Battlefield 4 – DICE ‘Unhappy With Server Performance,’ “Rubber-Banding” Fix Incoming

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike has officially launched for all Battlefield 4 Premium members across all platforms. But for many, the experience is being marred by a recent bout of severe server lag, or what many refer to as “rubber-banding”.

The issues that appeared only after Naval Strike’s launch appear to be affecting various platforms and are most severe in matches with 64 players or close to. Even DICE is “unhappy” with the recent troubles and is looking to alleviate them by upgrading server performance.

“We wanted to provide a quick update on the issues with Battlefield 4 ‘rubber-banding’ some players on certain platforms are experiencing during matches with 64-players,” Battlefield 4’s newly appointed community manager Dan Mitre wrote in an update on the Battlelog.

“Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance, so we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.”

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Battlefield 4 updates.

“As soon as we know the exact timetable, we’ll let you know the ETA.  Reducing lag for these players is absolutely a TOP priority for us to solve and we expect to have the solution very soon.”

  • Lets launch a game that is not stable, ridden with bugs and lets cut corners when it comes to the server hardware as well! That should round things out nicely for the ultimate player experience! Dice pls.

    • sugarjungle

      yeah and now they are going to let players rent these shitty servers on console geee thanks DICE

      • The way servers work on PC is there are various providers with multiple host location solutions. If one company has “great” hardware and good bandwidth they will be the clear winner. There should be multiple companies out there vying for your business as there is now in the PC market.

        • Bandwidth Bandito

          My only concern as a PC server renter, is how does the server provider know what resources to allocate to the VM that runs my server? They get recommendation from DICE, ideally they might monitor this and adjust the specs, but I suspect most of them go along with what they are told should do the job, they want to make money too so they can’t over resource a service they are charging a fixed rate for. Would be interesting (if I had the connections) to ask for a super charged server in my local region and see how it plays… hey a guy can dream.

    • Trav

      So glad I didn’t invest any of my money towards EA since after BF3. At this rate, the whole Battlefield franchise is going to have a bad name. It makes me concerned on what they’re going to do with Battlefront.

    • oooDankTankooo

      the game works fine. they just launched the dlc. do you know a better way to test something on a massive scale than just to release it? There isnt one.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Are you being serious?

        • VEX_VEHIX

          This is exactly why EA/DICE keep getting away with this shit. People like this.

      • B0bbyJ03
      • theplantain

        nah, the fact that they have a greedy publisher pushing them and a crappy team from Danger Close working on the project don’t mean anything /sarcasm

      • dpg70

        You’re kidding, right? Perhaps you’d like Apple/Android/MS to push a new OS to your phone and let you test it.

        • oooDankTankooo

          You obviously have no technical engineering background and dont know how update rollouts work. There are problems those android and ios updates you speak of, which is why they have patches. You guys dont know what you’re talking about. They dont know how and update will hold up when a massive amount of people are trying to access it at once. Call me all you want, but you guys are the ones who are bitching when there isn’t a way to do it differently. Lets hear a way to release an update that potentially a million people will use and test those million people trying to access it before launch. I bet you can’t.

          • dpg70

            “You obviously have no technical engineering background and dont know how update rollouts work”

            lol…I’ve worked in this field for 15 years. Something tells me you won’t make it that long.

            • oooDankTankooo

              Lets hear what company you work for then if you rollout software to a huge number of people. I work for a company that rolls out software to 30 million different people at once. If you think everything should work perfectly with technology then you live in a fantasy world.

      • Bandwidth Bandito

        Yeah you can host a limited beta for premium uses to give you cold hard data on what load you can expect from a full worldwide launch, why didn’t they do… oh wait yeah they did, maybe their servers could not process the data since they were like 386’s or something…


      Seriously. They should have “upgraded” their hardware well before BF4’s launch. Especially since they were attempting to “push innovation”.

      There is zero excuse for this. The money they’ve made from BF3, Premium, Shortcut packs and server rentals should have been MORE than enough for said upgrade prior to BF4.

      Now, five months after an aweful launch and multiple buggy patches, THEY are “unhappy”. Meanwhile us consumers have been furious! The balls.

      To hell with them.

    • asgaro

      I think it’s sad you and other Youtubers haven’t even started a boycot against the franchise yet.
      I have played my fair share of Battlefield games since BF2, but to this day I haven’t even bought BF4.
      This whole situation reminds me a bit of the Call of Duty fanboyism back in the days: even though CoD 4 was good, it went downhill with MW2 and later, but fanboys simply kept playing the broken games.

      BF 2142 received a major boycot action. Why hasn’t BF4 received the same?
      You and other Youtubers have lost a ton of credibility in my eyes for still playing this beyond broken game.

      • What does a boycott do? They have my money and yours!

        The best way to get things done as of late is to shed as much light on the the various bugs, connection and stability issues which I have done with quite a bit of success with direct interaction within DICE.

        • asgaro

          I understand. “Boycotting” was the wrong word for those who bought the game already.
          More like: deliberately making a fist with other Youtubers and not uploading BF4 footage for a few weeks. Hit em where it hurts. Since EA knows Youtube exposure is important nowadays (hence the corrupt marketing campaign behind our backs few months ago).

          I know you like Planetside 2 (and your tutorial videos where helpful). I wish you would bring more exposure to games that do it well: Planetside 2, Insurgency, CS: GO, Heroes & Generals.
          (I know PS2 was shit till a few months ago regarding performance. But they redeemed themselves. Just like DICE will… in time.)

          But you certainly have my respect for responding. I bet 100% Frankie or any other wouldn’t even bother…

    • Bmeowmix

      The game was pretty terrible at launch, but once they fixed most of the bugs it started to get the Battlefield feel again. If they would have realized that the servers were this shitty in development then they probably would have changed them, plus there is the fact that this post more or less proves that they are trying to fix them. There isn’t anything wrong with DICE.

    • Bandwidth Bandito

      Their hardware should not even have anything to do with it. Give us the ability to run our own servers and we’ll have less to complain about regarding lag. I would be interested to see how BF4 runs on a LAN. Would hit reg be good, would it be great? Would the overall experience be better. Why do we need to be tethered to a “master server” anyway? I mean I know why, it’s the dollars, the dirty dollars; and look how they hold you back… meh

  • El Gringo Diablo

    Pretty sure every patch since release has had some sort of ATTEMPT at server stability. And if not thats ridiculous..

  • Pig Benis

    A big fuck you to Dice and EA from me. You put out a shit ass product and took peoples money.

    • Jerry Kehr

      *taking peoples money.

      • oooDankTankooo

        if you’re going to play the role of grammar police, atleast do it right. his sentence was fine, dumbass.

        • Jerry Kehr

          I wasn’t playing grammar police. Just saying they took our money and they’re still taking it. Geez.

          • VEX_VEHIX



          • ThisGuy

            Its okay us edumacated folk understood you just fine

  • sugarjungle

    as a ps4 bf4 player we have been dealing with rubber banding since day one it is absolute bullshit.

  • Katana67

    Thank you… lord…

  • FoSho

    Oh but I play lag free and rubber band free on XB1 and PC. LMFAO. I played tonight on PS4 and there was rubber banding and lag on all maps even ones that usually run without a hitch. Also it does not help that people do not know what region to play in.

    It is actually breathtaking how broken this game was and still is on some things.
    There is 30 server updates and 6 or so patches. That is insane.

  • arty

    April fools! Ha good one dice.



  • pot51e

    How are they going to do that? They don’t own the PC server estate.

  • Witblitz

    Fix the netcode instead. BF latency was never up to scratch, even since BF1942. Go look at PlanetSide 2 for a good example on how to implement netcode.

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  • Suicidal1

    Wow, they’ve acknowledged that there’s a problem.

  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    Do these people not own their own PCs/consoles that they can simply go home and test this game over a “real network” (not some optimized internal LAN) before release into the wild?
    Even my company has a VPN for gods-sake.

  • Hates bad writers.

    That explains why you released the game. Makes so much sense now.

  • theplantain

    my BF4 routine: think about playing conquest (nah it lags too much), start to play some rush (i get one shotted or my shots don’t register properly)…i switch to tdm until i get sleepy or bored

    • Johnny Neat

      Same here, but I couldn’t even play after this DLC. Tried playing it all excited, I believe Operation Mortar, and the rubber banding happening was so intense and every once of fun was stripped and killed out of me. Try running and climbing up a hill while consistently rubber banding. It’s murder!

  • Johnny Neat

    This is all we here. Another problem, DICE will get right on it. Whatever. EA forced out an unfinished project and now DICE has been tarnished again, the series has been potentially stained permanently, and gamers like myself will continue experiencing poor performance through an otherwise awesome concept.

  • Robenter

    I think this is more PR BS. If hardware is the issue, it would have become quite apparent just after release and not 5 months later. This is just something to buy them more time. Just like when they said a few months back that they were stopping work on “future projects, DLCs, etc” until BF4 is fixed.

    Don’t believe any of this.

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Please dont fuck up battlefront. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • ckpinkham

    Fastest (although probably worst) solution: take the BF3 servers “offline” and use them for BF4. I don’t get any lag on BF3, like ever. But imo, BF3 is a better game anyway. Better controls and balance at least… so until they get all their BF4 shit squared, BF3 will be better in my book.

  • Derek

    All these “netcode” fixes seem to be causing me issues. I play on a few select servers (PC) that i have a ping that varries from around 15-25, so a pretty nice connection.. The last few patches I have been getting a ton of the shoot the guy in the chest see blood then see his muzzle flash and I die….I’m playing hardcore and lately ive been running around with the GOL with an ACOG so its very easy to tell when you are getting screwed over ;).

    Its not a super big deal but it sure does seem they are catering to people with shitty connections which is pretty damn annoying. Especially on PC when you can simply find a server with a better ping if you are not happy with your connection…and if you have a crappy connection…well thats just life folks some people have nicer things :P.

  • Guest

    Im surprised nobody learned from BF3 and didn’t see this massive fail coming

  • mwalker

    I can’t understand how a company can get away with this kind of service. If this happened at my company, heads would roll. If the doors didn’t close.

  • roland0811

    I feel like DICE are chasing their tails at this point…..Release unfinished broken product…..Release patches for product….Release DLC that break previous patches and add new problems…..Release patches….Release DLC that break previous patches and add new problems.
    It goes on and on and on. I know it happens to most other games but DICE seem to have mastered the art of WTFery on a larger scale than other developers.

  • Marcin Kubica

    Oh gosh, Dice, thank God you are not happy with the servers performance since it seems the unhappiness of your clients about it weren’t enough….

  • Wargasmic

    Unhappy with server performance? So does that mean they were happy with it up until now? DICE, your customers have been unhappy with server performance since launch day. The statements DICE have been making over bf4 and its troubles make me cringe and it makes me sick to the stomach that they have my money and there’s nothing i can do about it.

    Also, they’re only talking about their battlelog backend. They have no control over the actual game server hardware so anything they do will have minimal effect.