Battlefield 4 Confirmed to be Set In Modern Day, Bad Company Series Not Dead

DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson took the stage today at GDC Europe where he shed some light details on Battlefield 4 and the Bad Company series.

For those who were hoping that Battlefield 4 would be taking place during a different time era, you’ll be disappointed to know that DICE will be sticking with the Modern Day setting.

“We still want to stay in this genre, the modern day as it is. We feel this is a place we can be and continue with the series. Battlefield 4 can live in this space and be very successful.” Karl said, “There’s a lot of things inspiring us as to how the franchise will move on. Everything from fans’ feedback, to market research and, of course, what we want to build ourselves. It’s not just one single thing.”

And speaking of the Bad Company franchise, Karl did touch upon this, however it wasn’t anything really new from what was said in mid July of this year. He explained, “that doesn’t mean there might not be a Bad Company game again in the future.”

Are you happy Battlefield 4 will be set in a modern time era once again? Were you hoping for something different?

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  • Tom

    I won’t be buying Battlefield 4, Bad Company 3 or nothing for me.

    • The BF Fan and not BC

      the usual noob. BF it’s not some stupid dumbed down version, it has to be BIG.
      Do some research first about BF series: 1942, vietnam, 2, 2142 and tehn come back here and whine about your BC3, small scall , half-ass maggotry

      • Same poster as above

        They should have made a remake of 1942!

        • 1943

          • ButteredBread

            1943 isn’t on pc

        • LordJackSparrow

          great game! but there’s a 1943

      • well since MOST people and MOST of the sales will come from the console version you can see why everyone wants BC3 instead plus we just had BF3

      • Tom

        Played all those, BC2 was more fun than any. I fail to see how personal preference is lack of research.

      • Klone

        There’s no reason that BC can’t exist alongside the main game. BC’s campaign characters are approximately 7 trillion times more interesting that the ones in BF3. Your attitude seems somewhat elitist.

      • I like objectives in any game – or a score in TDM. What I don’t like is distractions from the objective, which BF3 has more of than objectives. This is why Bad Company is a better game. Less distractions, more things directing players to move on the objective and attempt to win.

    • Paul Inacio

      Nobody cares dude

      • Fraz

        Nobody cares that you don’t care

    • Klone

      I’ll still buy BF4, unless I see something in the beta that puits me off, and it would have to be something really really bad to do that.
      I really would have liked to have seen BC3 though, the Bad Company campaigns were head and shoulders above the CoD-lite attempt that is the BF3 campaign.

  • ButteredBread

    Lame, I was hoping for WW2 for a change. I guess they are going to just release the same thing over and over again.

    • either you’re trolling or you have an iq of 3

      • ButteredBread

        Wow, your an idiot! How is hoping that it would be set in WW2 trolling? lol …!

    • Klone

      “for a change”!!!! Every dev out there ran WW2 into the ground last gen. I for one never, EVER, want to play another WW2 game…Well, aside from BF1943 😀

      • Niosus

        I would like another GOOD WW2 shooter. Bring back CoD2 with new graphics but the same gameplay. I’m sold.

        I miss the Kar98 and MP44 :(… good days!

  • TiCkLez

    If anything, i want Battlefield 4 for next gen consoles.

    • Thats me.

      Agreed, it seems a waste to release the game just before next gen consoles come out.

    • Klone

      I’m guessing it’ll be on this gen, with an upscaled port soon after on next gen (hopefully with MOAR players!!)

    • Johnny Neat

      This is a MUST.

    • Kazuela

      i think they’ll release it for next gen, damn it will be an eyesore for cod fags to see a battlefield running at 60fps with 64 players on console

      • nate

        60fps maybe but dont forget about the bandwidth restrictions…

        • RyGuy

          I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sony and Microsoft increased bandwidth limitations a noticeable amount for their next gen hardware. They’ll no doubt be putting in much better network cards in.

          • nate

            I hope they will. The average internet apeed and quality has to be much higher than 6 years ago. There’s no too much microsoft can do to improve network cards. 3they already have 802.11abgn. Ps3. Doesn’t have n. I guess they could both add suport for the 5 ghz frequency but that doesn’t do too much and wont help the people with bad internet. Im assuming this is what you mean by network cards LOL.

            • Roger Larsson

              I wouln’t use WiFi for gaming…

            • nate

              i play in my room so i have too :/ Its fine though… and i dont have n wireless

            • Jose pellechia

              me neither. built in WiFi on my console and i still use a network cable and notice a significant difference

        • Skitrel

          Everyone fucking says this and it’s false.

          Battlefield3, 64players, averages at 64kbps. Xbox live bandwidth restrictions are limited to 256kbps.

          It is WELL within the current restrictions of Xbox Live, and Playstation never has and likely won’t have restrictions in future anyway, so it was never an excuse there. The issue is rendering that much going on in game, not sending and receiving data.

          • nate

            Seriously? Replying to a 7 month old article to start an argument? I’m going off what DICE said, not some random guy on the internet with no backup. The game isn’t the only thing that uses internet, either. Voice chat with the whole team comes into consideration and so do xbl services not linked to the game itself.

      • roger007

        Nope, there are stories saying COD next gen will use unreal engine 4 with massive gameplays, big maps, complex desctruction, vehicle combat, alive, interactive environments. The BF series, still failing in its attempt to take over FPS, will be challenged even more in its own turf.

        • ok i dont like the hole COD vs BF3 but thats is copying and its not true u will lose the fast paced just like WAW it was slow

        • Cj

          Sounds like bf

    • BingXP

      i liked ur comment and then thought to my self …. wait im on pc lmao but yea i hope yall get ur next gen soon 🙂

  • F|nN

    I don’t care as I won’t be buying an EA game ever again.

    • Paul Inacio

      Yes you will

    • thats what they all say..

  • I think DICE should just combine the BF4 and Bad company series. Make the single player Bad company and then have the traditional MP.

    • Klone

      That ain’t a bad idea. A lot of console players liked the maps on BC1&2 for the reason that they were smaller and more focused, so suited the smaller player cap. That might not happen in your proposed BF4, but that would be the only drawback as far as I’m concerned.

    • I honestly think BF4 should NOT even have single player. Easy as pie.

  • I am quite happy to see BF4 sticking to modern day, since that’s what I like the most, I got burned out of WW2 shooters and futuristic ones can’t always pull it off.

    However, I would’ve loved to see Bad Company 3 instead of BF4. I just hope EA doesn’t become the new Activision. And I hope they fix their servers….

    • Become the new Activision???? They were Activision before it became cool to hate on Activision! 😉

      • Kazuela

        yeah, the lesson activision hasn’t yet to learn EA learned it years ago from milking Medal of honor till the franchise dried.

        i’ve gotta say that under Riccitiello EA has become somewhat quite less evil than it used to, and developers are given more freedom (EA Partners program for example) hell even John Carmack has spoken good things about them.

    • Johnny Neat

      All true, if I get disconnected from EA server once more while other players are skipping around the map I’ll choke a bitch. Oh admin abuse is an awesome bonus considering there is no 1/1 server policy in place forcing us to play with admin abusers or retarded restrictions. Went into a room and it was no claymores, nades, tubes, rockets, sniper rifles or camping. Talk about extreme.

    • bf4king

      See, if this is MW4, it will be ‘copy and paste’, same old stuff…. but noooo, no, no, no, this is BF4 a completely absolutley fresh new game.

      • Kazuela

        there is a great difference between maintaining the setting and being a copy paste.

        each new COD is the same experience with new maps and guns, while each new battlefield is a complete revamp from the previous version

  • swipe_06

    I think it makes sense to release BF4 next. Next-gen is around the corner and Activision WILL release a CoD probably right after the start on PS4/XBOX, even if its just an upgraded, HD port of the latest version.
    If EA wants to compete with CoD, its not smart to release a single player focused BF title and BF3 will be old news by then, so its not worth porting over.

    • nate

      No. The next xbox is most likely coming out next fall so they could easily be making bf4 for it right now. MS released dev consoles.

  • Nfel

    *In Russian Heavy voice* OH THIS IS BAD.

    • Klone

      Имейте веру товарищ 🙂

      • Nfel

        I will comrade/

  • hikiesko

    no i dont want any rush focused game or any bad bad console company bs.

  • Hol_Up

    I was hoping for BF2143. I mean seriously, what more could you add on to the current BF3? If anything, just add more DLC since BF3 is already a complete modern day shooter. And to top it off MoH will be modern day too.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      It’s still a possibility they’ll release it, either as an small arcade game or an expansion like BC2: Vietnam, though doubtful with how EA’s making them rush everything (Possibly at least, I could be wrong and DICE could just be a terrible developer now). I believe the reason we get DLCs that don’t work day 1, and each patch breaks something new is because they don’t have enough time to work on everything due to being rushed to release everything, from the vanilla game to the DLCs to the patches (And patches obviously are taking the back seat and only being released with DLCs).

      • Kazuela

        it’s not EA who’s rushing them, they have always worked that way, they are pretty much capable to do even yearly releases since unlike treyarch and IW DICE has a lot of studios (it has even one solely dedicated to develop frostbite). That’s why it’s not a surprise for old bf fans to see even yearly releases on battlefield

    • Kazuela

      with DICE you never know, remember that they released 2142 only a year after battlefield 2, so it’s not unlikely to see 2143 right after bf4.

      also MoH: Warfighter will be a different breed, the only thing it shares with battlefield right now is the engine

      • RyGuy

        Even that can change soon if Danger Close gets big enough. EA might up their budget and allow them time and resources to build their own engine, even if it is just a highly modified version of frostbite like IW did with Unreal.

        • Kazuela

          as of now, several EA studios are helping improve frostbite, black box put their two cents with NFS: The Run, Bioware will do so with C&Q and Danger Close is doing it with Warfighter (peek and lean are a few examples)

          • Roger Larsson

            and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

            All these studios putting weight behind one engine owned by the company…

            DICE could not add everything themselves for BF3, but think what could be merged back into BF4…
            “commander mode” from C&Q
            “split screen” from Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel
            [got a feeling that Danger Closes MoH WF mission is to further improve
            “story driven SP”]

            Excited yet?

            • The Army Ranger

              Peak and Lean mechanic is what I’m more leaning towards from Danger Close’s time with the Frostbite engine. An engine that gives great graphics can’t just give you a story that wins an Oscar for Best Screenplay in an instant.

  • I’m just wondering what exactly they can add to the already modern BF3. The console versions seem already stretched to the limit. Although already mentioned, speculations that this will be release for the next GEN consoles seems justified in respects to the limitations. The console versions are glitchy as hell! I don’t know if I’d want to buy another Battlefield game for the present consoles if it’s the same performance wise. I’m guessing that’s why alot of ppl would of preferred another Bad Company titles as it would of been a slight change of pace at least for present console setups.

    • Arendsb

      Glitchy as hell. Yup- BF3 still plays like a beta. It’s sad to see people support its release as much as they have. It speaks volumes to the future. Expect more bugs, more game breaking issues, less response, and fewer fixes. All these fanboys have encouraged this beta. If it was any other good, we would have all gotten refunds. These poor kids probably don’t know that games used to come out nearly 100%- people had to spend hundreds of hours intentionally forcing glitches to happen (after release). This game has had so many issues, it’s convinced me not to pre-order any more Dice games. Fun game, but so poorly play-tested, I end up raging the entire time I play. Ugh I couldn’t imagine going through all this again, for another BF game, set in the same time period, with the same glitch engine. Seems like its not worth it, and basically hell.

      • BennyMac

        Anti-fanboys are just as bad as fan boys in their stupidity, as evident above. There is nothing ‘game breaking’ about BF3 now. There are little, annoying bugs like the sound bug, but the days of the game breaking glithces, (i.e. M26 Dart, ever lasting C4 and USAS frags) are behind us. To me, there are only two ‘major’ glitches left: Wall glitch on Metro and boat glitch on Kharg. No more green flashes, far less drops (on xbox at least) and far more balanced and stable game play. I’m so bored of this “it’s still beta and completely broken” post that I finally had to respond. Do you even know what “game breaking bugs” are? They are ones that BREAK THE GAME. Bf3 needs some polish, but it’s far from a beta TL;DR: I hope Arendsb and all other “BF3 is a broken beta and we need refunds and premium is a scam and you’re all sheep” kids catch on fire.

        • Arendsb

          You mad bro?

          Lol. All your trolling doesn’t change the fact the game still plays like a beta. If you had any level of intelligence you would know that dice creates new issues with each patch and update. You’re problems aren’t over lol.

  • Klone

    BF4 will end up being BF3.5, I fear.

    • No. BF4 will actually be BF3. The “BF3” we’re playing right now is just a beta. Lol.

      • Roger Larsson

        Not a beta but…

        With a new engine and “we can do it all” it is easy to over-scope, and I think that happened to BF3 and not only to 1942 (as can be read in Gamasutra take on the same talk).

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Thats exactly what i’ve been saying!! lol

        BF4 = BF3 with all of the features we want now! Instead of patching BF3, they’ll force us to purchase BF4 if we want improved game play/features.
        They’ll release it right before next gen consoles, then release BF5 right after for PS4/Xbox720, just like devs did with most games when PS2 players moved onto PS3. Getting as many sales as they can before the switch.
        Ahhh, the gaming life.

        • LordJackSparrow

          so buy a PC
          ..console fags

  • Why would I be disappoint it…BF4 modern combat yes. BF4 MW2 still ok…BF4 trying BO2 futuristic phew phew hell no…BF:BC3 please!!! and it must be on next gen and more players…..24 is fun, but it could be better.

  • Ostintacious

    I don’t get why people are criticizing this before we even know anything about, stop being party poopers. 🙂

  • tludt888

    Future settings are like dubstep.

    – Poorly executed

    – Little Depth

    – Robot sounds

    – Ultimately 90% garbage

    Modern setting is where it’s at, only fools want to toss it out entirely.

    • True, BO2’s futuristic theme is very cliche … with some overpowered toys around … not to mention how weird the scopes looks like …

  • JustinD

    It better be modern day. I wish it was for next gen. I want completely customizable guns like ghost recons gunsmith just more stuff and a little better. And i want damage based on caliber of weapon not set on class

    • JustinD

      How could anyone down vote these ideas. Brain dead idiots

  • NLGamer1995

    I’m happy they don’t screw their franchise up by changing too much. If Battlefield 4 will take place in another time era it will not be the same as battlefield again and it will look too much like crysis, halo and other alien shooters. Take for example Black Ops 2 Black ops 2 will not feel the same again and it will be probably a pathetic attempt to save the CoD franchise from becoming outdated. Battlefield isn’t outdated and could stay popular for at least 10 years and it has no needs to take it to another time era. I’m glad that the battlefield producers didn’t made the same mistake as treyarch did with Black Ops 2.

  • pollinho

    EA, I don’t have anything against you having financial success with your games, but please dont dare such skilled & creative teams such as dice to stick to what brought success, I just dont NEED another random Modern Day themed shooter, even though i guess it will be a decent one. I mean, where’s the point in creating just Another shooter with the same setting, propably similar graphics (*coughs* warfighter *coughs*). This just takes the same direction Activision took with cod and what happened? Every ne title is worse than the last one….
    The Bad Company series at least didnt take the Modern Day US vs RU bullshit too serious and was quite self ironic at times (especially BC1)….
    Right now I dont see a reason to buy a BF4,, since the technical side of things wont improve much and the gameplay should be quite similar as well… Hopefully the indie-scene is able to introduce some decent innovations into a genre that seems frozen on a date at least 2 years ago…

  • Hodgez

    I was really wanting bfbc3. Bf3 is a great game that I enjoy. It’s just that bfbc2 seemed very well balanced and I miss that game play.

  • JustinD

    It better be modern day. I wish it was for next gen. I want completely customizable guns like ghost recons gunsmith just more stuff and a little better. And i want damage based on caliber of weapon not set on class

  • fiqst

    One way for BF4 to set a higher bar and to distinguish itself from BF3 is to be an MMO.

    It would be great if DICE/EA transends the petty feud with ACTI/CoD and send BF4 into another level.

    A game to rival the scope of Planetside 2 in a modern persistent setting is what i want!

  • B_Boss

    I’m just hoping they do not create BF4 or BC3 on current consoles. As a console owner, these games (would obviously) deserve far better in terms of quality and at least some small steps behind current PC tech.

  • I dont care that it is modern setting. WW2 would be straight up boring honestly. There’s a reason FPS games have taken off since moving to the modern setting. The Futuristic setting is also poorly-executed most of the time, especially if it’s farther off than near-future. Homefront worked, BO2 will probably work, because those games are around 2030. Any farther into the future, it doesn’t work well.

    I just hope BF4 has an entirely different modern-day setting. Different locations, different countries, different technology, etc (instead of just US vs Russia the whole time). I actually found BC2 more interesting and fun than BF3. So I really hope they continue with the BC series.

  • Ggf

    Modern,past and very close future are cool, but far future sucks hard

  • Norwegiantroll

    Thank God the Bad Company series isn’t dead! I just love BC1 and especially BC2 🙂 Fav FPSs ever! Hope they release BC3 for the new consoles, that would be great.

  • Outlawz

    1 shot kill snipers chest up, better designed maps, squad stability please!

  • Laser0pz

    I’m surprised that no one’s made a WWII game from an Axis point of view. Obviously, we’d lose.

    Alternatively, they should make a storyline with really well fleshed out characters so you fell connected to them (like you would if you saw a good movie or read a good book). Your squad could have been captured by Nazis and sent to a POW camp. You guys all plan sneaking around and stuff in the camp to plan an awesome escape. You’d feel pretty damn emotional if your brother (or someone you’re really connected to in the squad) get shot or have to be the “sacrifice” in order for the rest of your squad to escape.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Bad Company 3 please.

  • DamnSkippy

    why cant the just merge Bad Company SP with BF(4) mp? forget the storyline from BF3 and just keep on going so fans wont have to buy 2 friggin games…

  • well i did hope for a world war 2 game with the frostbite 3.0 engine… that’ll be amazing..



    Of course they are staying in Modern day, because BF4 will be BF3, with the features we want now! Same weapons, etc!

    Copy, paste, release!

    I’ll still buy it though, if no publisher/developer has released a true Socom 1-2 sequel/HD version before then.

  • HarvHR

    Screw EA , we haven’t even got all expansions fro bf3, and your talking about a new game? Sigh………. Fair enough if it was bc or a something different, as much as I love bf3, it’s too soon for a sequl for the series………. Ea just listen and relies its too sooooon……

  • Rob

    Give me an ACTUAL battlefield game next time, BF3 is nothing like a Battlefield game.

  • PCgamer

    consoles should adopt the keyboard and mouse

    : )

  • rs0wner301

    Seeing how BF4 will be set in the same time era as BF3, I wonder what they will do with the weapons. They used a lot of famous modern guns in BF3, so I’m wondering if they will reuse the same guns (which would dissapoint me)

  • Nike94z

    hell yeah man i rather stick to modern time. that future stuff its cool but kinda lame to much fantacy, DICE and Frostbite keep it real with all this modern war HD action love it!

  • Nathan Cox

    I was hoping they’d change the era personally. I don’t want BF4 to just be a BF3 clone.

  • noobcakes

    why no ww2, tired of this same old crap.