is now. (*hint – it doesn’t have colored guns)

  • Jackson

    ‘Endgame’ will be a trailer for Bad Company 3 ;P

  • Rork

    What about Close Quarter’s “2-16 players” ?? (as announced here:

    What will happen when a map changes on a server playing both the maps already released, which allow more than 16 players, and these new maps? Players get kicked?

  • Figura

    Whats about the pack ( weapon tweaks), is there a relese date?

  • Bla

    Wow, just wow. CQ maps first and in june? I dont want to play fucking COD dice. The destruction in the original maps were pathetic. I dont have any good hope for this. So ill have to wait till fucking fall for some bf maps. They will fck that up too. In BC2 the big maps were playable on consoles. Here it just sucks there is no action especially with contest. B2K is the only positive thing from BF3. This game is one of the biggest dissapointments for me. 1. Destruction sucks compared to BC2. 2. Still no fucking patch! 3. Lack of content. Who the fuck wants to play tdm? Ive tried it gets boring REALLY fast. Even the small little things like a fucking horn on vehicles. I cant mute one player like in BC2 they make me mute the whole fucking team. Inviting a friend or joining while ingame turned gay as well. Played BC2 yesterday.. Damn so much i had with that game. If they would fix the lil annoying shit there that game would be perfect, 4 always.

    • Anonymous

      Take A deep breath

  • Dub

    Fighting in a building…


    Where are the epic battlefields, DICE?

    • Mke67


    •  hey that sounds cool besides its only gonna be one level :/

      • matthew

        its not one level its four different maps.Go on youtube they have gameplay from one of them from GDC.Looks alot like the map from MWF2 hotel.Not sure about this dlc reminds me to much of COD on this one.

        •  boo fucking hoo its like COD get over it you dont have to buy it stupid

  • Arendsb

    Yup don’t care.

    No VoIP fix for pc
    No significant elimination of hacking
    No fix for glitches
    Paying for private matches???!!
    No input lag fix
    No patch date set
    Probably new shitty glitches with new dlc

    Yep won’t be playing the DLC either.

    • They said they wouldn’t be talking about the patch at GDC. Complaining about things that should make it into the patch on a DLC story seems a little pointless. It’s like walking into a bakery then getting mad that they don’t sell hamburgers. I can guarantee you that there are multiple teams at DICE, some are working on game fixes and others are working on DLC.

      • Arendsb

        No, itd be like walkin into a bakery that sells spoiled doughnuts, and is advertising it’s next round of doughnuts, that are also spoiled.

        The game doesn’t function right, yet they aren’t addressing it. They’re throwing out peanuts to the masses like you, who cream their pants the moment someone says “DLC” – the rest of us have caught on. It’s march, the game released in October. It still doesn’t work right. You’re what’s wrong with consumers.

        “Ohhh don’t complain that the product we all purchased doesn’t function as advertised”

        Go back to CoD man.

        • Anon

           Then don’t play, sell your copy, and back to CoD, fanboy.

        • Anon

           Then don’t play, sell your copy, and back to CoD, fanboy.

      • Arendsb

        It’s actually like going into a bakery, that sells only spoiled and moldy doughnuts, and not caring that they have announced additional future sales of more spoiled doughnuts.

        The game doesn’t function properly, so they have no business advertising DLC, when the core components of the game don’t work.

        Your analogy would be right, if I were demanding they add basketball. I’m not, I’m demanding stop talking about DLC until the game is actually fixed. Many people have quit because it doesnt work right.

        • Lots of people have learnt to be more patient and wait for patches and continue to play.

          Those that quit because apparently they “can’t play it” is the way out of sucky players.

          Don’t like DLC?, don’t ‘effing buy it.

          They said they were releasing another patch, so man up and wait or shut up.

          • Arendsb


            No I’m not going to “shut up” about a product that still isn’t functioning as advertised. THAT type of attitude is the root cause of the issue. People like you who are satisfied with mediocre products, are the reason that bf3 was released broken, and still hasn’t been fixed. Based on your attitude, I’d say youre someone who still has a lot of growing up to do- you’re not fully aware of taking self responsibility- as an individual, or as a company.

            Dice has a responsibility- if they are advertising a product with X features, it needs to have those features, or that advertising needs to be removed.

            If you bought a car and it’s components never worked

          • Arendsb

            If you bought a new car from the factory and it didn’t have the features you paid for, you’d demand satisfaction. It’s the same deal here.

            I don’t see why you’re all worked up…it’s proven the game has broken features. What’s so offensive to you about that?

          • Yousabitch

            Go play cod with the little kids. Stop posting shit we can read on other forums. You are not gonna buy it good. Now take the next step and stop commenting on a game you don’t play or most likely suck at.

        • You mistook the context of my analogy, which was that going on to THIS story and then being upset about not having patch notes. GDC was about DLC and other announcements not the patch. The game does function properly, it’s not perfect (far from it) but it’s playable for most everyone, if it weren’t the game wouldn’t have the population it currently does. My point is, you came onto this article which was about the DLC, to complain about things in the patch that aren’t there. From the beginning, what you were mad about wasn’t going to be in the article.

          • Arendsb

            The mere fact they chose to release official information regarding DLC and their broken game, means we can comment on what’s obviously missing…

            Unless the writer prefaced “no one is allowed to talk about patches” then I don’t see where you get off acting like no one is allowed to note the obvious and apparent lack of information regarding fixes for their non-functioning game.

            Which leads me to wonder, and ask again- why are you so worked up?

            They’re releasing DLC for a game that is broke. Given that fact, why would certain individuals care about the DLC, and given that they paid for it, they have every right to comment on this story, and any other story.

            No one took your analogy wrong. The pure fact a story exists only about DLC gives us the right to ask “what…why add more DLC when the core game is broke??”

            It’s the ying and the yang. The game isn’t complete until its fixed, and they are throwing out peanuts to the masses hoping the consumers will be satisfied first with DLC, all the while, some of us can’t even play it, so the myriad of DLC is useless.

        • Jesse and Raff Tiger have provided good points and backed them up with  valid arguments based on facts, and also shown patience and good reasoning.

          You on the other hand just keep saying the same thing over and over – “game is broken, game is broken, game is broken”, and only backup you have are a few questionable analogies and delusions that you seem to mistake for facts.
          I won’t even try to prove your point wrong. There’s nothing to prove since you’re not even making a point in the first place. You’re just -whining-. Seems like that is the reason you came here – not to argue, not to discuss something. Just to whine.
          I hope you understand that it’s not something to be proud of. And before you post another reply just to get back at me – Please. Think through what I and others have said, look at the situation from different points of view and learn more about it instead of just making assumptions and disguising them as facts.
          Your own words are worth nothing if you refuse to see any value in the words of others.

    •  You have obviously never played a broken game if you think BF3 is busted….

      There are some minor bugs and cheating… Every game has them… When you deal with software – something will always be broken.  Just be patient as DICE/EA will patch it when the next DLC comes out. 

      Patches cost 10k a pop – but are free with DLC.  Expect to see a patch that fixes that stuff then.  Also – continuously create topics in their forums and message the devs to hopefully bring some to their attention.  They may not know about them as they have not been brought to their attention.

      You are your own advocate – bashing them does nothing productive – trying to talk to them does.

      Tyler Davis

  • Mke67

    WHY DICE, WHY!!!  NO CQC!!!

  • Might consider renting a server, just so I can ban all the USAS kids and useless snipers camping on 3 story buildings 😛

  • ipwn

    I understand them wanting to mix things up with CQ, but they should expand upon the big BF maps first.  Armored kill should have at least been released first as the vehicles are what makes BF3 for me, then expand gameplay with CQ (a definite non-buy for me).  I can’t praise dice/ea for wanting to do CoD style gameplay on their BF platform, isn’t that what MoH will do?  BF3 is popular now for the immersive vehicle warfare, teamplay, which advances in technology have allowed (even though their game runs pretty poorly (PS3)).  The more they “F” up with these stupid decisions and other mistakes the more I loose faith in them.  And trying to be number 1 in FPS?  A lot of fans don’t really care about that anyway, stop trying to imitate and appeal to every single person.  Make your own unique, great game.

    • nate

      the only reason i will buy that POS COD map pack is for the weapons, if they are good. but so far, 2 weapons have been leaked and theyre both Czech shit! LOL 

  • Anonymous

    As of right now, I don’t mind it. I just want something new. I’ll buy it no matter what, at least just for the new weapons/assignments.

    That isn’t until June though. Right now all I care about is a patch. I want it NOW. 

  • Anonymous

    As of right now, I don’t mind it. I just want something new. I’ll buy it no matter what, at least just for the new weapons/assignments.

    That isn’t until June though. Right now all I care about is a patch. I want it NOW. 

  • Doodleplex1

    This is Battlefield, Not CoD! If there are bad guys in the next room, then I’ll make my room a little larger by taking down the wall! not just shoot through a strategically places piece of MDF =D

    Operation Metro is one of my favourite maps and more of the same just sounds epic!

    Big battlegrounds are all well and good, but the infantry fighting is just as much the game i want to play as fighting over some farmers field =)

  • Sounds Awesome(kinda)

    Ah, I stopped playing COD, after playing BF3, and then bought [email protected]:disqus . I stopped playing for  the small lame maps, op metro is already ehhhh. Seine was ehhhhhhhh too, alright.

    But, CQB MIGHT be okay, because we dont know all the new weapons. However, the idea is already a bit…disconcerting. Like the fall release, but I want more space. Feck man.

  • glad 🙂 love CQC maps too all the haters BF3 has a ton of big maps so shutup!

    • Agreed. I’m so sick of all the haters thinking that CQC = COD and those still whining about the patch. Judging by the amount of whine and bitching, BF3 fanbase actually seems even less mature than CoD fanbase.

      I’ll probably refrain from reading and posting any more comments here, otherwise I feel my face will fuse with my palm if I keep doing so.

      • nate

        lets take the header from the about page on battlefield 3s website: ”

        and another: ”
        oh look! another! ”

        doesnt that just screen CQC? the point is, BF is about large scale, all out warfare, not small battles with tons of people in a subway station… 

        • pk but lets look at this ” UNRIVALED DESTRUCTION, TRUE TEAMPLAY, ” WTF is that huh?

        • That’s just what makes BF3 different from other shooters, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have CQC. Sure, BF3 has vehicles and large-scale combat, but it also has guns and very strong FPS component, so it only makes sense to include at least a few more maps that utilize that component to the fullest.

          Again, I’m not saying CQC should be their main focus from now on, I’m just saying that FPS part of the game could use a bit more love and attention since we already have a plenty of vehicle maps but only a few pure infantry maps.
          And that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re making one, just one single DLC with a few maps that are meant to focus on the FPS part of the game. That’s it. The game won’t get hopelessly ruined just because of that one DLC. Moreover, it’s >optional<. If someone doesn't like it – they don't have to buy it, simple as that.

          I can kind of understand the frustration because they decided to release
          this DLC first, but I still don't see how this is enough of a reason to RAGE at
          the developers like spoiled kids. So what that you don't get a few more vehicle-focused maps this summer? We already have how many.. 10 maps with vehicles (including the B2K ones), out of which whooping 6 are large enough to have jets. Saying "CoD noobs go home" at this point is plain selfish.

          Taking all that into account, I really don't understand such narrow-minded reaction from the community.
          *damn, I posted again :(*

    • nate

      Oh how i wish there was a dislike button… 
      Big maps: Wake island, Noshahr canals (iffy on console), Kharg island, op firestorm, Caspian border, and very rarely I see the large version of Oman. That’s an iffy 5. now lets look at the CQC maps: Karkand, sharqi, seine, oman, tehran(this map is so bad, im including it with CQC), damavand (big but all in a shitty tunnel), bazaar, metro. Thats an iffy 8. for a franchise that is known for expansive gameplay with a variety of vehicles, a CQC pack is UNACCEPTABLE. that sure is a TON OF BIG MAPS!!1! 

      • Karkand – not exactly close-quarters because there’s a lot of open space. Also it’s pretty damn big in Conquest Large and has tanks and IFVs. It has a plenty of infantry combat, but it’s pretty far from close-quarters.

        Sharqi – same as Karkand. Also has helis.

        Seine – close. It has a few pretty open areas (mainly around the river) but also a lot of buildings.

        Oman – are you kidding? The only close quarters area there is near the construction yard, but even then it’s a fairly small and simple area. Go play Conquest Large on Oman..

        Tehran – has a lot of open areas too and the map itself is fairly large, so it hardly counts as a CQC map, though I have to admit, I’ve never played TDM or Squad Rush on them. Still, it’s a sucky map so I wouldn’t count it anyway. 😛

        Damavand – most of the map is pretty open. I agree that some areas like the tunnel, warehouse, damavand helipad do feel very close-quarterish, but they quickly transitions to open areas so you don’t get to enjoy CQC for long. Also has a plenty of vehicles in Conquest, and even Rush has some.

        Bazaar and Metro – true CQC maps. So including these two and Seine, you get only 3 maps where you can consistently have CQC in most gamemodes. You can of count in TDM on Noshahr Canals and Kharg Island too, but that applies to just one gamemode while Bazaar, Metro and Seine still retain their CQC feel on most gamemodes.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, can you guys confirm if Close Quarters will only be 16 players? According to this ea link, it says 2-16 players (maybe that also hints at co-op, seeing how the base game won’t start a match till at least 4 join in squad rush, or 8 join Rush or Conquest)

  • Misfit Radical

    The big picture here is that dice/ea from a business standpoint is to cater to call of duty fans to convert them to bf3 because cod has a big market share in the fps genre. It’s about them making money tons and tons of money which sucks for bf3 veterans because all the things that could make this an even better game e.g. Batterecorder, patch and game fixes have not been confirmed when it will come out. What they should do is release every expansion pack with big and small maps combined in every expansion so evrybody’s happy. Reading from the comments on this post a lot of people wanna pass up on the 2nd dlc and wait till fall

    • I actually thought that it might be nice to just have all DLCs focus on vehicles and have one infantry map in each DLC. But then what if I want just the infantry maps and don’t care much about the vehicle maps? I’d then have to buy ALL those DLCs to have all the infantry maps.
      DICE is making an infantry-focused DLC for those who like the FPS component of Battlefield 3. Those who don’t like it can ignore that DLC, simple as that.
      Also, I keep noticing people complaining that “They announce DLCs but wheres the goddamn patch?!”. Don’t you read the news, people? DICE/EA has already stated that the PATCH is coming THIS SPRING. You’ll get your patch when it’s finished, stop whining already.

      Also don’t forget that they’re only human, they can’t solve every single problem right this instance. Private Servers for consoles have been announced, be happy. They’re making a massive patch, awesome. There’s always a chance that Battlerecorder will be added too, so cmon guys, stop complaining. BF3 is a great game and DICE deserve more support than what you’ve been giving them.

    • Bertster1

      So true EA is a bunch of money hoarding assholes who just want their money and then screw you over. DICE on the other hand cares about the community. I hope EA realizes that they are shitting on the BF veterans. I dont want to play CQC in BF. 

      • Anonymous

        Berster1 – EA is a publishing company and they do a pretty good job with their developers.  Why do you think IW and Insomniac ended up there?  Do you really think it’s because EA is a bunch of Money Hoarding assholes?  I would suggest they likely treat their developers quite well.

        Next time you want to open your mouth why not do a little research?  An informed opinion comes off much better than blowing hot air.

  • Anonymous

    You are missing a space between your colon and the subtitle.

    IE: Battlefield 3:Close Quarters should read like this… Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

    • Thanks for pointing it out. It’s been fixed.

      • Anonymous

        No problem, I was an editor at one time.  The worst is when I see a site dedicated to PlayStation and they spell it Playstation, god that gets on my nerves.  If you are going to say that you love the PS at least know how to properly spell it.

        • Haha.. I see where you’re coming from, quite literally. Were you an editor at PSLS? I started following that site a bit more closely recently. I gotta say that Sebastian Moss (doctorstrangelove on N4G) has me impressed. I think he’s doing a great job as a managing editor.

          • Anonymous

             Yep you got me. 🙂  I did a good deal of writing and most of their cool feature graphics headings.

            I talk to Sebastian quite a bit, he is a really good guy and an excellent writer that seems to always find a fresh angle.  You guys aren’t doing so bad here yourself. 

  • Mike Maker

    Holy fuck, look at all the whining and complaining

    • For fucking REAL. The game is fucking AWESOME. It’s been completely innovative and still delivers one hell of a combat experience.

      But…if ONE pixel is out of place, they fucking CRY about it FOREVER. Most of the issues that these idiots are crying about are likely caused by a shitty system config, crappy internet connection or they’re playing on console and are unhappy with it.

      Battlefield just isn’t for everyone.

  • Mikey

    Let’s see here… The community cries and cries and cries for weeks, even threatening a fucking BLACKOUT to get some news from DICE.

    Now we know exactly what will be in the next patch and have DICE’s DLC plan for the whole fucking YEAR! And people are still bitching as much as before! For God’s sake it’s like a bunch of little kids…

    • PHATL2028

      sooooooo true, I’m excited. sure it’ll have bugs n need some tweaks later on but overall am very happy for some variety.

  • Anonymous

    Battle Recorder FTW!!!!!

  • andy b

    As long as the CQC maps are nothing like Metro, and are more like Karkand and permit actual tactics, I’m happy.

  • Sounds Awesome

    Hopefully “End Game” isn’t the LAST expansion.

    Sounds like it by the title, but could just be a reference to R.E.M’s song, End Game.

    That’s why they won’t share details mates.

    Fucking REM.

  • Snemak

    Return to Kandawhore DLC  released Dec 15…
    Closequarter DLC to be released in June…

    6 months interval between DLC …how is this the “Agressive DLC campain” that Dice marketed the game around saying there would be “3times the DLC of BBC2″…”the majority in the first 6 months”

    Im not excited.. i feel ripped off

  • Snemak

    A+ for what the game will eventually become

    F- for consistanly missing the due dates. (Patch/DLC’s)

  • GreedyJungle

    Hey this looks pretty cool. It’s a new turn for battlefield so lets give it a chance. The only thing I can see suck ass on these maps are getting killed 2 seconds after you spawn and then having to Wait 5 min then the system just repeats.

  • perro


  • silva

    I can only say one thing about what I read now. i never go see any other shooter game like bf3 in the next years. *.*
    game publishers  make good games, but after the release … do not bother to evolve the game, only fix bugs and more bugs.  but BF3 DICE does the opposite. 

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  • Mr Angelo

    Do you Have to Pay?! Anyone Plz Help Me…..

    • Yes, you have to pay for Close Quarters DLC and most future DLCs, like Armored Kill, End Game, Battlefield Premium, and so on.

      I’m not sure if they’re gonna release any free DLCs. Even if they do – it’ll probably be something small, like a new camo for soldiers and maybe a few new weapons. So far only DLC you could get for “free” is Back to Karkand if you bought Limited Edition of Battlefield 3.

  • Brok

    I love bf3 but its mmore like a war of tommorrow, I want to stop blaming russia for everything that goes wrong and have bf3 gameplay with a medal of honor theme like a recent historical conflict, really controversial but fun

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