Battlefield 4 – DICE Wants to Deliver a “Great Experience For All Of Those on Current-Generation Platforms”

A few days ago, DICE general manager and vice president Karl-Magnus Trodsson teased a couple of surprises that the team has in store for this year’s E3. But as if that wasn’t enough, creative director Lars Gustavsson has also jumped on the tease-wagon to make the wait for E3 2013 even harder.

In a short interview with FTW, Gustavsson said that he can’t really talk about what exactly DICE will be showing when it comes to Battlefield 4, but he did say that there will be 64 players on the floor for the game’s multiplayer debut. In addition, there will also be some behind-closed-doors announcements, which we’ll be happy to share with you guys as soon as we’re able to.

He also spoke shortly on DICE’s mindset when it comes to current generation platforms, saying that while the team is happy to have those limitations lifted off their shoulders with the next-gen, they’re out to push the boundaries to deliver a “great experience for all of those on current-generation platforms.”

Check out the short interview with Lars Gustavsson in this video below.

With that, we want to ask you, will you be picking up Battlefield 4 on current, or next-generation platforms, or even both? Let us know in the comment section below!

Be sure to catch all our Battlefield 4 coverage at E3 by keeping your sights locked on MP1st.

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    What the hell is a closed door announcement? I wanna see everything…

    • B_Boss

      Right lol?

  • mrup2nogud

    Yeah I’ll be buying a next gen console as soon as available a PS4 for me always been a Playstation guy I had a 360 briefly but to the point. I want BF4 and COD GHOSTS for PS4 and expect big visual improvements from both and movement improvements I want ot better all round unlike a lot people graphics improvements are really important for me with every new gen I want games to look much better I’m well into visuals and sound in my games i understand they still need to cater for the 360/PS3 but i want improvements to.. I hope that doesn’t sound greedy and selfish that’s not what i intended..

  • B_Boss

    Definitely going PS4. As much as I love DICE, the money I spend towards the PS3 version could simply go towards the PS4 version.

    • WarBroh

      Anything but SpyBoxOne

      • B_Boss

        If you get a downvote, blame MS from now on lol.

  • I’ll be getting it for PS4. I’m moving on from the Xbox 360.

  • Jason

    I want 64 Players @ 60FPS 1080p (More Realistically 720p with AA options for Consoles). As far as which Console goes, Im leaning Towards PS4 but Not writing MS off just yet until Sony gives more details and I see Games on each Platform!

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I’m pretty sure bf4 can still look great while running at 720p60 with 64 players is possible on next gen consoles as long as dice doesnt just make the game look excellent and feel rough and instead make the game look great and feel great.

  • roland0811

    Won’t be picking it up at all, more than likely. My friends and I have gone back to playing tactical shooters. And it didn’t help that BF3 fell WAY short of our expectations and the hype DICE stirred up for it.
    Hello PC…..Hello ArmA 3.

    • Jason

      So You say “Hello PC”? That tells me you have played BF on Consoles and Considering BF3 was the Biggest and Best BF on Consoles (Bad Company 2 was Great as well) then tell me how it “fell WAY Short”?

      • roland0811

        I played it on PC as well just not exclusively. It was the same dumb suppression gimmick, same lack of teamwork/team cohesion, same blue filter, same lack of destructable environments, same crappy vehicle physics, same day one glitches still happening, same crappy DLC (excpet B2K, DICE blew their load early releasing that one first), same half-assed weapons balancing, same infinite sprint, same infinite vehicle ammo, same client side hit-detection.
        DICE kept talking and hyping it up for over a year. Desctructible this, Battlerecorder that. Look at those graphics and particle effects that in no way improve the choppy/glitchy gameplay. .
        My buds and I were looking for a large scale tactical shooter on console. What we got was a glitchy, overly blue fast paced run ‘n gun shooter with scaled back destruction and the worst hit detection I’ve seen since MW2. THAT’S how it ‘fell WAY short’. BF3 is mediocre at best. Bad Company 2 was ok, though, as it wasn’t trying to sell itself as something it wasn’t.

        • wubwub

          your wrong about the dlc’s

          • Thomas

            Excellent argument! I totally agree!

        • SAM0A

          I enjoy(ed) all of the DLC, however i wish most game modes were available on every map.

          CTF on Metro. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

        • Jason

          Ok, I can see if you went from BF2 to 3 how it would seem like they scaled it down. They just tried to Accommodate every bodies play style AND for current gen consoles and i don’t blame them but i can see how some players were disappointed.

        • Guest

          I would definitely take BF2 over BF3, but BF3 it self wasn’t too bad.

        • Matt

          half-assed weapons balancing? they put out 3 patches with details for each gun to make each gun special. you wont get two guns that feel the same in BF3.

          • roland0811

            I’m not talking just about the guns. I’m talking about the weapons across the board. The mortar was a short-range brainless point-and-click weapon to begin with and now it’s a glorified spud gun. The .50 machine guns on vehicles are way underpowered.
            Also, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve shot at someone’s feet with the main gun of a tank only to have them bunny hop away almost unscathed. And only three patches for the weapons over a year and a half? I can think of plenty of other companies who care enough to patch more often than that.
            And how DICE let a semi-auto shotgun have frag rounds and NOT foresee balance issues is beyond me. But ya, most of the weapons feel “special” and not in a good way. How many of them are actually useful or viable? I maybe use three or four different weapons per class as the rest of them are severely lacking in any kind of situation.

            • Matt

              I can take down infantry with a few shots on the .50 cal machine guns. If it were any more powerful it would be OP. The tanks I have to agree with you to some extent, against infantry their explosive radius may seem unrealistic but that’s where the gunner position comes in. Five* patches (one for each DLC, my bad) over two years were all that were needed, you should see the list of changes they made for each patch, each one was pages long. Now frag rounds are literally only useful for what they were designed for originally after patches, as a suppression piece of equipment. How often do you see people going around with frag rounds anymore? And I use every single gun (not equally but I have at least a few service stars on each) except for 11 primary guns, I personally prefer the M1911 so I don’t use other pistols. The guns that are used the most are very versatile, which makes them popular. The other weapons are also effective, but just not over a bigger range of situations. For example the PDW-R, is called a submachine gun but it is only useful in medium range gunfights. Close quarters? Absolutely horrid. My point is that maybe people only use certain guns because they are more all-purpose, but perform not as good as other guns in specific situations.

  • Sekje

    You will always get the best experience on the PC. Just saying. A Ps4 is only better for casual gamers and maybe for its exclusives

  • dpg70

    All depends on the release date of the new consoles.

  • kloki

    2 years ago we hear the same…

  • eBunny

    Will probably be getting it for the PC. Might have to upgrade a bit though since I’d like a consistent 60+ FPS on max settings ^^; although that might be asking a bit too much.

    • Jason

      Well if the new Engine is being Optimized better then I think you could get away with a little better textures, AA, and Resolution then what ever you had BF3 set at on your PC while still keeping a steady 60fps, But then again if they go all crazy with the PC version and run with Bigger Maps and 128 players then maybe not lol

  • Just saying

    BF4 for PS4 is my choice. Why will I get it on ps3 and get a down scaled game while I will be playing the beta on the ps3.

  • NeT-ShatterZ

    I’m going to pre order PS4 + BF4 = 😀

  • Peter

    PC all the way! So stoked to see how they ramp up the teamwork factor!

    • B_Boss

      PC will be THE standard….going to be simply mindblowing I’m sure. Can’t wait to see the streamed MP!

  • TheMuskyPotato

    getting it for xbox one

  • PC of course that has largest BF community.. sadly after the next gen Consoles, the console community is going to grow more thinner.. with players split across 360, One, PS3 and 4.

    I built my current PC for BFBC2 and it has survived till BF3 and more.
    Next upgrade will be for BF4!!

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  • Johno

    I’m moving from xbox to PC may as well get the most out of it.