Battlefield 4 – All Kits, Weapons, Attachments and Unlocks Detailed

We may still be a couple months away from launch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a peak at all the kits, weapons, weapon attachments and unlocks that Battlefield 4 will have to offer when it launches this October 29.

Getting their hands on the game at Gamescom 2013, Gamespot recently published an informative video showing off all of Battlefield 4’s goodies.

You’ll see a ton of different and new weapons, weapon attachments, weapon camoflauge patterns and even brand new knives for melee attacks, as well as all the kit gadgets, field upgrades and unlocks. There is a lot to check out that will get any Battlefield geek’s heart racing.

Check it out and let us know in the comments what caught your eye!

Big thanks to Gamespot.

Beware, you’ll notice that a few of the weapon assets have yet to be correctly updated.

What’s interesting to us is the wide variety in variations of different attachments like sights, suppressors, and grips. It also appears that each kit will have a greater number of non-class-specific weapons at their disposal, including carbines, shotguns and designated marksman rifles. That should prove for very versatile loadouts in each kit.

Also, click here if you’re interested to find out what maps we think are being remade in Battlefield 4’s Second Assault expansion!

  • That Guy

    While everyone else is complaining about not wanting COD or not wanting BF4, I’m getting them both! Two cant miss games this year.

    • zacflame

      ah, but no one is complaining about not wanting BF4.

      • Because we’re generally mature enough not to whinge about it in every public channel possible.
        Unlike certain BF fanboys (a.k.a. All of them)

        • arty

          u can’t deny the fact that the majority of the cod fan base is kids soo yeah…

          • Well I can, but neither of us could factually back up our claims.

            • joe blow

              Then stfu

            • I really have to thank you for basically proving my point that BF fanboys are really immature.
              Good day.

            • z0ml3ie P1kachu

              Edit: All fanboys are immature

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Yeah I just pre-ordered the Ghosts Hardened Edition and BF4 today at Gamestop. If EA was smart, they would release a BF4 special edition bundled with Premium as well.

  • swipe_06

    I hope we see all weapons from BF3 eventually. I guess DICE will include them in the DLCs.

    • Kevin Walters

      NO! I want fan favorites from BF3 and some new guns on the base game. And BRAND NEW guns with the DLC.

      • swipe_06

        I can’t really help you with that, but at least theres hope to see them again.

  • therapiist

    oh ya baby!! engineer, going to have gadget one RPG and also gadget two rpg!!! if we can really do that

    • ThePoolshark

      Once you select a gadget, it becomes grayed out

      • zacflame

        you might be able to have RPG and SMAW, and if not, RPG and LAW, RPG and Javelin, RPG and stinger, LAW and Javelin, SMAW and LAW, Javelin and SMAW, and *shudder*…. stinger and IGLA among others.

  • B_Boss

    My soul hurts… far I have not seen my beloved M1911…….

    • I iz sad 2 🙁

      • Alpine

        oogoo gaga

    • zacflame

      the M1911 is a staple in every good shooter since 2006, wait, no….
      the M1911 is a staple in every good shooter.
      it should never be taken out, and is reliable until the day I die.

    • Katana67

      It said Compact .45, perhaps they meant a compact M1911. Dunno why they couldn’t’ve just said that though.

      • Brian Evans

        The Compact .45 isn’t a 1911 unfortunately. It’s basically an H&K MK.23 compact. I wouldn’t put it past DICE to put the 1911 back into the game as a later update. It’s hard to make a shooter without something that iconic in it. That’s like Ford without the Mustang. But, I do feel your pain. I’m also hoping they’ll put my Glock 17 back in the mix. I’m going to feel naked without it.

        • Katana67

          The 1911 has been spotted in footage since then, and again, 2 month old information was before we’d actually SEEN the Compact .45 was actually an HK45.

    • DellyDellz

      R.I.P 1911 =(

      • zacflame

        the M1911 never dies.
        it turns into ashes, then reanimates, then catches fire again, and flies away.

    • Kevin Walters

      Since it’s in alpha, there are a TON of name and picture placeholders. So who knows?

  • ThePoolshark

    Lol….40x scope

  • T-51B

    I got it pre ordered and paid in full… I can’t wait.

  • David

    Looks like a nicer weapons menu from warfighter, love how there is now categories for each type of weapon!

  • So many different variations of grips, suppressors, and sights. Man! It’ll be just like those days of dressing up my Barbie dolls! Right? Righ… oh.

    But seriously, I wonder what sort of variation in properties will we see for each.

    Huge variety in non-class-specific weapons as well.

    • oofy

      I used to dress up Cabbage Patch…errr…I meant G.I Joe doll…uh…figures.

      • dieger

        was it the life size versions?

        • oofy

          I wish. There were 9 of us so my parents would buy a set and dole them out. I almost murdered my brother for Snake Eyes.

    • ReeceGators

      like gohst recon gunsmith, millions of combinations

      • MegaMan3k

        Millions of combinations … that are never used.

    • jaskdavis

      This is very impressive, Thanks David!

    • ChessMania

      All we need is a map editor… LE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD!

    • Reason

      I’m going to spend so much time on just the weapon customization lol. Also, weapons I didn’t see in the vid but hope will be in the game: M27 IAR, M1911, KRISS Vector, M&P, F2000

      • Brandon Stern

        The M1911 is a Battlefield staple. Maybe it is the veteran weapon again, and that is why it is not on the list?

    • dpg70

      Reminds me a bit of MoHW, except these aren’t cosmetic changes. Very few attachments in MoHW actually did anything.

  • markopolo

    why dont they show the supports gadgets?

  • M27 IAR


    • That was one of my fave guns in Bf3!
      I concur with this statement!

      • M27 IAR

        I really hope she gets in BF4 at some point…man, I do love that gun.

        • Omg I just noticed what your name was xD

          Also, because I’m not a gun nut, the IAR is related to the M27 from BOII right? (That sounds like a really dumb question lol)

          • M27 IAR

            It’s the same weapon. I’m not a gun nut either, but the M27 IAR is the replacement or heir-apparent to the M249 SAW LMG’s currently in use today by America’s military. In fact, I want to say that some M27’s are already in use in the field.

            It’s also a beefed up version of the M416 assault rifle.

            It’s clearly BF3’s best all-around weapon IMO.

            • Ah ok, I didn’t know because the one in Bf3 acts as an LMG and the one in CoD acts as an AR, thanks for the intel 🙂

            • M27 IAR

              That’s just how the games classify them. I haven’t played Black Ops 2 in forever, so I don’t remember the size of the magazine. If CoD were on the up and up, the M27 would have 45 rounds; the M416 would have 31. Heckler and Koch created these weapons and the M416 is to replace M4A1’s and M27’s to replace M249’s.

              Allegedly. Also, I think both the M27 and M416 are in the field today.

            • Kevin Walters

              “im not a gun nut either”
              maybe not, but you do know your stuff man.

            • Brian Evans

              You are correct sir. They’re not very common as the US Defense Department has not officially adopted them as standard service rifles for the various branches of the armed forces and probably won’t for a long time if they do at all. However, the 416 and 27 IAR are being used scarcely by members of special forces groups including but not limited to the US Navy SEALS. But, the 416 specifically has to compete with platforms like the ACR (The ACW is the ACR, please don’t flame me.) that Bushmaster/Remington are producing as well. Hence the reason it’s not been adopted and put into full service. (I like the 416 over the M4 and the ACR myself…but that’s just me)

    • Katana67

      Perhaps they’re keeping some weapons faction specific? I hadn’t considered that, this is the Russian faction we’re looking at as well.

      • M27 IAR

        Ah, good thinking. A glimmer of hope for my baby, possibly!

        • Katana67

          Only hole in the theory is that the M4 and M16 are visible in this, so why would the M27 be hidden?

          I think the Ultimak will be its replacement, which is unfortunate. And it’s silly the lengths they’re going to to include AK-12 variants. I used the RPK like, twice, in BF3. RPK-12 looks better though, less of an aardvark. I personally think they could’ve actually made IAR’s a separate weapon class altogether like they did with DMRs

          • M27 IAR

            Surely they plan to include it somehow. It has to be one of the most utilized weapons in the game I’d imagine.

          • John T.

            You serious? The RPK is a way better weapon than the M27 in BF3; I have obliterated entire teams with it. And I can’t imagine why any sane person would call an abundance of Kalashikov rifles “silly”. The best weapons in the world, now in all possible varieties! Sweet!

            • Katana67

              Notice how I was commenting on the look of the RPK in BF3, not its function.


              The M27 is superior to the RPK in many ways in BF3. So to say that it’s “way better”, is misleading. Every weapon kills people in BF3, so your evidence is purely anecdotal.

              “In all possible varieties”, meaning the same AK-12 in different barrel lengths? And they threw in the ACE-series (which are based on the Galil, which is based on the AK) in with impunity. I have no idea why. DICE tries far too hard to put in “new” weapons, when it’s evident they’re just going to increasing lengths to do so. Infinity Ward is guilty of this too, with their inclusion of the FAD (LOL).

              Why not just throw in a DSA FAL if you wanted a SBR 7.62 as a carbine and not have FOUR ACE variants? Two of which are carbines.

              Why aren’t there SCAR variants in every class? Why does the M4A1 not get an aesthetic upgrade like the AK-12?(which seems to be just a reskinned version of the AK-74M in-game). I like Kalashnikov weapons, but the ones they chose to include are sort of silly (referring to the ACE). Why did they pick the AK to go overboard on and not other weapons? The AR, SCAR, and ACR have been modular for far longer than the recently announced AK-12.

              The AK-12 sniper variant is what I was referring to specifically, as for the life of me, I didn’t think this existed. I couldn’t find any information on it other than “it’s planned” and hypothetical information about the AK-12 maybe being able to be chambered in 7.62×51 NATO (not 7.62x54R which would be typical). The AK-12 SVD, is what I assume to be an updated SVD. But why call it the “AK-12”?

              Point being, there are an abundance of AK variants seemingly OVER other weapons. I’ll grant you that BF3 had favored the AR-15 with a variant in every class save for Recon (which had the Mk 11). But why do they have to choose between the two now? By what logic does the IAR get passed over? At least they ditched the AN-94

              There’s a distinct lack of magazine-fed MGs. Which is what I was suggesting by making the IAR a class unto itself akin to what DICE did with DMRs. Which, by the way, I think they’ve screwed up (as there’s only medium-range optics available to DMRs and not even a 6x or 8x scope which would allow the player to actually be a DM).

              And on a personal note, I dislike the inclusion of the Chinese weapons and faction. Chinese weapons are just so niche and boring to me, I could care less. Likewise, I would’ve much preferred a MEC faction which could justify maybe including the ACE as a fictional faction-standard weapon.

            • John T.

              Well, you’re quite right there. My comment was worded rather poorly. I simply love the RPK in BF3.

              In any case, at least we’re getting a full-length HK416 and not some random shortened version of it, which is nice. I dislike the AR-15 platform (especially after the considerably overpowered (and incorrectly depicted!) M16A3 in BF3) and adore the AKs, so I could do nothing but rejoice at the AK-12’s presence in BF4. Still, I reckon that it would be a good idea if they made the weapons a bit more unique, for an example giving the player a chance of equipping a 100-round C-MAG instead of the regular 30 for his AK-12, which would convert it into something like a magazine-fed LMG without being a separate weapon, and would increase recoil or whatever for balance.

              I disagree with your relieved tone when talking about the AN-94 though. It’s one of the greatest weapons in BF3 and I like its not-so-usual mode of operation a lot; it brings variety and uniqueness to otherwise similar weapons..

              About the SVD-12, this I find rather odd, because I’m certain that an eventual sniper variant of the AK-12 won’t be called an SVD. It’s called “Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova”, not “Kalashnikova”, and is not a semi-auto AK with a long barrel.

              I welcome the Chinese faction in the game simply because they existed in BF2. Don’t get me stated about the MEC, I’m still (butt)hurt about them not being in BF3.
              I’d rather ditch the USA. They are so damn boring, with their everpresent “patriotism”, antique AR-15 derivatives, and increasingly annoying expansionist politics.
              Just my opinion, if by any chance you’re from the USA, please don’t get offended.

              In the end, we can hope that these aren’t all the guns that would be in the game. I was left under the impression that they’d be copy-pasting all BF3 weapons into BF4, so we’ve yet to see stuff like the L85 and L86, and the M1911 pistol. I hope.

      • zacflame

        no, this is every weapon currently in the game, unlocked for every faction.
        notice the 3 3.4x scopes and 3 4x scopes. not complaining if thats how it ends up, though. the U.S. ACOG is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in BF3 and 4.

        • Katana67

          Right, but what I was getting at is the current BF3 paradigm with the last unlock of every class. The last unlock is to gain access to the OTHER faction’s starter weapon with any faction in BF3. Before that, you don’t even get the option to see the Mk 11 for example, when playing for the RU faction.

          This, if they’re doing it the same way could explain the lack of the M27. However, as I said previously, the other previous “beginner” weapons (M4A1, M16A3, etc.) are visible in the video.

          The attachments don’t have anything to do with what I was talking about. In BF3, these unlock differently for each weapon, but eventually all of them unlock separately.

          • Brian Evans

            It was confirmed by DICE during the BETA that the M27 IAR is not going to be in the Vanilla. So, unless they suddenly change their minds and throw it in last minute don’t expect much. It’ll be out in some form of DLC, I can almost assure you of that. How else is EA gunna push people to buy their DLC lol?

            “But wait, if you buy this DLC now we’ll throw in…A BRAND NEW CAR!!!! Or, the M27 IAR, you’re choice”

            • Katana67

              Blast from the past, 2 month old information (and my speculation) is obviously out of date.

  • An impressive list, but not all that interesting.
    Such as, why the AUG A3! It’s so boring by comparison to the A1!

  • Rymva

    so could you put the scope magnifier on a 40x zoom scope?

    • oofy

      When you want to send a bullet right through someone’s nostril.

      • zacflame

        well, you could, but it seems not as useful, you might want either 40x with no magnification, or a smaller scope like 8x or 20x with a magnification.
        40x with the magnification seems un-useful because you don’t have enough space to see wide enough to compensate bullet drop after missing the first time.

        • oofy

          But nostril shots are awesome.

          • zacflame

            the bullets are bigger than a normal nostril.

  • Tank Buster

    I am moist!
    Alot of M4 variants! (which I like!), I LOVE the options for silencers and now an option for a muzzle brake!!!!! I love BF

    • Mike Limpus

      I feel ya

      • oofy

        Hopefully figuratively and not literally. 🙂

      • oofy

        I am….GAHHH!!! My eyes!!

  • kevin lemur

    plus more gun DLCs like in BF3, so i don’t think this is all the guns, attachments, and gear we’ll get!

  • SamRock

    Just gimme my KH2002.. I hope it makes it to BF4

    • jaskdavis

      Thats my gun son!

      • SamRock

        Awesome!! Add me on Battlelog “SamR0ck” 🙂

        U can laugh at my stats 😛

  • Oliver

    No more M60, why DICE why 🙁

    • zacflame

      the M60 is an outdated cold war era weapon.
      you must mean the M60E4, which is all of a sudden “totally last year” -quote from a gay weapon designer.

    • Katana67

      Probably because nobody really uses them anymore *shrug*.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Anyone see the Shorty 12g shotgun pistol sidearm thing?

    • ChessMania

      Shotgun pistol with a silencer is a marshmallow shooter with a cool noise!

      • Brian Evans

        The shorty will act the same as the rest of the pump shotguns from what I heard but with incredibly limited range and only 3 shots in the tube. So, it’ll be a nuke at point blank and probably get you wrecked at even an average range of engagement for sidearms. But still…it is kinda mouth watering ^_^

  • kida

    Holly shit 40x scopes. The only time any would use those is if the shot is taken from Mexico to hit someone in China…but seriously 40x is insane

    • Kevin Walters

      tee hee. I can see their nose hairs. XD

  • eBunny

    The customization has definitely got a massive upgrade. BF3 already had quite an assortment of stuff to pick, but damn. Just an overwhelming amount of stuff to customize. I didn’t want to watch too much of the video since I don’t actually want to spoil it too much, but there is definitely more than I had expected.

  • eBunny

    The thing is this is just the vanilla game, there’s likely much more to come in the future. Thanks DICE 🙂

  • Katana67

    Solid, looks great! Was a good idea just putting all the weapons from BF3 back in rather than trying to shove all new ones in. Plus, there’s only so many weapons in the world, which is starting to show in the great lengths developers are having to go to to find new weapons (i.e. the FAD in CoD, LOLOL).

    The new weapons and attachments look great!! Can’t wait to slap on that 40x scope… I still think it’s a dumb thing for bolt-action sniper rifles to have CQC sights available. Both from a realism and balance point of view.

  • Izzy Bozz

    There’s a 40x Scope (6:12)? o_O

  • ReeceGators


    • zacflame


  • Just saying

    SMAWRPG + FIM/IGLA!!!!! What a nightmare for scout and attack heli pilots.

  • KennyKyle

    mother of dad O.O

  • HugeBFFan

    Im super stoked about this game. But I as really hoping for a hell of lot more NEW weapons. Maybe they were right BF3.5…

  • ChessMania

    40x Ballistic = Oooh is that a spider on that guy from 2000 meters away?

    • Brian Evans

      Hold on let me send him a private message to let him know…”Hey buddy, you’ve got a spider on ya..did ya know? Lemme take care of that for you.”

      (BLUE)Player 1 (RED) Player10

      “I got bad.”

  • Aria68

    Holy COW !!!!!

  • Justin Mckay

    I believe the engineer should have the carbine not the pdw especially considering the game battlefield is i would always use a carbine over pdw what do yall think?

  • Alvaro Munive

    Where the fuck is my An-94!!?

  • JustinD

    There better be the 1911 and I wish there was an m14 but at least the m39 has 20 round mags like it should now. Hopefully the recoil is fixed

  • Rave

    I didn’t see the M60 anywhere. no more chug chug chug? 🙁

    • Jeff Kazimer

      M240B Has replaced M60…they are quite similar weapons 🙂

  • Raider

    Yaaay! as most of my play time is being an aggressive recon. I’m happy to see more side arms. Especially a double stack .45, and a .40 option. With my play style I rely on side arms often in cqb situations. I’m also very intrigued with the shotty 12G pistol. This should be a great, and memorable game.

  • LoGAReTM

    NO !!! Where is my AN-94 !!

  • H’m

    Im not sure i like tHe fact theres to many weapons being shared….. I think i prefer mOre of the weapons class specific… Yet i bet i dont give a crap once i have the game 🙂

  • Renegade173

    My heart aches. I did not see the M1911…..

  • david barnes

    I didn’t see the f2000 on the list. did they remove it