Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Now Live, Fix for Heat Seekers and TV-missiles on PS3 and 360

DICE has released latest Battlefield 3 patch for Xbox 360 bringing a slew of fixes and tweaks. Also, there will be a server side fix for both Xbox 360 and PS3 to iron out problems with heat seekers and TV-missles.

Update: Gustav Halling has asked via Twitter, “PS3 and Xbox players, is there any improvement with heatseekers on any servers? It can take time before they are running the new software.” This indicates that the server side fixes for consoles mentioned below have begun rolling out.

Once you fire up Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360, you will be greeted to a 172MB mandatory update. This patch seems to lay down the ground work for the major patch that you will be prompted to download at the main menu in form of a free Xbox LIVE Marketplace transaction. The patch, which is named “Rent a Server Update” will set you back 1.02GB in memory (excluding the 172MB prior).

You can find the official patch notes here, and the unannounced changes here.

The server rentals pricing in Microsoft points:

  • 1 day 120 MSP ($1.49)
  • 7 days 560 MSP ($6.99)
  • 30 days  2000 MSP ($24.99)
  • 90 days 4800 MSP ($59.99)

Along with today’s patch for Xbox 360, all three platform (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360) will be getting a server side fix for a couple of issues (only on consoles). The official Battlefield twitter account  stated that the server update to take place between 8 am UTC (4 am EST/1 am PST) and 4 pm UTC (12pm EST/4am PST). During this time, “you may be kicked from your game, but should be able to rejoin.” Gustav Halling explained, “we are rolling out a server-fix for Heat seekers and TV-missiles bugs today.” He went on to explain how TV-missiles are being tweaked, “we are nerfing it down, it was not intentional to 1-hit kill all 100% healthy vehicles in the game.” However, he noted, “Small notice. The server side fixes today is consoles only. PC will follow shortly since they have their own update days.”

  • I downloaded the patch just now and it’s already buggy. It keeps on downloading (and almost instant complete) the ‘Rent a Server’ update every 5 seconds!!! It’s on Xbox 360. Thnx alot Dice..

    • hmm

      same 4 me. also nothing shows in rent a server yet 🙁

    • Ben616

       You guys clearly can’t read.. they’re still doing server maintenance! Wait until later when everything has settled down.

      It won’t let me download the Rent-a-Server update yet despite prompting me to, but I’m just going to be patient and not cry about it on here.

      • Ben616

         Though if it’s not working by the end of the day then I’ll be first in line to complain haha.

    • I also got it redownloaded every 5 seconds 🙁

      • Phoenix13

        Wow its like dealing with a bunch of 5th graders. XBOX is down right now wait till that is fixed, i will draw a picture next time.

        • QwietStorm

          Make sure you use bright colors

    • andy b

      Don’t blame DICE for Microsoft problems.

  • hmm

    Also the patch took away my L96 and it wont let me select the M98B..very lamesauce

    • This patch blows tanks are practically worthless against air support,mgs36 lost its extended mags for some reason,and guns just feel weird to use now.

      • andy b

        Um…tanks SHOULD be worthless against air support. When the game is balanced correctly, it should be like rock-paper-scissors. 

        • Uh yeah, but armor being destroyed in one strafe run in a heli, plus dealing with engineers is not really fun which is the point of playing this game.

          • andy b

            Tanks could always be taken out in one strafe run from a heli. Regardless, I misunderstood you. I thought you were complaining about the tank’s ability (or lack thereof) to shoot down choppers.

            Does it really only take 2 RPGs to kill a tank now from any angle? If it’s from behind, that’s fine. You’re supposed to watch your butt when driving a tank. If it’s also 2 shots from the front/side, then yeah, problem…

            Jet pilots may just need to do a better job clearing the skies of attack choppers. As for maps that have attack choppers but no jets or AA vehicles, that’s a massive balance flaw that DICE needs to address at some point.

      • Guest

         For the record, the MG36 was NEVER supposed to have Extended Mags. That was supposed to be a Dev only attachment (same reason you started out with a 12x scope). It was coded wrong.

  • On console the TV Missile should have been left as a 1 hit kill given how hard it is to control without a mouse.

  • Scott Burns

    its fucked up dont download it yet

    • OnAMoreSeriousNote

       Evidently, it works quite fine for me and a load of others. Don’t go around giving out false information. Let people DL it and see if it works. It most likely will. And If it doesn’t – from 7th Ronin “for everyone having issues dl’n patch. log out of xbox live delete patch
      from harddrive. Remove bf3 disc, then dl again. insert disc & you
      should be good to go.”

  • sgt_mofo

    The first update went fine, but the “Rent-a-server update” won’t download from the Store.

  • @google-88bd9432a19d439db460e96a87c9cf99:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:disqus There seems to be an issue with Xbox Live. That’s why we can’t download the patch at the moment. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon. Otherwise, I’ll update the article to reflect that. Cheers!

    • Ben616

       Yeah the whole site has been down for a while. 

      I was just reading through comments on the Battlefield Blog and a lot of people are complaining about suppression being far too strong and stingers and tanks being almost completely useless. It seems theres a lot of unrest centered around this patch :/  I wish I didnt have to install the Karkand update as without it the game has been amazing for weeks. The moment I install it it becomes near unplayable for me.

      • Tryit

        The patch makes the game much better. Stingers r perfectly balanced now. They take about a second to lock and it disables a heli with 1 hit. They only nerfed the range slightly and increased the effectiveness of below radar which now causes pilots to fly Lower and eventually get taken out by either RPGs (which r significantly faster) or tanks. They did nerf the tanks a bit too much. players can’t just sit back and have a buddy repair them the whole time anymore. You’ll actually have to try and avoid getting hit now and the IR smoke will become your best friend but the infantry experience just got so much better. As for suppression. It goes both ways and i didnt like it at first because u can’t c shit when your getting shot at. Once u adapt you will realize that it’s better to avoid engaging or just ducking out of the way but more then anything, it’s useful as hell. If a sniper or infantry is shooting your way all u have to do is shoot back in their direction and it covers your squad enough to get across a street or capture an objective.

        • Ben616

           That’s the sort of intelligent feedback I’m looking for 🙂 There are an overwhelming amount of people complaining on the blog, but obviously there’s a high chance that a lot of those people just generally suck.

          I’ll have to see for myself (if it ever allows me to install the update) how the vehicles fair now. They’re boosting the repair tool back up a bit so that should be fine, and tanks and A2A rockets are being tweaked. Stingers being nerfed sounds good as they they easily dominated all the airspace on most maps. Ive been looking forward to being able to fly low in my jet and heli to take advantage of below radar (which is why people are complaining that they cant lock on I imagine), and I welcome the thrill of dodging RPG’s 😛

          In theory I have no issue with an increase in suppression as it didnt really do much before. One common complaint seems to be the effect radius of the suppression being too large, but we’ll see. I just wish it would hurry up and download!

          •  I agree. Suppression should be strong to balance out the fact that this is a game. In real life no one in their right mind is getting up if being shot at. That CoD mentality of thinking your some Arnold
            Schwarzenegger action figure arcade shooter needs to be corrected. I applaud this perk.

            Now if the radius is a bit insane then I can see that as an issue, because then it’s just too easily randomly spammed. You should have to aim at someone to get the effect going in my opening. If you hide behind something the effect so leave. At times I’d drop behind a large rock for example and suppression would still be going nuts. I don’t know, that’s just me. 

            P.s. Tanks should be dangerous, but I feel that infantry had little chance to defend themselves against one because only Engineers and Support have the tools to engage. I know this should create some form of team dynamic, but too often it resulted in frustration. Maybe I should just avoid them all together if not a suitable class and stop being hardheaded as in real life you would book out of town if one rolled in.  : )  

          • RabidTurtle

             I think you are mostly just seeing the complainers. While I agree suppression is a bit strong, I much prefer how it currently is than what it was before. Even DICE has said they will probably tone it back some. You will see how it is a bit OP once people start just running and gunning with an LMG. Just hoping it doesn’t take DICE 4 months to correct this…

            But about other complaints, I think people just like complaining. Stingers work a lot better now. They aren’t aiming at targets far across the map. But they do offer increased point defense, as they will disable in 1 hit (except against the transport helicopter). Really effective against the choppers.

            I think tanks are fine the way they are. Tanks were too much of armored behemoths, wrecking anything in their path, especially if you had a couple engineers keeping the tank alive. Now people have to play a little more cautiously in the tanks. It makes rpgs a greater threat to armor, along with making the javelin a useful weapon even if you don’t have someone laser designating the tank.

            And trust me, what little there is to complain about in this patch is greatly outweighed by all the positives of the patch. Hope you enjoy it once you can download it for the 360 🙂

          • Tryit

            Thanks man. Its nice to know some people can still handle different opinions. I actually hated it at first myself so I’m not suprised people r complaining. Let me know what u think. I actually love it myself now that I’ve gotten use to it

          • An0n0musx

            Yea its all ttt2tt1 noobs complaining about the singer lock on…. They get pissed because I’m able to fly low and still dominate their while team from my chopper lol… Soon as I get above 25 feet in altitude its lock on every second 🙂 I get angry messages from people all the time cussing me out for killing then multiple times

        • andy b

          Thanks for the info. I like the sound of the Stinger tweaks. It needed a damage buff badly as it was so ineffective against close-range attack helicopters, but on the other hand their range was totally ridiculous. This sounds like a win-win for both infantry and pilots. 

          Also good to hear they nerfed the repair tool a bit. Not just because it will stop people from being so idiotically reckless with tanks, but also because it should make it harder for people to feel so invincible in scout and transport choppers on certain maps.

        • Glock Lover

          So you talking about “perfectly balanced now”  just to then say stingers lock and disable a heli with 1 hit? and the you say that below radar causes pilot to fly lower and eventually get taken out by rpgs or tanks, that’s your opinion on 
          “perfectly balanced now” head? You’re fuc..king pathetic as those kids that rant and cry over every little thing that makes BF3 a great game, people that cry about helis and jets being overpowered should stay playing Cocks of Duty or just play TDM for fuck sakes, we don’t want you in BF3, we don’t want any more balance in BF3, every time there’s a “balance” patch you have to learn all over again every fucking time. Your comment is just pathetic from start to end, as is contradictory.

        • Ben616

          Ok, so I finally got the update and had a fairly long session along with some of my friends.

          I agree suppression is fine, I can easily compensate for it and I always thought it was too weak before.. its also nice to be picking up suppression ribbons regularly.

          Stingers are much improved for infantry, but for pilots theyre a nightmare. Below radar is still not working properly and flares on the Viper still seem completely ineffective. In a few situations both myself and my gunner deployed flares and the missile still hit us and actually destroyed us in one hit. Disabled I can deal with as its still possible to recover, but a one hit kill seems a little much to me.

          Tanks and vehicle health in general is ridiculous. Amtraks last about 10 seconds at the most and I can easily take one out on my own. Tanks are supposed to be powerful and infantry should fear them, but now I see a tank and barely need to worry. Before the update there was a slight challenge involved in taking out a tank, but it was never overly difficult. Now it’s childs play. They need to re-tweak that asap. My friend disabled a mobile AA with one 40mm.. thats just silly. The repair tool is also far too slow now, but I read theyre going to address that too.

          Some of the guns have had their recoil increased far too much and damage decreased. The go to weapon now is definitely the AS-Val… most people seem to be using it. Something hilariously weird has been done to the sniper rifle tracer fire which has rendered them useless.. mainly as it’s impossible to fire with laughing haha. Tracer fire now turns into giant white blobs that look like they should be able to blow building apart lol. It looks like youre firing mini suns at people! I actually captured it on video to post on the forums, it really is ludicrous.

          The biggest problem of all though is hit detection/sponging. This is the reason why I removed the original Karkand Update not long after it was released. The moment I have it installed the game goes to shit. Lag has increased noticeably and now I can barely get a kill.. even on level one fresh noobs. I can barely win a one on one and have had so many instances of filling people with bullets only for them to one shot me and still have 100% health. Vanilla Battlefield without any updates was so much fun but with the Karkand Update its once again unplayable. My friends and I are all fairly top level players (Im high in the world rankings) so its not a case of needing to adapt.. Im talking about basic gameplay that just doesnt work. People are not dying when theyre shot and that its nothing but infuriating. My friends and I were so excited for this update hoping it would fix a lot of issues, but that one problem still remains. In the end we all got so angry we just had to stop playing, and for the first time I have no urge to go back on. Going from being a regular MVP to barely being able to scrape any points or kills together is definitely a sign that something is amiss.

          My only hope is that I can remove all these updates and go back to the game as it was… or DICE sort this mess out. Bad times 🙁

          Damn what an essay haha.

          • Thatsucks

            Hmmm, ive had a completely different experience with the patch. I should note I’m On ps3 however. I think the biggest improvement seemed to b the hit detection. Especially with headshots. The tanks I agree with u on. I’ve seen improvement overall tho.

    • Cilliangreene

      ye their was  also a weird glitch, 

  • Support the commo rose 2.0 for consoles! please like the page and tell your friends!

    • Clayface

      I don’t car about commorose for consoles just make the back button requests heard by whoever on the team has what you need and not just one person. Commorose on console is what we have VOIP team communication is for I mean there’s only 12 people. Leave commorose on PC where their team size is nearly 3x that of console and it’s actually needed.

      • PC NeenJah

        Yeah have you ever tried communicating with 32 people at once? ATM you guys have it a bit better than we do simply bc you have in game VOIP

  • for everyone having issues dl’n patch. log out of xbox live delete patch from harddrive. Remove bf3 disc, then dl again. insert disc & you should be good to go.

  • for everyone having issues dl’n patch. log out of xbox live delete patch from harddrive. Remove bf3 disc, then dl again. insert disc & you should be good to go.

  • So are they saying Mav riding and weak tanks for examples can’t be hot fixed as well?

    Mav riding has to go, that with frag round spamming were two user exploited issues that annoyed me into submission from this game for over a week and off and on before that. The other loose holes in the game need to be addressed in a timely manner. No, how long this patch took is not timely.

    All vehicle guns should one hit kill infantry, period. Just doesn’t make sense for a tank, for example but really all of them, to need 2-3 shots to kill a lone soldier on hardcore. Makes no sense to me or any other gamer who discusses this with me.

    I think the reduction of the repair tool was a good balance to Tanks as they were before with the obvious need of guns being buffed hard. 


    • Cyborg6971

       Go play arma.

    • I one-shot infantry with regular tank rounds just fine. In fact, it seems to be even easier than before patch. No offense, but consider the possibility that there’s something wrong with your aim.

      Not sure what to say about new tank “health” though. I feel they were too tough before, especially for infantry. Even without an engineer repairing the tank, you still had to waste a lot of rockets and a lot of time to destroy one. You’re likely to get spotted and easily killed by said tank (not to mention his nearby buddies) before you finish the job. Perhaps some kind of middle ground would be best.

  • andy b

    What are they “fixing” with heat seekers? Hope to god they aren’t nerfing them. The things are too ineffective as it is (on consoles anyway).

    • OnAMoreSeriousNote

       Right now, Heat Seekers do little to no damage at all to Jets. This is only jets to jets heat seekers however. Helis (both Attach and Scout) are fine for now.

  • Just got finished playing for about an hour & love the tweaks made to the game. Seems to play quicker & more fluid. Suppression seems good. Its not to much like other have complained about. Keep up the good work Dice !

    • blitz1904

      Can you back out between matches now?

      • OnAMoreSeriousNote


  • blitz1904

    Can anyone say if you can quit between matches yet? Apparently you can on PS3 now. Thanks

    • OnAMoreSeriousNote

       Yeah you can. At the end of each match, B will be the button that allows you to back out. The best thing this patch offered after the G3A3 buff lol!

  • blitz1904

    Can anyone say if you can quit between matches yet? Apparently you can on PS3 now. Thanks

  • Gameguy21

    Leave the tanks alone. People who are mad are fucking tank campers. They camp in vehicles the whole round, you pussys need to have skill now to stay alive. Stop bitching and getting the game watered down

  • Michael Kelley

    An unintended side effect of the patch was the dog tags becoming messed up.  Says I’ve taken tags I have yet to take (Jet star 100, Scout heli 100, etc.).  The addition of the Syndicate tag seemed to throw a monkey wrench in the list

  • Opomarperez

    to rent  a 90 day server for my xbox it says 5200 point way

  • A Rabid Banana


  • love how any good weapon is nerfed, this is one of the few downsides to bf3. Tell you what DICE lets fight with elastic bands and balls of paper and have 500% health instead eh?

    Nice and fair.

    • When a fully-armored tank with very skilled driver, gunner and CITV user get blown into oblivion just because one average-skilled player flew a TV missile into them from across the map – how is that fair?
      Would you prefer having every gun having 100% accuracy, no recoil and the ability to kill everything with one shot?

  • Daniel Stein

    didn’t exactly state what the actual problem was! Palm-face