Battlefield 4 is Official, Beta Will Be Available in Fall 2013

Last weekend, we reported on a leaked Battlefield 4 beta banner, which was removed by EA after a few hours. Today, EA and Danger Close released a brand developer commentary about the latest Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer. Ten seconds into the video, the following statement appears “Pre-Order Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition for Access to the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta,” which once again confirms pre-order access to the Battlefield 4 Beta.

“The exclusive Battlefield 4 beta will be available in Fall 2013,” EA has added. Although,  “additional details regarding Battlefield 4 will be revealed at a later date.”  Frank Gibeau, President of EA Labels, stated, “Though Battlefield and Medal of Honor Warfighter each offer players a completely unique experience, they are united by their underlying technology base — Frostbite. These are two of the hottest shooters, coming together to deliver a one-two punch of action, intensity and shooter entertainment.”

Update: Beta has been confirmed to hit all three platforms, according to Warfighter’s Pre-Order Page. PS3 and Xbox 360 users will have access through the Limited Edition, which is Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s first print. PC users, however, will be able to have access through either the Origin-exclusive Deluxe Edition or the Limited Edition.

DICE’s next Battlefield game is now confirmed to be Battlefield 4, putting all the Bad Company 3 rumors to bed. Battlefield 4 is expected to release next year, which could also see the launch of next-gen consoles. Regardless of next-gen plans, Battlefield 4 should release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 by the end of next year.


    Im happy with it being Battlefield 4 over BC3, i would buy both anyway 😛 this is also why i didnt buy premium, i dont wanna put that kinda cash onto a game, when inside 2 years i would have moved onto its big brother 😛 (or 1 year with MOH)

  • jimmylara

    This is waaaay to soon TBH. I mean we have BF3 content schedule till next year. I don’t want BF4 for this generation of consoles either, especially knowing that BF3 is dumb down on the consoles compared to PC. Nit saying next gen will be on par, but it would offer a much better experience.

    Why no Bad Company 3? 🙁

    • :P

      Agreed, this is way to soon and will probably end up being the same as BF3 just with new maps and guns. Besides whatever happened to Battlefield 2143?

      • 2143 was never touted as a game release just fan hope and speculation I can almost say EA will push them to do a futuristic setting though

        • Who knows, maybe Battlefield 4 will be our “2143”

    • The new consoles will be comming out next year. And we don’t know the release date of BF4 only the Beta.

      • I still don’t believe in next-gens in 2013, I think announcement at E3 in 2013, late 2014 release. And I think we all know BF4 will come in October 2013 to compete with CoD.

        • No because thats when the beta is coming out….

          • jimmylara

            The Beta comes out in Fall 2013, not October in specific. If it’s like BF3 than that means Beta in Late August/ Early-to-mid Semptember. That means October release date if they are planning it like BF3.
            Which means that it will have a crappy launch like BF3

      • UnknownUser28

        So are they going to release a console right after gta v? comes out?

    • SouthtownSlayer

      It’s just the beta, but if they are talking actual release next year than I would agree with you that it’s just to early.

    • Seems odd to me too. As I said to someone on twitter last night, maybe it will be on the new consoles. I suppose they could be out around that same time that we have the new Xbox and PS4.

    • Bad company 3 will come in 2013

  • arthur w

    I guess MOH will be two years of content as well. Too many games coming out, so I will continue play BF3. Buying premium is like buying another game. They should offer the Beta to premium buyers too.


    I swear EA said that they were working on a cycle, MOH one year, Battlefield (including BC) the next, soooo, what is their project for next years release? hmmmm

  • DragonRapide

    Will the beta only be for the ones that pre order Moh:wf? or will everyone get acces after some days like in bf3?

    • It seems to be exclusive. “Pre-Order Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition for Access to the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta”

      • I have long since had the Limited Edition pre orderd so this is exclusive beta access though Im not interested in as of yet is just an extra bonus to me

  • oleeeee

    R.I.P Battlefield [*]

  • Hey I like this we get the last map pack for BF3 in March then a beta less than 6 months later seems legit

  • jonchr2

    most likely will the new next gen consoles come next year, so maybe it will be released on Ps4 and Xbox720. the ps3 launched in mid november in united states, and was delayed in the rest of the world due to shortage in diodes in the blu ray player. so it makes sense to release it in october-november, more prepared obviously.

  • Brap543

    So it’s obvious DICE doesn’t have a say anymore, so everyone get ready for BattleDuty Modern Destruction 4

  • What Dice should focus on is on BC3 and BC4 so like that once BC4 is out i say merge them. Have the traditional Battlefield MP and have the funny quirky Bad company squad for Single player.

  • Inevitable? Sure. Too soon? Maybe, because EA is repeating the habit. How?

    Bad company 2 was released officially in march 2010.
    Medal of Honor 2010 was released October 12, 2010.

    I don’t know if this date is accurate when it was officially was released but in this news article on July 31 2010 it announced the Battlefield 3 beta, proving proof that BF3 was in production. While in word of Battlefield 3 came from the COO of EA, EA pretty remove all suspicious of the next BF game.

    Battlefield 3 was released on October 2011
    Medal of Honor Warfighter will be released on October2012

    Battlefield 4 beta was discover around July 14, 2012

    It seem that BF betas are announce every 2 years prior to the Medal of Honor reboot. The only problem is that BF3 remaining DLC work is not done compared to the lack of DLC in bad company 2. So consumers might be feeling glutted after hearing the announce of BF4.

  • BF4 on next gen console would be sweet but it still should be Bad Company 3

  • Johnny Neat

    As long as its a polished game based off of BF3 mistakes running Frostbite 2.0 at Max settings on consoles I’m interested.

  • Roger Larsson

    1. BF3 is limited by current consoles.
    – Allowed bandwidth usage => Number of concurrent players
    – Memory => models and textures but also destructability limitations (state explosion)
    2. Frostbite 2 was new
    – Development time => With a new engine comes new problems, with both BF3 and soon MoHWF most of those should have been sorted out. Concentrate on content!
    3. New consoles next year
    BF4 (using Frostbite 2.x)

    I can imagine at least EA and Sony working closely to set the PS4 specification as Frostbite 2 looks like it is one of few engines that really can make use of what it gets.
    “With X GB memory we can do this, with 2X we can do THAT”
    “If you go with that GPU we can only do this”

    • LaDewd

      I’m also surprised to see Battlefield 4 to be released for this gens consoles, this is not Bad Company, Bad Company was specially made for the consoles, while on the other hand, Battlefield 3 is obviously a game for the PC.
      The Playstation 3 and XBox 360 can barely handle Battlefield 3, being limited to 24 players.
      As a console player, I would prefer to see Battlefield 3 made more for the PC and an exclusive to the PC… of course, this would never happen in a logical view point since EA and DICE would lose a lot of their profits by making this game exclusive.

      • Roger Larsson

        Remember the outburst when console players understood that they would not get PC quality – even calling DICE lasy!

        The thing is… Frostbite can handle both new and old consoles.

        I expect the new consoles to be shown at E3 next year. I expect BF4 to be shown on them (and old consoles).

        I expect the new consoles to launch around november 2013 – when was it now BF4 beta would arrive? (I really expect an open beta on the new consoles)

        With the old consoles there is no point in really pushing things on PC, why create contents that only can be used on one platform. With the new consoles coming everything changes – Sony and MS will love to see games where the new consoles shines COMPARED to the current generation.

  • Could this mean DICE knows something more about the nextgen consoles? A PS4 and a new Xbox could be a good reason for BF4.

  • Is the beta only to people who purchase the Medal of Honor? If so then their wouldn’t be many players, and could be slightly bias too in my opinion.

  • they should just name it Battlefield 2013, like they do with NCAA and Madden…….

  • Diabolus

    No, Thanks. I’ll pass. too soon. Miss the days the games last a little more. CS, UT, BF2…

  • masada157

    Forcing a developer to release a game every two years….sound familiar?

    • JoseB88

      Ha ha !!

      • 2 years dev cycles are, on average, the standard in the gaming industry. Uncharted games release 2 years after one another. Mass Effect 3 released 2 years after Mass Effect 3 Gears 2 released 2 years after Gears of War and Gears 3 released 3 years after Gears 2.

      • LaDewd

        And Battlefield games have seen an average release of 1.5 years to 2 years from the starts.
        So, there’s nothing new here.
        All major developers release their big franchises every two years.
        Your point = Invalid.

        • The BC games were basically development for BF3 in and of themselves. So in reality, BF3 was in development for roughly 5+ years. They just did it intelligently and released games to help develop it instead of just developing for 6 years in house with no products being sold.

    • sounds fine….. bfbc2 in 2010 and bf3 in 2011… it seems they took longer with bf4

      • Except that BC2 was basically testing and development for BF3 itself. They used the BC series to test and improve Frostbite for BF3. It’s been in development since BC1.

        • they already have The Frostbite 2 engine so they arent gonna take as long… simple

  • JoseB88

    It says the beta is coming out in the fall of 2013 but doesn’t say WHEN the game is coming out. I doubt the game will come out right after the beta ends

    • Exactly. CS: GO has been in beta testing phase since October of last year. The game is releasing next month

    • BF3 came out like one or two months or less after the beta ended, so yeah.

  • RNP_Ghost

    Now that they have started to get their heads around the new engine, I’m hoping that they’ll be able to avoid the many bugs/glitches that came with BF3 and produce a fantastic quality game. Should they have been able to deliver this with BF3? Maybe. Will I still buy BF4 considering that despite all its bugs and glitches BF3 is my most played game? Of course. I agree that premium members should get access to BF4 beta as well. Premium players have payed around double the price of a AAA game into BF3. This commitment to the series should be respected.


    Battlefield 3 hasn’t even been out for a year yet and Dice/EA is already starting the BF4 hype train with exclusive beta news. This means that they are working on BF4 & three more BF3 dlc packages. This is not a good look because some of this content is gonna suck-I mean suffer behind this.

    • actually my guess is they have 50 people working on the BF3 dlc and the rest on BF4 which is…..really BAD for premium members

      • You failed to explain how exactly.

        • less people working on the DLC for BF3 less quality most likely

          • LaDewd

            Designing maps isn’t that hard.
            I doubt Premium players will suffer even the slightest bit because of the development of Battlefield 4.

            • maybe but its a possibility since the DLC is a less of a priority for DICE/EA

            • Oldfaq

              I have to disagree with you. True balanced and interesting maps are like jewels. They must be polished with a lot of effort. Look at CoD4MW maps and those of the rest of the series. Heaven and mud…

        • Arendsb

          I was under the impression that Dice had only 4 people working on BF3 DLC at this point. I’ll try to find that link

    • I think most of the DLC is already completed. Sure they may have some tweaks to do, but they’ll put out the rest of maps with little effort over the next 9 months, plus bug fixes and patches and spend the rest of time and energy on BF4 and whatever other projects they’re working on.

      That doesn’t bother me. If they dropped 16-20 maps, new modes, new vehicles, new ways to play all at once and charged us $50…we probably wouldn’t buy it. $50 for the same content over the next 9 months will be more appreciated and is strangely more palatable. I can’t believe I went the Premium route, but I’ll enjoy the maps a few weeks early and nothing has pulled me off BF3 since the major patch earlier this year. I liked the parse map packs because just when I tire of the game, I have new content around the corner.

      I seriously doubt I’ll fork over $60 for BF4 if it’s on the current gen consoles though. What could they do that’s better? They’ve maxed the hardware. If I want fast paced sport killing, COD is pretty polished at that and if I want destruction, vehicles, beautiful giant maps, fantastic sound, “real” sniping, “real” stealth, and only the occasionally poorly designed map with awful bottlenecks, then I have BF3. They can’t give me everything BF3 is giving me, plus more, on the current platforms. Hopefully they’ll wait for the next gen.

      And those thinking it’ll be a PC exclusive, you need to look at the sales. Like it or not, consoles sales. Abandoning consoles would mean a lesser game developed by fewer people and supported by even fewer.

  • Just a thought, could Battlefield 4 be something in between a dlc and a full new game? Like release Battlefield 4: (insert themed name here) in 2013, basically re-skinned BF3, to compete with COD. Then on next gen consoles the next full blown new Battlefield game (like BC3, or 2143)

  • pre-order medal of honor to get fucked by EA before everyone else.

  • Everybody is really harping DICE and EA for doing this. While I do feel it would be best to make BC3 first, I can understand this dicision on both parts. First off, EA just wants more money. Simple as that. But DICE are now in a position where they can use the Frostbite engine to it’s full potential. I think DICE fumbled and didn’t execute the use of FB 2.0, and with all the experience they are getting with the different DLCs they are making, BF4 will be much more put together, balanaced, and bug free then BF3 was. EA forced DICE to release BF3 before it was finished. I’d like to think that, with the release of the new consoles being rumored for that time, FB 2.0 will be put on max settings, DICE will have a full knowledge and understanding of the new engine, and we will see an improvement to BF that we saw with Halo 3’s forge and Halo reach’s forge. I’m excited; they could get this one right.

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  • Retro

    BF 1942 – 2002
    BF Vietnam – 2004
    BF2 – 2005
    BF 2142 – 2006
    BF BC – 2008
    BF 1943 – 2009 (though maybe doesn’t belong here)
    BF BC2 – 2010
    BF3 – 2011

    How does BF4 coming out in late 2013 or early 2014 not fit in with this?

    • release times do not mean development times

      • Matthew Crichton

        True, but that would mean that it was possibly less development time, or only a part of the team was working on those games.

        • i read somewhere that BF3 was in development for 6 years

          • Retro

            I think most of that was Frostbite 2.

            • So? It’s still time they put into development. A game engine is kind of a big deal in it’s development. It’s not like they spent 4 of 6 years on textures or gun models.

          • Those developments were called BC1 and BC2. So yes, while people think that it hasn’t been that long from BC2 to BF3, they don’t realize that BC2 was a part of making BF3.

    • LaDewd

      It’s a bit early for… Battlefield FOUR!
      I rather see Bad Company 3 or Battlefield: Korea or something along those lines.
      Not an actual sequel to Battlefield 3… seeing Battlefield 3 came 6 years after Battlefield 2.

      But, I’m still happy they are taking their time with this game, instead of making it a yearly release.

      • Retro

        I’d rather see BC3 come out first as well.

      • This. It’s surprising because they normally don’t release the direct sequels so soon. They normally release off shoots like 2142 or the BC series or vietnam. Put it this way:

        BF1942 (aka BF1): 2002
        BF2: 2005
        BF3: 2011

        So ya, it’s pretty weird to see BF4 only a couple years away from BF3.

  • Sly

    Wait, I’ve done this song and dance before with MOH and a BF beta. LOL… No I’ll pass. It wasn’t a beta. It was nothing more than marketing. Only thing I’m going to pre-order this year is Borderlands 2 once it’s on Steam.

  • Mac

    I agree its too soon for a core Battlefield game but two years between battlefield games is the norm. Just take a look:

    I just hope it’s on the new consoles and supports 64 players+

    • Crumblingtoast

      You forgot good graphics and high framerate 😛

    • Yes there have been releases every two years. The thing is, the BC series was basically just a way for them to test and improve the engine while still making games. They were pretty much guinea pigs for Frostbite. So in reality they worked on BF3 for a lot more than just a couple years.

  • Micjel

    We have been playing the battlefield 4 beta since October

  • BrokenThinker

    Have EA told DICE that they are making Battlefield 4 yet, or do they still not know?

    • gaunt1et14

      HA! Probably not bro. That is an awesome point.

  • fuck you ea!

  • gaunt1et14

    Rest in Peace: Battlefield bad Company 3 Rumors….

  • ostintacious

    I do agree that if that battlefield 4 is already releasing next year, it is kind of too soon and i am also sad that the next installment wont be bad company 3, with that said i am also kind of excited because you shouldn’t forget that dice(which i have complete trust and respect for) is making this, they have yet to disappoint or fail me. Your only concern should be of greedy EA…

  • bullshit

    so we get all the content the same day this games gonna get released -.- i bet bhahha karma

  • Arendsb

    Oh no!

    They still haven’t even gotten BF3 fixed lol

    Lets see…Beta fall of 2013, means start of development, at the latest, q4 2012.
    This conflicts with announced BF3 content, which means, even shittier releases down the road for BF3 DLC.

    This is almost too comical.

  • Notorious

    I think with the Beta being in Fall 2013 and hoping DICE and EA have learned their lessons with the BF3 beta, the game won’t come out for another 6 months, which would put it somewhere 2014.

  • rory black

    i am impressed by this move.I like they are releasing the beta after all dlc’shav been released. unlike cod. Good Job.

  • rory black

    how ever, Bad Company 3 would be better. I miss Hags.

  • Battlefield 4 Beta

    The team at DICE is hard at work on the next entry in the
    Battlefield series. While there is no further Battlefield 4 news at this
    point – remember, if you don’t see it published here, it’s just rumor
    and speculation – we did want to take this opportunity to share a few
    thoughts on the state of the Battlefield franchise.

    We are extremely proud of Battlefield 3, and with millions of fans
    out there, we’re happy you’re enjoying it too. When we launched the
    game, we introduced unparalleled levels of in-game destruction, all-out
    vehicle warfare and redefined online gameplay. Even with billions of
    bullets fired and millions of games played, we know the Battlefield 3
    story is still just the beginning. As ever, we are humbled by the
    community’s response to the game, and couldn’t be happier with the
    feedback we have received to Battlefield 3 Premium. With the Back to Karkand and Close Quarters
    expansion packs already out, Armored Kill around the corner, and End
    Game and Aftermath still on the horizon, we’re looking forward to many
    more hours of gameplay with you, and can’t wait to see the stories you
    will tell through Battlelog and player created videos.

    But we’re not ready to talk about Battlefield 4 yet – in the
    meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy Battlefield 3 and all the Battlefield 3 Premium
    content still to come. We invite you to check out Danger Close Studio’s
    Medal of Honor Warfighter, which is also powered by the Frostbite 2
    engine and the free social network, Battlelog.

    See you on the battlefield!

  • Tomodo

    Will the full version of battlefield 4 also come in 2013

  • Chuckiechan

    I’m not impressed with End Game, and the biggest problem here on the west coast and central USA is there is not enough people playing, thus not enough servers with people in them. Endgame just sliced the shrinking pie into smaller segments.

    I think they should cut their prices, and sell bill board advertising in the scenes to make up the difference.

    In my area of central California, there are about 200 people playing on PC. That is just short of “critical mass”…

  • foulturtle232

    i am confused ok im wondering if i will get beta with the premium delux edition you know when you pre-order BF4 with the dog tags and the BF4 add on code so please help with this because i really want beta :l???