Battlefield 4 Dev Pokes Fun at Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Moving Fish’

A Battlelog Producer known as “DICE_TheBikingViking” on Reddit recently took a bit of a playful cheap shot at Infinity Ward and their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Ghosts and, boy, was it a low one.

To set it up, many already know that moving fish was mentioned as a small part of some of the new tech behind Infinity Ward’s new, next-gen Call of Duty engine.

Well, the internet, being the internet, does what it does best and this is just one of those things that will seemingly never escape Call of Duty’s marketing history.

Here’e the interaction, as seen on Reddit:


Ouch, right?

All kidding aside, there are cooler things about Call of Duty’s new engine other than moving fish. If you haven’t yet, make sure to catch this recent Call of Duty: Ghosts tech-demo showing off some of the game’s new visual effects.

Via, Reddit.

  • Alkanida

    Well, he is right…Seriously, talking about “Next Gen Engine” and then Fish that moves away? No shit…games have been doing that for years now.

    • AtheistMason

      All of us know that the “Next-gen Engine” introduces much more than that fish AI stuff, like Sub-D that dramatically increases poly-counts on guns (and making them look much better than BF3/4 plastic toy guns), and Displacement Mapping that enhances visual fidelity.

      Oh, I feel your desire of saying I’m wrong and voting me down, I don’t care, I won’t say your opinion about the Ghosts engine is biased (like someone of the likes of you have once said), but yeah Mark Rubin have been quite an arse to add that “fish move away” aged tech to introduce that engine.

      Ahh, whatever, haters gonna hate.

      • KANNABIS

        I have to admit the guns on Ghosts do look GREAT. I thought the trailer was awesome and I really look forward to playing through the COD campaign between my soon to be 1000+ hours of BF4 multiplayer.

        • AtheistMason

          And I won’t bother playing that boring BF4 campaign at all 😀 well I might do it, between my soon to be 1000+ hours of Both CODG and BF4 multiplayer.

          Is it true that no one like me who likes both games and will enjoy both exist? The reality hurts so much that if you like Battlefield you must say how Call of Duty sucks. And must there be hatred between the community? Get a life.

          • SamRock

            Mason Mei???

            • AtheistMason

              Samuel??? Wow now it gets interesting.

            • SamRock

              Dont worry brother… after the E3 demos. i am convinced that BF4 and Titanfall are the games to look forward for… wont spend anymore time reading on COD. The demo was plain boring and disappointing.

              Anyways good luck trying to defend the Ghosts game… I see you doing it religiously over here. Hope that

              BTW, have a safe and happy journey 🙂

          • WarBroh

            You sure whine a lot

            • Moaad Ben

              nice man hahaha

          • TriPpKinGs

            I for one, really enjoyed the BF3 campaign.

          • Gaming2Ghost

            i played both cod bo2 and bf3 and bf3 was much better the only thing that kept me playing cod bo2 was zombies it is actully boring and you get shoot from behind 2 covers by snipers and sniping in cod just too easy no skill

            • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

              Coming from a COD Vet, Black Ops 2 is a disgrace to the franchise. Don’t base anything off of that awful game haha

            • Frank Gillingwater

              To be honest, you sound like an intelligent fellow, not following the newest CoD, and all. So… which was your favorite?

            • GX1114

              The people that play COD these days are kinda bitchy. Like someone gets pissed at you for “hardscoping,” when the purpose of a REAL sniper is to be patient and wait for targets to come into your sights. In cod? NO, RUN AROUND AND 360 NO SCOPE HEADSHOT FTW PISS OF CHILDREN. Battlefield 3? Quick Scopes aren’t realistic, and I haven’t even met anyone in BF3 that could do one in the middle of combat. Since it’s stupid to

            • Darqan Hamileria

              Lol aggressive sniping

          • Morgan Freeman

            I used to like both games, but then I realized COD gets shittier every god damn year, and it will never change.

          • And I will play the ghost campaign and not bother with the same boring as hell multiplayer 😀

            • GX1114

              If Activision EVER changes anything in their multiplayer, it’s a killstreak or a new gun. Never new objectives, or strategy-based. Every single damn gamemode in COD can be won by just randomly running around and mowing people down. As if they make sure you can still win by going crazy.

          • GX1114

            It depends on the game in the series. EX- I thought World at War was good, but MW2 failed horribly. However, I feel like Bad Company 2 could of been way better.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Sub-D is new. Never heard that being in any console title. Displacement mapping has been used for years.

      • You mentioned Battlefield why?

  • PertAndPopular

    COD is a joke! BF4, Titanfall FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -waves- bye COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AtheistMason

      How come Titanfall FTW with BF4?

      What a cry baby 😀

      • kevin lemur

        titanfall did look really promising. i would also include destiny, but that’s not coming out on pc. so for now, titanfall and bf4 as best shooters for next year.

        • AtheistMason

          Don’t get me wrong, I think Titanfall is a good game, but look at Crysis 3.. It’s a good game too

      • Exactly people just love to jump on the hype wagon… No other fps game can push their way through Battlefield and COD market and fanbase … and from what i saw from Titanfall, it’s just a like mixture brink+mech+cod … now really ?!!
        im wondering for how long Mech gameplay can be exciting for people !!!

        • You’ve never played Hawken I guess. I know the PC community clamors for a mech game, Hawken delivered and I’m sure Titanfall will as well, people will mod the hell out of that game if Respawn mod the mod community.

    • Thomas

      Continuing notes on “How to be a Douche on the Internet”

      2)Use super cool acronyms

      3) Use an inordinate amount of exclamation points to really drive home message.

      I’m learning so much from you and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be under your tutelage.

      • Masada157

        Also, take special note the bad grammar and capitalization, which serves to make the post seem even more juvenile than it was based on context alone.

  • KennyKyle

    David, you know there’s nothing cool about COD new engine, we all battlefielders know that 😀

    • Timothy David Medric

      How did this comment not get 4,000 CoD support posts? Must be something in the water haha

      • Thomas

        Or “There’s something fishy going on around here.”

    • AtheistMason

      If you are a moron, please don’t add “We all battlefielders”, trying to ashame the community. Not all battlefielders hate CoD like you fanboys do.

      Anyways vote me down and call me a CoD fanboy/kid if you are not ashamed :DDD

      • Johnny

        I do love me some Black ops zombies…

        • Luke Johnstone

          Lame. If you want zombies… DayZ is the only way to go..

          • Nigel Murray

            Not really. DayZ is amazing but CoD zombies has a story to it through the easter eggs and that makes it really fun

      • KennyKyle

        Who said we hate cod moron? Its just a tip of ice berg about the new COD.

      • Ankeet Poudel

        Mason you should stop bragging about true gamer and shit coz we all can see you are are the one who is being one sided douche

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      lol you’re not even a gamer. Just a bitch ass fanboy. Real gamers will play what they want, and allow others to do the same.

    • Moaad Ben

      you didn’t get infinite unlikes because every normal CoD fan after watching that BF4 multiplayer demo said (such as me) “why am i wasting my money on CoD”

      • WSTCDE

        Nope. I’m a normal CoD fan and I’ll be getting both BF4 and CoD: Ghost for sure

        • Moaad Ben

          rich shit

          • herp derp

            lol i am too. but the difference is he pays for his games i dont hahahah Flashed 360s FTW. i havent paid for a game in 3 years. the first game i actually paid for with my 360 was quake 4 lol. plus im a pc gamer. so all of your arguments to this post are invalid. go ahead and find me on steam: [uGo]Spacejam

      • GX1114


    • JustinD

      Seriously. And everyone should know that you can’t shoot bullets under water. They go two feet and lose velocity. That picture looks stupid. Not only that most or some guns would blow up in your hand if completely loaded with water. I know it’s not a realistic game but come on. With this logic can I use my rocket launcher under water too, and how about my grenades?

      • Dorian

        The weapon used in the underwater demo was not a normal gun. It’s the Russian APS Underwater Assault Rifle. It doesn’t fire conventional bullets; rather, it uses special flat-tipped needles for ammunition. They’re much more hydrodynamic and can travel way further and faster than regular bullets. Furthermore, the APS has a special gas valve that can adjust internal pressure depending on water depth, so the gun won’t explode when fired in the water, though its rate of fire will change depending on depth.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          lol this guy didn’t understand one word he read on your reply.

      • GX1114

        Agreed. In the next COD rocket jumping will probably be possible as well, since they don’t check to see if half the stuff they put in their game is possible

        • Darqan Hamileria

          Love how you didn’t even check the reply above lol they actually do their research

  • diminishingNova

    Do people really care of such effects in such games? It’s great if it’s a animal hunting simulator but no one really stops to see how the fish is dodging you in such an action game.

    • JustinD

      Seriously. I probably wouldn’t even think much of it if you just moved through the fish if I’m trying to harpoon some dude. Though if I had a second to relax I would more than likely take notice


      *says a CoD fanatic

      • AtheistMason

        What now, Dirt? Switching roles?

        • No. I was being sarcastic clearly, and your failure to catch on despite my use all caps and intentionally misspelled words mistook that i would side in a pointless argument. And this is where I leave. I dare not even converse with someone who tries so hard to make failed points. Do you do it for upvotes? Here, you get one pity upvote from me. Spend it responsibly!

      • GX1114

        ^ This

  • Magilla187

    At this point everyone will be making fun of Cod Ghost and sad to say that Titanfall & BF4 will be the Cod killer with next Gen.

    • NeT-ShatterZ

      BF4 will. but not TitanFall just because its only xbox u have to support Xbox and PS4 because CoD does… That’s why Halo didn’t kill CoD cause its a Exclusive

      • Magilla187

        Point taken, but what i meant was that (TITANFALL) & BF4 will be more popular next gen alongside titles like BATTLEFRONT 3 because IW & treyarch arent really doing anything new besides adding a dog whats new in the game that we havent already seen ? i think those who get an XBOX system will move towards TITANFALL or buy COD ghost & TITANFALL & see that titanfall is a better choice to play

        • NeT-ShatterZ

          Yep totally agree idk bout you but I pre ordered PS4+BF4 bundle and probably gonna pre order SW:BF

          • Magilla187

            Yeah same for me i pre-ordered it when gamestop opened this morning with the BF4 LE bundle

      • Morgan Freeman

        Halo didn’t kill COD because COD killed Halo first.

  • JustinD

    My favorite joke about this fish thing is the video outlining the fact that cods new engine does this than immediately showing super Mario doing it in ’96

  • David

    Titanfall really? Doesn’t look that great, they have been working years on a game that looks like cod only with mech machines, and people are slating cod: ghosts?

    Double standards or what

    • Hol_Up

      Titanfall looks to be scalable to current gen consoles, but aside from that the game looks like what COD SHOULD have evolved into. It just took the team that revolutionized the twitch shooter genre to do it. I’m excited for both BF4 and Titanfall.

      • AtheistMason

        You are right, Titanfall looks like CoD with vehicles and bigger maps, and that combat is freaking cool. That bunch of old-IW dudes did a great job on creating a shooter that can have CoD-level of combat and for it’s not named Call of Duty, they would have no restrictions, instead doing whatever they want. I think what’s dragging CoD down is the development cycle. Dev teams are forced to complete a game in 2 years and they can’t do much to make the CoD game feel un-CoD.
        If Titanfall really plays like CoD I’ll fall in love with it 🙂 and yeah, it has DEDI SERVERS.

        • Just because the game may “look” like CoD, doesn’t mean it plays the same. The Last of Us(epic game btw) looks just like Uncharted but does that mean anything? No. Honestly, the only resemblance I saw to CoD was 60 frames refresh that was responsible for those and seamless, smooth animations and transitions, as everyone for the most part is just to used to seeing 30-45 frame per second animations for the past several years. Other than that, I can’t really say these games are that much similar. CoD Multiplayer doesn’t have single player like scenario directly infused into it.

    • Asmitty56

      I have to say Titanfall looks a hell of a lot more fun than Ghosts. From the looks of it, more team based as well.
      it’s a shame , the game could have been a lot more successful if it was on the PS4 as well and could have really told Activision to shove it. CoD’s market will likely be shrinking a bit with BF4, Titanfall, and Destiny

  • Laser0pz

    I saw this in the thread in which it was posted, they’ve got a huge list of confirmed stuff that people have found when playing the BF4 Alpha on Reddit.

  • So CoD is finally going down the drain? Hopefully this motivates infinityward to stop clinging to CoD and make somwthing better.

    • AtheistMason

      Dev pokes fun at CoD —-> CoD is going down the drain

      Dat logic.

  • AtheistMason

    I’m not gonna comment about anything 🙂
    I’ll be enjoying a Battlefield 4 with plastic gun toys anyways… Do learn from COD, DICE.

    • B_Boss

      Better gun models for CoD..? really? I’ve always thought the models in BF were top of the line, as well as CoD. I assume by “better” you mean higher textures, polygon rate, etc?

      • AtheistMason

        Aye. CoD is always top of the line with Crysis, well Battlefield.. meh

        Higher textures, polygon count = better gun model isn’t it? Or do you have a different criteria..

        • Not to mention resolution. How can CoD have better looking gun models when the game runs 1024×600 native?

        • Asmitty56

          Really now? Well the weapons in the BF4 single player sure looked better than the Ghosts single player models. Too bad we can’t compare the MP weapon models huh?
          Also worth noting that both games are not close to a finished product yet, giving the fact that Battlefield uses the better engine, it’s safe to say their models will look better as well.

          • AtheistMason

            Hahahahaha have you lost your mind?! Do you think DICE will be so stupid as to create gun models individually for SP and MP? Or will IW/Treyarch?

            Talking to you guys makes me feel like you guys know nothing, literally. Bye for now!

            • Asmitty56

              Yes a matter of fact they likely do. SP is a lot more controlled than MP.

            • WarBroh

              Go away troll you post too much about unimportant nonsense

        • B_Boss

          You’re crazy lol…I’ve owned enough BF and CoD titles to know well that that “beauty” must be in your own eyes. I mean just look at the PC version of BF3 for example. If anything I’d say they were both generally on par but I’ve never done an in-depth study (didn’t feel one had to be done?)

    • Asmitty56

      This is likely one of the more ridicules comments I’ve seen on here. Battlefield doesn’t need easy mode weapons with no recoil and laser accurate from all ranges, position, while moving, and hip firing. It’s ridicules how easy the guns are. In BF4 all guns perform differently in different situations. If you want the best accuracy you have to crouch/prone and stand still when firing, but you don’t always have the opportunity so you have to find guns that work giving your situation or preferred style of play. At lest BF4 provides a type of diversity and reality with their weapons, and ultimately provides the better gun models and mechanics.

      • AtheistMason

        This is likely one of the more irrelevant comments I’ve seen on here. LOL
        I said about how bad BF gun models are and you took like 200 words lecturing me how the shooting mechanics work. Well said, clap clap

        • Asmitty56

          Basically I’ll take performance over looks. And even then, they don’t look that better than BF4’s weapon models if at all. BF4 showed a good bit of their product while COD:G showed very little. What they showed in MP is only pre-Alpha and should be able to improve on it. Better engine = better models.

          • AtheistMason

            Oh my, oh my, for a simple example, just look at the rails. In CoD every gun has a modeled rail, whereas in BF3 only M16 and M4 get their rails modeled.

            You can check out CoD:G’s Behind the Scenes video ( and watch the section where gun models are introduced. See the difference?

            Better engine = POTENTIAL for better models. But DICE won’t do it. I enjoy almost everything BF3 has to offer with the exception of gun models. Even that 10+ year old CoD engine can give us better models. Ghosts showed little during E3 but prior to the event, they gave us a preview of 2 singleplayer missions. Personally I don’t like it very much as it sounds and feels like MW3. For Multiplayer, it will be shown on Aug 31st, as a CoD tradition.

            Will they improve on pre-Alpha? I must doubt it. 2 years ago what did DICE do was making the game worse, cutting away nice features. I sincerely hope the BF4 release is like, if not better than, this pre-Alpha level trail. It’s impressive enough now.

            • Asmitty56

              What exactly are you talking about with modeled rails?

            • AtheistMason

              Most guns in BF3 have unmodeled rails (the notches are not modeled, the supposed-to-be rails are only covered by image).
              Sorry for not making myself clear. Anyways gotta sleep now, I have a flight tomorrow 🙂

            • Asmitty56

              Some of those guns in the game simply do not have rails. But they didn’t want some guns to not be able to add attachments so they put them on anyways so the weapons wouldn’t be just unused.

            • pbvider

              The”new” engine in COD is so cool,right?NOT!
              So much american hype…pfff!

        • Nick F

          Best question: why the hell do weapon model give you such a huge boner. All I see you do is trash BF weapon models, while stroking up COD’s dick about weapon models. BF guns are less detailed (in tact rails, small details, etc.), but look more realistic due to the engine. Cods guns look and sound like shit because of their shitty engine. Finally, what do you know about weapons models. I would like to know if you are held or even seen, one of this gun in real life.

          • Darqan Hamileria

            Battlefield guns sound like tin cans being rattled. Call of duty guns actually sound something like real guns lol

  • Arvid

    hahahah killed it.

  • dpg70

    I still can’t believe they really pimped the swimming fish as a major achievement.

    • AtheistMason

      Wait how on earth did they pimp the swimming fish as a major achievement? They just mentioned it in like 4 seconds at the end of the BTS video, and haven’t been talking about it ever since.
      It’s the clamor of Battlefield fanboys that makes it look like a major achievement. Think about it.

    • uwantSAM0A

      Don’t forget the dog, and last year’s horse. Sure they don’t really affect the COD gameplay mechanics, but it’s fun to poke at it since it’s evident that they’re running out of ideas to be innovative, if they even care (I don’t think they care).

  • B_Boss

    Uhh guys….this just in (well…”just in” for me lol) from Gamespot (

    Aaron Sampson asked P. Bach what was the system running the MP reveal for BF4……wouldn’t you believe it (and KUDOS to the XB1 showcasing its power) but those were XB1 DEVKITS! I KNEW it!!, I saw the damned controllers and was like “wtf!?”…wow!!

    • AtheistMason

      Oh really!!! Wow!! XB1 controllers have an “E” button for calling elevators!! And they even connected mouse and keyboard, for a XB1!!
      You get my meaning.

      • B_Boss

        I don’t get it lol. So you’re saying that essentially there is no way they could be devkits given some of the command buttons that flashed on screen for certain functions? Since they were devkits, maybe it was possible to do just that with a KB and/or Mouse, but I do know that XB1 controllers were being used.

        I would go the route and say that maybe it was PC and they were using XB1 controllers but I doubt it. Aaron Sampson received confirmation anyway from P. Bach that they were playing on XB1 devkits. EA even advertises 64 players for nextgen consoles on their site. Amazing news in any event.

    • killzoner

      Idiot, can’t you see the players use keyboard and mouse during E3?

      • B_Boss

        I’m betting the downvote comes from you lol….calling me an idiot? you mad? I provided a link to the video where you can hear the proof. You do know what a “devkit” is right….? Running a PC with XB1 specs. So the KB & Mouse is obviously understandable but at the same time…..and though I’d have reason to call you an idiot here (won’t go there)…..did YOU see the XB1 controllers during E3??. Guess not.


    There’s nothing wrong with having good AI in your game but no one wants to hear about “fish” AI in your first big game reveal. Infinity Ward should have saved that useless info as an easter egg or something…

  • Kyle Jackson

    Like shooting fish in the barrel taking the piss out of COD, it’s too easy.

  • Nektosha

    Kelso says it all

  • ReeceGators

    Very childish of Dice I must say even though I love BF to death and dislke call of duty. Marketing your game is one things but to take direct popshots at your competitior is another. Sony did the same exact thing at the end of their e3 conference

    • AtheistMason

      That’s what I wanted to say. For a gamer, poking fun on the fish thing is OK, but for a dev.. meh

      • Jason

        Well in all fairness the “Gamer” did instigate it by asking about the Fish in the First Place

  • Matthew Robertson

    So even the dev are childish and not just the fanbase.

    • Asmitty56

      He was being honest.. The fan base wasn’t clamoring for fish, or any other AI that had no impact on the game. He said they were focused on the destruction and other aspects of the game. It’s un-needed. Also note that you are comparing CoD single player to BF MP. There very well could have AI in the SP (yay flying birds in fishing in baku). The devs just didn’t feel the need to make a point of it, they would rather show off the game play.

      • AtheistMason

        “The fan base wasn’t clamoring for fish.”
        You do like fooling yourself.

        • Asmitty56

          Why the hell would care about that? Is AI fish really that big of a deal for you? BF4 may have AI in their SP, they may not. Either way I wont care, nor will others.

  • AtheistMason

    Why Battlefield fanboys clamor abot the CoD fish AI:
    Pure fact, no denying, voting down is literally disabled.

    • Oliver Cooksey

      Mate, you need to stop the bashing. All you keep saying is “cod has better gun models” and “battlefield doesn’t have fish”. At the end of the day nobody really cares about these. They play battlefield for the experience, graphics and play style…not for gun models and fish.

      • WarBroh

        Don’t feed the troll

    • Jason

      Mason, I don’t understand why you are hating on BF and Defending COD when you have a 100 Colonel Emblem from BF3 as your pic? lol

  • Hux

    Ghosts is not what I am excited about at all. So, Far Destiny and Tom Clancy’s The
    Division are the two that have peaked my interest. Persistent worlds…drop in and out play…tablets. The Division looks bad ass. The gameplay looked and felt real. Just watch the physics of the car glass getting shot up…it is fantastic. Plus, 3rd person RPG that feels more like a shooter. Battlefield 4 looks cool, but it looks just like 3 with more set piece destruction. Battlefield server system is wack, you have to do consoles differently from pc. Battlefield BC 2 was and played much better than BF3,but that is in my Opinion.

    • Asmitty56

      I’d assume they will fix the server system since they already made a new menu system.

  • I don’t care about CoD fish or BF falling buildings. I want a damn game that works!

    • Chris Rash

      Why is intelligence frowned upon? You give a true gamers statment & get thumbed down. This generation of humans is the dumbest there is.

      • Dirtknap

        It’s because of The Chad’s penchant for the inane. Not everything he says is silly, but the valid points are overlooked, like the boy who cried wolf.

    • SAM0A

      Agreed. As hyped as I am for BF4, in the back of my mind I know it probably won’t be polished until give or take, a year after release.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    lol you guys are making a bigger deal about the fish moving out of the way then they are.

  • Muky

    I enjoy both games for different reasons. I enjoy battlefield for the large maps, vehicles and the all out carnage of 64 players.
    Call of duty more for the casual sit on the sofa close quarters shooter. Both have there merits and downfalls. Shame is either/or. play games for enjoyment. 🙂

  • kida

    People can say whatever they want or take as many cheap shots as they want. At the end of the day I’ll still buy both games because they both have their exclusive brand of bullshit

  • James K

    This is the new arrow to the knee joke..

  • killzoner

    Really proves how insecure and pathetic DICE is against COD or IW, been
    trashing COD over the years. I even remember them bashing MW2 in BC2 in a
    dialogue saying “snow mobiles are for sissies”.

    This site is visited and commented by gamers who spent most of their life gaming at
    this stage, but they did not know they are the minority, the majority
    are casual gamers who don’t give a fuck for any COD hate and troll these
    douche bags say especially coming from the most fucked up gaming community
    on the planet, the battlefield dickheads.

    • Jason

      Orrrrrr We just want EFFORT and INNOVATION put into our games that’s noticeable rather than the same game every year with a couple of added perks and new levels. BLOPS2 did a good job and was a taste of something new but the lag ruined it for me and the zombies was a cool idea and change up but got stale fast. COD Ghost does NOT LOOK next gen, nor does it look better than BF3 on PC, After seeing what BF4 looks like on Xbox One with 60fps and 64 players on huge maps with destruction there is no reason COD can’t do something innovative that BF Can’t or has not done! I understand there is not enough time in a year to go with a new build on a new engine, but if they want to stay successful then they need to take a break and build something NEW especially all the new things BF4 brings to the table and the same time they are working on Mirrors Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront and their Team is probably much less in numbers then IW or Treyarch. I don’t hate COD but the BF community is growing because it is a great series and the younger generation COD players are getting tired of the same shit over and over like I did 6 years ago. With Next Gen Comes change, and so far from what i have seen, there needs to be more from COD!

      • Darqan Hamileria

        Effort and innovation have ruined hundreds of games.

    • zakrocz

      Shouldn’t you be out with your chav mates acting hard intimidating people on your council estate instead of posting on here and sounding like a moron every single time 🙂

    • justin

      hey dude at least when i look down in battlefieldi can see my motherfucken feet. the ponint being is that battlefield has wooped cods ass since bf2 and wheres the destructive environment in cod? only those stupid fucking red barrels that explode! Borderlands even showed cods ass up with their destructiveenvironments at least they had shock, explosive,fire, and corrosivebarrels! you need to wake up! because if i have never met a more annoying immature online audiance such as cods! the fucking black 7 year olds who keepsaying Nigga what the fuck! the equally annoying voice changer dicks! i diont see that in battlefield ever. wake up man.

  • Not gonna lie, this isn’t really worthy of being a news article, it’s just causing douchebaggery by both sides

  • Jamic

    Power of fanboyism

    This much discussion and comments from so small news.

  • IREWolfman

    Collar Dog is a great looking game.

  • CoDisaFish

    i think all the cod fangirls should watch this

  • AaronIsaPirate

    I think Call of duty’s campaign is gonna blow Battlefields out of the water, but when it comes to online gameplay I think we all know that battlefields’ gonna win

  • Ankeet Poudel

    Doesn’t matter which game you play, the important thing is you should enjoy it, I used to enjoy cod but since bfbc2 I like to play some team based game instead arcade fps (cod)

  • Name

    It’s funny how Battlefield 4 offered 17 minutes of something that could of been mistaken as a movie, and in it’s multiplayer offers destruction of almost EVERYTHING, while in COD’s corner:
    Here’s a dog and one destructible building

  • GX1114

    If only Activision knew how useless a weapon is in real life underwater…

    • Darqan Hamileria

      If only you knew what a gun called the APS did…

  • disqus_GOTHZbVHu7

    Comparing the mp vids, I cant fathom why anyone would bother with Ghosts. I guess because MLG would never really work with Battlefield and such huge teams.

  • Dinovania

    Hey… come to think of it, i think there’s another game that features sliding, dogs and moving fish… what was the game’s name again? ah, yeah!
    Mega Man, for the NES.