Battlefield 4 Available For Pre-Order On 360, PS3 and PC, New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Hardshell Case

Battlefield 4 is up for pre-order!

Various retailers have begun listing Battlefield 4 for pre-order for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Though the Battlefield 4 Beta has already been confirmed for this generation of hardware, these listings further solidify the fact that Battlefield 4 will be available the Xbox 360 and PS3 along with high-end PCs. The question is, will it ever be listed for next-gen hardware? We can only hope.

Pay no mind to the estimated release date as it is surely innaccurate. Future Shop (image below) lists it for a 12/31/2013 release date.

Thanks, Brad, for the tip!

Additionally, those who pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter from Amazon will receive this nice little treat: a slick, tin case featuring scary soldier guy who you don’t want to mess with! This is, of course, on top of the previously announced Battlefield 4 beta access that is included with all pre-orders Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

 Are you going to be pre-ordering Battlefield 4? If so, what platform?

  • If it comes out for 360 and PS3 after the release of “720” and PS4, I don’t see a reason to buy BF4. I won’t use my PS3 or 360 when the next gen consoles come out.

    Are these BF4 pre-orders an assumption of game retailers or is this per DICE?

    • JK Monroe

      So you’re actually going to shell out the initial $800-$1000 price when the next gen console comes out? Remember the current consoles took a couple of years before the price came down to reasonable levels.

      • It makes no difference to me. I will buy both release day, however if you believe the info that’s been leaked thus far, the new Xbox is going to be $299. There isn’t going to be ground breaking technology in the new consoles…. just a lot more RAM and a much faster processor.

        • It’ll be new, the current will be obsolete. Anyone who knows how business works knows this. Like the basic DVD players now that are $15 were once $100+

          • Yep… the bluray player in the PS3 was a $400 “upgrade” in technology over the PS2. The bluray player in the PS4 will be $40 status quo technology.

            HDMI and Optical outputs are on everything and are cheap now.

            RAM is 1/4 the price as it was 5 years ago.
            For the same money GPUs and CPUs are many times faster.

            So basically it won’t cost Sony and MS much more money to make the PS4 and “720”. They aren’t going to be $800, $600 or even $400.

            I’ve had both a PlayStation and Xbox for each gen, the next gen won’t be any different for me. And this time, I won’t have to spend as much money as I did for the PS3 and 360.

            I just want the full battlefield experience on console. I want the upgrade in graphics. I want 60 FPS. I want 64 players. I want full size maps. I can’t see any reason to buy BF4 on the PS3 or 360 if I have a PS4 and “720”. If the next gen consoles are out and BF4 isn’t on them, DICE and EA are shooting themselves in the foot.

            That all being said, considering it’s “ported” from the PC to the consoles, there really is no reason (other than financial) that it can’t be made for PC and next gen console as the full game, and be the “Skirmishfield” BF3 is for the PS3 and 360.

        • Spook

          I can assure you it will not be $299 on release.

          • Just going by what’s been written. If you believe the rumors, that’s the price point they’re looking at. If you don’t believe the rumors, there isn’t going to be a PS4 or 720 next year anyway, so at that point, the conversation is moot.

  • shazbot

    lulz capslock

    • gph456

      Battlefield come out every 1 and a half years so it isn’t weird that Battlefield 4 is coming out next year. For the trailer of Battlefield 4, I believe they still haven’t gotten enough levels done in order to do that. It’s not preorders that DICE/EA ask to put up; it’s just a company who put it up themselves. If you go up you can see that someone mentioned Future Shop does this a bunch for announced titles. Did EA or DICE ask them to put up preorders yet, probably no, but we will be able to preorder it at a later date.

      • Darkstar

        your wrong it usually take 2 years, and the beta is releasing in October 2013 which means b4 should becoming out in Sep.
        That is less than 1 and a half years.

        • nooo it takes a year between battlefield games… this has been happening this way since 1942… am I the only one here who is old enough to actually remember buying those games?

        • orly?

          October 2011 to October 2013. That’s less than one and a half years? Really? Might want to read your comment before you post it next time.

    • Future shop always does this

  • Mariuuus


  • nickmaster1150

    nice, just one problem, we don’t have ANY trailers!!?? how can we know if we like it or not? 😮

  • wtf??? Pre-orders and they haven’t even revealed the cover art??? EA is starting to make me sick =/ just too much greed…

    • its not dice its future shop and other retailers

  • masada157

    Announcing a sequel not a year after the previous game is out…

    Sound familiar?

    • Yup, those traveller tales Lego games.

    • Yeah Halo 2, halo 3m, battlefield vietnam, Battlefield 3 Ghost recon advanced warfighters 2 what else :P.

    • YUP.. it sounds like a whole lot of games that isnt call of duty

    • Kazuela

      mmm let me guess.. battlefield vietnam, battlefield 1942 expansions, battlefield 2, battlefield 2142, battlefield bad company, battlefield bad company 2, battlefield 3?.

      it’s kind of funny how kiddos doesn’t know that DICE had always delivered in a two year basis (hell bad company 2 came straight after the first bad company and no one complained)

      • The reason people are complaining is simply because they think BF4 will be too good to be true, BF3 has delivered an enormous gaming experience like never before, A full package of gameplay n technology n customization and bugs(lol)… Having said that such a franchise like Battlefield has raised the bar of people’s expectation to the level of madness where some people like me think that even in couple of years there will be no game that can beat BF3, therefore this sorts of mentality led everyone to think that the next core Battlefield game (BF4) can only be possible in next 3-4 years.
        But turns out DICE is following their same path of development period on BF4, One only can hope that DICE delivers another astonishing experience, and personally i think DICE will blow our mind once again, as they never failed to do so.

        • Kazuela

          As i said before, this development cycle ain’t new for BF veterans, DICE has always delivered in a two year basis (heck, there are some instances like with vietnam and 2142 that it did only a year after the previous one).

          the reason why they’re able to do this, is that their studio is really freaking big (they now even have a studio completely focused on developing frostbite).

  • Micjel

    I just realized That it makes absolutely no sense to preorder this game wtf!!’?! Sersly dice…??

    • princefartsalot

      Yeah I know, no sense.

  • Retro

    Future Shop does this all the time for announced titles. Has nothing to do with EA/DICE.
    When BF3 was first announced Future Shop had pre-orders up right away including one for the Wii version, you know the one that never existed.

  • mattw

    I thought BF3 was going to have a 2-3 year life. They build such a strong base I thought they would be able to easily extend its life with expansions and updates. The only way this would make sense to me would be if BF4 is for the next gen console.

  • ButteredBread

    Geez guys don’t worry ’bout it. The worlds gonna end this year anyway!

    • ktorkel

      Not sure if sarcasm or stupidity.

      • ButteredBread

        Wow, if you don’t see the sarcasm then that’s your stupidity.

      • Mayan

        @ ktorkel not sure if fear or denial.

        • mayan2


      • Jeez grow a sense of humor.


  • JK Monroe

    Looks like BF series will be released every other year like MW. MoH will be like BLOPS being released a year after a BF game.

    Since games are usually dropping to half its price a month or two after the release date, there’s no way I’m going to pre-order it unless they issue some kind of map pack bonus. Things like beta access invites or hard cases just isn’t worth it.

  • dpg70

    Sorry DICE, I’ll wait till you port it to th PS4, unless of course it’s a launch title on the PS4….


  • 3DArtist

    My hope is dead, with the announce of release on Xbox360 & PS3. BF4 is going to be just another console port for us PC player. I`m tiered of pklaying console ports, there is no such game that can push my PC build to its limits, so sad. I miss old PC Days…

    • dumyspeed

      well actually bf3 is pushing our pc builds, of course if u have 4 7970 and 2 i7 990x, none game will push that..

      • 3DArtist

        Yes it does but not to the max, we are also missing lots of features just because bf3 is a console port: Commander,Voip,6 man squads, poor maps designed for consoles in mind. many, many awesome features from post BC1/BC2 battlefields has been removed permamently 🙁

        • dumyspeed

          well not all things are bad, just look at the positives things ^^

  • stevenStefano

    I think DICE just released the thing about getting BF4 beta access with MOH to try and boost its sales because it isn’t that popular and it has sorta pissed everyone off. The beta isn’t for a long time and that is the only reason I can think of to even mention it so early, for all we know they haven’t even started working on it, the only reason this has come about is because they hope BF3 players with buy Warfighter

  • If this is really on PS3 and Xbox, I’m not buying it. I love Battlefield 3 on my PS3, but it’s just a crippled version of what it’s supposed to be. And since Battlefield 4 is coming out, probably on the Frostbite 2.5, it’s going to be an extremely dumbed down version. If it turns out it’s for PS4 and 720 but EA can’t say so now, then I’ll buy it.


    Is that for the MOH case? cause iv already got my MOH pre-order at, or is that just another US exclusive?


    I will only buy BF4 if it is available to pre-order with my PS4 🙂

  • Lourdes

    Why the hell would I want to buy the next game for current gen systems??? I’ll stick to BF3.

    • GOD

      PC wins again.

      • I fail to see how in this situation, it’s still going to be Battlefield 3 2.0

  • I didn’t really like Battlefield 3 enough to think it needed a sequel. I loved the direct objective based gameplay of Bad Company 2 and I feel like it’s a waste of my time to consider anything that isn’t Bad Company 3.

  • betterthanyours

    ps4 or no deal!!

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  • Munk

    Premium has only been out a month :O

  • If its for just this generation of ps3/xbox’s i wont bother buying it. After forking over more then i intended to into part 3(i have no regrets on it) it just man its costly. I really cant see part 4 being that much of a step up in quality over the part 3. On pc i could see it making a leap and bounds jump but not on ps3/xbox.

  • E4t_Le4d

    What is everyone so worried about? The game isn’t set to come out until late 2013 or early 2014. By the way this isn’t anything new. They did this a few years ago when Battlefield Vietnam came out. When it come out back in December 2, 2004 they announced Battlefield 2 no more than a month after Battlefield Vietnam’s release. If you’ve played Battlefield 2 before you would probably agree with me and say that it’s probably one of the greatest Battlefield games. If you don’t believe me check out Gamerspawn’s “Battlefield’s History” video. I have faith in DICE for Battlefield 4. For all we know Battlefield 4 could have been in development for 2 years already. What I’m trying to say is, people shouldn’t be worrying about Battlefield 4 being announced too early. With Frostbite already built they now have a better understanding of the engine. I cannot wait until Battlefield 4 and hope to hear more about it in the near future.

    • TeamTrevor

      I totally agree with you it’s just that how could they make an amazing game like Battlefield 4 which is going to run on the Frostbite 2.0 or 2.5 Engine in 2 years?To make a game like Battlefield 3 probably took 3 or 4 years.But I have faith in DICE just like you and they have a large team so maybe it will only take 2 years or maybe they have been working on it before BF3’s release because if they thought BF3 would end up being a bust(which it sorta was,sorta)they could build on that,see what they did wrong,and give us 256 PLAYERS!!!Besides this isn’t real it could be on Next-Gen Consoles and i’m sure it will,Battlefield 4 is going to be the TRUE sequel to Battlefield 2 you wait and see BF fans.

  • John

    The only reason people are freaking out about BF4 Being announced is because EA decided to Announce BF4 earlier than they would normally announce it. But the game is still going to be having the same amount of development time as any other Battlefield game sonJust get over it and stop complaining.

    • Jason

      Thank you! People don’t realize that BF3 came out a year and a half after BC:2 and has been that way forever! So 2 years is actually the longest they have waited lol

      • Lucas Gomez

        BC2 and all those games are kinda like side games, which use the same engine as the previous main BF title. They are jumping from a few added maps as expansions to a completely new BF version. It’s weird, it’s not right IMO, you can say everything you want about the fact that the normal release schedule is every two years, but not from the same story, usually. To me all they are trying to do is grab the money as quicker as they can. After all, people later won’t have much time to complain as they’ve already ordered it months, if not a year before. Seems like they are doing their own private kickstarter ideology with selling.

        • then bf4 is a side game aswell. It will be using the already created fb2, so it wont be as hard to make new stuff for it

  • notgoingtohappen

    If this doesn’t prove that the PS4 and Xbox 720 isn’t coming out next year nothing will…

    And before you start:

    Yes they would have had dev kits in time for BF4…Sony and Microsoft would make sure dev’s would have reasonable time to develop there game

    and no DICE wouldnt have decided to downgrade the game to the PS4 and/or Xbox 720….dev’s have been asking and asking for better hardware to make games on…Why pass it up now

    • GOD

      PC is the Next Gen. PS4 and Xbox 720 will be to expensive for the consumer especially in a down economy. I bet if you throw down an extra $600.00 on your pc, you can run BF3 on ultra settings at 50-60FPS, that’s 20-30FPS more than on the console and a hell of a lot more if you wanna play it on low settings, which is almost the equivalent to console graphics if not better. I’m just saying.

  • You guys are acting like they released BF3 this year!! It will already have been 2 years when BF4 comes out

    • It hasn’t even been out a year though. We Battlefield players like how this isn’t like CoD every year.

      • well, COD releases the same game every year with barely any changes to the game, BF4 wont be released until next year, which is 2 years after bf3. I personally cant wait until they release it, I know it it going to be a amazing game

  • Izzy00

    No way in hell im buying BF4 if it’s only going to be released on the current consoles. Dice had to dumb down a shit load just to make BF3 work on ps3/xbox.

    • roland0811

      Agreed. I’ve gotten tired of all of the run ‘n gun cartoony twitch shooter games like BF3 and CoD. FPS games on console have gotten so cookie cutter the FPS genre has stagnated and stalled.
      I’m hoping a large scale tactical shooter comes out for console someday but I’m guessing it’s gonna be a long, long wait….
      Arcadey shooters like Battlefield and CoD are what sell. People don’t seem to like thinking in their games too much.

      • Drift

        Exactly. I want to run around, shoot, blow shit up, and have fun. If I want a realistic shooter game with tactics i’ll play Arma, but it isn’t as fun as running around shooting everything in sight.

        You seem to have this mentality that “Oh i’m mature, I play on the pc, all those kids on console like there watered down arcade-y shooters, we need one that’s very realistic, and i’m mature and smart for thinking so”.

        No, just no man.

        • roland0811

          No, actually. I like shooters that take some thinking and tactics to them. Sorry I’m not a fan of shallow cookie cutter games. If you like buying the same game over and over that’s fine. I prefer mine to have a little depth and BF3 is severely lacking in that departement.

          Half the fun for me is the shooting part, the other half is the strategy and tactical element. It takes more than good graphics and some explosions here and there while running around holding the trigger down to entertain me. I’m glad you’re entertained by running ‘n gunning. Your idea of fun is different than mine. Personally, I judge a game by how deep the gameplay is and how well it’s supported by the developer.

          I don’t understand why you have you to be immature and insult me when all I commented on was the nature of the simplicity and ‘lowered bar’ in today’s current FPS games on console. Does that make sense? I get insulted because I want better games to be made?

          Oh, and I play on console. I’ve been playing on console for over 25 years and playing P.C. on the side. And I personally find ArmA to be a pretty fun game. BF3 is alright for what it is and as long as I don’t try to pretend it’s something it’s not.

          Have a nice day. Maybe next time you’ll skip on the knee-jerk reactions to anyone you feel is a threat to your beloved arcadey twitch-shooter franchises. I was just saying that having some tactical shooters on console would be nice because shooters on that platform seem to be holding on to the same old rehashed formula for years now.

      • Devin Bursley

        bro u want a fps thts not shit go plat dust 514 and quit complaining about random ass shit dice didnt db shit down fOr bf3 they actualy saved alot of it for bf4 as they said at e3

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  • PlatinumSoldier

    Thanks EA I really thought you will be releasing the game way too early but now I see that we will not see bf4 until 2014…
    Thanks EA AND DICE for not screwing up such a great game!

  • I’m going to post the same comment everyone else has.

  • ‘How cheap it is for Watfighter that everybody is concerned about BF4 and thats even beta and not about warfighter itself

  • all the PS3 XBOX and PC

  • BrokenThinker

    Still weird though.

  • The Rock

    No ps4 or xbox 720, no battlefield 4.

  • derpalerpa

    If EA/DICE waited for the next gen consoles to hit the market for a release BF4, we’d all be sitting around with our thumbs up our asses for years. Nobody can predict how long Microsoft and Sony will postpone release of the next gen consoles.

  • G2 size Steelbook with the PS3 version?

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  • Today they can convert games from PC standard to next-gen PS/Xbox in short time. The problem is convert that next-gen game to current whatsoever from MS and SONY

  • alosmo

    > Laugh at COD because the development time for each COD game is 2 years.

    > Love Battlefield because the development time for each COD game is 2 years.

    Seems legit.

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  • Spook

    Like it or not the fact that BF3 was developed with the current consoles in mind hurt the quality, scale and design of the game. BF4 yet again being made for these consoles is a huge disappointment. They should make it for PC first and foremost and then when the new consoles are released it can be released for them.

  • when is it coming out

  • booker

    Right, MOH in a metal case from 🙂 Sure – not. But they compensate -£1.88 Cool. 8-1

  • dc100

    There is NO BF4 release for buying at aLL they are fraudulent and are NOT true.

  • Jake

    Blake Jorgensen said it was also coming on PS4, he said the game “runs beautifully on it” so I suppose it’s coming on the ps3 blu ray, and will be playable on both platforms, the guy said it, we’ll see