Battlefield 4 Confirmed, Beta Access Through Medal of Honor: Warfighter Pre-Order Incentive

Pre-Order Medal of Honor: Warfighter to gain access to Battlefield 4 Beta, reads a banner on EA’s Origin client. Under the Shooter category in the client, the banner appeared earlier today.

You may recall that the first print of the last Medal of Honor game, the “limited edition” as it was dubbed, included tokens for access to the Battlefield 3 beta. Further, since Medal of Honor: Warfighter will have the same incentive for Battlefield 4, the next game in the Battlefield franchise may release next year. It would be far fetched for EA to include beta codes in Warfighter for a game that’s more than one year out.

Interestingly, the Battlefield 4 Beta banner shows the Digital Deluxe edition, as it’s priced at $69.99, the limited first print edition will run you $59.99. Beta access could be only part of the deluxe edition, but that possibility seems unlikely based on EA’s track record. Also, the Digital Deluxe edition is exclusive to PC players, you can learn more about Medal of Honor’s different pre-order bonuses through here.

It should be noted that  Battlefield Bad Company 3 is rumored to be in development through a resume leak.

Thanks to MP1st reader Ron for the tip!

Update: The banner has been taken down and replaced with a Battlefield 3 Premium banner.

  • Does that mean it’s likely Battlefield 4 will be 2 years after BF3?

  • WHAT21A

    I’m not falling for that one again. Thanks but no Thanks EA.

  • O_o Interesting

  • i see *flips EA the bird* I WANTED BC3!!

    • RabidTurtle

      Honestly, I want BC3 and BF4. BC for consoles, BF4 for PC. And since this has only been confirmed for PC (must buy through origin for PC), it may actually turn out this way.

      • i wouldn’t mind that…

      • Darkstar

        you should know that battlefield has always been ment for PC since 10 years ago.

        • RabidTurtle

          I’ve been playing the series since BF 42. I actually remember when DICE announced Bad Company, and they mentioned how the BC was for consoles while PC would see the the successor to BF 2 / 2142. Of course, things seemed to have gotten muddled as BC 2 released for PC and BF 3 was on the consoles.

        • TheFishyBoard

          Oh no, game developers aren’t catering to my platform and tastes only.
          What ever am I going to do? I know, I’ll go b’awww in the comments
          section of a gaming news site, that will show them!

      • Mikey MiG

        Seeing as the devs have said already that there will be no more exclusive BF games, I doubt this will happen.

    • gary

      ^i second this. if this is true, BF4 better be for next-gen consoles or PC only. damn you, EA…

      • TheFishyBoard

        Whoops, wrong reply button.

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    • eggerWiggin!

      What, tl;dr? The end of the article mentions bc3

  • RyGuy

    I smell a fake. No way they would confirm BF4 this soon… They haven’t even gotten halfway into the BF3 DLC release list. I’m calling a fake. Unless it’s just a joke and it went right over my head.

    • Its real. I can confirm this.

      • RyGuy

        Wow… I mimicked what you did on Origin… You’re right.

        What the hell man… EA is going to get a lot of hate for this

      • Doubtful

        And who are you to confirm this?

        • Because i checked for myself and saw the same thing that was posted. I confirmed that the image is real and not faked in any way

        • RyGuy

          He’s not lying. Download Origin (it’s free), view the Store, then change the genre to Shooter, it’ll be the first thing to pop up.

    • 3DArtist

      Look at the DICE website, any guess why do they look for more employees?!

      • They are always looking for more employees…

  • masada157

    It’s pretty sad when it hasn’t even been a year since BF3’s release and they’re already announcing a sequel. I smell EA trying to whore out the franchise already…

    • even CoD’s developers don’t do that (IW’s new game will be revealed 2 years after MW3).

      I don’t get why game developers are trying to do this shit.

      • LaDewd

        The Battlefield franchise sees a new release every 1.5 years average.
        It won’t be released at least until first quarter of 2013.
        And if you look at it, BF3 was released 1.5 years after BC2.

        • so? I’m just waiting for MoH to fail and then EA will put them on BF, so BF also has a yearly release.

          • Actually BF has on average a 2 year dev cycle. CoD believe it or not has a 2 year dev cycle but two companies working on the same game cause it to be a yearly release which is a dumb idea.

        • heikki993

          maybe they just screwed and it should say bad company 3

    • PC`EliTiST

      Nevermind. Wave goodbye to your parent’s 110$ and enjoy a fully unpolished beta while it’s hot. Won’t be for long. By mindlessly and blindly getting premium, YOU gave them the right to completely abandon support on BF3.

      Now request, demand 70$ from your parents to get MOHW and early access on BF4. Best offer! Don’t delay it!

      DICE swims in a pool of money, why stop milking now? You give them money anyway, no matter they haven’t fix a single bug or glitch. On release the team moved on another project currently known as ‘premium’ and some on BF4. The faster they’ll finish premium, the better… Then, all on BF4… Don’t ask why you don’t receive support.

      • I will give DICE money regardless. They have made the best shooter MP I have ever played.. The best shooter engine, the best DLC model, and the best everything.

        I would rather blindly hand them cash than Activision. At least each iteration of Battlefield has been unique. Minus Battlefield BC1 to BC2. That was more of a halfway innovative branch.

        I will however – know that DICE is all about going above and beyond to make great games.

        There MP is hands down the best in the industry and I will easily give them money for their games along with their industry friends Danger Close.

        • Alkanida

          this so true, dice creates games than none of us can even dream of. somebody give this guy thumbs up

        • wow your the reason we have online passes and 15$ DLC

        • PC`EliTiST

          How cute and ‘heroic’ response… Here, read it when you have time:

          …and that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve to realise we, the gamers/consumers should be united. Only then we’d have the power to demand logical things like… bug-fixes… But EA succeded to divide us and make us fighting each other.

    • JustinD

      Yeah but the way I see it the quicker it’s announced the quicker we get to play it. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Nepokapnizer

    Hey Guys, im a Editor from a German Magazine. Have you a Link to that PreOrder? In German Origin Version, is it not a Battlefield 4 Beta Access at the PreOrder Offer!

    • I can’t link it, it’s on the Origin client, no the website.

      • Nepokapnizer

        No Problem, i see the Video 😉 Thanks mate and i Love mp1st 😉

  • Casavult

    How about “Call of Duty” every two years everyone?

    • Battlefield 2 – June 2005
      Battlefield: Bad Company – June 2008
      Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – March 2010
      Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam – December 2010
      Battlefield 3 – October 2011

      Are you starting to see a pattern here?

      • RabidTurtle

        You forgot some dates.

        BF 42 – Sept 2002
        BF 42: Road to Rome – Feb 2003
        BF 42: Secret Weapons of WWII – Sept 2003
        BF: Vietnam – March 2004
        BF 2: Modern Combat – Oct 2005
        BF 2: Special Forces – Nov 2005
        BF 2: Euro Force – March 2006
        BF 2: Armored Fury – June 2006
        BF 2142 – October 2006
        BF 2142: Northern Strike – March 2007
        BF 43 – July 2009

        I wasn’t gonna add the expansions, but since you added BC2: Vietnam, I felt like it was necessary.

        Oh hey, DICE has always done a 1-2 year release cycle. Next time, don’t cherry pick when trying to present facts.

        • dpg70

          Oh damn…someone got slapped. Well done sir.

          • For the record, I wasn’t purposefully cherry-picking dates for the sake of arguing that DICE/EA are slowly beginning to follow the trend of Activision’s two year development cycle/annual release thing for the Call of Duty franchise. Quite the opposite. The point I was trying to make is that a BC3 or BF4 game announced so soon after the release of BF3 would be nothing new or surprising or bandwagon-hopping for the Battlefield franchise.

            I should have been more clear with what I thought was a clearly sarcastic comment, though.

      • thehitman1398

        Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, was a ADD on to BC2, U (had to put caps LOL) dumb-ass, lol, even when trolls try to troll, they r still a simple minded troll that does not know better, I LMFAO to every one of you :-&

        • Deathz0r

          It’s still a game, you fucking imbecile.

          • ktorkel

            It’s not a retail game though, it’s simply a DLC add-on to BFBC2.

        • notrace123

          Bf vietnam was an actual game before it was an addon troll…

  • Tac

    reads a banner on EA’s Origin.” How can this be fake if it’s on Origin?

  • jimmylara

    Video confirmation for those who need it

  • sparx

    it could be like the splinter cell/GRFS beta, that game came out a few years prior to any gameplay footage was released, could be something like that people.

    • Smile

      EA has already states that BF and MoH will be on a bi-annual release

      • TheFishyBoard

        BF3 > MoH:WF > BC3 > MoH > BF4 <— bi-annual, could still fit in with what sparx said. Having fun paying attention?


    I don’t see why people think this may be fake. It’s common knowledge that EA wants to copy and do everything that Activision does in the world of fps gaming. If Activision releases a popular multiplayer shooter every year (Modernwarfare – BlackOps) then EA is gonna do the same (Battlefield – MOH).

    • Agreed, but at least its (Battlefield – MoH) and not (CoD – CoD)

  • So Premiums got fucked again? Glad I didn’t buy that shit!

    • TheEuropean

      No, the game is most likely releasing in october 2013, so Premium members (as well as all users) are going to have plenty of time to enjoy BF3

    • QwietStorm

      In what way? And “again?”

  • what the fuck

    EA don’t turn this into the fucking CoD franchise.

  • Hol_Up

    WTH EA!? We didn’t even get halfway through the Expansions and you’re alread trying to sell us BF4!? This makes no sense! I would make a LOT more sense if they were talking about BF2143 though.

    • Mikey MiG

      No, they’re trying to sell us MOH. This doesn’t say anything about when BF4 will come out.

  • famoussasjohn

    Sure hope it’s for next gen consoles..I don’t want it on the current gen.

    • I actually don’t either. I mean it would be cool, but the current generation is becoming less and less capable to do what the developer wants the engines to do and Frostbite 2 was built with next gen hardware in mind, Just look at the PC version. Imagine that and all of its capabilities, on next gen consoles. DICE can give both parties what they want without sacrificing for a “lesser experience” since the console version will be able to keep up with the demands as opposed to now where I can’t play one game without the sound dropping out.

  • BF4? Doesn’t roll off the tongue

    • It need to be called “Battlefield” that’s it, a classic name only title

  • Th3sgtHunt3r

    all I wanted was a Dino pack for BF3

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  • Why all the complaints? of course EA wanted to have two IP’s they could alternate! why wouldn’t they as the market for it is clearly there. It is what it is gents! At least it is forcing Activision to pull their socks up around COD, we may even get a decent COD game again! It has been 9 months since BF3’s release and I am still playing it daily, that says a lot even through the issues.

  • Just to add that the beta offer does not show on Origin in UK?

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  • Jonathan

    It wouldn’t matter if DICE named their next shooter BF4 or BC3, it will be become more casualized to make more money for EA. DICE will never make BF like they did before BC1. No teamwork tools, no good maps, and bad vehicle gameplay.

  • PinkDragonFruit

    We’ve been playing the beta for BF4 since Oct.25 2011…

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  • Ugh, great. Less dev time between games because of a new release schedule made to milk the franchise dry. I really hope this doesn’t go the way of CoD. They make great games, become super popular, then just ride that old hype every year to a new game that sells well but in the end is shit for serious players because they neither have the time nor the desire to improve upon previous iterations.

    Hopefully they can avoid it getting watered down from such a tight schedule, but I doubt it.

  • Jamic

    I dont think its going to release in 2013, I have a feeling that they have third wheel in the game.

  • Unit 076

    So, about that 2143…

  • & on this day nobody gave a fuck.

  • guest

    That sucks It’s way too early! we dont want another COD franchise with yearly releases

  • input

    Battlefield 4: Input lag 2.0

    • Fred

      Assuming you have input lag… I, for one, don’t.

    • PC4Lyfe

      I just pray to God that EA doesn’t dumb the game down to cater to the low class console trash. Please Dice, just because some people are broke and total jokes of human beings don’t make the game garbage!!

      • Michael Kelley

        Piss off, scum

      • You can pray all you want @PC4Lyfe. EA/DICE have ALREADY dumbed the game down, to cater to the “low class console trash”. Games like BF2 and BF2142 atleast had some form of command-structure built into the game, and well-organised teams would work wonders if commanded properly (Commanders issuing orders, Squad leaders relaying them to the squad).

        Sadly, any form of command structure disappeared after BC2. The BF3 command structure is rudimentary at best, and is only acceptable when the “commo rose” works as it should. Which it rarely does.

  • I think, and I’m sure I will get shot down for this but here goes: If this is actually for BF4 and not BC3 then we could see an early 2014 release window. It’s safe to say we will have the next generation of consoles announced at E3 in June next year and available to purchase in say Q3/Q4 of 2013 so the beta could run for a month or two towards Christmas and then the game hits shelves a few months later.
    Far fetched? Probably.
    As for the PC only release of Battlefield 4, I doubt they would release a game for what is a tiny population of gamers. You leave out Playstation and Xbox and you don’t make as much cash and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about right?

  • BrokenThinker

    Whoa whoa, fix the last one first! + I’m waiting for Bad Company 3, who’s with me?

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  • dpg70

    lol! Not being enticed by 2 days of exclusive access to a beta again.

  • instead of unofficially announcing BF4 they should finally fix BF3!! BF3 still has so many big bugs (at least on PS3) and they don’t fix anything. Input lag is horrible as hell (I have to change the resolution to 576p to avoid that, so I basically play a PS2 game), sound comes and goes randomly etc.

    • this. I always find myself shooting behind the enemy because the input lag, and half of the time I play I have no sound.

  • Nappa

    Well, I’m thrill since BF3 is my favorite MP game and I really enjoyed all SP COD games (no MP for me there, thanks), except WaW. So, I put a lot of faith in MOH:W to get us a nice COD like SP campaign. Yeah, I love that kind of spectacular “rail shooting” games, especially with the great Frostbyte 2 engine. Hopefully, I’m not too wrong cause I’m so gonna pre-order this and a BF4 beta access is just the cherry on top!

    PS: no problem for me DICE, bring us all the games you want, as soon as you want =)

  • Adam

    So BF4 is possibly releasing somewhere between 4-9 months after the last BF3 expansion? Stupid. Fu*k EA for ruining the BF series

    • ktorkel

      Hello, open your eyes. Where does it say it’s releasing soon? It’s simply a exclusive beta for the game.

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  • I think EA just leapfrogged Activision in scumbaginess. The COD devs wait at least 18 months after their last release to announce their next respective titles. yes there is a new COD every year but it’s split between 2 devs. DICE is the only dev for Battlefield. Not sure how they can be doing both BF3 DLC and BF4 already at the same time and expect to do a quality job on both. Hell apparently BC3 is also in the works. How could they be doing all 3 at once and develop them all to their fullest potential?

  • Another mega cool preorder beta acces? I preordered MOH 2010 for BF3 closed beta. They opened the beta for everyone and the servers where down for almost 2 days on console. I know what dice want from me but I already learnt that the cooke is a lie!

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  • Jesus

    Who knows, maybe it’s just a hold off name for advertising, and they’ll say it’s BC3 later.

  • wtf man!!


  • What the hell thought bf3 supposed to last for years…this game better not come till 2yrs atleast

  • Lucas Gomez

    As a previous BATTLEFIELDO admin I have to say I’m disappointed, but it was expected, looks like at the end of the day I might end up not buying anything else BF as I did with COD a few years ago.

  • Skill Free Jake

    I’m still not spending extra money to get a 2 day early invitation that I’ll probably never get anyway.

    • rhn94

      yeah same thing happened with the medal of honor tier 1 thing .. *exclusive beta access* was turned into an open beta

  • RyGuy

    Now, no one can give shit to CoD for coming out every two years…

    • Just me

      IW has put out a new CoD game every year, always around the same time.

      • juwrong

        wrong, cod games are developed by two developers iterating every two years

      • wrong. Every CoD game gets developed for exactly 2 years. 1 year Treyarch, next IW, then Treyarch again.

    • Actually CoD comes on a yearly basis, its that the dev cycles for IW and Treyarch are two years, giving them time to spew CoD out yearly without overworking one company to do so

  • Typhoon_Gauntlet

    Please, please make Battlefield 4 worth it ! Please !!!

  • Ketchupzz

    Lol, battlefield 4 already.. at least we will have all our dlcs on bf3 till they release it

  • If this is true. (Most likely is) My guess is it will be released sometime in early 2014 or late 2013. I also think DICE shouldn’t bother adding a SP and just make it like BF2 did, MP with Bots as the SP.

  • 3DArtist

    Happy that it`s not another Bad Company!

  • McFugg itall

    And this is why I vow to never buy a game from EA again, because a year later, it’s obsolete. If I wanted that I’d stick with CoD.

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  • Lane Scott

    Why not preorder BF4 and get beta access? Dumb EA…

    • ktorkel

      Maybe because they haven’t announced BF4 yet? Even if they did, they would want you to pre-order MoH: Warfighter because they want more money.

    • TTRedRaider27

      Because that would be stupid of them. If it was like that then the consumer spends $5 on a preorder and gets the beta. The way they do it forces a consumer to spend $60 on their product to get beta access to their other product. They would be fools to do what you said (from a business standpoint).

  • lmao…..don’t pre-order MoH, buy a few maps for the same price first! So lame, glad my “premium” money went into MoH already. Couldn’t care less about a BF4 beta (isn’t that what BF3 is since its still “being fixed”?) Just give me Bad Company 3 and don’t ruin it and I’ll be fine.

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  • Latest Updates: Our sources close to DICE claim that EA fumbled this, still awaiting for word on BC3 rumors from them. We reached out to EA for an official comment.

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  • I’m buying it for 360 as they did a beta on consoles last time around – wouldn’t make sense not to?

  • Dudley

    I complain on the internet about shit i don’t have to buy.

  • Wow. Take your time DICE. I hate EA.

  • DragonRapide

    would like to see like 3-4 years between big battlefeild games. Mby bc in between to test the new engine

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  • i for one will now not buy bf4 because there current baby needs attention. they havent even completed all the dlc and there moving on to a new game? bs..

  • PlatinumSoldier

    So it was true or not?

  • TallPaul_S

    Well Done Mp1st – BF4 has not been confirmed, or announced etc etc etc. – will there be a BF4? of course there will. That’s pretty obvious to anyone given the success of BF3. Ask anyone that question 6 months ago and the answer would be the same. It wont be released next year, that is for certain. It’s purely EA cashing in on the fact that BF4 will be released sometime in the next 2-5 years, and that there will more than likely be a beta. I laugh at the “OMG BF is now a cod clone WTF!!!” comments.

    Nothing has been officially announced or confirmed by either EA or DICE. Get your facts straight Mp1st. But I guess that wouldn’t be amazing news now would it….

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    you all know nothing about EA or the Battlefield games.

    Battlefield 1942 – September 10, 2002
    Battlefield Vietnam – March 14, 2004
    Battlefield 2 – June 21, 2005
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – October 24, 2005
    Battlefield 2142 – October 17, 2006
    Battlefield: Bad Company – June 23, 2008Battlefield Heroes – June 25, 2009
    Battlefield 1943 – July 8, 2009
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – March 2, 2010
    ]Battlefield Online – March 30, 2010
    Battlefield Play4Free – April 4, 2011
    Battlefield 3 – October 25, 2011

  • @TonetheBone925

    Why are people thinking that BF4 will be released next year.. ever even the year after that!? There wasn’t a date announced so don’t jump to conclusions. I’m sure access will be linked to your account and they won’t give you a code.

  • BF3 is broken and they want people to pay for BF4 and by the time BF4 comes out Bf3 will be a yr old. EA get of the crack it got you thinking that we the gamer are idiots.


    fuck you EA

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  • LeeB

    If Battlefield 4 copied Cod’s zombies on Windows 8 DX12 i will definitely buy the game, but as it stands its going to be the same as Battlefield 3.

  • John

    Medal o Honour and Battlefield 3 ate going to be released like the COD developers do it. MoH one year BF3 the next year and so on… I honestly hope this fails completely and EA get buttfucked by the Community. Money hungry pricks they made enough money as it is.

  • Whitney Houston

    All of you are bitching and moaning but you’ll pre-order MOH just like you couldn’t wait to snatch up Premium. Fucking sheep.

  • TTRedRaider27

    Hopefully BF4 will be on next gen consoles. I don’t want to (and will not) pay another $60 for a limited experience. Bring it to the next gen with battlerecorder, match system, FULL destruction, max player count, etc.

  • Jason

    It was a typo! It is no longer there! lol yall are freakin out haha, the next BF will more likely be BF:BC3 or BF:2143 but they are DEFINITELY not releasing BF4 anytime soon!

  • Me

    I’d rather see Battlefield 2143 than BF4 OR BC3.
    Just sayin’.

  • kick

    whe does there get a video of bf4 beta were in 2013 now

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