Battlefield 4 Beta Access Confirmed For All Battlefield 3 Premium Members, Plus Other Ways to Play

As previously rumored, Battlefield 3 Premium members will gain access to the upcoming Battlefield 4 beta when it releases this Fall.

“There are a number of ways to get into this Beta” announces developers DICE on their official blog – three, in fact.

According to DICE, you can participate in the Battlefield 4 beta by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Pre-order the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on
  • Be a Battlefield 3: Premium member
  • Be a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.

Further official information on the beta is still forthcoming, though both the beta and Battlefield 4 are slated for release this Fall 2013.

Definitely don’t miss out on our latest Battlefield 4 coverage! You can catch the first trailer and a 17-minute gameplay demo of the game right here, as well as our recap of the official unveiling in San Francisco.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more on Battlefield 4!

  • TheEnd004500

    I love the way they tell us this now, instead of when MoH: Warfighter came out. They wanted gamers to think that Moh Warfighter would be the only way, so they can boost sales. Scumbag EA, at it again.

    • Rashad Gill

      Right, to whoever purchased MOH:W we better get earlier access to it. Like a week.Thats mainly why I bought that pile of poop.

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        You bought a $59.99 game that you thought was bad, JUST for beta access? That’s pitiful.

        • The game was surprisingly bad. The beta for MoH:WF was just that, a beta, so people expected some improvement from it. There was little to none.

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            That’s an entirely different argument than what I’m stating. I thoroughly disagree with people saying MOH:WF was terrible, it’s MP was a lot of fun, maybe a bit glitchy, but what do you even expect anymore? EVERY game releases in a bad state, I mean just look how BF3 launched how long it took them to fix it. The SP was fun, and a hell of a lot better than BF3’s. The game easily deserves a 7/10 or a 8/10, not the shit everyone gave it. The only problem I saw with the game is that Danger Close took WAY too long to patch the game, and that EA gave up on it REALLY quickly. Now I’m just judging the PC version, maybe it was different on consoles.

            • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The MP was very buggy on 360 and never really reached its full potential. It definitely had its moments, but not enough to save it from infamy, in my book.

      • pot51e

        no it isn’t. Its just the thing you’ve clung to to make yourself feel better having exposed your eyeballs to MoW: PoS,

      • So you paid $60.00 + tax for a beta
        Good work, baking your cookie now

    • zombiecole65

      really you ivan?

    • Guys its Ivan !!! 😀

    • QwietStorm

      Anyone who buys a game specifically to get access to a damn beta needs to get their priorities in order. And there are pretty much always multiple ways to get into a beta these days.

  • Dead Sync

    In before people rage about purchasing MoH. MoH was never announced to be the ONLY way to get into the beta, and people need to have some common sense. Glad to see they are doing well by BF3 Premium members though. Its a win/win for everyone (players and EA/DICE) to give them access to the beta

    • leon

      True dat.

    • Except for everyone who hasn’t played the series and might be interested in trying it?? I hope they make a public beta for the last week or something.

      • pot51e

        Public Beta was nearly the death of BF3 – and can be held up as an example of being too open. No, a large scale private beta is better than a public beta.

        • How do you mean?
          I bought the game pretty much because I enjoyed Operation Metro so much! At the time I thought “damn this is really good, even without vehicles”
          After the patched and the premium and everything though, the game was ruined to me.

          • pot51e

            because everything that came after was compared to Beta. Because as well as attracting fresh blood it also attracted many CoD fanboys who vilified it – and as usual for a beta, the developers listen a little – and now they were listening to 1000’s of players who wanted BF3 to turn into CoD. No they are NOT to blame for all CoDification (EA wanted that) and not all CoDification is bad – but that set the tone of forumfield and the nerf/op debate to new heights. In a beta, you want players that are committed to the franchise to provide iterative, constructive feedback – not the indifferent masses.

            • Mm, I understand that now a lot. Definitely you’re right if they’re going to use it as testing, but I mean they should run the beta as an open demo to get new people in who haven’t played before. The BFBC2 beta/ demo worked exactly the same.
              Obviously though if they’re going to use it to change major details, then I agree, they should keep it private to the dedicated members!

            • Lord Byakurai

              I’m sorry, but just because a lot of those players were fresh blood that doesn’t make them “CoD fanboys”. Have you EVER considered the possibility that someone could GENUINELY have a problem with it?

          • I agree with @f5c06e31e30d07f786479555e27215ed:disqus an open beta means less constructive comments and more bashing. Not to say that won’t happen in a closed beta but at least with a closed beta it will feel like less of a demo because not everyone is playing it. Almost everything in BF3 alpha was in beta but nothing in beta transitioned into full game, so many cut animation and changed or missing VOs for example, the damage model was changed to where it took so many more bullets to kill one person, hit registry changed and terrain destruction was scrapped among a list of things because more people than there should have were too busy bashing than being constructive.

            • Aye.
              As I say in my reply to pot51e below, I think it’s better that we have an open beta which runs like a demo, where anyone can try it out, attracting more customers. The only thing is that DICE tried to listen to all the wrong people last time, who, as you both say, were bashing rather than being constructive. 🙂

            • Also, that’s why I say make it open for the last week or so – get the dedicated players in. Make the changes. Open it to the public. Sell it.

    • iBeAmar

      Well they said “exclusive” access to the BF4 beta when MoH was up for pre-order, so I can understand why some people feel cheated.

      • Its EA, I should be use to this feeling in my ass by now.

      • pot51e

        I bought the physical warfare edition of BF3 and had exclusive access to type 88 a flash suppressor and flechette ammo. When everyomne got it I felt cheated for about 10 seconds then realised I was all grown up. the reason people who bought MoH feel cheated is that MoH is a pile of Shit.

      • They just announced it for Premium members, so MoH preorders should not feel cheated as they were the first to know that they get access to it. They should just be lucky they added that stipulation when preordering Warfighter. EA and DICE didn’t have to do that.

      • HellAtrippin

        exclusivity still re manes bro just 3 ways to get your exclusivity pick your way and don’t bitch when a company is obvious trying to make there fans happy not mad

    • dpg70

      I bought MoHW for MoHW, for better or worse. I actually enjoyed it for a while until it became obvious that the broken aspects were not going to be fixed due to low sales.

      We all learned last time around that “exclusive” to EA means you get a brief period of access before anyone else (48 hours last time around).

      • Warfighter got so bad, EA has cut off Danger Close and killed Medal of Honor indefinitely.

        • If those guys went back to the old school MoH way….cash would be flowing in.

  • Yes Yes Yes!! I’m so glad BF3 Premium members get Beta access to BF4 since I cant Pre-order since I’m on a island =(

    • Use a vpn service…

      • I’m play on PS3 currently and the its not so much that I cant pre-order but wont since its take almost a full month before I would receive the game on this Island so I just purchase my games on the Military base here since they get it right away

  • blondbassist

    Woo Hoo I can get in the demo!!

    • A Beta is not a Demo. Thou some people appear to gain access to Beta solely to try it out before buying (i.e Demo). Which is probably why so many games are launched with a Day-1 patch these days.

      • leon

        A lot of “betas” these days are just demos released a week before release.

        • Mr. ready

          It will be a stress test, mostly not really playable.

      • SmashT

        These days they pretty much are demos, you can’t release a beta a couple of weeks before the full release, they just call it a beta because it makes players feel part of the development and if there are any problems they can use beta as an excuse.

        • Well if you are play testing the beta build of any software, then its a “beta” plain and simple no matter how far away from release day it may be.It is what it is. You can’t simply define it because of what you feel. Clearly you have just show everyone that you join beta tests simply to say you’ve played to strengthen your opinions and that’s now bad, but way to insult people who go to game development schools who playtest hours on end until they are absolutely sick of what they are testing

  • bob

    haha lol at the people who bought moh thinking that was the only way to get into beta.

  • bob

    they will probably hand out beta codes anyway for free

    • Brent

      Or just no code, download to play it.

  • There should have also been an Alpha, and THAT should have been MoH owners only, just like in BF3.

    • PewPewTank

      How about no, the alpha is primarily for professional players who play and give opinions

      • MikePembo951

        and people that have some technical knowledge to report bugs, errors and glitches.

        • And are less likely to be trolls

          • hey

            All you have to do is register for the EA newsletter.

  • Current price on Origin for Digital Deluxe: 699 SEK (Swedish Krona)
    Current price on online store for Limited Edition: 449 SEK (Swedish Krona)

    Both of the above options include a “free” Expansion Pack (similar to the Limited Edition offer for Battlefield 3), and the online store will likely include a beta access as well. Origin is crap, and overpriced. I’d hope #BF4 to stay the hell away from Origin, but that may be impossible. Looking at the 17 min video, it appeared to have a “Friends” system visible ingame, which may/may not require Origin to be running in background.

    • i heard you get real dogtags with the digital deluxe

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  • PewPewTank

    Funny how I got both Warfighter (before the beta access was leaked) and Premium

  • Jamic

    I hope they allow me to get early acces on two platforms since I have MOHWF and Premium… I would be fine with that…

    But if its “just” early acces.

    Well, then Im mad.

  • Chuckz28

    I want to preorder but there is no preorder option for PS4. What gives?

  • Delta8A

    pre-order pre-ordered


  • zach

    and i was getting all exited.
    i forgot.
    ill end up playing the half assed PS3 version of the beta.
    it better be a PS4 launch game.

    • elmatador880

      it is but it might come out later. Just my opinion.

  • ktorkel


  • LRG

    EA is a fuckin Fraud !!!!
    i prepurchase medal of ass just because the early access of bf4 and now most of bf3 players will get it WTF is this

    • UrADunce

      Then you’re an idiot if you’d buy a crappy game thinking it would be the only way to get access to the glorified demo aka beta

    • Bill Adams

      Why Wouldn’t BF3 players get it who bought Premium.. They are the Real BF players not MOH wannabes.

    • hey

      I bought the game just because i wanted something new, why the #@$% did you buy the game just for a bad beta access?

  • Ryan

    really!! that’s deception

    and tricky markting….

    • THIS is BEATS. i agree RYAN THEY should give moh coustmers a refund they gave up.. never really fixed the bugs,chat, they never made veichle maps. even moh had a bradely.N I 2 ONLY pre ordered it 4 BF4!!!! EPIC FAIL EDITION

  • Everybody shouldn’t be surprised by this. Remember when the first MOH was supposed to be the only way into the BF3 beta but it changed to a public beta. Can’t believe people fell for it again.

  • BETA, Shmeta! Was in the beta for BF3, didn’t matter what we wrote back, game still came out glitchy as hell. I can’t wait to play this though on the new xbox.

  • Samoa

    The one time being short on money actually benefitted me. No moh wf for

  • The BF4 MP beta determines if I purchase BF4. If I get in there and players are absolutely free to do whatever they want and still get points and XP for it, then in my view the game is broken and I can’t justify the purchase because I know it will simply frustrate me. There must be some form of player control built into BF4.

  • The game looks like a bf3 clone. Very disappointing.

  • Guys with BF3 premium on PC already have the Beta in there origin accounts! but it’s locked!

  • Constantin

    Fucking EA, why did I purchase Warfighter? The game sucks.

  • JK Monroe

    Hey DICE how about you guys add the following:

    1. In Team Deathmatches give us a good final kill cam.

    2. In the lobby, allow people to voice chat with members of the opposing team.

    3. Allow custom classes

    4. Allow us to customize classes during the intermissions between matches.

    5. Quick option to report players who use cheats.

    6. Allow matches to be recorded for later viewing.

    EA/DICE, these missing features from BF3 are what’s killing you in sales compared to the CoD series. Wake UP!!!

    • What?

      You’re a fucking idiot, dude.

      • JK Monroe

        Right back at you cunt.

        • No, you are genuinely and idiot. BF3 let you do most of the stuff you say it lacks

          • JK Monroe

            Wrong bitch. Show me these options on the console versions.

            • You clearly haven’t even played the console versions…

            • JK Monroe

              I own the PS3 version. NONE of the things I listed can be done.

            • Wrong, I have ps3 version, and within the game 3, 4 (leave the game and go to my soldier and do i then come back), and 5 can be done (through battlelog). And if you have some money you can buy a machine to do 6 also!!! OMG!!!

            • JK Monroe

              Why the hell should I leave the lobby or the game just to change load-outs within my classes? You still haven’t addressed the need for extra customized classes.

              As for your last comment about buying a PC to record matches, you’ve just proven CoD had the foresight to include this feature into all their future games.

            • ediablom

              you don’t need to have a feature to customize classes in between games when you can customize them during a game, oh and when did he say PC?

    • Watch out kids CoDfanboy incoming !

  • joseloco

    on beta we will can play multiplayer, no?

  • Lord Byakurai

    Well I sold my copy of MoH. Do I have to buy it again just to get in to the beta?

  • D3lta sn1pr

    when does the beta come out?


    What happens if i bought premium for xbox earlier in the year then swithched to pc would i get access o the beta on pc

    • billyHo

      No. Only for the system you have Premium associated to.

  • You can get BF 4 key here for free:

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  • Maleficpood

    Ummmm I bought MoH new, will i get beta aces for bf4?

    • Maleficpood

      I didn’t pre-order MoH tho. Does it matter if I didn’t pre-order it?

  • yryryr

    haha premium member and i own moh LE

  • Lala

    I used to get BF4 beta

  • billyHo

    Q: I am a Battlefield 3™ Premium member. What platform will I be able to access the exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta on?

    A: You will get access on the same platform that your Battlefield 3 Premium membership is tied to (PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3.) This exclusive Beta will be available world-wide on all platforms, with the exception of Japan and rest of Asia on PS3.

    WTF?! Has nobody discussed the issue with PS3 players in Asia being left out of the Beta? Are they also being left out of the game when it comes out??

  • Warren Lucas

    i have 2 accounts connected to my battlelog both are xbox live. do both gamertags get beta access? I got the infamous password reset loop on one and had to make the second so i was wondering if i still get beta access

  • Blu Bliggins

    they say be a Battlefield 3: Premium member is that ps3 n x-box as well?

  • Anonymous.

    At least I’m getting something back from the Battlefield 3 premium I purchased. I haven’t been able to play 2 of the maps, just because Origin decides to F*** up on me. I’m sick and tired of the expansion packs and the only plus of getting this is that I get to play BF4. That too will probably suck, considering how Origin rents their servers from McDonalds…