Battlefield 4 Confirmed For Next-Gen

EA’s next-generation software is “nothing short of astonishing,” according to EA Labels President Frank Gibeau.

In a blog post addressing recent layoffs that occurred within EA as a result of the upcoming transition to next-generation software, Gibeau spoke of his excitement for the upcoming shift in gaming, in particular, Battlefield 4.

“For EA’s creative teams, this transition comes as no surprise,” Gibeau writes. “We’ve been investing and innovating on new technology for months. Console partners who have seen our early work agree, EA’s next-gen software is nothing short of astonishing. At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak at Battlefield 4. The game received a huge ovation and thousands of fans reacted to a single enthusiastic Tweet by GameStop’s CEO.”

While it may come as no surprise, Gibeau’s statements confirm Digital Illusion CE’s Battlefield 4 in development for EA’s next-generation software.

He closed his thoughts with an old saying at EA: “Transition is our friend.”

Earlier, EA confirmed that Battlefield 4 would be revealed near the end of April or early May.

Thanks, OXM.

  • Cant wait i already pre-orderd PS4 and will do the same for Xbox 720

    • pre ordered? hope your not getting ripped off. can anyone confirm if you can pre order the ps4.

      • In the UK. I think GAME is taking preoders. Nothing in the US yet. Probably waiting for supply numbers is my guess

  • hey

    A game for both the PS3 and the PS4, this game may seriously end DICE.

    • Sekje

      I’ve heard that this is the case

    • Roger Larsson

      Considering Frostbite 2 already runs on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. With the PC clearly having best graphics this would not be a problem.
      Maybe the PS4 even will be the lead platform this release.

      But I guess the engine will be stepped up to Frostbite 3…

      With 8 GB memory I expect much improved destructibility, as memory is needed to track state of destruction. This time I think we will see a much bigger difference between PC/PS4 and PS3/XBOX360. Sony would love the differences to SHOW.

      • Clayton Johnson

        I hoping this as well, that’s what held BF3 back. Everyone wanted more destruction when that wasn’t technically feasible on current gen consoles. PS3 only has 256MB DICE cant MacGuyver everything though the destruction DID look better with debris littering the ground and felt more realistic to get crushed by heavy rubble. Better than BC2 in my opinion which only had more of the same buildings to blow up.

        However I’m pretty sure DICE will keep BF4 lead development on PC as they are inherently PC centric and a lot of PC gamer feel DICE messed up with BF3. While the more recent and more powerful PS4/Xbox720 specs will allow a closer gap in terms of player/vehicle count, graphics, frames per seconds(Call of Duty will now lose their only competitive edge finally!) I don’t think that will mean DICE will simply port BF4 to PC…, PC to console development is more beneficial to gaming than console to PC as the potential of both games can maximize. Look at the Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 for example. Development done right

      • CircyTheCone

        This is only a good thing if they make sure that they continue to conserve memory as if they were still using 256MB. Otherwise, if their memory allocation is shit, we’d only see a marginal improvement


    Tell me something i dont know. It would be the most absurd thing in gaming history for DICE to release this on current gen consoles.

    • Alkanida

      wait a minute..beta codes in a ps3 game cant be for a beta on ps4.
      i think bf4 will get released for ps3 and later for ps4 with upgraded graphics, 64players etc.

      • lrishjake

        ..unlock code attached to your avatar/profile, that Sony already stated will transer over.

  • shimme

    Bring them on Sony and DICE. Give me my PS4 and BF4 bundle now!

  • awesome…but will it be on the WiiU?

    • at this point…considering the wiiU’s power….not likely hell the wiiU may not even get the new COD if the engine is way better

      • TheEuropean

        I really doubt they make any significant improvements to the COD engine, but who knows.

        • oh no they will probably use the doom 3 engine now.

          • Clayton Johnson

            If WiiU gets it, it’ll probably be like Bad Company 2 on iOS compared to the PS4/Xbox720 and PC

        • iDerp

          Actually the WiiU CAN run BF4 although not as good as PS4 (but still better than last gen PS360). It’s a matter of whether or not devs actually want to make the game. As of right now, BF4 appearance on WiiU is possible but unlikely as EA isn’t exactly a big fan of WiiU.

          • I’m wondering who is a big fan of WiiU? All the people I know that have a Wii certainly haven’t upgraded. Actually they upgraded to a PS3 or 360 a while back.

  • excited guy

    “At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak at Battlefield 4.”

    Damn wish I was there to see it hehe.

    • JustinD

      Yeah makes me want to work at a GS. Though they steal money from developers

  • PewPewTank


  • huh

    Umm, to me this article doesnt confirm “next gen compatibility” because all they are talking about is software (which Frostbite 2 already is, next gen ready engine) so to me it seems like they are not talking about PS4/New consoles directly BUT regardless, I agree that it would be absolutely ridiculous if they were not to port BF4 to new consoles ( = new HARDWARE)

  • sdfeeetr

    I don’t really understand why they would just lay people off when they are developing stuff for new consoles. That doesn’t really make sense to me.

    • lrishjake

      They laid off people who had no technical skills to move forward with next-gen.. its like what happened to animation artists when everything went digital. You fire the “old schoolers” who cannot keep up..

      • It sucks though

        Yeah but horror movies have turned into complete garbage because of it. Its like comparing the original THE THING with the new The THING. The original has got special make up effects that puts todays CG effects to shame. Everyone in the movies has gotten lazy in filmmaking except Christopher Nolan which prefers real world effects over CG which he has to use sometimes. I am afraid that is going to happen to the gaming industry and I think it already is with sequel after sequel.

        • The Army Ranger

          Who invented CGI effects should burn in a furnace.

          • lrishjake

            Without them gaming would still be on a Nintendo level.

    • Its more about money than anything… Anytime new systems are about to come out companies usually cut off employees because all the new tech that comes out it cost lots of money to develop for and that’s with the bigger companies… Some smaller companies lose a lot of people or shut down completely do to this… That’s why the cat at ea was saying the words they use (transition is our friend) cause they know. And it could be worse but there leadership, money hungry or not, has made the right investments etc to position them in a stable spot. And the older heads with experience teach the younger cats. They don’t want to cut off experience these cats have been doing this for a sec. It’s not like new technology came in that was so drastic and only our generation new how to use it lol So no they not firing the older cats. Stuff is starting to get easer to develop for why would they get rid of someone that if you gave him some tooth picks he could make a city with.. Just imagine what he could do with the right equipment lol

  • BrokenThinker

    I can’t wait for these new consoles to come out, means PC will get better games.

    • BrokenThinker

      I meant to put, better ‘looking’ games (-_-)

      • kr_metal

        Nah better in general. With more memory and graphical processing power, you get much more interaction with what you can do with animations, environment, physics, etc. which would really make things a lot more detailed, useful and overall better.

        • PewPewTank

          Yes, that is, unless the devs are too focused on consoles that they instead give PC players a big pile of console poo

        • The Army Ranger

          The only thing that can stop this from happening is… MONEY!

  • & not a single fuck was given.

    • ^This guy.. I swear.

      aaaaaaanddd this guy comes in and ruins the discussion with expletive and narcissistic comments. Seriously dude, we don’t like you. Get the fuck out.

      • Clayton Johnson

        He’s showing off, he totally gave so many fucks he jizzed inside of his jizz

      • you guys are easy

        lol another fishie bites

      • Thomas

        *Says he ruins the discussion with expletives*

        *Uses an expletive*

  • jonchr2

    I hope bf4 is releasing in late 2013 as normal! To have a game like BF near the console launch, i really hope Playstation keeps the good relationship going with EA on nex gen. Microsoft can their CoD exclusive.

  • This is great for all platforms, finally Multi-platform games will not be held back by the limitations of old hardware.

    • I’m a console player, but Multi-Platform games will continue to be held back by Current Hardware. As much as we’ll love our PS4 or 720, they still won’t be as good as the best a PC could handle this fall…let alone a year or two down the road. That being said…I’ll still game on a Console. Got BF3 running in Ultra on my PC, but I’m leaving my office to go jump on my 360.

      • I prefer it on PC, it’s way more accurate and much funnner in 60fps to be honest.

        • Yes, the accuracy of a mouse far surpasses a controller. The graphics blow the 360 away. The 64 player servers make the game play completely different. The campaign on PC is actually engaging since the graphics pull you into a bit of realism. Still…I’m happier lounging on my sofa, playing my 360. Now, if I didn’t sit at my desk all week long for work, then I’d probably play on PC most of the time.

  • Manny

    Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My body is ready…

  • lrishjake

    I want.. it will be the year of 4. BF4, PS4, and at least $400 out of my wallet without care.

  • MegaMan3k

    I hope EA realizes that this is their one chance to take on Call of Duty. They need to come out of the gate strong with 1080P and 60FPS and all the destructibility and fidelity BF3 was known for on PC.

    Anything less than that, and they’ve learned nothing.

    • FastJimmy

      idk about the 1080 and 60 fps the main priority is the PLAYER COUNT they have to make it as close as possible to the pc

    • UnknownUser28

      Also unscripted destruction, the destruction in bf3 happens the same way everytime. Also they should add day-to-night transition in game for each map.

      • This, because when you judge the destruction in Bf3, it’s poor.

      • SAMOA

        Yes, have variables (weather, day/night, different objective locations, etc.) across EVERY map to keep it fresh!

      • YES

        Dynamic weather with sandstorms, lightning storms. Oh yes please. It would always keep you on your toes and add even more dynamic gameplay to the bf formula.

      • With rain fog etc. That would be amazing to start out mid day end in the night then all of a sudden it starts raining..Would make infrared goggles useful and respected lol

    • kr_metal

      But not yearly updates. I hope they keep the current update cycle.

    • WasabeJuice

      With the upgraded hardware, what if COD introduces total ground war with destruction, vehicles, planes, ships and bigger maps as BF. All running in 60 fps and better enhanced graphics, now that would be interesting as COD will provide what BF offers.

      • MegaMan3k

        I’m incredibly interested to see how Activision and their gallery of COD devs tackle the next gen. I speculate, with some confidence, that they will not be outputting this year, however. Obviously they’ll be dumping out a game, but I don’t think it will be “next gen”, whatever that means. Which is why I think this is EA’s chance to take a big chunk of their market share. I say that because I believe EA *is* ready.

        • The Army Ranger

          They have to change their engine for next-gen COD games. Anyone that thinks this is unnecessary should go get an NES instead.

          • Thomas

            It will be next year though, once the next gen consoles become better established.

    • The Army Ranger

      Yes! That’ll force Moneyvision to change their COD engine for once!

    • The most important thing Dice has to figure out is the lag input. BFbc had it and BF3 did.

  • HBK

    I know this is a BF4 article but I’m really curious to see what COD will be lilke with a new engine on a new console…

    • I agree. I used to love the game and there’s still a place for mindless action in my world. Perhaps they’ll up the player count, develop maps that are truly vertical, and add destruction. Vehicles would be nice, but may break the COD game. However, great maps, massive battles, and destruction could make the game intriguing again.

    • RyGuy

      Agreed. Unreal Engine 4 showed a massive degree of potential. It’s not too unlikely though given they don’t “use unreal” anymore rather than an engine that is a heavily modified version of it. If they’re smart, they’ll do it though.

  • Nick Loner

    Well, that’s some good news. BF3 already looks pretty amazing, I wonder how far they can push BF4. And hopefully we won’t have to deal with blue tint. 😛

    • Word. Or orange.

      • Nick Loner

        True, especially after seing what they did to Aftermath. <_<
        They are doing a good job with End Game though.

  • JayD

    Finally we get to enjoy games with more than 24 players!

  • yeah i got MoH WF (not just because i wanted the beta) to get the beta and now ill need a ps4 to play it…fail

  • danex

    PLEASE WW2 🙁 !!!!

  • Delta8A

    I’ve heard it 2 years ago, before BF3. At the end we got “forever black” assault class, dystrophic sniper class model, meh animation, server side hit detection, the cheesiest looking EOTech sights ever, blueish tint, and finally, that freaking insane fucking sunshine ,that makes me want to wear sunglasses. No more pre-orders from me, you EA assholes.

  • James

    People seem to think its going to be PS exclusives again, but yet the xbox is ment to be revealed april, so is BF4 adds fuel to the fire that BF4 could be revealed on Xbox instead

  • I have MoH , and it gave me acces to BF4 beta.

    Will this be on the 360, or be available on other consoles?

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  • Peter

    I’d be interested in a slightly more realistically balanced game. I feel like after playing BF3 (and loving it), it could be a much more deadly game. i.e. tanks splash damage is brutal, jets much faster and thus harder to control, rockets are limited but do more damage and splash, guns that really have real differences instead of arbitrary balance changes. I love BF3 but I feel like in all the balance changes over the past year+, some of the realism fell by the wayside. I’m not saying it should be too realistic, but if everything hit a little harder, with bigger maps of course, that would be sweet!

  • Nate

    Ok no one see’s the bad thing with this? If you’ll be playing bf4 on ps4 you have to get a keyboard. I know you ps3/4 guys want to Play dayZ on the new Xbox and ps4 but you can’t! You need a keyboard for all the buttons

  • Jason

    As far as I am concerned BF3 on PC (Single Player) looks next gen already, If they can Get The Console Multiplayer version of BF4 to look that good at 1080p, Solid 60FPS, and 64 Players I will be one happy camper 😀

  • masterff

    they need to make a great game and support it better, less of the crap weapon tweaks and more fixing of game breaking bugs. Stop messing about with things that don’t need to be tweaked either, ala stinger etc

  • masterff

    Remember “We Nailed it®” don’t believe the hype until you play the game people..

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  • ehh

    Where’s Nintendo and their system?

  • EBK Show

    Before i can seriously get excited about this i need need to know how many people can be in a game at one time.I’m talking about PS4 with the specs of the PS4 anything less than a 64 man server is a dissapointment. [EBK] CLAN ALL DAY EVERY DAY ..GHAF STB NEGUS LOKI SWAT ICE COLD.

  • lrishjake

    When you imagine BF4 destruction.. think, Close Quarters particles filling the air on all types of destruction. A jeep explodes, and 100m away the rear view mirror lands at your feet. That type of detail.


    Ea is notorious for revealing a nice demo of a game but is nowhere like it when released so the critics give it raving reviews.. The push the companies they own to put out unfinished games and according to many reviews “they have no intentions of changing”

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