Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment Now Open To All Console Users With Premium

Now, any console owner with a Premium membership is eligible for access to Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment, developer DICE announced today.

The only catch is that you’ll need a PC powerful enough to run the game. While you don’t need to actually own Battlefield 4 on PC, the promotion only offers access to the test environment on PC, as, currently, there is no test environment that’s native to consoles.

So, how does it work? Well, if you own Battlefield 4 Premium on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, or PlayStatin 3, you’ll be given the opportunity to register your EA Origin login. After having done so, it’s only a matter of downloading and installing the CTE client from Origin. From there, you can join in with all PC Premium members who’ve already been enjoying CTE access since last May. (You can hear the evil grins forming on the faces PC owners everywhere as they prepare to “welcome” the large influx of console noobs.)

DICE LA launched Battlefield 4’s CTE back in May as a way to gather real-time feedback from real Battlefield 4 players about upcoming game updates and DLC launches for the shooter. We had the chance to speak with DICE LA’s David Sirland at length about the project and the most recent “Fall Patch”, which you can read for yourself right here.

Earlier this month, players were given the opportunity to test new maps from Battlefield 4’s upcoming Final Stand expansion, which will be officially launching later this Fall.

  • Adam

    I’m confused, does this mean we can play it on the consoles themselves or do we have to have a PC that can actually run BF4?

    • froasjd

      You will not be confused if you just read the article.
      The anwer: You need a PC 🙂

      • Adam

        Still read it, still confused.

        • ASS4SSIN

          still, the text is clear enough “the promotion only offers access to the test environment on PC”.

        • thatoneguy

          I’ll see if I can clear things up.
          Originally the CTE was only available to the strict player pool of Premium PC players. Now with this new method, even if you bought Premium on X1, PS4, PS3, or X360, you will now be able to get on your PC and play the CTE.
          The CTE is still PC Exclusive, but they are just allowing anyone that has boughten Premium the CHANCE to try CTE.
          No, you will not be able to play the CTE natively from your console.

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  • Guest

    Good news

  • Benjamin

    Wow, pointless haha.

    • WOW … your comment is so useless …

      • Benjamin

        What use is anyone’s comment? This comment section is merely a forum for sharing opinions etc. Nothing anyone says here has any real impact, but most people are aware of that.

        I suppose the real question is, who are you to judge? Is it just a case of Moodii by name, moody by nature?

        • acealchemist

          Dammmmmmmmmmmmmm, Get wrecked Moodii! lol

          • Benjamin


        • WSTCDE

          I this response a solid 8/10. Well execution, Benjamin.

        • S4mson


          Sit the f*ck DOWN, Moodii!

    • dieger

      would have been useful months ago

  • zakrocz

    Even if you don’t have a PC to play it on if you register it means you can have some input into the changes via the CTE forums which you could not access until now.

  • SamRock

    I m a PC player.. But this is really good for console players. They get to play on 2 platforms for the price of one!! Hopefully many have PC powerful enuf to enjoy the game and then “convert” to be fulltime PC gamer 😀

    • Timothy David Medric

      It’s a test environment. Not necessarily the game right?

      • SamRock

        Yes.. but its like a never ending Beta.. where you get to try all the new and upcoming stuff! 😉

  • Lewis

    so if im a console player how does this work i’m a premium player and want to test out the new dlc final stand how do i apply for this

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      You can’t. The Final Stand BETA was last week.
      We got around 4-5 days to play it.

      • Lewis

        oh ok only seen this today on my team page for BF4 ps3 haha dont worry then

  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    I was confused when I read the title, but since it says that they give you access to the PC version, it makes sense.

    It is nice to see EA changing their ways. (or at least it looks like they are trying to change).

  • Sgt. Mofo


  • Mr Frags

    Why would I play on console if I had a PC with enough power to run BF4?

    Nice thought though.

    • Richie Tellez

      uhhh friends? Doesnt that count?

      • Mr Frags

        I guess, but this entire thing is stupid. I play Battlefield on console so I can play on console, I shouldn’t be forced to go to PC to access something.

        Either way, it’s better than nothing.

    • Guest


  • MrMultiPlatform

    My pc couldn’t handle this. 😉

  • Chuckz28

    This thing run on a P4 with 512mb ram and onboard graphics? That’s all I got. Lol. That box “pc” collects dust in my house, we all use tablets.

  • ckpinkham

    If I had a computer that could handle it… I wouldn’t be a console gamer lol. I would’ve just bought and adapter for my 360 controller to work on my PC.

  • Timothy David Medric

    Well that’s worthwhile.

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  • roland0811

    Basic strategy: Release a game so fucked up it’s almost unplayable for a year. Instead of troubleshooting, balancing and patching said game through normal or internal means, convince players to pay us more money to be a part of a “process group” to do the work for us. *cue evil genius laughter*

  • Guest

    This is great news, especially as the patch tomorrow has full controller support. I’m running it on Mac with a controller.

  • Samba

    This is good news – MS and Sony will always get in the way of quick patching. CTE has full controller support from tomorrow – I’ll be booting up the Mac again for it…

  • So you pay premium for beta testing. You then pay 600+ for a good build and get earlier final stand access

    • NinoBr0wn

      You’re an idiot if you did all if that after the fact. This is for anyone who already meets the requirements, and wants to follow through, for whatever reason.

  • They give us access just when they shut it down for a couple days.

  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    So this is for console guy with premium who:

    1) Doesn’t own BF4 PC but now can CTE if buys BF4 for PC (and possibly the PC to run it)
    2) Has BF4 PC already but doesn’t own Premium on said PC and now wants to play CTE on PC, which already didn’t want to do in the first place otherwise would have purchased Premium to begin with

    Guess EA figures there’s just been too much Advanced Warfare news lately and came up with this throw-away “freebie”.

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  • javier acosta

    So my question is this wihy isnt this game a PC exclusive then since consoles have to wait close to a year for CTE changes to effect them? And secondly if there’s no native CTE servers on console aren’t you mainly fixing a few generalized issues and primarily PC problems? I bought this game at launch and I feel many of us who have purchased this game on comnsoles at launch should get our money back.

  • Great, now I can finally play with my PC friends (on CTE of course)

  • Cole Sprouse

    I have an Xbone and a PC, so I’m a little disappointed I’m just now hearing this. I only wanted to buy one copy of BF4, and I have more friends on console, but I prefer PC. This is great

  • Leon Starmans