Battlefield 4 – DICE Has ‘No Plans To Add’ Old Squad Join Feature From Battlefield 3

By now, many of you may have noticed that Battlefield 4 lacks any sort of option to allow console players to create Squads before attempting to enter into games with fellow friends and teammates.

While the Squad up feature was included as a part of Battlefield 3’s friends system on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation s, it was mysteriously excluded from Battlefield 4 on both current- and next-gen versions without an explanation from developers DICE as to why.

That is until recently, when a statement from DICE was spotted in the comment section of a Facebook post, detailing why the decision was made.

We have a new feature in Battlefield where a new squad is created when a friend joins your game. You can toggle this option on or off by going into the options menu. We’re not offering the old squad join feature because we didn’t feel that the feature in Battlefield 3 was on par with the quality that we wanted to offer our players. We have no plans to add it in the future.

Unfortunately, as stated above, being able to create a Squad in the main menu will not be implemented in Battlefield 4, despite a number of users awaiting to see its return in a future update. That said, maybe you find the new system is working out for you regardless.

Which squad creation system do you prefer, Battlefield 3’s or Battlefield 4’s? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • CoDforever

    any esports events for BF4 ? I wanna see how that game plays in competitive

  • AL

    and this one reason is why i refuse to play this game… get on par with the rest of the FPS genre…give people an easier way to play with friends, it is a team game after all

    • James Mulhall

      Not sure why you’re downvoted since you’re basically telling the truth.

      Battlefield needs to keep up with the FPS genre in term of social gameplay, which is essential to an FPS game, especially one like Battlefield.

  • Ben August

    That’s too bad. The ability to take a 5-10 minute, squad-wide gaming break with coms, far outweighs the alternative. One more reason to never buy this for console. Dice doing a world-class job of pissing off it’s user base.

    • Necro

      I would take this over having to use Origin any day.. So, no this isnt a reason not to buy this for console. Theyll smarten up.

      • Ben August

        Hah yea- Seems like Dice is pissing both PC & console off.

        Its just so stupid. The worst part would be joining a game, inviting your friends, and then while they are joining, other people join, the team fills up, and then either you play against your friend(s)..or you leave the game, or they leave the game, and go start the whole process over. The primary pillar of this game is teamwork…so it’s hilarious to see them fail so hard on this.

        • Alex Walker

          Exactly why I don’t even want to play till they fix this. I hardly ever played by myself, it was always with friends….which is the whole point of Battlefield, teamwork. And what better people to be teammates with….your friends!!! Dice really screwed this up and the fact that they are not really addressing the issue is upsetting.

  • zak lopchco

    And the fact is that feature doesn’t even work, and the Squad system didn’t work in BF3 either but it worked flawlessly in bad company 2

    • That is because there is no auto balancing servers in Bad Company 2. People seem to forget that, and you can thank any and all of the cry babies that got mad when teams would stack against them, because friends are joining on their friends in the same way you and everyone else currently wishes, that now and in BF3 t the servers autobalance after almost every game to keep new rounds fair.

      • zak lopchco

        You know the gaming world has gone to shit when playing a game based on teamwork with your friends is considered “unfair”

        • Exactly. I personally didn’t mind it in BC2 because the previous game squad feature worked. Sure it sucked if the team stacked against me but its only for a few minutes at best.

  • Spoiler

    really dice? its kind of common sense you will want to get into a party with friends and all go into a match at the same time. Call of duty implements this the best in my opinion

    • Because Call of Duty, Halo and other mostly P2P games have Pre game lobbies that does all of that when matchmaking, Battlefield does not unless you do quick match, which is bad for HC players because there’s no option for that.

  • Justen Holstein

    Good job DICE. Damn near impossible to play with friends on console with no party system AND the horrendous server browser as well as server issues

    • DarthDiggler

      Yeah I had NO idea this wasn’t a feature and I purchased the Premium. I am very pissed.

      • BraveSir Robin7

        I also bought premium before I knew that there were no squads…I want my money back.

    • Katana67

      Unfortunately, UI has never been DICE’s strong suit. Not being able to quit a game and being forced to look at someone’s idiotic dogtags is frustrating to say the least. Same thing applies to Battlelog as a whole.

      They really need to make BF a bit more user-friendly.

      • VEX_VEHIX

        True, but they should listen to their console fans. That simple.

      • MoweR

        While we’re on the topic of dog tags in BF4 why on earth is the right one being covered by the left one, the right one has all the cool pictures and stats and you cant even see it!!!

    • quinten488

      No squads, it makes no sense. Why would they make such a stupid decision to remove it. I was gonna buy it when I bought my PS4 but now im not. I will not be buying anymore BF games unless Bad Company is in the title.

      • El Gringo Diablo

        You’re ridiculous…

        • quinten488

          For not being a sheep and buying a game that removes necessary that promote team play? OK then

          • bob

            No, you’re ridiculous to let an inconvenience (a rather large one, I admit) override what is guaranteed to be hundreds of hours of flat out awesome gaming.

            In all of the internets, no group of people is more whiny and prone to hyperbole than gamers. I grew up with an NES and have owned one system or another in every generation since then… games today are SO much better than they used to be. For every little problem (again, I’m not defending DICE here… this is a really stupid decision on their part), there are thousands of amazing things that developers get right. But oh noes, everything is BROKEN/unplayable etc etc in every game on Earth if you read message boards. Whiny ass CHILDREN is what you are.

            For all the bugs, most of which will be fixed, I know I will get a near infinite amount of enjoyment from my measly $60 + premium which is was definitely worth it for me on BF3.

            Have fun “not being a sheep” and playing with your pee-pee while I have a total blast playing BF4 (when I actually get in a game with friends, that is) 😉

            • quinten488

              I expect features to be added not removed, they make their games about “teamplay” but remove the most essential feature to promote it. What sense does that make, but I guess you will take whatever they give you. Plus the stupid unnecessary changes to the controls that the won’t let you customize the way you want on consoles.

              I played it, just an all around mess to get used too, hope the BC team comes back.

            • bob

              I absolutely agree that they shouldn’t remove features, especially when fans are asking for them. No argument from me there.

              Again, my main point is that there is way too much awesomeness in this game to justify not getting it over an issue like this. That’s the old “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” analogy we’re talking about here. All the stupid little user interface issues and boneheaded omissions suck, but there is a monster of a multiplayer game to be had.

              Change the controls back to Veteran (same with vehicles), and the only thing you have to get used to is R1 being the spot button now, and O for mele.. problem solved. Took me about , oh, I don’t know… 5 freaking minutes to adjust. Don’t be such a whiny baby.

              I’m a big fan of the Bad Company series… but what are you going to do if they don’t include the squad feature in the next Bad Company game? Have another tantrum, or suck it up, get used to it, and have fun ?

            • quinten488

              I see your point but I still disagree. I won’t just accept what they give me. This is the the sloppiest BF release, crashing on all on all platforms, which they knew would happen before they released the game, but their so desperate to compete with CoD they just released BF4 the way it is. Even the beta was freezing on me.
              I’d rather not deal with it.

            • bob

              It’s not necessarily that DICE was desperate to compete with CoD, it’s that they are under contract with EA to get their game released by then.

              In all honesty, the no squad menu thing is the only thing about the game that really pisses me off. Crashing happens so infrequently to me that it’s a non issue. I maybe get a disconnect once every 6 or 7 conquest rounds, so that’s about once every 2 1/2, 3 hours. Plus, with how fast the PS4 operating system is, I am literally back in the BF4 multiplayer menu in about 30 seconds after a crash.

              Obviously, it’s your money and you’re free to spend it or not spend it on whatever you like, but there is WAY too much for me to like here to let small annoyances turn me off of the game. I’ve never had a gaming PC so I’ve been playing Battlefield games since 1943 and Bad Company1 and I’ve never had more fun with the series than I am with 64 player matches in BF4.

            • DarthDiggler

              Well you don’t seem to have many online friends LOL. 🙂 For those of us that are social with our gaming this is an obvious issue. Don’t let me nay saying get in the way of you felating DICE/EA.

            • Justin Daugherty

              Wow. Just imagine if you applied that logic to say buying a car. You would get a whole 7 miles before your car broke down.Or say getting a new roof on your house. The first 7 shingles are perfect then the 8th is a piece of bologna. But I guess you would feel bad and still pay whatever they ask, no questions asked…

            • DarthDiggler

              See that is your opinion.

              You seem to think this game is awesome with or without squadding up with your buddies (quickly and easily). I won’t debate that the game isn’t impressive whatever way people can play it.

              but what are you going to do if they don’t include the squad feature in the next Bad Company game? Have another tantrum, or suck it up, get used to it, and have fun ?

              Your cavalier attitude about this isn’t conducive to a discussion. When a company produces a sequel to a game there are certain expectations from that audience. Obviously squadding up with your buddies is a feature that is highly sought after for some people. Good for you that this feature isn’t important to you, but that doesn’t mean that someone who voices their opinion about it being missing is “having a tantrum”.

              If Battlefield Bad Company 3 is released and doesn’t have pre-game squad support, I won’t buy. It is unacceptable for a game of this scope that advertises it’s reliance on team play to NOT have this feature.

            • DarthDiggler

              I hope to see more Bad Company as well, they better follow the same rules.

            • Ben August

              Glad you bring your opinion as fact. Please do us all a favor, and research “fact” and “opinion.”

              It’s your opinion that modern, non-functioning games are better than old, immediately functional games.

              Personally, I take functional over non-functional, any day. But that’s also my opinion. And I would be an idiot if I thought my opinion was fact. That being said; it’s people like you who enable EA to release non-functioning, bugged out, broken games, as you mindlessly buy their crap, defending it to the death, and acting as an EA Apologist.

              It’s not self serving dude- all you’re doing is setting yourself up for even more frustration, in the future. People like you make me sick. You buy games that don’t work, defend it, which basically tells EA “Make shoddy games, we buy it anyways.”

              Not that my decision to abstain from purchasing this pile of crap, will have any impact on eA philosophy, but if enough people hold them to a standard, refuse to buy it, maybe one day they will release an actually “finished” product (or mostly finished product”. I’m with the OP on this. Though BC series was far from perfect, it seems to have had 10% of the issues or less. Well, minus that huge lag/server issue they had. But hey, to each his own.

            • bob

              “non-functioning” False. Bugs (that have basically all already been patched, or will be patched in the near future) do not make a game “non functioning”.

              “broken game” Completely false. Stop being hyperbolic.

              “You buy games that don’t work” No I don’t. I’ve never had a game that doesn’t work and I’ve been gaming since 1986.

              Does the game have some bugs? Yes. Are there some ridiculous oversights/decisions? Yes. Is the game “broken” HELL no. Not by a long shot. It’s a total blast to play and I can’t wait to get home and play some more this evening.

              You sound like the princess from the fairy tale about the princess who can’t sleep because of the pea under her many piles of mattresses. For every one thing wrong with the game (that WILL be fixed), there are 100 things it does exceptionally well.

              How old are you, by the way?

            • Ben August

              Bugs: It has, by far, the most game-breaking bugs I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s the minor ones (sound cutting out), or the major ones (frequent freezing, causing damage to the HDD/file system), it’s unacceptable.

              Broken game: the fundamentals of this game? Teamwork. Dice statement: “we won’t bring squad up to this installment” and due to their auto balancing, the mechanics of this = broken. Can’t squad up, and when you do, you get moved. That’s broken.

              You’re clearly a Dice/EA apologist. It’s hilarious. And buddy, you’re the one talking about nursery rhymes..if anyone’s age is up for question, I’d say it’s the guy obsessed with princesses….lawlz

              Maybe you’ve never been alive, for when games were released, 100% tested, and free of any or most major-game breaking issues. Or maybe you can tell me how Nintendo patched Super Mario Bros…oh wait. They never had too, because it was actually tested.

              Seriously dude- bf3 and bf4 have been the WORST releases of any product I’ve ever seen. Hands down. You buy them = you buy broken products. You make me sick.

            • Ben August

              It’s so funny to see/hear from people who’ve never gamed prior to the internet. Hey guess what guys, prior to the internet, there was no such thing as a patch. The final release worked nearly flawlessly.

              You can always spot the tweeners; they’re the ones with zero self respect. Ready and willing to take whatever crap a company serves them.

              Buying games that are this glitchy/unfinished- It’s like dating some hot ass chick, who has herpes. Sure, she looks good on the surface, but once you get under the hood, you realize she’s got some major problems. And like herpes, EA routinely allows it’s games to have the same glitches/problems for the length of the product’s life (ie- sound cutting out on bf3 still).

              You can either have some self respect and not even touch that girl, or you can dive right in. I think I know what you do haha. Pathetic.

            • Artomoz

              Spot on Ben, spot on. You saved me lots of typing by your comments. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is fed up with this crap and all the “EA apologists” coming in and trying to make up excuses for poor quality. The Battlelog forums was cluttered with GUI ideas and general ideas to make the UI better, but did DICE or EA actually listen? Nope.

            • Ben August

              Glad we’re on the same page! Good to see someone with some self-respect regarding what they get, when they purchase a product, with their own hard-earned money! EA/Dice have become a joke, IMO.

            • bob

              Self respect? It’s a fucking VIDEO GAME. I enjoy the game, warts and all.

            • Ben August

              Self Respect as in, don’t let let someone shovel crap down your throat. But obviously you like it. I’m going to guess that you’re a bit of a masochist. The way you act, so willing to put up with sub-sub-par programming…you think frustration or mental anguish is fun? lol ok go ahead. Weirdo. a ps

            • bob

              You are the only one here that seems to be suffering from frustration and mental anguish. Your post history in this thread is glaring proof of that. No one else here seems like they are going to have an aneurysm over a VIDEO GAME, Ben.

            • vice86

              lol…we get it…you’re such a smart shopper. Me and my friends all enjoy playing BF4. Sorry you think you’re so intelligent and not enjoying the game too.

            • DarthDiggler

              Ben August & Artomoz

              Look there is some grey area here you guys…

              I am a huge BF fan, but very upset mostly about the lack of squadding up before a match. You know what instead of going to BF4 articles on the internet and falsely declaring that BF4 is BROKEN, I decided I wanted to be an agent for change. So I put up a petition…


              I don’t know where you two have learned debate tactics from, but redefining words to fit your argument is a very poor strategy if you want to persuade people. The term Game Breaking means that the game doesn’t work (at all). Issues of 1 hit kills and rubber-banding are things that will be tuned via client patches and server patches. The problem with a game like Battlefield is you could beta test the game for a year and still not get all the bugs that present themselves when you launch in scale.

              For those of us that have been paying attention, Battlefield 4 for the most part is following some of the same growing pains as Battlefield 3 (and even Battlefield Bad Company 2). Of course BF3 had pre-game squads, but they didn’t work, you’d often get your other team mates stuck on the other team. It was pretty much necessary for the squad leader to use the server browser to find a match that had enough room for your squad to get everyone in on the same side. Then on occasion the server balance would still screw you over. BF3 had massive rubber banding which lead to issues with hit detection. BF3 had an issue where bullets would be stacked and hit you all at once (sounds very similar to the 1 hit kill issue now).

              Now I would love these issues to be fixed sooner than later and I want my squads back. That doesn’t amount to “game breaking” issues at all though. Stop trying to buttress your weak arguments by redefining commonly used industry terms.

            • vice86

              so how you liking BF4?

            • Ben August

              Still not a fan- sadly, I believe modern Dice to be a fractured shell of what it used to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if no product they release in the future, can hold/meet the sheer enjoyment factor of their older games.

              Are you enjoying it?

            • vice86

              me and my pals enjoy it immensely. Looking forward to Dragons Teeth

            • Ben August

              Glad to hear- hopefully at 6-7 months post-release, it’s functioning properly.

            • bob

              “”EA apologists” coming in and trying to make up excuses for poor quality”

              What excuses did I make? My entire point is that bugs/flaws and all, the game is still incredibly fun and I wouldn’t dream of not playing it because of this stuff.

            • Ben August

              Have fun crashing to a locked screen, and damaging the file system of your HDD.

              Did You get a pin for that? “crash much” ? I hope dice made one for ya. Sounds like so much fun.

            • bob

              Hi, I’m Ben August and this is my life :

            • Ben August

              Considering you have far more posts than I do, about this topic…how’s it feel to be a hypocrit? Does your wife know she married a man with no logic? Ohhhhh you know, this explains a lot. You lack the logic, to determine that the game is broken. Now it all makes sense. Ok, I get it.

            • bob

              I’ve been playing games since well before the internet, bozo. There were plenty of glitchy games back then too, you’re judgement is clouded by nostalgia. I’ll take an incredibly intricate and fun game with some glitches over any old game that I grew up with any day of the week (except maybe Mario Kart) that has zero issues.

            • DarthDiggler

              Look redefining “game breaking” doesn’t elevate your argument. I have issues with BF4, but I am not on record saying any of these small bugs breaks the game.

              Game breaking bug is an actual term people use when there is a problem with a game that prevents it from functioning at all. Stop using overly alarmist terminology.

            • bob

              If you want to use a hot ass girl analogy, your position is like Battlefield 4 being a hot ass chick that has some yellowish/greenish stuff going on on her toenails.

              “Her toenails are gross, 2/10, would not bang”

            • Ben August

              No, it’s more like she’s so disgusting, even her parents aren’t paying for her anymore. iE, the game is so broken, EA’s investors are pulling out, and their stock is taking a significant hit. You’re so delusional. So pathetic. EA Apologist #1 right here folks.

            • bob

              I have no loyalty to any publishing company, game system, computer operating system, game series, soda manufacturer, etc etc. You have mental problems,bud.
              I am a married 30 something with actual things to worry about in life. So Battlefield crashes once out of every 6 matches for me. I still keep my stats, and I’m back in the game I was playing with friends in about 45 seconds. OH NO! Whatever shall I do?!

              My ‘gross toes’ analogy was spot on to the way you’re acting. This game is a smoking hot girl with some fugly toes and you WILL NOT BANG.

            • Ben August

              Someone is getting defensive. You can always tell when someone has realized the error of their ways, based upon the tone of their words. Nice all-caps; great insults.

              Have fun with that- look, if the game is so perfect, feel free to play it without any patches. Lol!

              You do realize that just about every BF4 related forum, is filled with people frustrated with the game’s glitches. Your opinion is meaningless, in the face of fact. Once again, go back and look up opinion, and fact. It’s a fact this game needs to be fixed. It’s a fact, broken objects, whatever they are, also need to be fixed.

              If you enjoy broken things, that’s your call.

            • bob

              Where on Earth did I ever say the game is perfect in this comment thread?

            • bob

              Good lord, you people are crazy. I FULLY agree that not including a squad up feature in the menu is beyond retarded and I am in no way an apologist for that decision, it is simply an insane stance to take, especially since the community has made it clear that it’s important to the players. That is my number one issue with the game.

              But you know what, the game is still TONS of fun. I am having a total blast with it and have had more amazing moments in it so far than I have with any previous Battlefield game.

              Yes, I agree about the loadout customization as well… but you don’t have to go to the test range to do it, you can do it in game when you start before you deploy and in between spawns after you die. Stupid omission, but not a big deal.

              Super Mario brothers? Are you actually trying to compare a simple 8 bit game to a game with with infinitely more going on in it on a server network hosting hundreds of thousands of players at once with millions of processes to coordinate in real time? Get real, dude.

              Again, I’m not apologizing for them for ANY of these issues, my point is that the positives for the game far outweigh the problems it has, and the problems (besides the squad feature that they seem dead set on being thick headed about) will be ironed out. Again, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

              You “gamers” are pathetic cry babies. Go look at any video game board and you see nothing but people bitching about the most inconsequential shit on Earth. You have every right to me pissed at some decisions they made, but you act like you personally been violated and your life now has no meaning because BF4 isn’t 100% smooth yet.

              I’m 90% positive you’re one of those people that bitches all over forums about a game being broken, yet has played the game for 300 hours.

            • DarthDiggler

              I am upset about the game not working 100%, but these are not game breaking issues. With the exception of the lock up issues (which toss you out of the game) nothing else BREAKS the game. You are being alarmist and sounding highly entitled.

            • Ben August


              As in a product you purchase, should function?

              Ya, then I have not one problem being entitled. The problem you quoted “being tossed out of the game” is the game breaking problem. It fits your definition.

            • bob

              “As in a product you purchase, should function?”

              It does function.
              Do you have anything to add to this discussion that is not wild hyperbole?

            • Ben August

              So you’re saying the crashing was functional? Oh great, the new generation of gamers desire crashing. You’re a real genius.

            • Alex Walker

              Its understandable for BF4 to have server crashes, buggy, or glitch-y. That can be fixed and is normal for a new game especially on a new console. I’m not upset about that, its a given. But this whole squad thing is just retarded. I haven’t be able to play one game with my friends. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even in COD: Ghosts you can have a pre-match up party. I really don’t get how Dice can say that just joining a match is better. They could have kept the pre-match squad up and add the nice features of not getting split up or whatever. Oh and its also dumb that you have to enter the Training Zone in order to customize your weapons or do it on battlelog. Not really a big issue for Dice to fix, shouldn’t be hard at all.

            • DarthDiggler

              I am looking for your support:

            • DarthDiggler


              I don’t agree with the guy, but I think you are being repugnant. For one EA generally releases good products, they don’t always have all the online functions working right out of the gate, but that is the nature of the beast when producing online games. No mater how much you beta test it is very difficult to scale to millions of players slamming your servers. There are few games in the industry that put up with that level of activity (COD is the other obvious one and it has been known to have launch day woes as well, and they been using about the same engine for the past 8 years).

              I bought BF4 day 1 because I love the series. They are great games and there is no developer out there doing the things that DICE does with online games. So suggesting that the fan-base is a bunch of vapid morons that only have enough sense to buy the next incarnation of Battlefield is a very gross misrepresentation of ME and some of my colleagues. The fact is EA and DICE will iron out these problems (hopefully before Christmas LOL) and this will be long forgotten by the time the next Battlefield game comes out.

              Obviously you have a very anti-EA stance so your opinion is about as valid as EA apologist.

            • Ben August

              Glad you started a petition. Hope that works out.

              Btw, we know the game is broken, based upon the fact that it’s so broken, investors are pulling out, and EA stock is taking a significant loss.

            • bob

              The ENTIRE stock market went down the day the “EA loses stock” story came up, you dolt. Investors pulled out across the board because of economic news,not Battlefield 4 you twit.

            • DarthDiggler


              Maybe you have lots of time on your hands but I do not, so spending 20 minutes – 60 minutes trying to get 3-5 people on the same team on the same server is not my idea of a good time.

              I can say for certain I am not buying BF5 without pre-game squad support. It’s bullshit to expect me to loan wolf it with 63 other players. Not having this feature is just FLAT OUT LAZY IMHO.


            • bob

              I absolutely agree that it’s flat out lazy (though, they seem to think they have a ‘better idea’, as opposed to laziness.. I think they are just being thick headed). But I STILL think the game is fantastic. 60 minutes to get in a game with 3 people? C’mon man. It’s a pain, but hasn’t taken me more than 10.

            • AgentDenny

              Your logic is so flowed. You say that games today are SO much better than what they used to be. That’s because of features that ENHANCE gameplay instead of making it more inconvenient. Some of us may have patience for these problems but most people don’t because there is a little alternative that DICE was directly aiming to take down….COD!
              Ya lets take COD down by basing our squads off of a “join session in progress and switch teams (if it lets you) system”. Fuk it is complicated to even say let alone make work in the game.

            • Chris Redfield

              WHEN will they be fixed bud? As a card carrying member of the PC MASTER RACE I’m in awe at how many “Bugs” this game is ridden with. Don’t even try to blame or pin this one on me, as close to 50% of BF4 players have experienced the same crashing episodes I have. Connecting to 4 servers, 50% are bound to crash. I was not able to get past the Shanghai level until the 3 week later Nvidia Driver update.

              You pay for a product you expect to work. If I pay for a midget hooker and 2 grams of blow, I expect just that, and will receive just that when completing the transaction.

              We are ALL understanding of “a Few Bugs” but this is insane. I paid $ for a game where all I do is read the forums, awaiting some BREAKTHROUGH to fix 90% of the problems plaguing this game.

              Asking for accountability from a company that insisted on higher profit margins when it screwed their fanbase by attempting to beat COD to market is not childish.

            • bob

              I agree with everything you said, but I still enjoy the game. That’s the only point I’m trying to make. I can’t wait until they finally fix everything, then this game will be a masterpiece.

            • bob

              Since the patch late last week I haven’t crashed yet and I’m finally having luck getting into matches through the server browser with squads of 5. Hopefully this means they’ve finally got a handle on things.

            • Ben August

              “A handle on things”

              Affording to you, it was no big deal!

              You’re such hypocrite it’s hilarious. If they only just now got “a handle on things” -what was it before?

              No handle on things? Sounds pretty broken.

              Or maybe they didnt need to patch it. Lawlz

            • bob

              Goddamn, you are one seriously stupid motherfucker.
              Your parents must feel like shit after raising such a whiny little pussy.

            • Ben August

              Haha reading your comments 5 months later is hilarious, and judging by their lack of logic, it would greatly surprise me if you’re still alive. Are you?

            • lol

              lol nubs

            • Peyton DeMarino

              WHAT A WASTE OF FREAKIN MONEY!! >:(

            • don mack

              not that awesome when you have people who don’t play the style you want to be playing. And again,no reason to not give paying customers an option

      • KiLLaMaNiLLa

        I agree but you might want to look into next gen I bought this on my Xbox One and I’ve played last gen too and I had nothing but complaints about last gen BF4 it was completely watered down and looked and played like trash but the nest gen version on Xbox One and i’d assume PS4 are def worth picking up because it looks amazing and runs buttery smooth and def worth picking up and the 64 players online is badass.

        • bob

          You’re telling him that the game isn’t BROKEN !?!?!?! How dare you tell him that it’s strengths massively outshine it’s bugs and user interface problems! For shame!

          • Artomoz

            Calm down, it’s not like you’re on EA or DICE’s pay roll. The game is a broken mess, since when does a half assed game become an acceptable standard?

            • bob

              Game is a broken mess? That’s odd… I put in a solid 10 hours over the holiday weekend and only crashed once and was able to join friends pretty easily (though I’d still prefer the pre-match squad up option like BF3 had).

              I don’t think anyone wants the way this launch has gone to be a “standard”… who said that? Again, you kids are WAY too into hyperbole. The game is great right now, and will be perfect when everything is ironed out.

            • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

              “I can run the software fine…must be your rig.”

              “My experiences mirror exactly everyone else’s.”

              “Hi, I’m a middle-class white American male and I don’t understand why people are so mad about racism and inequality.”

              Seriously, for someone who tries to assert himself as being older and more mature than everyone else by being condescending, you sure are naive and conceited.

              That being said, I don’t inherently disagree with your points either. But if you think you are doing any good with actually pointing out exaggerations, you’re not. You’re acting like a pretentious ass who’s going around insulting as many people as you can by overusing the words “kid” and “hyperbole” in a similar manner as I’m attacking you.

            • bob

              Those comments you quoted were not made by me.

            • Vaxious

              Dude. Stop trolling. You are telling others to stop exaggerating saying its an awesome game or brand new. First of all its almost exactly like 3 just like how call of duty does it. There is barely any differences. The game is amazing but you play for fun and its more fun with friends. How can you be so idiotic to think that playing alone is better than friends. I would rather have sex with a girl than play with myself but you obviously like your dirty hand.
              Get an education you fkn troll

            • vice86

              Reading Ben Augusts twitter…he’s a whiney mother fucker. Seems all he does is complain about shit. I picture him being that one friend that everyone dislikes but only pretend to like him out of kindness

            • Ben August

              My twitter? I’ve got like one post on twitter. If I wanted to talk to someone, I’d fucking call, text, or email.

              I actually philosophically believe Twitter is great for political figures, businesses, and celebrities- but just about useless for the rest of us.

              Since “tweets” are subject to Twitter membership, it’s only useful if 100% of your target audience use Twitter (and not only that, but use it efficiently, including checking it/notification). Otherwise it’s like talking to yourself, in a big crowd.

              Personally I just talk to whoever I need to talk to, as it’s more personal, and that’s the foundation of communication.

              But yea- keep talking about my twitter usage- considering I don’t use it. Lol

            • vice86

              you’re so above

            • DarthDiggler

              “I can run the software fine…must be your rig.”

              “My experiences mirror exactly everyone else’s.”

              “Hi, I’m a middle-class white American male and I don’t understand why people are so mad about racism and inequality.”

              That escalated quickly. Hopefully you not one of those ass-hats that goes around in gaming forums trying to turn discussions in to political ones.

            • Artomoz

              “Only crashed once,” exactly proving my point. Games aren’t suppose to freeze or cause crashes.

              I’m amazed their QA (if there even was one) missed majobreaking bugs.

              I paid $65.00 and I expect a finished game with minor, not pre existing bugs. I didn’t pay $65 to be a BETA tester. The BETA had all the same issues and it was suppose to be an “old build” which means they already knew before hand that these issues existed and still released a half done game. But they sure as hell made sure all you idiots paid for premium a whole year before release. The forums was filled with ideas and complaints about what needed work, and did they listen? hell no!

              I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy being rammed on the ass and then make excuses for being so stupid to spend money on a game that’s not even done.

            • Tanner Crook

              I would love to see some of you people develop a game like this… let alone the menus. A BRAND NEW GAME ON A BRAND NEW CONSOLE USING BRAND NEW NETWORKS…

              I think we can all cut EA a little slack until we see how patches go. If they don’t fix things within a month or two then I will say that it sucks. But already my game is running pretty much flawless now.

              For anyone who has played an MMO (which this game is pretty much one) will know that bugs patches are a constant thing because there is just a huge payload of information moving everywhere. Let alone the fact that they are working with new consoles.


              I bet you all complain and bitch when you text doesn’t send too.



              BE GRATEFUL

              I am done…….

            • bob

              Here, here ! Well said. Entitled kids are obnoxious.

            • DarthDiggler


              BF4 is NOT an MMO, never has been likely never will be. It is an FPS, 64 players would be a very small capacity for an MMO.

            • DarthDiggler


              So you are suggesting to me and everyone here, that you have never played a game before BF4 that crashed?

              Either you are a liar or BF4 is the first game you played.

              Games are not supposed to crash, but they do, that doesn’t mean the game is broken.

              The stupidity in game article comments is truly astounding. Here I am trying to explain to people what the term broken means because they are so hell bent on fitting a narrative they don’t mind redefining commonly used industry terms to suit their needs.

              What are you going to do for an encore tell people there is no way they are having fun with BF4? I mean if you can redefine broken, why not redefine fun and have the penultimate victory in this debate?

            • Ariel

              To you it might work just fine but you haven’t thought about other people have you sure a few people are having great but most their experience isn’t very good at all
              Something for you to think about

            • Ben August

              Dude I think you’re reaching a bit. When you review the patch notes, and really look at all the causes of crashes currently addressed, and tagged for future fixes, it’s obvious this game suffered (suffers) from far more crashes than any other AAA FPS offering on the market. It’s fundamentally broken. If you can’t play it, how can you play it? The only way a game that crashes that often, isn’t broken…is if the crashes were intentional. Are you saying Dice programmed the crashes intentionally? If it’s intentional, then sure, it’s not broken, it’s just crap programming. And if it’s unintentional, it’s broken. Or else why would it need to be fixed? And if the game itself isn’t broken, then why are all future projects on hold, while they “fix” this. And if it’s not broken, why are investors bailing on EA? Why are their stocks down? Why is EA giving our free content?

              Dude it’s broken. Don’t be delusional like “bob” – it makes you look like, and sound like, an EA Apologist. Save your petition- hopefully that works out.

    • DarthDiggler

      Hey I started a petition.

      Sign! 🙂

      • Artomoz

        Good luck getting DICE and EA accept they dun’ goofed up.

        • DarthDiggler

          If there is enough support they can’t ignore it. If there isn’t then obviously they may be justified in removing the feature. I certainly hope the later isn’t true.

    • phinn

      Yea if I had known this FUNDAMENTAL multipalyer feature was missing I never would have bought this piece of sh*t. And they wonder why they will always be second place to COD when you can’t even play with friends online now.

      This featured worked perfect in BF3, all you did was create a Squad then join a server that had some empty spots in the server browser. This garbage they describe above never works and you can’t even switch teams when a friend finally gets in, let alone an entire group.

  • A1ch3mist

    “get on par…” You mean host migration, maps the size of a closet, a new game every year, and 0 support after launch? Or you could simply join your friend and be put in the same squad as they are. Yes, yes I know the launch has been rocky but they’re not confirming next years release either.

    • AL

      WTF are you talking about? host migration is rare anymore, maps are much larger on ghosts, and a new game every year is better than playing theirs for 2. And I wish they would have confirmed this release for next year if it meant they could include basic features that allow people to play together…ya know like every other FPS MP game on consoles since two generations ago…

      please have at least played the other game before you go and make yourself look stupid…(had BF3 w/premium for 360 and PC – didnt buy 4 because of how much i didnt like how difficult it was to play as a full team on 3 and they made it harder on 4)

      • Benjamin

        If you are honestly defending COD Ghosts then anything you say is completely irrelevant. I’ve played it, and it’s a disgrace to gaming.

        • AL

          as opposed to what? what is your gold standard of FPS gaming?

          • thatoneguy

            COD Ghosts is in my honest opinion, a 4/10. It does have a pretty decent amount of host migration. The maps have gone from small to for the most part medium, and that’s because on next gen I remember seeing something about them upping the player count to 18. Other then that though the game is horrendous. The gun balancing is awful, the actual choice of maps aren’t that great, pretty bland and cluttered, the UI for the soldier customization is extremely clunky.

            Now I’m not getting on my knees and thanking the gaming gods for battlefield 4 because this hasn’t been a walk in paradise. I do experience freezes on my xbox at least 3 times a day, there is a lot of clipping in the hills at a far distance, the sound will go out randomly.

            Both games have their faults, but I think I’m going to have to go with Battlefield, purely on the progression system. The progression to just get kills, and it shows you right there how many more you need to get an attachment is just like MW3 which is perfect. I loved that game, so as a completionist where I have to get EVERYTHING. It is well worth the 60 bucks.

            • AL

              You are comparing apples and oranges. You cant put COD and BF side by side like they are trying to accomplish the same things and compare that way.

              COD is supposed to be a tighter, faster game with a more arcade shooter like feel. BF on the other hand is a hyper realistic war simulator. They both do things well and utterly suffer in other areas.

              The only thing you can look at are things like the party system, matchmaking systems, and to a lesser degree unlock systems. In the first two DICE is regrettably behind, not just behind COD but behind every other FPS MP game on either console. Hell Homefront did a better job and people hated that game.

              As far as progression system goes they are two different philosophies. BF employs a more grind heavy system where COD now uses squad points which can still feel grindy but to a lesser extent. At the end of the day this is more an argument of preference though.

              You giving ghosts a 4/10 and then telling me you are a BF person doesn’t allow me to give your score much weight especially when you go on to describe things that are more than little broken (freezing x3 per day), which should be enough to condemn the game by most people’s standards.

              I want both games to do well as I think that COD has been running thin on the innovation front lately and while that is evident in Ghosts, its still COD and its still fun. BF could be so much more than it is if DICE would break out of the PC 1990s server browser mentality that they have and start thinking about user experience.

            • CoDforever

              Your so delusional lmfao all your points are completely incorrect e.g Soldier customization is as smooth as it can get even if you compare it to BF its shits on BF

  • Sgt. Mofo

    Kind of mind boggling. Didn’t function that great in BF3 to begin with, but the alternative introduced in BF4 is quite the hassle. You don’t even stay in a server queue if the server your buddies are on is full. Seems to work fine once you get everyone together, but that initial setup takes a bit of time and coordination.

    How is it that Halo 2 on Xbox (Original) made it easier to play with friends than consoles released almost 10 years later? It’s things like this that show a developer is getting too complacent.

    • Because Halo 2 has pre game matchmaking and an actual pre game lobby that will always keep you on a team together. Same with CoD, and every other game that has that. Battlefield has neither. It worked in BC2 because DICE decided to add team balancing, in response to the fact that teams in BC2 would normally stack because in a team of 12 people, I invite my party of 8, that’s 8 people already on one side vs 4or 5 which would mean unfair play. It just never truly worked because the game lacks a real lobby plain and simple.

    • Geois

      Why not just add a feature to join the lobby on the same side as friend. Would stop the hassle of switching sides in the match.

  • Sheldon

    DICE has officially shot themselves in the foot

  • skyfire

    Go home Dice, you’re drunk.

  • MegaMan3k

    What a joke. Critical failure of design. It’s a mess playing with friends. Fighting to switch teams and switch squads and fight with DICEs crop infrastructure.

    Pathetic. Failure by design.

    • DarthDiggler

      Agreed –

      The other bugs will get ironed out, and while people are arguing over the bugs being game breaking we really should be putting pressure on DICE to bring the pre-game squads back.

  • brave rodger

    Tried to play with some friends the other night. Thought we were just idiots and couldn’t figure it out. We’re still idiots but at least we’re have more sense than Dice.

  • Analdo Gomez

    🙁 oh great, just another game that I would not buy for my ps4…

  • dpg70

    I got news for them, this new system isn’t on par either. Since when does DICE give a rats ass about quality?

  • jonchr2

    So when my friend joins me and my team is full, he’s on the other team, rather than if we joined together we would’nt even try cause it is full or if my squad is already full, it ends up with me creating a new squad anyway. Taking away the pre squad option does’nt help anyone.. is it too fill up squads faster?? i mean, if i’m playing alone i would’nt NOT join a squad with 3-4 other players, so to have multiple spawn points.

    This was a ridiculous feature to take away.

    • dpg70

      It really sucks when you have to bitch about something missing that has been in just about every shooter the last 10 years.

      • jonchr2

        it’s a very weird thing to take away.. i say we bomb their twitter accounts with demands of bringing this feature back!!

      • DarthDiggler

        Actually many shooters got released for PS3/X360 that didn’t support squads, some didn’t support voice. LOL

  • MoweR

    I dont undesrstand the whole 5 man squad system, 5 man squads with 12 or 32 players 2 people are left by themselves and are heavily handicaped, its just so stupid seriously what idiot thought of that idea.
    Rant over

    • Players wanted the clear imbalances with the old 5 man squad back. I was totally fine with 4, but I’m just one person but it doesn’t really matter, I remember joining a server where my team had squads all the way to Zulu

      • DarthDiggler

        Hmmm… so your team had 26 squads? That is approximately 1.2 people per squad. LOL

    • Madpup

      I think it’s great just because me and my friends would have one guy sitting out whenever we got everyone on to play BF3. From what I have seen so far, not everyone uses a full 5 man squad and the game isn’t setting up the squads so they are filled up before making a new one. As far as I have seen, anyone stuck in a 1 or 2 man squad had the ability to switch over to a larger squad.

    • DarthDiggler

      @disqus_qUSIprKEZQ:disqus Well it’s not really an issue at all, because you aren’t forced to have 5 people in your squad. Some squads have 3 or 4 peeps, some have 5 some have 2. You don’t want to be in a 2 man squad, change squads.

      • MoweR

        It is on the 360 or ps3 when there are inly 12 people, what i tend to do is leave whatever squad im in and join a bigger squad to get the benefits such as the perks more spawn points ect, me leaving mu previous squad is likely to make them do the same thing because now the squad i was jusy in has only 2 people but then they cant change squads because the other 2 are already full. Yea its not always a problem but when it is it can hurt at least with 4 man squads rveryone had the sam amount in ech squad most of the time.

  • Today I figured it out.. and until today I was pissed off at DICE. You simply hit select in game, go to your friends and invite them one by one into your game that has enough space for them to join. After that its seamless and works well. Hope that helps others get into games with their friends..

    • AL

      So you have to wait until you are supposed to be playing the game to invite friends? Isnt that counter intuitive?


      You lie! 😉

  • Soldier

    Sure, exclude a feature that has been in the franchise for almost a decade. Sad joke of a developer DICE is.

  • Daniel

    Might sell the game because of that.

  • ShOw Off


  • Benjamin

    I don’t know why so many people are bitching. It’s so much faster for one player to join a server with enough free slots then everyone join on them. As opposed to fannying about sending squad invites and then having to find a server. Everyone can now join at their own leisure. My friends and I even started doing that in BF3 instead of squading up from the main menu.

    The new system is so much smoother, especially as you can also use Battlelog. If you join a server that’s suddenly full, then you can just use Battlelog to instantly hop over to another server without having to back out. It’s absolutely brilliant.

    • It really is. One person finds a server with enough room for everyone, joins it and everyone else can easily just join when the prompt comes up all seamlessly from one server to the next. It’s not game breaking in the slightest.

      • Nick

        How does “One person finds a server with enough room for everyone” work?

        Server browser only wants to show servers with 24/24 players. If you’re lucky you can speed scroll to the bottom and find one with 23/24, then may be lucky enough to join it before its full.

        The options for minimum free slots don’t work (I set mine to 1-5, but I get results with 24/24 players), and they’re also the wrong options – for this approach to forming a squad with friends to work you need the server browser to filter on *minimum* number of free slots available – but all options begin at 1 slot. So even if it did work you’d get screens and screens of 23/24 servers – not helpful if you have 3 friends waiting to join you.

        Quick match tends to drop me in nearly full servers so that doesn’t help (also you can’t choose a map – a regression from BF3)

        So I don’t get how you’re doing this. Is finding a server somehow better in battlelog ?

        • It works for me as I’m the one that generally finds matches for my party of normally 4 people, and I’ll tell you how.

          I go to server browser, select search filters and ONLY search for the game mode, ranked servers and region. You get tons of results and just choose the page, normally page 2 where there at times can be less than ¾ full games, plenty for all four of my guys and girl to join, and then anyone else afterward would have to naturally wait. NEVER quick match, or search for official servers as those games as quick match obviously only puts you in a near full server, and official servers can be joined via quick match so they fill the fastest.
          To add, I play on Xbox One so the need to invite my party manually is obsolete, as Xbox smart match does this for me. The second I join the server, Xbox immediately sends an invite to my party and when they accept, they’ll instantly join my sever regardless of activity so they have their spot in the game and team. BF4 is the only game I have currently and not once had I had issue with getting everyone into a The same game and team. Lastly, I’m not defending DICE at all. Where I’m my comments, am I telling everyone to get off DICE ass because I find this way better, and I do. I simply agreed with Benjamin because he is right, this alternative is not that hard to get used to, not is is hard to grasp. I find it working better than the one in BF3 which at times would not even put you in the same game as everyone else or would leave you in the lobby and still showing your squad is still in the lobby while everyone else is actually playing.

          • Ben August

            So what does that have to do with PS4?

            • Does the PS4 not do this? I pretty sure the game itself on Ps4 also prompts you mid game if you are playing(which is annoying as it stops all my action and leaves me vulnerable)

          • Nick

            It does sound like its working well for you there on xbox one.

            If I had an easy way to find ¾ full games I’d probably be happy with that, but the experience with the server browser is just infuriating from where I am (PS3 user, playing in asia). Pages and pages of 24/24.

            Dice just give us a way to select *minimum* free slots on server browser and this can sort of work. Still not convinced it’d be better than BF3 (will need some time to try it out) but it should be ok at least.

      • AL

        So I get onto one of the empty or near empty servers and invite my friends… it auto-balances us on the opposite team and we have to play at least 1 match to try and get paired up…that is after waiting forever to get the match started.

        Dont defend their piss poor attempt and lazy development. They full well know they need a party system and to stop force feeding the server browser to us so they dont have to build a proper match making system.

        • The same thing happens on Battlefield 3 more times than not and in that game there is no auto balancing mid match once a space becomes available, you have to hope you’re fast enough to switch sides before anyone else joins. In BF3 I’ve personally always joined once someone else found the server because the squad fuction is so inconsistent and had a much easier time than relying on that broken system to do what I can just as easily do on my own effort. Blame Battlefield for being the game it is and not having a proper pregame lobbies to conduct matchmaking that organizes you into your squad. One of the few things Call of Duty does a lot better.

        • The server will first auto balance so that there is a competing game going on and as people join, your friends will automatically be placed on the same team and squad(if there is room in the squad for the fifth friend) as you once their character is no longer in play.

          • AL

            Again, in this day and age there is absolutely no reason for them not to have a party/lobby system and matchmaking on console.

            I spent more time in BF3 trying to get on the same team as my friends than i did playing the game. If any developer wants their game to sell they have to make it user friendly. BF4 is selling because of its scope and graphical capability. It would sell alot more if it didnt inhibit the ability for people to easily play together.

            • That’s the main issue, and as such there needs to be an alternative that works. It’s either this new one, which I find works fine if not better or they completely eliminate auto-balancing servers altogether and allow teams to stack one side in which people will still have that to complain about, just like in Bad Company 2. Or they remove the server browser and go with a hybrid server functionality like CoD and killzone and Halo which has a proper lobby and traditional matchmaking

    • NinoBr0wn

      That’s part of the problem. They give some half assed excuse, when really they just wanted to force feed us Battlelog. That’s why it’s built directly into the game now, even on console. Squading up before you enter a server, in *any* game, is a very organized way to get everyone together, instead of joining a server, waiting for everyone to get in, and then getting everyone together, while wasting time in the match through it all.

      • I don’t even use Battlelog to join games(partly because it takes forever to load for me). Xbox One Smartmatch sends my party an invite. You can even see ahead of time that Smartmatch is currently awaiting for the game that I searched to become available because we’re all playing Battlefield 4. So for us, squaring up before a game works fine.

    • AL

      Maybe it works for you with only a few friends…but if i want to party up with more than a full squad its quite the pain. But thats right…they dont want you to play as a team, they want you to play as a squad on a team. I’ll pass and wait for titanfall

  • Excuse my language, but this really fucking infuriates me. You talk about Battlefield 4 and the first thing that comes to your mind is teamwork. You promote these different classes to work in tandem together to achieve victory yet you can’t even add a simple Squad Up system? It’s such a clusterfuck the way it’s set up currently, and it makes no sense that they are so ignorant to the fact.

    This is desperately needed for consoles. I play with 3-4 other people all the time and the fact that I have to wait and hopefully join a game they are in makes no sense.

    • Benjamin

      I couldn’t disagree more. How hard is it to find a server that has enough empty slots for your friends? It’s ridiculously easy. If the server fills before you can get in then you can all just join another server! It’s not rocket science.

      • Joe Neupert

        I have done that but most of the time the server never get full.

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Not easy at all. Some of us don’t have 2-4 hours to play video games. We want to hop on, join friends, and play. Is that too much to ask for? Other titles do and have done it (ie, BF3).

        Playing musical servers for 20-30 mins is not fun, nor logical.

        I miss playing with my boys.

        • dpg70

          Exactly. Plus that squad auto join doesn’t seem to work anymore either

          • I’ve noticed that. More specifically, on next gen version, iffy at best. On current gen, the auto squad works flawless flawlessly from what I experienced

            • dpg70

              Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know about X1, but on PS4 it doesn’t seem to work at all. It actually worked pretty well on PS3.

            • DarthDiggler


              How can it work flawlessly when the server is full or the only available spots are on the other team. The feature by design is wrought with issues. Pre-Game squads much more preferable!


        • DarthDiggler

          SIGN and pass on to your friends!

    • Jack

      Yeah, sitting there hitting “refresh” constantly only to join the game 15 minutes later on the other team and try to “switch teams” for the next 5 minutes getting told it would unbalance the teams and then after that game you get blue screened! sweet, thanks Dice.

    • DarthDiggler
  • The Xbox One party system does this. If you’re in a party and someone finds a game then it prompts you and you can join that way and get I’m a squad together. For me, I don’t miss the BF3 function, which was inconsistent at best. Sometimes it would put you in the same game and squad. Then other times, it would put you in the same game on different teams(or squads even) and the odd instance, it would put you in an entirety different game if not just leave you in the lobby.

  • Tank Buster

    LOUD NOISES!!!!!

  • Joe Neupert

    I havn’t played bf4 much because it is so hard to jion with your friends.

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  • blondbassist

    Are they literally insane?

  • Lpmikey

    The squad feature in BF3 works the one that doesn’t exist in BF4 doesn’t, illogical answer! all i get is ‘commander slot isn’t available’ or ‘server is full’, and its near impossible to find a server on server browser with enough free slots 🙁 I never get why developers remove options instead of leaving it as a choice for the players to make if they like it or not!

  • JasJw

    And we thought we were idiots……!!!Dice you suck!!!

  • Nick

    BF3 system was imperfect – sometimes you’d end up on a different team to your friends (due to server population). Thats pretty much the only problem with it.

    But at least you’d be on the same server and playing, and someone can swap sides when a gap opens. This is ok.

    The BF4 experience at the moment is a lot of button mashing trying to get into the server where your friends are (“there are no commander spots available” – grrrr).

  • H’m

    well im not suprised… bf4 is already an pretty bad game as it stands, but so there not going to re-ad an feature people did use, yet there leaving in completely worthless features like zeroN… no point having such a feature if the maps are small and long range snipers ( like my formerself ) have been completely pushed OUT! of bf4..but i wont go into that rant right now, but like the fella said below a game with a few mates on console is painful and he is right again SERVER BROWSER DOES NOT WORK, im using my freaking ipad… and lets not forget the red-dot, reticle, crosshair completely vanishing if your not in a dark area.. but im starting to rant here so il quit now 🙂

  • Peter Tiklikov

    why do they create pure genius gameplay and then be such a wally when it comes to the little details….. mad scientists

  • Franko

    I can’t believe how retarded they are. It’s like they are taking out all that was good in bf3. They took that out and team speak on/off. In bf3 you can choose if you wanna speak with squad members or the whole team. This is gone too. Simply Dice are IDIOTS!

    • James Mulhall

      I think they removed the feature of talking to the team because the new consoles can have 64 players in a game and 32 players on a team all talking to each other. So it can turn into a pretty big cluster fuck if you ask me.

      • Franko

        You’re right, but we had a CHOICE! Now you don’t. It’s one way or no way at all. In bf3 i’ve played zillion matches where ALL of my teammates were my friends. And it was fine. So that lack of choice they took away, is pissing me the most.

      • oofy

        Isn’t chat limited to your squad and only squad leaders can communicate with the commander?

        • James Mulhall

          Apparently that’s how it works now, but in BF3 you had the option to talk to your entire team or your squad.

          • True, but talking with 12 people is way more manageable than talking with32 or any more than 16. I think it should have remained a current gen exclusive feature

            • James Mulhall

              Well I have already said that, but I still think they should leave the option there for people who want to use it, I think its fine as long as you’re not forced.

  • Peter

    I haven’t had any problems yet without this feature

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  • T-51B

    Wow. Eat a dick Dice.

  • Marcin Kubica

    This and the lack of team-voip are one of the biggest BF4 fails, nerfing away the team-oriented game play.

  • SillyCrez

    After each BF4 news since its release, i seriously wonder if I cancel or not my pre-order (BF4 for Ps4 in Europe). I discovered the Battlefield franchise with BF3 and the COD one with the first Black ops, and right now, but for different aspects, i feel that BF4 is so disappointing, like MW3 was to me or even MOH Warfighter.

    I’m still having fun on BF3 with my buddies, several hours/week even if they already own BF4.

    Anyway, i’m sick that the world player community has to be THE beta testers AFTER the release of a game, and that most of the news for months now, were made to show off “what we could expect, so buy it before they have to really make it possible”

    thanks for the DICEption.

  • Nikhil

    Xbox One Vs Playstation 4 ….?

  • Nate Tinker

    this is what happens when game developers do the thinking 4 the players…..

  • TristanPR77

    What a let down. That was the first thing missing that I noticed and I was hoping they would add it later. This will make me think it twice when buying any other Battlefield game.

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  • Oneil Martinez

    Servers fill up too fast for the new feature. the old squad up model solved this proble . Put it back.

    • oofy

      This. ^^^

  • roland0811

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that DICE don’t play their games at all or any games for that matter.
    Games aren’t made by gamers anymore. Just some asshats who sit behind desks and think they know what fun and intuitive are.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      If they do they need to pay people who actually play their games and take the negative feedback and fix it I just don’t understand why they would cut a key feature that 99% of multiplayer games have im completely baffled I really am. But i’m sure after extensive people bitching about it they will exentually bring it back.

  • EcHo84

    WTF! The join a game and create a squad if a friend is in the game doesn’t even work either….I’m truly dumbfounded!!!!

  • Se7en

    I could care less about this. Most of the time my friends are already in a match anyway. Just bring back being in a server que and I am golden.

  • Steve Beckner

    This is a MASSIVE FAILURE by Dice. BF4 is an incredible game, but removing the option to squad up with friends PRIOR to joining a server = an EPIC FAIL! So is removing the option for team chat. So now in a clan battle, our squads cannot communicate… we are fucked. What next… remove squads all together and make it like Call of Duty?? Heck why not remove spawning on team mates while we are at it??? Battlefield is a TEAM GAME. This is the foundation of BF. This is a bad decision and whomever made it CLEARLY IS NOT IN TOUCH WITH PLAYING THE GAME WITH FRIENDS OR WHAT GAMERS WANT!

  • softgrip

    Granted, I never used this feature, but I find it disgusting that they state the reason for not including it was that it was not on par for the quality they wanted to deliver.

    The quality they delivered was (and currently still is) way below par. Like adding this feature would have done more damage to quality than maps that crash 50% of the players or random crashing. Quality of experience was not on their list of importance when this game was released, and it seems feeble to argue that missing useful features would lower the quality.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Agreed they rushed it you can feel it was rushed and to this day I still can’t play with friends for more then 20-30 mins without one of our games freezing up and if it wasn’t on par with what they wanted they should of fixed it. But I’m assuming they couldn’t fix or make it better then cut it completely and came up with that sad ass excuse which makes no sense to me.

  • Rhys Palmer

    Just want a system that works.
    The current party and im game chat doesn’t work. Cant talk to each other.

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    This new feature is garbage and that was the one thing I was mad about joining friends is a pain in the ass and whoever created this feature should be fired for being a complete moron.

  • Se7en

    Es el estupida game! Muy mal!

  • Se7en

    My mal an estupida!

  • ant1248

    Hope it’s EA doing this stuff not DICE it’s sad.

  • ant1248

    It’s like if you have one other person in your squad because the team is full with 6 5 man squads and you have your upgrades unlocked and both of you die all of your unlocks reset where in a 5 man squad 4 can die and one is alive and you still keep all of them. 2 people dying = 5 dying?

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  • kyuubi_clone

    while i understand the frustration that many of you have with this. i also wish the squad-up feature would return. i loved strategising before matches with my clan mates in the “lobby” before we joined servers to play.

    but now, all you have to do is join servers through Battlelog – that way you can actually see the active player count on the server of your choosing. i usually join servers with enough room for me and my mates and we always get to have the same amount of fun we regularly had in BF3. the new matchmaking works if you know how to use it.

    with regards to the team VOIP…well DICE really dropped the ball with that one…

  • Adrian Chism

    Can’t play with friends sucks that not being there will kill the longevity of battlefield 4 I Will go where I can team up with friends. Dice f up on this one!!!.

  • Rag

    What I really want to see coming back is the ability to group my friends and join into a server instead of just sending one scout friend and telling the rest of the group hey there is space here, that is not good! DICE make come back with a different name so you got you technically have your ass cover.

  • Alex Walker

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I thought Battlefield was all about teamwork and squads and playing with your friends. This makes it so much harder and its really annoying, like extremely annoying that you cant squad up. How am I supposed to play with my friends? Joining a game doesn’t always work for the best. Besides, when you pre-match squad up before playing, you can actually talk to your friends so you can decide on what map to play, get pumped up, or whatever (oh, and actually be able to play in the same room). C’mon Dice, FIX THIS! This should be important too. I can hold off on not having my emblem show on my weapons but this is just…..gawd awful. I understand that Dice has bigger issues to deal with right now but they can at least let us know that they are listening to us and that they will fix it in the upcoming future, like in the very very near future.

  • Roxas3510

    The best way me and my friends join each other is one players finds a server that’s only about half full, then everyone else goes to multiplayer and joins by using the box on the right side that shows that server your friends are in.

  • Madpup

    Here is my issue with the whole thing. In order to play with friends you need to do one of two things. Either get invited into a game by a friend, or join into your friends game. At the moment it is IMPOSSIBLE to invite friends to games. Every time me or my friends have tried, it has frozen our games. Joining friends is also broken on PS4. When you go to join a friend you do not get put into a queues, you just have to keep hitting the join button to get put into the game as soon as there is an opening, and that is because you are never going to be able to join a server in between matches.

    Now you finally get into a game and it is a toss up on what you need to do next. You are now on the losing team, because it is only the losing side where you see players leave to let you in. Now are you on your friends team or not. If so, find a squad that you can both join (what ever DICE mentioned where they automatically throw you into squads in bull crap as I have yet to see it happen yet). Are you on the other team? Have fun spending the next 5-10 minutes spamming the switch team button.

    At the moment it takes at least 10-15 minutes to join a friend in game. If you have multiple friends playing, it takes a whole round if not longer, because they all need to wait for people to quit in order to get in, and then half of them need to wait even longer to switch teams.

    How in the hell is it not easier to have a pre game squad set up so you can all get into a game together? What is the point of 5 men squads when it is hard enough to get 1 friend into your lobby to play with you, let alone 4 friends. I wish I didn’t get this game with my pre order. Gamestop would not let me return it. Luckily I did hold off on buying the prestige. I’m hoping they get their shit fixed soon since it has been close to unplayable for me. If they do that and reinstall pre game squad set up in a few months, I will support them with a prestige purchase. If they stick with their current set up, I see myself selling the game in a month or so.

  • Joe Cummins


  • megamonkey313

    How could they do this, this is what made battlefield battlefield being able to join in squads with friends. Most people have more fun playing with friends then with random people. Also sucks that the server finder is completely trash. DICE, worst idea you have ever had.

  • MannyF

    Wow, so may stupid arguments. I enjoy playing this game, so that makes me an idiot, apparently. I also admit the game has serious flaws that really make me frustrated, sometimes to the point of just not wanting to play anymore, so that also evidently makes me an idiot. There’s no winning, I guess.
    I hate the fact that my friends and I have to go through special efforts to get into the same map (let alone the same team, and again with the same squad). It makes the bugs (between the four of us, we’ve been getting 1-3 crashes per night) all the more worse, since if the map is full we usually all have to quit out and do the whole chore over again. But when we’re all in the game and playing, it’s quite fun. The crashes tend to hover around starting new matches, none of us have gotten disconnected during a round so far (knock on wood). Those are facts (although, admittedly some are facts about my opinions).
    So…now for my opinions. Flaws? Yes. Fun? Yes. Worth it? Yeah. Not overwhelmingly, but I like it more that the other FPS games out right now (and I’m sure that comment will draw a lot of fire). I’m not saying anyone else is wrong for disagreeing with that. I’m not saying the game is perfect, but I am fairly certain I’m not an idiot for buying it or enjoying it. It’s a far cry from GOTY, but I expect to be playing it for the next couple of weeks. I just hope Dice/EA can resolve some of the serious issues (and it would be just awesome if they could re-think the squads).

  • DarthDiggler

    Can anyone recall a Battlefield game that launched with ZERO issues? I don’t.

  • greenseven

    i prefer BF3’s squad system BF4’s squad system is garbage

  • JORG33

    It’s pointless when it doesn’t work correctly, I had a party set up for bf4 the xbox said it had found us a game so we attempted that but doesn’t even work when only one person on the party joins the match, I love the game but they really need to patch things up or I’m going to end up playing cod:ghosts witch I didn’t think I would have to buy considering I got this game

  • Sean Profit

    4 has no squad creation if your friends squad up only if they join ur game, mind you, thats if you can get into that same server which can be a task when they are full. BF 3 squad creation let you chat in a private lobby, launch the game into a server together, and what not, and since you launch together you can look for a server with the space for all ur friends to get in. Again not a squad creation system if you have to wait up to an hour to get into the same server.

  • Ariel

    To be honest I wana officially in a respectful manner complain to a certain extent to their visualization how fucking idiotic they are in their mistakes they have made I am very disappointed first they take off party/ squads I can’t play with my friends now most guns need to be patched n updated the bigg laggs . The horrible servers somewhat of the gameplay is amazing but to be honest they need to fix a lot of things and stay along the line of bf3 if not it’ll just stay 3-10 when I started playing I loved it but once the problems showed up . Very bad I seriously think they need to rethink it otherwise it’s just another counter strike to me

  • Ariel

    And on another note it worries me a lot in the way the rushed game how it is going so far I’m worried they lack the necessary steps and skill to be able to finish or reach a great level of gameplay and everything for Star Wars battlefront I really hope things change otherwise I’ve lost all hope

  • mcardo99

    How in the heck do we play w/ friends in the same team?
    If I join a server and try to invite the dam thing freezes. I’m frustrated and feel like I threw away $60.

  • lockman

    Dumb just plain dumb

  • JoePhilps

    TERRIBLE server browser, plus you spend 5 to 20 minutes searching for a match where you can play with a couple damn friends. This was a TERRIBLE idea, bring back pre-game Party System.

  • Jeremy96

    If the point of the game is to work with your friends and play as a team why make it 10 times harder to play with friends and make a organized effort to play the game. That makes no sense. Honestly I think Battlefield 3 is better than Battlefield 4…

  • don mack

    Yeah, don’t listen to what your paying customers want. F-ing idiots! Going back to MW and staying

  • vino

    They need to implement a pregame lobby!

  • John McGoldrick

    I’m glad I know now. Spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out how to make a squad. Removing it was probably one of the worst decisions they could have made. Along side the fucked up vehicle controls.

    Still an epic game though

  • fred

    i want my money back!

  • Bulldog

    Bought the game as my first battlefield experience and it’s awful because I have to friends to help me play

  • Time Traveller

    What needs to be is simple, a separate server(s) to allow squads to be assembled and only play other assembled squads. it isn’t much fun to play with a group of strangers on 1 team vs a formed squad. one team is just that, a team, with strategies etc with the more like a free for all – it gets one sided.

  • wrighty

    When you join a friend or they join you on bf4 there is a chance you or your friend will go on the other team so those who play ps3 or xbox 360 cant contact eachother but on next gen you can have party chat so its not that bad for next gen gamers or pc gamers who use skype

  • stoneisland36

    makes no sense for 2 days been trying to play in same squad has my brother and it near impossible. why after building such a strong game with immense graphics and gameplay would they do that. dice need to sort it out and admit some overpaid idiot missed it out and there just using excuses now.

  • SlingShotV2
  • justiceS

    They need to bring back bf3 veersion . You could sit in the lobby just enjoying your friends company that the only game that i enjoy just sitting there thats what us battlefielders are used to now taking it away makes it difficult

  • paul

    DICE you are trash!! i hate how u think this is helping wen its not. i love the game just hate how you cant play with friends and if you do its hard as hell to do.. pure garbage. no wonder why people keep heading bacc to CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS

  • KikeCoD4

    WHY DICE WHY? Battlefield was designed for playing with friends. Playing with people that you do not know it has nonsense

  • Patryk1098

    I’m at a loss. A huge portion of multiplayer gaming is gaming with friends. The fundamental ability of creating a squad before joining a game specifically allows you to join a server together. Removing that feature causes a great deal of frustration and wasted time when friends can’t join you on near-full servers. This crushes clans by forcing players to wait in queues. Alternatively, joining empty servers makes games boring and possibly even fruitless until enough players join the server (this has proven to take a while). In the server search results, you often see 23/24 player servers, or completely empty ones.

    This is a HUGE failure on DICE’s behalf and a clear example of how not listening to your customers will bite you in the ass. I hate to sound like the stereotypical complaining troll on the Internet, but quite honestly; I, for one, will NOT be buying the next iteration of Battlefield. After spending ~$120 (game and expansions) x2 and having the developer ignore mass complaints for a feature that they removed, I’m disenfranchised.

  • Michael Johnson

    I sold the game after less than 24 hours when i discovered there was no pre game lobby. Pathetic. Typical EA move that one. If they add the pre game lobby then i may considering re-buying it. Second hand this time.

  • Bryan James Compratt

    Wow good thinking there DICE, taking away something amazing to play with friends. Try not to smoke so much on your next game. COD might actually be worth playing now over this shit! DICE thanks a lot for disappointing everyone, I hope you pull your heads out of your asses soon!!!

  • Pride82

    Yea well done. Take a simple easy to use proven system and completely bugger it!
    Squading up In a lobby and joining together was so difficult you guys decided to make so that one person has to find a lobby with enough free slots and join, then and only then can the rest of the guys join provided that nobody else has filled the slots in the meantime.
    Give call of duty some credit at least you can join a game with friends without needing a huge amount of luck involved!!

  • colacastell

    It’s so sad, that BF4 fails on the basics – they even made some things worse than they have been in earlier BFs. Not only games are 90% of the time completely unballanced and fun is equal zero – also playing with friends takes sometimes up to ten minutes just to find a fitting server. Also the server browser is a joke.
    Overall, it’s simply sad to see a potentially good game failing on the basics.

  • JacobOlli .

    Hopefully they will change this shit

  • Jounin Astray

    …Is DICE…Retarded..?


    yea fucking ridiculous. this topic is 2 years old & is still relevant. I’m sick of the bullshit happening on BF4.