Battlefield 4 – DICE On Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4: ‘More Power Is Better For The Game We Build’

With reports of Sony’s PlayStation 4 out-playing Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of power, gamers ask the question: ‘will muilti-platform games play better on PS4 than the X1?’

According to DICE general manager and vice president Karl-Magnus Troedsson, who is currently heading up Battlefield 4, “more is always better.”

Game Informer recently asked Troedsson in an interview, “People have made a lot about the difference between the PlayStation 4 having 8GB of GDDR5 RAM versus the 5GB of DDR3 RAM allotted toward the gaming partition on the Xbox One.  Do you see that as an advantage for the PlayStation 4, or is that overblown?”

Troedsson answered, “More memory or more CPU or GPU power – whatever kind of power we get out of a machine – more is always better, especially for the kind of games that we build.”

He added that though next-generation hardware is impressive, it won’t be long until they become dated.

“We have a long heritage of PC, and PC is a platform that has been scaled very well over the years. Naturally we’re very excited now seeing consoles that actually close in on what the PCs of today can do – even though it won’t take long before the PCs can do even more.”

Troedsson also spoke more on the idea of integrating peripheral devices like the Kinect, revealing that Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One will have some sort of motion control capability that he ensures will make sense.

As with Battlefield 3, it looks like PC is the way to go when Battlefield 4 drops this October 29, at least visually,  but we’ll have to wait and see which becomes the preferred next-gen console to run this particular shooter later this year.

Via, NeoGAF.

  • Thom

    i’d love to play it on PC, but i like gaming with friends, so i stick with the consoles. that and ease of use and no having to work out if my graphics card will play next years game. standardised equipment that will play all games until ps5 xbox whatever. makes sense to me to play consoles. at some point though i will have a gaming pc. not for a few years. potentially not until the gen after this next gen

    • A word from the wise, once you do go over to PC.. its very difficult to go back to console. The only draw back of PC is the friends, but everything else makes a console feel sort of lacking once you have played for a time on both. I was console only up until 6 months ago, now Im almost only playing my PC. The consoles just sit there collecting dust now.

      • awkenney

        I’ve gone from PC to console mostly due to the player base, which provides more human vs human competition than a PC is able to provide.

        • ScavHD

          Ever played counter strike,or any RTS game,moba game or mmo game?PC allows the same ammount of interaction between the players than a console does.

          • DanDustEmOff

            He is basically saying he is sick of coming across aim bots.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Amen, no matter what you play on you will get “cheated” as far the fairness of online games go, but on PC it can be ridiculous how often it happens for the very reason you stated. And even with dedicated servers and admins I can almost guarantee that there will always be more modders/hackers on PC, just because it is easier to do those things on that platform. That coupled with the fact that I personally hate privately owned servers, due to most of them having a ludicrous amount of rules and the common abuse of admin powers (I’m looking at you BF3, on all platforms of course).

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            Quite possibly more considering it’s not terribly common to run into people on consoles with mics talking, at least that aren’t just using them to trash talk, but the majority of PC games have text chat built in-game, plus a good number in games like Counter-Strike have mics.

      • SubXero

        I bought BF3 for PS3 and PC and I ended up not being able to play the PC version due to, what is for me, a game-breaking glitch/bug. Whenever I shoot there is this terrible chug/stutter with the recoil. Everything else runs perfectly fine. The problem persists even on the lowest of settings, in SP and MP, and my PC can easily hand everything at ultra so it’s not my PC.

        I’ve read online about others that have had this issue with not only BF3 but previous BF games and no one really has an answer for it. I contacted support but none of their solutions worked for me. It’s a shame because obviously the console versions of BF3 are no comparison to the PC version 🙁

      • Glock Lover

        PC fails hard for gaming due to glitchers and hackers son, besides I work in front of a computer 9 hours straight, so I don’t want to feel like im working at home lol, consoles is the way to go for gaming, for everything else, work, college etc. use a pc.

        • ScavHD

          Hackers and glitchers?Ever heard of admins and dedicated servers?

          • Glock Lover

            Ok, but what about piratery, that’s why developers are leaving PC games out of the market, the same PC gamers are destroying the platform that they “supposedly” support. So the future of gaming on PC is uncertain at this point.

            • ShavedApe

              The future of PC gaming is uncertain at this point? where did you read that on xbox or ps advert lol
              PC gaming if anything is growing sure it had a lul for a while but more and more people are buying gaming machines than ever before because PC components are getting cheaper.

              Piracy exists on all platforms as does cheating. Oh and incidentally recently studies in music sales and movies showed those that download are twice as likely to buy as those that don’t so in fact piracy can actually help. It stands to reason the same goes for games. The idea being those that download often do so in a try before you buy capacity and then do go on to buy. I’m sure there are many that don’t but equally I am certain there are those that do.

              Devs are most definitely not moving away from PC if anything they are trying out a lot more on PC than ever before some of the new free to play games could easily be triple A titles, Planetside 2, Loadout, Heroes and Generals to name just a few.

        • WarBroh

          FUD. Bads and kids cry hacker every 10 seconds when someone kills them these days, this has gotten way out of hand.

          In BF3 for example, *maybe* once in every 25 rounds will there be a blatant hacker, and if he’s a nuisance and no admin around you can move servers in a matter of seconds.

          • B_Boss

            You can mute them, just as you can mute them on PC.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          I can understand not wanting to game on a computer if you work on them all the time, but that doesn’t mean consoles are THE way to go for everyone, as long as I have hardware that can handle the games, I would never want to switch to consoles, while sure consoles are simpler, once you get used to PC it’s not that hard. Hackers really aren’t too big of a deal most of the time unless you’re playing F2P games, but those have other problems too (Pay2Win being biggest issue.)

        • Ryan Schulze

          I don’t know about the hackers, but as much as I try I cannot love PC gaming, probably because I work on my pc all day and want a dedicated gaming machine. ?. That may also stream entertainment.

          • ShavedApe

            My PC is a dedicated gaming machine that streams entertainment just fine.

            • Ryan Schulze

              True. Mine actually kind of is. It’s an i7 that I bought to edit HD video, but ended up gaming and surfing on it more than anything. Unfortunately it sits at the same desk in the same room as my work PC. So, after 10-12 hours in my hole…I crave my couch and a larger screen. And a remote or controller. Now, I’ve thought about moving my Personal PC to the living room and setting up a desk there. I might still do that. If I can figure out a way to secure it and keep my 2 & 4 year off of my PC. However, even if you hook up a controller to a PC, it’s still a PC and reminds me of work, email, facebook, projects to work on, and not just gaming.

      • XFistsClenchedX

        I used to be a PC gamer. I have way more fun on consoles.

      • Jamic

        Thats simply not true. It may be the case for you but I started with NES (borrowed) and quickly after that Playstation. I have grown up with them and regardless how good my gaming PC is, Im still going to get Playstation 4.

        Year after that, Im planning on updating my GPU on my PC, GTX 560 ti is old but it can still handle stuff decently so Im not in hurry to upgrade. Thats why I go with PS4.

      • Malik

        Until DirectX 12.1 becomes the next standard for realism in electronic gaming! There will be no more differences in how games look between the console PC’s and PC’s

      • Malik

        Until DirectX 12.1 becomes the next standard for realism in electronic gaming! There will be no more differences in how games look between the console PC’s and PC’s

  • CaptainZwabber

    Sounds stupid that the next-gen will be dated in the next few years, I think it’s mostly dated for multiplats because they mostly look at it from the PC’s standpoint. Maybe they should try to make stuff that needs a lot of power now, make it that it can use less power so it won’t be so hard in a few years.

    That just sounds a little lazy to me, first party devs can even make the ps3 and xbox 360 shine in it’s 7th or whatever year they’re in, Naughty Dog made Last of Us shine and just made sure to use everything the PS3 had and Rockstar is making GTAV shine because it’s made with consoles in mind and after that ported over to PC (if even ported)

    Not trying to hate on anyone (probably gonna get a lot of hate though but I don’t care, just speaking my mind even though that’s considered forbidden on the internet)

    • swipe_06

      Developers like to make bold statements, especially a few months before release. Luckily both platforms are PC like, so porting should not be an issue anymore. Maybe Im too narrow minded, but I don’t see how graphics could improve SIGNIFICANTLY anymore, and in turn require more faster/bigger Hardware in the next few years. Off line renderers used in movies don’t introduce new technologies every year, even tho hardware speed is virtually unlimited.

      • CaptainZwabber

        True, graphics can probably be improved a little bit but most of it will depend on the art style or how the colors are being used. Also with cloud being a huge part in next gen it will most likely be improved big time, and it could make future games run easier even though they’re heavy but because of the cloud it makes it easy to handle for the console

        • Warlon

          Lol, someones sipping on that Xbone Koolaid. Guess what Ultima Online was cloud gaming. Any MMO is cloud gaming.

          • CaptainZwabber

            Actually I’m a sony fanboy. Cloud isn’t owned by MS, why do people keep thinking that when someone’s talking about cloud that they are talking about Cloud

            • Cloud isn’t owned by Microsoft. But Microsoft owns Windows Azure which is their own proprietary cloud platform used by over half of the companies listed on Fortune 500, and is second only to Amazon’s cloud services, even ahead of Google so it’s very wide used. For them to use it with Xbox One isn’t much of a surprise anymore and considering how big of a software giant they are, and their knowledge with Azure, I’m not at all surprised, they’re able to provide dedicated servers to all Xbox One versus o games because when a publisher buys the sever, Microsoft handles everything to upkeep the server. I’m not at all surprised if games utilize Cloud, like Ubisoft says they will do for Watchdogs or Respawn for PC. It’s not a hard to believe thing anymore.

            • CaptainZwabber

              there are more than 1 cloud services and no MS still doesn’t own cloud, you can’t own cloud, and PS4 also uses cloud

            • You are not understanding what I am saying at all. You are saying Microsoft invented or owned anything related to cloud, which is not what I said. I said Microsoft hasWindows Azure. Azure is NOT Cloud itself(Cloud is internet.) It is Microsoft’s operating system for cloud computing!

              As with other technologies for cloud computing, Windows Azure is intended to simplify IT management and minimize up-front and ongoing expenses. To this end, Azure was designed to facilitate the management of scalable Web applications over the Internet. The hosting and management environment is maintained at Microsoft data centers. The data centers they have in several areas around the planet(to give you sn idea, the countries in which Xbox One will have out of the box LIVE connectivity. To be connected to Live on Xbox One is to be connected with Windows Azure.) Cloud is available to anyone yo do pretty much what you want. Now Mr. Yoshida DID state, and that link will be at the end,
              PS4 has cloud computing, for things like matchmaking, saves, automatically updating games while console is in a low powered state and the like. The things X1 is already reported to do basically. He also states there are LIMITATIONS of cloud on PS4 due to bandwidth and latency.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Well said.

            • CaptainZwabber

              yeah and Sony has Gaikai.

              Yeah I didn’t understand you because I thought you said “Cloud isn’t owned by MS” in like a sarcastic voice and then went on explaining why instead of agreeing with me

              My bad

            • No worries bro. But in retrospect, The cloud on Xbox is very ill informed. They didn’t do any real demonstration of it at E3 that relates to gaming other than hardware demo, which I explained in full further down in the comments. Also, read my above comment on Gaikai. Both are using for the save general trains, but the purposes and intend are very much different if you catch my understanding.

            • CaptainZwabber

              Yeah I won’t be streaming that much games either, probably only some games like GTA 5 if on there and maybe crash bandicoot or some other classics. Also there might be a little latency but it’s not really that huge and the bandwidth makes up for it. And I don’t really think there are limitations for the PS4 because of that with the cloud, the cloud is basically online and therefore needs less power to do it, if I’m not mistaken. And yeah the cloud is mainly used for that on the PS4 itself but Devs can do even more with it, that’s what I meant (if I mentioned it earlier) with the cloud being able to make it easier to run and also make it that the games might even make up less storage because most can go through the cloud could be amazing, I guess we just have to wait and see what they’ll be able to do with it

            • DanDustEmOff

              Its where the server takes some or the vast majority of the tasks away from the console.

              I have seen examples like Ouya running boarderlands 2 PC version at 1080p. Ipads running PC quality games too.

              When the game is streamed the processing is off loaded to the cloud server. Or it could just do AI or any other task.

      • jakalakn

        As far as Battlefield is concerned…. the Console version is the Port. That would be blatantly obvious to anyone who’s Played BF3 on both PC and console.

        But I think its safe to say that Graphic fidelity can and will get significantly better…. BF3 vs BF4 is a great example and thats only been 2 years.

        • swipe_06

          from Quake 1 to Quake 3 we seen software rendering, fixed hardware rendering, to programmable shaders. Those where drastic changes in just 3 years.
          Tim Sweeney is not a really good speaker, but he had a really nice presentation relating to the subject. He recons, there might be 2 more “next-gen” in the future, and this was before the ONE/PS4 reveal.

          • jakalakn

            That all good and well … but even one generation up is a significant step mate. Wouldn’t you say that playing a game with the visual fidelity of say Pacific Rim is a massive step up from where we are now. Can tell you right now that we won’t be playing games like that in the next 3 years though…. in terms of computing we’re probably not that far…. but in terms of marketing we are many years away. Why do you think that the X1 and PS4 are not even near as powerful as a Hi-End gaming rig?….. So that M$ and $ony can bleed us for at least another 3 console cycles….. All comes down to money.

            • swipe_06

              Well, Im guessing Publicly traded companies do it for the money. But seriously, GTA5 needed 300Million+ to make, and more than 1000 Ubisoft employees are working on Assassins Creed, while EA has a separate studio just for a game engine, then we are really close to the tipping point. And the consoles aren’t even out yet!
              BTW, if you think about money, releasing a next-gen is very expensive for a company, I don’t think $ony or M$ would like to do it very often. Considering it took so long for the PS3 to bring some profit. If you ask me, they would rather have a console out as long as possible, cause right now even the PS3 costs pennies to make.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Well if the Xbox and PS were as powerful as a gaming rig 1 it would be huge like a gaming rig 2 it would get hot like a gaming rig and 3 it would be as expensive as a gaming rig. Bundle all those together and it doesn’t sound that enticing.

        • XFistsClenchedX

          I don’t think the differences are that great from BF3 to BF4. I think the biggest difference is the sense of scale and I’m not even sure that translates to multiplayer.

      • XFistsClenchedX

        The graphics can’t improve significantly. Not enough for the graphical differences to matter. This generation is about gameplay, which is why I’m buying an Xbox One.

    • Joseph

      Don’t worry, it sounds bad but it’s not. Go find a game that released for the 360 sometime in ’06…..first one I can think of is Rainbow Six Vegas. Now look at the new Tomb Raider/Bioshock Infinite. I’m expecting a serious difference between the launch titles now and the titles we see in 2016.

    • dpg70

      It will be the same as the current gen and all previous. First party developers will get the most out of their respective systems, while 3rd party will develop to the lower system.

  • swipe_06

    If the last game released on the PS4 will look something like BF4, The Division, Watchdogs or any launch title, I wont complain.

    • CaptainZwabber

      I hope a few years in they will also make crash bandicoot and something like that because I think the main reason they don’t want to make that right now is because people want to see that human characters look real and why make a game like crash when you can show off the graphics of uncharted on next-gen (I’ve got nothing against it but would love to see a new crash)

      Yeah I wouldn’t be complaining as well, because it looks awesome, I would like that games have more saturation though, I love the colors in Far Cry 3, it’s what the game makes so beautiful

      • swipe_06

        You forgot about Knack 😀

        • CaptainZwabber

          Nah the way knack is played makes it look too much like a kiddie game, if the game dynamics and camera angle would be different I would probably play it but it doesn’t look fun to play to me

          • B_Boss

            Careful about the “kiddie game” bit lol. Cerny himself has stated that while it could come off that way, it is certainly a game for older folks as well. I forget the term he used exactly but it was well said. But I certainly can’t argue against your not really finding the game appealing ;).

    • B_Boss

      Exactly lol. Relatively speaking, you really can’t lose lol, especially when you’re well informed of each. I feel the PC vs Console argument can be potentially irrational every time the debate occurs.

      When I get a new console, I am not comparing BF4 on PS4 to PC, which is obviously more technologically advanced with more features available (not that I could be too concerned about that over ‘core experience’) but I am comparing BF4 to the previous console I owned to the Nextgen version of the same console and in that respect, it can’t get worse lol.

  • Zachary Myers

    To be honest, one console having more power than the other is like having a slightly larger portion of butter on your toast. Both consoles have minimal differences, except for their design and exclusive titles.

    Now if you want a substantial power difference, compare the consoles with the PC.

    • Joseph

      I agree.

    • CaptainZwabber

      but isn’t that the PS4 has bigger bandwidth so can put more data down at the same time but takes a little longer or is that something else in the consoles, I still need to learn tech stuff because I’m not quite good in that department of gaming
      (another reason why I play console instead of PC, I don’t know anything about putting a PC together)

      • jaskdavis

        Yes, PS4 has a 176gb/s Memory Bandwidth vs X1’s 68gb/s, DDR3 can be accessed faster than GDDR5 since it has less latency (Tighter Timing) but lacks in bandwidth. The X1 also has ESRAM which is system embedded RAM and is super fast for accessing data. PS4 also uses a lower voltage GDDR5 (1.0v) vs DDR3 (1.25v) so it will be a little bit cooler then the X1. The X1 has 4 move engines that specifically moves data around the system while using different pathways on top and in conjunction with the RAM and other hardware and has a 28gb/s speed per engine (112gb/s Total) on top of the 68gb/s for DDR3 which puts it’s total Bandwidth at over 180gb/s if they can utilize it that way, and then there is the “Power of the Cloud” that we will have to see how or if it benifits.

        • While I cannot provide visual proof, I can give a perfectly valid example.But here is an example, at E3 an Xbox Engineer Jeff Henshaw and NASA did a hardware demo tracking the orbital velocity of asteroids. The point of the hardware demo was to kind of site off both Xbox One and Cloud(Azure) now alone, Xbox One can manage 40,000 asteroids at once which I found impressive in its own right. They did did another showing, but with Windows Azure backing up, in which case that number jumped to some 330,000 asteroids all bring tracked at one time, that’s about a 756% increase if the math is correct. So now let’s translate that to the processing power of a cloud based server and you can sort of see the idea(it’ll be different for console gaming early on as only MMOs use cloud computing for games and I’m not sure every MMO does this.) But it impressed me, it made me actually do as much research as I could to just have a basic understanding of cloud-based services as a whole, storage, streaming, computing etc.

        • Brian Ruiz

          Did you know microsoft increased the Esram by 88% in the final design of the X1? Microsoft is now telling developers that 192GB/s is theoretically possible.

          Source :

          • jaskdavis

            Thats ridiculous fast for embedded RAM O_O

            • Brian Ruiz


      • swipe_06

        Bigger and Mostly faster is better. More and more programmers write code that harder to read and debug, just to align it so the CPU can get it faster.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Wait till Nvidia launch Volta its gonna turn that curve into a right angle.

    • betosobreira

      … or maybe decrease the amount of RAM used by OS.

      • I’m pretty sure 1GB is the minimum for any non mobile OS.I even think the PS4 OS uses 1 GB of system memory. Xbox One will actually be running 3 operating systems using 1GB each, the game OS, the system OS and some third OS to assist with the virtualization. I know just a bit about what Hyper-V is and what it does. One of the advantages of Hyper-V is that it is a type 1 and runs as close to the hardware as you can get. It uses dynamic memory allocation which means that if one of the virtual OS’s need more memory, it can take it from something that isn’t using as much. The loss on I/O is around .5-1% – something you will never notice. The performance is extremely good.

        For those concerned about stability, remember, this is the same technology that many corporations use to run all of their servers so it is solid technology. In many ways, this reminds me of Windows 2012 server core where the base OS doesn’t have a GUI and the two other OS’s, in this case Windows RT and XBOX OS run as virtual clients. This way they can operate separately and yet still communicate and work with each other.

        For those concerned with it not having enough memory, 8 GB will be plenty for everything. Even on my laptop and desktops that run 16 GB of ram, my PC games don’t take up much more than 4 GB while running.

  • ShazaM

    As developers become more and more famaliar with the hardware, and spend more time refining their code, that usually nets in better playing and looking games over the lifespan of the console.

  • dpg70

    Motion controls? Lol. Have fun with all that.

  • falahcod


  • tanile

    Even though I am a huge fan of DICE and their games, it disappoints me to hear them say that consoles will become outdated in just a few years. BF3 on consoles didn’t look bad, but it sure didn’t look great either! DICE is in love with the PC and doesn’t realize the potential of console optimization. Like previous statements on the discussion of this article, I would like to point out that games like The Last of Us and GTA 5 look phenomenal on current gen. This is because they focus on consoles. DICE just thinks that PCs are the best, but if they actually invest their time into consoles, they would realize their is much greater potential than they think. So yeah, PCs will continue to become more and more powerful in the coming years, but that doesn’t mean consoles will become outdated as long as good developers continue to optimize their games for consoles.

    • MrSunshine

      Why are you disappointed at them stating a fact? Just because something is more optimized doesn’t mean it’s not outdated.

      “but if they actually invest their time into consoles” It was a damn near miracle that they got Battlefield 3 to run on the PS3 and Xbox 360 at all. BF4 will probably be a little more optimized for the 360 & PS3 but it’s not going to be anywhere near what it is on the XBone & PS4 and it will still be better on the PC.(If you have the hardware for it.) That’s a fact.

      • tanile

        How is it a miracle that Battlefield 3 ran on the PS3 and Xbox 360?Battlefield Bad Company 2 looked just as good, if not better, and it came out a while ago. It had the same player count, MORE destruction, etc… Battlefield 3 should have been better than it was on consoles. The reason it wasn’t was because the focus was mostly on PC. Battlefield 3 is still a fun game on consoles, but it could have been better. DICE has made great console games in the past, and they can continue to do so as long as they put some of their focus towards the consoles. Also, I understand that next gen consoles will become outdated in the future; however, I do not believe they will be outdated in a few years. The technology will be older, but not outdated. The technology will not be outdated until games can no longer be improved or made better. The xbox 360 and PS3 are still pushing the boundaries with games like GTA 5 and The Last of Us. In the end, I realize that PCs are more powerful and will run BF4 the best, but I think DICE can make their games better on consoles if they just put in the effort to do so.

        • MrSunshine


          PS3 Hardware…
          550 MHz and makes use of 256 MB of RAM

          Xbox 360
          ATI Xenos, which has 10 MB of eDRAM. Its main memory pool is 512 MB in size.

          Both are DirectX 9.

          PC minimum requirements.
          RAM: 2GB

          DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card, ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher.
          Graphics card memory: 512 MB

          This is so you can get a semi playable framerate with 64 players. With the settings down to low.

          The amount of time and effort it must have took DICE to make a game playable on systems that have less RAM and less capable video cards is, in fact, quite an achievement. Patrick Bach even said it himself, if they wanted to put in more they would have to take something out. They were absolutely limited by the systems.

          This may be a shock, but Battlefield 3 isn’t Bad Company 2. It is an actual improvement over BC2. You may not notice this because your looking at the game running through a graphic card made in 2005.

          BF4 will NOT look like this on a PS3 and 360

          Textures will be muddy, edges will be jaggy, reflection may not even be there, the view may be blurry. And no amount of effort will change that. They are in fact pushing the consoles to their limits. And things will be cut so they won’t break them.

          • tanile

            I am not saying the game is going to ever look like it does on the PC with the xbox 360 and PS3. I understand that there is an insanely large gap between PCs and the current gen consoles. What I am saying is that there have to be other things they could have done to make the game look better (And BF3 console version really is the same as BC2; the PC version is steps above but the console version is no better). I don’t know everything about technology and the power of PCs, but I do know that open world games are much more expansive than first person shooters and that GTA 5 looks sooo much better than BF3 on consoles. I know it is weird to use GTA5 as an example, but I am just very impressed with its graphics and scope. Anyway, I completely agree with you that current gen consoles are much weaker (not outdated) than next gen consoles and PCs, but some game developers such as rockstar and naughty dog have found a way to truly optimize their games to make them look unbelievably good. The Frostbite engine could simply just not scale well to current gen consoles which is fine, but that doesn’t mean that other engines can’t. DICE saying that next gen consoles will be dated in a couple of years frustrates me for the same reasons. Frostbite 4,5,etc… may not scale well to next gen consoles in a few years, but that does not mean other engines will be the same way. If DICE puts more focus on next gen consoles and works to develop Frostbite 4 into a very transferable engine between systems, then their games will continue to look better and better.

        • Izzy Bozz

          You gotta be smokin’ crack if you think BC2 and BF3 looked the same.

          • tanile

            I assure you I am not, and I do think they look the same.

      • Raymond Featherston

        ” It was a damn near miracle that they got Battlefield 3 to run on the PS3 and Xbox 360 at all.” there are quite a few games that take more power to run, and said titles work just fine on consoles, so it being a “miracle” is a longshot. The fact is BF3 is by far not the most advanced game out there as you seem to imply, no miracle occurred here and if you think it was then you have a very skewed definition of “miracle”.

        • MrSunshine

          Yes… the Frostbite engine isn’t that advanced… okay, if you say so. Feel free to name those games. And if you say Crysis 3, I’ll point out the downgraded texture quality and frame drops.

          And no I’m not implying that its “THE MOST ADVANCED GAME”. What I’m saying is that the PS3 and 360 are old and will never, ever, be able to get the graphical fidelity that is seen on a PC.

          Also, learn to read, I said ‘Damn near’. A Herculean Effort if you will.

          • Raymond Featherston

            It really isn’t even a “close miracle”, and no graphically speaking there are a few games that take more power to run GRAPHICALLY (Skyrim, last of Us, BioShock Infinite just to name a few) yes you have the minor destruction in BF3 (comparatively to BC2, where the destruction was quite a bit better) but that takes little of the power required for the game. Point being there are things that would have been harder to make run on console and that it was hardly a “Herculean Effort ” they did have to reduce things such as player size and slight differences in map size but it would not have been all that difficult of a port after those changes were made.

  • Aria68

    “More memory or more CPU or GPU power” = PS4

    • jaskdavis

      CPU’s are identical I think, GPU’s… PS4 has the edge!

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    So in other words, the X1 will be the PS3 of next-gen?

  • Izzy Bozz

    I wonder what percentage of the PC gaming community actually own a high-end PC? I ask that question because every time a great looking game comes out, there’s a shit-load of PC gamers saying something like: ” damn, now I need to upgrade my PC.” But at the same time, they like to brag about how they’ll have the best gaming experience, even though they don’t have the recommended specs.

  • jrstryker

    I’m sure Dice will make sure this game runs well on either PS4 or XBox One. Difference will probably be minimal between the two.

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  • BillyHoWCR

    MP1st really needs to stop it with all the sensationalized articles. The developers are giving non-specific answers to leading questions by those looking to get hits on the console war scenario. and at no point did they say the PC version was the better version. Nor did they say PS4 or Xbox One was better then each other… trying to diffuse the question with the option of looking at “More memory or more CPU or GPU power – whatever kind of power …” answer… not claiming either specs true nature in their answer.

  • With 64 players, 60fps at 1080p, I don’t feel the need for an upgrade. I’m cool with playing that until there are new consoles. I wouldn’t upgrade my PC any sooner for a small bump in graphics. Isn’t worth the money to me.

  • Tenzee Sherpa

    This games looks good on all platform. Its just to amazing.

  • jlcurtis

    PlayStation 4 only has 6-7 gigs of ram for gaming the os uses the other bit

  • Casavult

    I will be getting Battlefield 4 but if it’s broken and riddled with bugs then I’m just going to sell it and play Watch Dogs and some other great games that are coming. I love the BF series but DICE/EA are so lazy at patching their game, fixing bugs and glitches among other things that I can’t be bothered to wait a whole year before even 50% of the issues get fixed and then the game gets dropped (i.e. BF3).

  • DarthDiggler

    Its technically 7GB on PS4.

  • weneedcontrol

    I am more interested in what things like the PS-Move can bring to battlefield 4 on the PS4. I care far more about control then prettier graphics.

  • jazzy1

    Console: Great social experience.

    PC: Unparalleled Single-player experience.

  • malik

    If Dice took advantage of MS cloud processing in XB one, then it will be XB with the edge! Which is why Respawn went with MS instead of Playstation on Titanfall!

    • dave mcnair

      Titan fall looks shit & if i wanted it, Id buy it for the lead platform (pc) cloud computing will only help gaming so much at this stage & likely not any better until approx 10 years. The DICE guy (think it was Karl) said in an interview that the cloud couldn’t help them with the games graphics, he gave an example of how it wasn’t completely useless. That was a lead devs opinion at DICE. Believe him if you want pal, I do.

  • Malik


    • dave mcnair

      don’t worry it’s just a nervous reaction. nothings that funny.. yet

    • Malik

      Hey dumb ass the lead platform was the Xbox One!

  • Malik

    When Xbox One launches it will be with 12gb of ram! 8 for gaming 4 for OS responsibility! And its been announced that the systems gpu was under clocked by a nice margin! People know that anything can happen before launch!

  • guest

    PS4 only has 4 GB allocated toward gaming…

  • Banks j

    Of course it will be better on PC. More than likely the next gen console versions will be a port. PCs can be played with controllers and also you can play on your laptop or tablet. Not to mention you have PCs that are as small or smaller than your console that can be placed in your living room and hooked up to your TV. The reasons for owning a console in this day and time are starting not to hold water. I can play battlefield 3 on my tablet when out somewhere. There are just not any advantages to owning a console now.

  • Mantenner

    I came from PC and you know what? i played it for 6 years, and it was shit. My PC constantly crashed, driver issues, lagging, internet problems, hackers, glitchers, receiving DLC last, games not coming to it like red dead redemption and GTA. But it was also good. All these people just coming to PC making out like its amazing is bullshit, don’t lie. PC is just as bad as console, console is shit as well, my bf4 has been freezing and lagging all over the place because ps3 is weak, but stop criticizing consoles for being “shit and weak and worse than PC’s” because in actual fact, next-gen is actually going to benefit us pc gamers because they raise the bar. For 7 years now PC games were limited to a relative area based around current gen, they couldn’t differ too far from them. But now the bar can be stepped up and the PC potential once again goes higher (as does the cost of parts and the amount of hardware and software issues you get). Oh but another thing, current gen is weak, laggy and dead. I hate bf4 on my ps3, it looks shit, plays shit and I wish I got it on my once powerful but now mediocre PC 🙁