Battlefield 4 First Look – DICE Wants Battlefield 4 to Feel Human, Dramatic, and Believable,

Reporting from San Francisco, California, Digital Illusions CE took the stage in front of hundreds of gaming outlets at the AMC Metreon to showcase Battlefield 4, the fourth numbered sequel in the Battlefield series, following up 2011’s highly acclaimed Battlefield 3.

Powered by the brand new, meticulously crafted Frostbite 3 engine, we witnessed a nearly 20-minute long demonstration of Battlefield 4’s single player campaign running on the PC titled, “Fishing in Baku.”

You thought Frostbite 2 was pretty? Presenters Patrick Söderlund, creative director, and Patrick Bach, executive producer, explained that with the power of Frostbite 3, ‘nothing is holding us back.’ This time out, there are ‘no excuses.’ Bach detailed the three key pillars that make up DICE’s design philosophy: quality, innovation and passion. But, on a sub-level, DICE also wants Battlefield 4 to feel human, dramatic and believable.

As demonstrated in the single player campaign demo, players will come across a number of dramatic and gripping moments will that suck you right in with a heightened level of realism. Bach says Battlefield 4 is about the people inside this war, and Frostbite 3 does just that: make you believe you are surrounded by real people. He mentioned that this philosophy also extends to the multiplayer, though he didn’t elaborate how exactly this might pan out. Presumably, fellow soldiers will act and look so realistic, you’ll think they’re actually your buddies.


Battlefield 4 looked stunning on the theater screen while showing off some unbelievably huge environments. Many readers will be happy to know that Battlefield 4 ditches the blue tinted visuals for a much more vibrant palette of colors.

After regrouping with his pals, “Wrecker” and “Tombstone squad” are on the run, fighting for their lives as they attempt to extract top priority intel. The first bit of action has you fending off baddies from an old apartment building, using standard weaponry, switching between zoomed optical sights and side-mounted iron sights.

Contrastingly, the fight eventually opens up to a vast and open urban environment in early development. Tall, half-built skyscrapers tower-over in the distance as the men push up to their objective. Here, Battlefield 4’s ‘teamplay’ and multiplayer-esque mechanics reveal themselves in true form. Lead character Wrecker directs teammates in-game, uses vehicles to his advantage in this more sandbox-style environment, destroys buildings using grenade launchers to flush out the enemy, and calls in the help of a friendly chopper to tag enemies on the battlefield and provide fire support.

Attempting to reach extraction atop an unstable building still under construction, things go awry thanks to an unexpected aerial enemy presence. The floor begins to crumble beneath your feet and you’re sent tumbling to the ground beneath. If DICE proved one thing in this short but nail-biting sequence, it’s that they know destruction. It was truly painful to watch as Wrecker was tossed around helplessly and battered by large pieces of falling rubble.

Battlefield 3’s first demo wowed audiences by toppling a building right in front of your eyes. Now, imaging being in that building as it crashes to the ground.

The last two portions of the demo showcased Battlefield 4’s more dramatic moments as you attempt to rescue a trapped squad mate and eventually your entire squad from a drowning car. The display of realistic facial expressions and impressive voice work really helped to immerse oneself in the moment.


Concluding with a slightly deeper look into the dialogue and story, the demo then revealed that Battlefield 4 will be centered around three factions: U.S., Russia, and China. Though it wasn’t clarified, we can most likely expect the same for multiplayer.


Giving the 17-minute playthrough a second and third look, I began to notice that each of the soldiers in Tombstone squad have very unique and distinct personalities from one another – from a straight-faced leader and a seemingly inexperienced rookie, to a more comedic and light-hearted figure. It makes me wonder how much of the Battlefield: Bad Company series’ charm and flare DICE used as inspiration for Battlefield 4’s campaign and if we’ll see the same level of banter and dialogue in this story.

Character development wasn’t something directly mentioned in DICE’s presentation, but it has become more evident the more I look into it.

Throughout the demo, Battlefield 4’s social features were also demonstrated as pop-up notifications appeared, showing a proud DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson rubbing his achievements and “records” in your face.

We’d love to bring you more multiplayer information, but as it stands, DICE just isn’t ready to reveal what has you most excited.

The Quick Facts

  • Powered by Frostbite 3
  • Vibrant colors
  • Large environments
  • ‘Nothing holding us back’
  • ‘No excuses’
  • ‘What you see is what you play’
  • ‘Battlefield 4 is about the people in this war.’
  • Pillars of design: quality, innovations and passion
  • Pillars of gameplay: human, dramatic, believable
  • Experience gritty, dramatic moments
  • ‘Unmatched teamplay experience’
  • Command your squad in-game
  • Multiplayer elements introduced into the single player experience
  • Social persistence
  • Factions: Russia, China, U.S.
  • Releases Fall 2013

What’s your take on DICE’s more ‘dramatic’ approach to Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments and be sure to keep your sights on MP1st for everything Battlefield 4!

Battlefield 4 releases this fall.

  • NEJohn

    So is this how it’s going to look like on PS4 and the next Xbox? Oh yeah, and BTW First!!!

    • PRetty sure its PC, otherwise they would have made sure to say Sony or PS4 in all of the articles…they didn’t
      But PS4 should be looking close

    • dancedancerevolution

      It was played on a PC so maybe. I definitely know the ps4 could play like the trailer but idk about the durango

      • Nobody knows, but I won’t doubt it just yet. I won’t even think to buy a new console until I’ve seen accurate comparison videos as the specs are reported to not be all that different.

    • Jesper Thorsell

      It will not look exactly like this but it will look better than the outdated xbox. This is shown on probably one of the best PCs on the market. If you want exactly this graphic i suggest you get an strong PC. + singleplayer graphics are better than multiplayer

    • oofy

      First what?

    • I think we will see similar graphics on PS4 and the Next Xbox if they use 720p and not 1080p!! I would rather play in 720p with 60fps then 1080p in 30fps

  • JacobKim12

    This game looks near CG. Here’s hoping that DICE really nails those three pillars of design.

  • DICE is king

    Hell I thought they was using Frostbite 2 then they lay this out and Make a new engine. I bow down to you DICE. If next gen even looks half this good i am going to lose my mind. This is what you call a system seller. Wait till they show multiplayer.

    • they didn’t make a new engine… they made a few upgrades to Frostbite 2 and called it Frostbite 3. Pretty much the same thing IW does their engine, they make a few upgrades and change the name from “IW 3.0” to “IW 4.0”

  • Nick Loner

    The reveal video didn’t impress me much, to be honest.

    The UI looks really nice, and so do the visuals (although you can also see some re-used assets from BF3 which isn’t so good). Sights on the few guns they showed look more interesting and are of much better quality. I really approve of the fact that they teach you to spot enemies in single-player. That’ll make multiplayer noobs slightly less noob.

    Aside from that though it seems like yet another generic whackamole where 4 badass american soldiers slaughter hundreds of russian baddies with brain-dead AI. Characters don’t seem interesting (at least from what I got from the trailer) and the events in the campaign feel anything but realistic, and are just thrown in there to make middle-schoolers go ‘OOOOOOOOH EVERYTHING SPLODIN’.
    Overall the campaign shown in the video made the impression of yet another nonsensical modern military action. :/ Let’s hope at least multiplayer does improve.

    • Re-used assets are fine, so long as the assets are detailed enough, and appropriate for the setting.

    • There are certain things that don’t make sense to re-do from the ground up for the sake of saying they built it from nothing. Re-using the best assets from the last game can allow them to dedicated more time and resources to creating even more new assets, and combining the new and old you get more overall

      • Nick Loner

        Good point. I just didn’t really notice that issue with other similar franchises. For example, they could’ve at least used a different paintjob/camo on the Havoc, different accessories on the jeep or maybe even an entirely different jeep. Ones shown in the trailer seem like carbon copies of ones used in BF3, maybe with slightly modified textures, but only slightly.

        Though either way, it’s not a big deal and is just minor nitpicking on my part. As long as gameplay delivers.

    • Hol_Up

      “another generic whackamole where 4 badass american soldiers slaughter hundreds of russian baddies with brain-dead AI.”

      The first fight, the guys where in a building shooting to the ground below.

      The second, they ambushed a small group from the side and took the vehicle.

      the third, they ambushed a much larger convoy with the help of a helicopter.

      I could agree with you only if they were fighting off hordes of enemies like in COD. but they weren’t so…

      • Nick Loner

        Obviously I didn’t mean they were fighting hundreds of soldiers all AT ONCE.

        In the first fight characters were camping the windows, shooting enemies who ran out in the open like idiots, and when they tried to take cover – they did it in such a way that half of their body was still sticking out so you can shoot them.

        Second fight – they were actually trying to sneak past but got spotted by the vehicle, there was no ambushes. Enemy was super slow to react and fought like newborn babies.

        Then they fought a convoy with a help of a heli. Enemies, again, were pathetic and didnt even attempt to surround or flank you, or do something about the heli. They just stood there, spraying aimlessly, waiting to be shot.

        And then the 3 of them survived the fall from a roof of the tall collapsing building without even a scratch, except one guy lost a leg. While the entire chopper crew died. And then a random civilian offered them a ride.

        Also why did they need to be on the roof in the first place? To get a ride on a chopper? Couldnt they get it earlier when they were fighting the convoy, since chopper was already right there, 10 meters above the ground? Am I missing some key part of the story?

        I never thought I’d say this, but even COD single player felt more believable. Enemies were more accurate, they took cover better, and you always had more teammates by your side so it didn’t really feel like you were a group of superhumans who can take on anything. At least not nearly as much as it does here.

        I guess the awful AI plays the biggest role in creating that impression.

        • Hol_Up

          I can’t argue about the believability, but note that this was broken into sections, not the level in it’s entirety. Also even if SP is a flop, I don’t care because I’m really buying the game for MP. You brought up some great points but I don’t think that matters much because honestly, BF4 isn’t going to win any awards in the Singleplayer Story department, so why not make it as pretty and epic possible?

          • I’m with you. Call me what you will, but I don’t play the SP for months in. I’m interested in the MP. I’m waiting for games to be MP only. Allocate the resources going to SP to MP instead and make it that much better.
            Of course, that’s just me…and you, I respect that people enjoy the SP aspect of it. That’s just not what is the most fun to me.

    • jonchr2

      i like that they re used some of the things from bf3, like the car sound.. but generic? first we’ve seen 17min. and the fighting was much more optional for the player, i saw a couple other routes the player could’ve taken, when on the open battlefield. this is a quite new, non generic way of play in the military fps genre. if the story is generic? no one knows. i hope they’ve implemented some more meaningful missions, instead of secure this and flank that.

      • Nick Loner

        They did add a bit more freedom, I agree. But there’s still a lot of scripted events (running away from a heli) and mandatory shooting segments (first fight and fights against the jeep and the convoy) which didn’t appear to have a lot of options.

        I was hoping for something more along the lines of “you need to get here from there. You can sneak past unnoticed, or distract them, or ambush the enemy from one of the multiple directions,or charge straight through on foot, or steal their vehicle and charge through that way.”

        Halo series are a great example of how single player should be done.

  • Battlefield 4 Beta is Confirmed for Premium members

  • Well I for one will not build the game in my mind, expecting too much and wanting the game to be what I want, otherwise I will be sorely disappointed. But the reveal did impress me in that
    1, It’s not revealing too much about the game,
    2. The attention to detail, the near CG level graphics, the way the destruction looks and acts, bits of rubble falling and bouncing off the characters and not phasing trough surfaces) is very close.Far less blue from BF3 as well.
    3. There is more action. And I mean not too over the top explosions everywhere CoD action but enough to keep the game moving and not slow to a halt like in Battlefield 3. Hopefully there will be a musical score this time around that isnt the theme song over and over
    4. The BF typical 4 man squad returns, a nod that they are just part of a much larger picture, Since they are focusing on human element or whatever, that we see more of the personalities of each character. I for one am excited but again I’m not building BF4 to be MY game, just let DICE do what they do and reserve judgement for the end product when we actually play a mostly refined experience to actually pass judgement

    • This might sound retarded, but what do you mean when you say near CG level graphics? Near computer graphic level graphics?

      • Computer Generated, you know, like what you would see in a WoW trailer, not the actual gameplay. Or better yet, Avatar level CG, Avengers level CG

      • CG is what you see in movies and for some game announcements that don’t represent actual gameplay but what he is saying is that BF4 has almost a CG feel even tho it is actual gameplay

  • WOW just WOW!!!!

    • squadwin

      Aria the more you comment, the more you look like an EA spamming Ayzenberg employee.
      This is the same thing we had with the battlefield 3 “Fault line” footage. Did the campaign feel anything like the video? NO!
      Did the trailers represent the multiplayer gameplay?
      Yet it still see everyone fall for the same stuff again. Wait until you pre-order fanboys.

      • jonchr2

        maybe not for you. the videos on bf3 was exactly like the game. so how you feel watching and how you feel playing is maybe ruined by you knowing what to expect. maybe that’s where the feel went.

        • squadwin

          Really? Watch this:
          Did it feel anything like the campaign?
          Also before you comment any further be advised that the graphics changed a lot due to consoles not being able to handle the PC version of frostbite. Confirmed by a DICE employee too.

          I’m not hating, but seeing the community here is so retarded hurts my brain.
          Also watch the capsian border trailer. Anything like the game? Again no, perhaps sometimes with 64p you get that.

          • UnknownUser28

            its because the game got ported to PC and ps3 got the lead.

            • squadwin

              PS3 never got the lead on battlefield 3, but whatever happened the footage there was far from reality.
              Fact is that the BF3 campaign was bad, just so damn average, modern warfare stuff again. We will never get a campaign at a half life quality from DICE ever, they should stick to what they know.

            • UnknownUser28

              Yes It did. The game got lead mid development.

            • squadwin

              “It changed lead platforms” because as i said consoles couldn’t support PC frostbite 2. So the crew focused on porting the game to consoles rather than continue development. As DICE said, EVERYTHING is made first on PC.
              It doesn’t mean that consoles where the lead platform, just because for 2 months out of the 3 year development cycle they focused on fixing the console version.

            • The PS3 got lead for 3 months at most. It doesn’t even count.

            • pot51e

              THIS. C’mon guys, get real – PC was the lead platform for BF3 for 15 of the >19 month development cycle, and 90% on Frostbite. Frostbite is x86 technology ported over. Every console that uses that engine owes it’s development to the PC cycle – hence why I play a toned down version on my PS3 (which is still infinitely more immersive than any other FPS I have played). Quit being surprised or butthurt that the trailers dont play like the game. Because I swear, no matter how much Lynx I put on, semi-naked women do NOT flock to me for a threesome. That is called “advertising”.

            • Well said. Good analogy. I’m really sorry they don’t flock to you though…

          • You realize all of the trailers for BF3 mp was scripted right?Even the trailers for the DLC everything was scripted!
            Those Battlefield Moments trailers for BC2 was scripted as well,it felt nothing like that when I actually played but still had a blast playing

            How about you lower your expectations because when you get disappointed its no ones fault but your own. Let DICE build THEIR game and quit building YOURS in your mind

            • squadwin

              I would drop every single expectation i had for the game if it wasn’t titled BATTLEFIELD 3, a sequel, i say again, a sequel to battlefield 2. I don’t mind bc2 because its a spinoff, its great, experimentation is great.
              And if DICE wants me to lower my expectations why do they make trailers that make me feel a such? And when i realize that and criticize it for doing it once again i get blasted by fanboys?
              Get your mind straight, when you advertise something do it right, don’t scam the users, even if the game is good.

          • I have a PC. The game looks exactly like the trailer.

      • I felt the Fault Line footage accurately represented the campaign on PC. I committed a few hours to the 360 Campaign before i just jumped to MP, but after only an hour or so on the PC, I can tell you that the campaign gameplay, the feel, the experience is drastically different. At least for me. The realistic graphics and farther draw distance is what pulled me in. I still won’t call the campaign great, but it’s considerably better. Of course, I’ll preorder whether I see another trailer or not. My only question is what platform. The PC will still be the best looking, but i prefer to play on a console. Which console? Months to decide on that one.

        • squadwin

          I would say that you should wait until the PS4 AND nextBOX are fully shown. I haven’t played BF4 yet so i can’t comment. If you want 64p larger maps more vehicles, better graphics, better gameplay etc you can play on your PC with a controller.
          I suggest not getting this on current gen. Go for PC or next gen consoles.

          • The single player experience in BF4 will likely be superior on the PS4 as compared to the PC, save the mouse and keyboard. The PS4 simply has an architecture that is better suited to gaming than a PC does.

            • squadwin

              My fellow battlefielder, small graphical details don’t build experiences. Its teamwork, the MMOFPS feel and the vehicles and chain of command that make this game feel amazing. Not to say destruction.
              But i can’t stand fps with controllers, just as i can’t stand playing assassins creed with m&k!

            • I think what you are saying is that the PS4 will be better optimized for gaming than PC due to there being considerably less variables to account for.

      • Alpine

        exactly..i aint getting it if there is no 64 player maps for console..dont give a fuck if they can handle it or not…..

    • WasabeJuice

      This can easily pass as another trailer for MoH WarFighter. It really looks generic and the drama infused in the gameplay, we already got that years ago in past COD titles. I am looking forward for MP details on consoles.

  • lrishjake

    Wow. Thats it. Just wow.

  • MrLadyfingers

    Game mechanics are where it’s at. No more random “Bad Luck” deaths I’ll be happy guy 🙂 but that being said, I think we’ll be in for a show come beta time.

    • lol random bad lucks are due to shit like car doors etc hitting you when blown away lmfao

  • it all feels just a little too similar to BF3 but I do like the pillars of design and gameplay they are aiming for and I can already tell BF4’s single-player campaign is going to be miles better than BF3’s very lackluster single-player.

  • blondbassist

    Get Ready guys!! BF3 is coming!!!!!

  • oofy

    I only have one question. How did the black guy get named Irish? :p
    Awesome trailer. If the campaign is better than Bf3’s (and that isn’t a high bar) I’ll be happy. It’s all about the multiplayer.

  • JustinD

    You want me to believe? A chick that’s supposed to be a combat badass? Not believable. Everything else looks awesome cant wait for multiplayer reveal

    • oofy

      Captain Karen Emma Walden would like a word with you.

      • JustinD

        Ok so she’s a badass, still not feeling it. Maybe the game will prove me wrong

    • Hol_Up

      you didn’t even see 5 seconds of her

    • what makes you think women are not capable of being a bad asses??

  • Fred

    I don’t understand all these people. If they don’t like it then don’t buy it. We won’t be missing you on the battlefield.

    • Nick Loner

      Battlefield is the only series of this kind. There aren’t any good alternatives except maybe Planetside 2, but even that is very different. We want Battlefield, and we want it to be good because if it isn’t – nothing can replace it.

    • Fred

      Also what’s with EA sending all these youtube COD casters to their event? I checked those guys out and they never posted Battlefield 3 stuff until recently. What a bunch of fuckin hypocrites. Pay the guys to see an exclusive view of a game they never play. That’s kind of a kick in the ass to the Battlefield community.

  • Al Gorerythm

    To me this looks like battlefield 3.5. I really enjoy battlefield but with them trying to compete with the COD dev cycle it could potentially kill the series. Look at the differences between BFBC2. That was a huge leap. I dont expect the game to be bad in any way and im pretty excited about it but i would of liked to see something jaw dropping instead of this.

    • Tight screw! Better check your jaw’s screws! cuz BOY mine dropped like it’s hot!

    • jonchr2

      what?? BF3 looks really good, and this even better, they’ve got the same feel to it, but taking it one more step to realism, you could just make an interactive movie. Battlefield is on the top of fps graphics and only thing they can do is improve eveything, they’ve reaced the point where they cant reinvent what battlefield 3 did with graphics. and comparing Battlefield to cod in any way is an insult, and the cycle, the 2 years cycle, they’ve had that cycle since bad company 1, so it’s nothing new!

    • Ok all you did was watch 17 minutes of ONE singplayer mission broken into sections. Did you watch anything else long enough to actually see changes both major and minor? Did you actually play the game to say “Well there is nothing new here from Battlefield 3” No so how can you have a feasible opinion on what you know very little about? First impressions shouldn’t come until at least the beta because even the multiplayer footage they show will be in house and scripted.


        Exactly! Show some multiplayer gameplay and then we can talk.

    • How much more do you expect them too improve??? The game looks so dang real that is it hard to imagine Battlefield getting any better

  • BeepBep

    “Presumably, fellow soldiers will act and look so realistic, you’ll think they’re actually your buddies.”

    except that my buddies aren’t mongoloid ass niggers.

  • Hol_Up

    I like Irish already.

  • HolyGhost

    kinda reminds me of BF3 but i think graphics are an improvement for console players

    my PS4 cant wait OHHH god!!

  • Jamic

    IMHO, FB3 is marketing BS, its still FB2 with minor changes, they just call it “Frostbite 3” to make it sound like something new and shiny.

    Its not that I dislike it, FB2 wasnt maxed out so its fine for them to use FB2.

    I think that the major improvements made to FB2 are:

    – Support for next gen consoles.

    – Reworked code for PS3 in centrain areas (since PS3 has had its own problems with input lag and lower resolution input lag)

    – Some basic improvements and optimization to XB360 version.

    – Possibly further polished destruction (dynamic destruction, BC2 and BF3 didnt have any dynamic destruction.

    – Basic updates to graphical rendering.

    TL;DR Its not FB3, its more like FB2.5.

    • Well yeah but how can you tell what major improvements have been made from just watching 17 minutes of pieced together gameplay? And also add that not everything in SP is representative of what is in MP. The game just showed itself finally we have so much more information coming between now and post launch.

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  • ThePlantain

    human, dramatic, believable??…..sounds like MoH:W Pt.2
    show me some multiplayer, then we can talk

  • moose

    the only things i want to make this game great:

    1: some type of commander function for MP
    2: INTEGRATED Voice Chat
    3: VASTLY expanded squad order menu, with the ability to place waypoints and attack markers ANYWHERE on the map, not just on flags.

  • erik

    12:42 it said aek-971

  • UnknownUser28

    My hopes are still high for dynamic weather.

  • Brandon

    Frostbite 2.5 to correct you!

    • UnknownUser28

      it’s 3, not 2.5

  • Izzo

    I read it just as I was thinking it, “They are bringing some of that BC2 flare with this campaing”. Nice work DICE, and David thanks for bringing us the news!

  • veniox

    Goodbye Blue tint!

  • Hol_Up

    Killzone Shadow Fall doesn’t look as impressive now.

  • Bill Adams

    This Game will be ALot better on Ps4 and Next gen Xbox than BF3 on Ps3 and xbox if it has 64 players,60 FPS,Dynamic Weather, More Customizations, More Destruction ect..

  • Johnny Neat

    For the campaign I wish it were coop. Now I want to know how different is Campaign to multiplayer graphically and how behind or different are next gen console versions to this badass PC reveal.? Anyone?

  • Delta8A

    honestly, i thought i’m watching BF3 trailer… sound is the same, so are the vehicles, so are the player models( they’ve used BF3 MP models in BF4 SP!!!!!)… i don’t know. i want to see new EOTech sights (i know i’m anal) and Russians MUST speak Russian in MP. Make’em speak Russian you dumb motherfuckers!

  • hey

    Battlefield 4 looked stunning on the theater screen while showing off
    some unbelievably huge environments. Many readers will be happy to know
    that Battlefield 4 ditches the blue tinted visuals for a much more
    vibrant palette of colors. I think this is marketing.

  • JK Monroe

    Alright DICE how about you guys add the following:

    1. In Team Deathmatches give us a good final kill cam.

    2. In the lobby, allow people to voice chat with members of the opposing team.

    3. Allow custom classes

    4. Allow us to customize classes during the intermissions between matches.

    5. Quick option to report players who use cheats.

    6. Allow matches to be recorded for later viewing.

    EA/DICE, these missing features from BF3 are what’s killing you in sales compared to the CoD series. Wake UP!!!

    • MTA8847

      1) Kill cams are fine and I play a lot of TDM (for warm-up before jumping into Rush)…Be familiar with the maps and the kill cam will fall into place…

      2) Battlefield doesnt have a lobby…Its more like just-jump-in-the-server…You can squad up with 3 friends and have a chat in a lobby if you want although i dont know who wants to talk to the enemy team…If anything, what if the other dude starts to rile you up?…

      3) Custom classes are possible already in Battlefield 3…If you’re talking about letting an engineer choose an Assault’s gun (for example) then that would be pretty unfair…like the Engineer would be the biggest badass in the game…Like imagine an engineer with an M416…that would be just too much power for a class that should be a bit weaker in the gun-game but more powerful with the different options and gadgets he has…

      4) I think thats a good idea…Maybe useful for competitive games where you can change before you jump in…

      5) Yeah I would agree to that as well…

      6) Recording matches would be a nice feature to have…I would love that option but im not expecting DICE to include it in Battlefield 4…maybe Bad Company 3?…

      A few of my own points:

      1) Bring back the AT4, the M136AT4 really balanced the air vs ground game in bfbc2…I think if they bring it back then BF4 will be balanced and more fun to play…

      2) Return the C4 back to the recon and make the recon a more fun class to play…and PLEASE MAKE THE c4 toss-able…I want to be able to toss it, not drop it like its a 100000000 tonne brick…

      3) Remove jets…This would help the game become more intense on the ground and it would be a lot more fun rather than an air-show going on in the sky…

      4) Enhance the destruction: In Battlefield 3, we were shown the collapsing building in the first footage…then in the multiplayer, a fence is resistant to c4 but not a knife and only one kind of building blows up…So, please why dont they just cut the bullshit and give us the destruction…Fine, I can understand that they had a new engine and everything but they cant use the same excuse this time around…If there is a time where they have to show us the power of the Frostbite “3.0” (more like 2.25 or 2.5) then its now and no better way to do it than enhancing the destruction…

      5) More terrain types…Just give us something a bit more contrasting…There were too many maps of urban areas…I’d like some snowy maps in Battlefield 4 FROM THE START…

      6) Improve rush mode…PLEASE, in Battlefield 3 this was absolute garbage…In BFBC2 Rush was the best game mode ever…then its like they said WELL FUCK THIS and just jumped right over to make Conquest the best mode…I’d very much appreciate it if they devoted time to each…

      7) Make exclusive maps for both conquest and rush…In BFBC2, the secret to their great rush maps were because they were only for rush…Like Valparaiso, perfect for rush…Similarly, you can say Laguna Alta was a perfect conquest map but not rush map due to the triangular shape of it…IF they want to make a map for both, then make it a rush map primarily then fit conquest in it…FOR EXAMPLE: Arica Harbour is a rush map, due to the length, the terrain, the landscape, etc…then they took one base of the map (the second base) and stuck 3 flags in it and made it into a conquest map…So it ended up being a damn good rush and conquest map…How did they do it? by making a rush map first then making it into a conquest map as well…Laguna Presa, same story and Caspian Border, same story…DICE needs to see trends like these…

      Thats all I got for now…

  • Can’t we get another Bad Company like story line? All these modern shooters take themselves way to serious and are rehashing the same plot over and over again.

    At least BF:BC1/2 poked fun at that, gave some intresting characters and actually made me care about the plot.

    My biggest gripe is however that yet again they are focussing so much on Single-player for a series that’s been always and mostly been about the multi-player and I fear the multi-player will suffer for it.

    Also EA’s performance over the last 2 years have not gave me a reason to trust them face on.
    Especially with so much Pre-order extras already, selling it before the reviews can be written and read or word of mouth can spread…

    Also, so far this seems more like BF3½ and not really a proper sequel, just a campaign expansion and map booster made to look a full sequel.

    This is all speculation tough, we’ll see how this turns out.

    • roland0811

      Totally agree. I wish they would’ve made a 4-6 player co-op campaign. Knock two birds out with one stone.

    • WarHero

      Usually it goes down like this there are small teams working on SP meanwhile the majority is working on multiplayer. DICE is made up of over 100+ employees and the producers of MP is still focusing on multiplayer only.

  • roland0811

    “DICE wants Battlefield 4 to feel……..believable.” Like that part in the trailer where dude shoots a chasing helicopter down with a grenade launcher.

    Glad to see DICE have an even bigger hard-on for construction buildings, cranes and sand, too. Didn’t have enough of either in Battlefield 3. Hopefully that mission is the last you see of all three of those.

  • The Army Ranger

    They better give the main character (Recker) some more personality in the final game. He needs to talk (in both gameplay and cutscenes) and have his appearance shown a bit more.

    Right now, I don’t know much about him unlike the other three squadmates.

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  • Strelok

    I read this after I saw the main guy grabbing on to an SUV with one hand, A grenade launcher on the other, and took out a Havok assault helicopter.