Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC To Introduce Two-Handed Ballistic Shield

New gameplay elements are coming to Battlefield 4‘s Dragon’s Teeth expansion in the form of a two-handed ballistic shield that stops bullets, according to DICE senior animator Ryan Duffin.

During a talk at this year’s GDC, Duffin explained that the studio had hoped to introduce the ability for players to equip a ballistic shield that they could use in combination with a side arm. Instead, the team landed on the idea of a two-handed shield that acts as a piece of moveable cover.

Ultimately, previous generation memory constraints limited the amount of new player animations DICE could incorporate into the game.

“We didn’t have enough memory,” Duffin said. “It added about a megabyte, but a megabyte on a 2006 console is a lot, so it didn’t work out.”

Though pushed to work with the idea of a two-handed piece of moveable cover instead of a more mobile one-handed shield, Duffin says the studio eventually agreed that it made more sense and would actually fit better with Battlefield 4’s more team-oriented gameplay.

“There was a lot of resistance at first. But the more we assessed it, the more we realized it was a better feature,” he said. “It turns out that stopping bullets in a first-person shooter is a ton of fun. We’re confident that it will create a new dynamic for the game.”

So far, little is known about the Dragon’s Teeth expansion, other than it will be developed by DICE LA and that it will revolve around urban warfare.

Thanks, Polygon.

  • Battlefield is becoming more gimmicky by the day.

    • Grif

      I agree, I feel like DICE just wants to be done with BF4, and move on to their next project.

      • dieger

        Battlefront and mirrors edge 2 :3 im excited for mirrors edge 2 but…..Battlefront…..idk i don’t feel like have 5+ problems with the game

        • Grif

          Haha ya Mirror’s Edge 2 will be awesome.

      • VEX_VEHIX

        This was clear once they handed the game over to DICE LA (Not crapping on the talent at this studio) just saying.

        • Grif

          Haha lol.

    • Katana67


      DICE. WHY?

      Lord knows we wouldn’t want our BUILDINGS AND ENVIRONMENTS to act as cover, no sirree. Let’s have them all be destroyed with the slightest breeze! Not to worry, we’ve got a shield!

      At least it’s two-handed. It had better be a biiiiiiiiitch to switch to another weapon after using it. And it better provide ZERO protection versus explosions.

      EDIT – I love how they justify it by saying “turns out stopping bullets is a lot of fun”, as if their unresponsive shooting mechanic and netcode didn’t cause that already.

      • VEX_VEHIX


        All I see after they incorporate shields.

        If only they gave helicopters this much protection.

        • roland0811

          LMAO! Operation Metro?

          • VEX_VEHIX

            OP Metro is already a mess. Lol

            • roland0811

              It confuses me how DICE doesn’t see that or many of the other things they don’t think through… giving a semi-auto shotgun frag rounds in BF3. I always wondered how that decision made it’s way all the way through launch and several months past.
              At this point I’ve just been content with sitting back and watching them dig a bigger hole for themselves via bad gameplay decisions, bad map design and lazy post launch patchwork and support.

        • jj16802

          32: Rise of an Empire.

      • Johnny Neat

        I would want the entry/exit animation for vehicles though. They can be peppy without being turbo.

        P.s. These shields are going to be extremely annoying. Explosions from vehicles already do shit to infantry.

        • Katana67

          I love the idea of entry/exit animations, not just from an “authenticity” point of view… but from a balance point of view.

          It’s pretty ridiculous to just get a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card whenever life gets tough and you cower back into your vehicle instantly. Or, when you have two players Three-Stooging in and out of a vehicle.

          But, DICE has dismissed including this in the past by asserting that it would “slow down” gameplay. An assertion which can no longer be made (without being hypocritical) with the inclusion of this monstrosity.

    • BroJ

      I love BF and I totally agree with this.

    • Derpslayer

      DICE LA, previously known as Danger Close, killed the Medal of Honor franchise, now theyre applying their unique powers to killing Battlefield too.

      We had some good years, BF. Some good years.


      No no, they call it “Innovation”.

      I wish they concentrate more on the issue, rather than MORE explosives and personal sheilds.

    • marpla78

      i guess they really listen to the community….but i think they are doing it in the wrong forums…

  • ItsG_Baby

    This is fine. I consider this my last battlefield game I will play.

    • Derpslayer

      In a way it is a relief isn’t it, like theyre letting us off the hook and we can finally stop hoping things will get better and they just need more time.

      Its like breaking up from a bad relationship that always felt like it had potential but was mostly just bad and headed toward worse, relief to let go.

      • pot51e

        Yeah. no point living on false hope, or what might be. It just gets worse, and almost everything they do, takes it a degree further from where we want it. Time to hit the bitch round the head and bury her in the woods.

        My biggest concern though is what might happen to Battlefront…

  • Zachary Myers

    Here comes the C4-throwing-behind-the-shield gameplay. So much fun….not.

  • Dennis

    China Rising was made by DICE LA… So we can conclude Dragon’s Teeth won’t have any Levolution?

    • DICE Stockholm has handled every DLC except for Second Assault.

      • mechcell

        Also Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand.

    • I thought it was Second Assault?

      And China Rising was rushed. It had Levolution that got canned

  • shodannet

    A shield that stops bullets + a weapon would have been a terrible idea

  • Cameron

    This is a terrible idea. Not looking forward to this at all.

  • jj16802

    I think I’m done with this game now….

    • roland0811

      ArmA 3 is totally worth it. 😀

    • Shawn

      Yeah,….DICE LA really screwed this game side ways…with each iteration BF is losing what made it BattleField in favor of trying to gain CoD kiddies with the gimmicks (CQ DLC in BF3), too many infantry only or favored maps in BF3 and BF4 instead of Combined Arms style maps favoring everything.

      Freaking mess like Op. Metro and then bring Op. Locker with Op. Metro in BF4..folks may like those maps somehow but they are not true to BF. Then you have nonsense like these shields and other things.

      I have to go with PlanetSide 2 though the graphics are not as shiny, it’s not as popular, and it has its problems but at least it gives me large scale combined arms combat and those moments tend to be rather awesome!

  • therapiist

    Ok, dice you guys need to take couple yrs off from battlefield because this sounds really stupid and you guys are losing your mind

    • YellaNinja

      Ah yes, I think they definitely should take a couple of years away from the main series. Although, I don’t think I’d want them to mess up a Bad Company 3 seeing as how awful 3 and 4 have been.

      It seems that many people forgot how bad the launch for BF3 was, at least on PS3 anyway. Input lag anyone? Followed by DICE blaming our TV sets and pretty much denying it for a while or evading it. At least they did get around to fixing it…about a year later when most people had already gone elsewhere. To be honest, BF3 still has a plethora of glitches that never did get patched.

      I told myself that I wouldn’t buy one at launch again after 3 stung me so bad. My bullshit radar has kept me sorted out for this one haha. I’ve been keeping a watchful eye and thanks to some well constructed posts on here, I’ve managed to stay clear of 4 thus far and by the looks of things, I don’t think I’m going to bother at all.

      Last week it was the frickin’ anti-air mines, which you can carry two of, plus a stinger (they ruined air in 3 and never bother to fix/balance it and in number 4, it seems that players who like to fly have had it bad from the get go). Now this week it’s a fucking riot shield. My God, what goes through their brains? Are they intentionally trying to sink the series? I guess you can’t blame EA for that.

      To be honest, I think DICE needs to stop putting crap like this in the game and go back to basics.

      Firstly, they need to fix their shooting mechanics and model. Bullets need to go where the scope is aimed. None of this random spread and deviation. If there has to be a random element attached to the gunplay, at least allow the scope to remain accurate. Bullets should go where you’re aimed. I can’t speak for 4 but on 3 if you had someone dead in the centre of an 8X scope, primed for a headshot, random deviation would make you miss, even though you were dead centred on their bonce haha. It is probably a little better in 4 but I’ve heard the same comments.

      Destruction model. I think it might need a little bit of an overhaul. Cover should be chipped away a little bit slower, one C4 blowing out a whole building can be a bit annoying. Different materials should react realistically too.

      Vehicle balance. Choppers and jets should absolutely be feared. One guy sitting in a bush with a stinger should not equate to no choppers in the air. It is possible to fly as it is now but you have to be really good and it’s not exactly fair…perhaps they could implement vehicle enter/exit animations so it’d be harder to repair and t’ings like that to balance it out. Katana said something jokingly, I think earlier down the thread about flow. Seems like DICE couldn’t give a flying…ahem haha.

      Netcode and tick rate. Apparently, the hit detection of 4 is atrocious, I only played the beta and then it was pretty bad. I think everyone could benefit in improvements in this.

      Erm, that it’s it for now. ‘Nough bitching!

  • El Gringo Diablo

    Call of Battlefield…

    • marpla78

      again so sad and so true at the same time…the lack of teamwork on this game went to hell, few guys do it these days…the 80% is run and gun like our friendly rival 😀

    • Shawn

      Good ole EA/DICE decided they needed to be more and more like CoD to try to steal the crown that they ruined the identity of BattleField and have made it some hybrid mess that BattleField fans hate and CoD fans are not getting hip to despite the attempt to grab that fan base.

      CoD still managed to outsell BF and now we have one mess of a game with very weak maps mostly! 🙁

  • BroJ

    Was considering getting Premium. Now with this announcement I am not. DICE is lucky Titanfall is not on PS4 because I would be gone.

    • El Gringo Diablo

      Reserve your judgement on what I’m gonna say. But as soon as elderscolls comes out I’m giving my fucking money to them.

      • Derpslayer

        Better check up on the latest ESOnline developments before purchasing, people are cancelling preorders in droves because of last minute changes that pissed off community.

        • El Gringo Diablo

          And yet no console beta? I guess I better be a sheep and follow the pack right?


      • marpla78

        The Division is the next game that seems to worth my money.

    • Grif

      Ha ya the PS4 and PS3 or the only game system holding on to BF4. Everyone else is playing Titanfall on the Xbox and PC. Infamous: Second Son comes out this Friday, I’m sure BF4 will loose a ton of PS4 players,

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Once Divison drops, BattleShield will be doomed.

        • Grif

          Haha lol BattleShield, but yes I agree, Division is going to be epic.

    • jj16802

      Yep, I was going to give DICE my 50 bucks as well, but this completely changed my mind. Looks like it’s going to either Wolfenstein or Borderlands 2 for the Vita.

  • BroJ

    LOL. Not only do we have to deal with not hitting are target do to bad hit detection and lag now we have to worry about shields. LMFAO. DICE is grasping at straws now.

  • RoadTripToJalalabad

    Sounds no dumber than a crossbow to me. I’m surprised they aren’t going rock-bottom cheap and have you shove the “shields” around with a knife.

  • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

    I remember this was in Call of Duty 6. I mean…I guess. Okay. I suppose it’ll be a fun little addition that nobody will take seriously enough to use in any particularly effective manner assuming we’re not going to see 300-styled explosion and shrapnel-blocking abilities tied in with this imaginary entirely-bulletproof shield.

  • Skyler Farrell Foster

    Just like the riot shield in cod but worse u use two hands. Time for another developer to release a whole new series of fps. Not respawn titan fall is cod with wall running high jumps and robots

    • Just saying

      It all comes to Destiny now.


      Respawn Entertainment.

    • jj16802

      Maybe Machine Games can reignite the retro FPS genre with the new Wolfenstein game…

  • Cloud Flash

    Guess we’re out of ideas, then.

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  • Jamic

    It actually could be a fun gadget. I usually cover bomb carrier/people at MCOMs with my character so a shield will become handy. I just hope that covering your team mates with the shield will give you anti-suppression points or “additional” points in small amounts.

    I just hope they can prevent all the stupid shit people can do in COD games with the shield (trapping in corners and such.)


      Fun? More like another “easy mode” gadget for idiots to exploit.

  • SamRock

    Enjoy Bafflefield while you can. End is near.

    (intentional typo)

    • marpla78

      sad…but true. I think BF4 is my last game…shame on EA+DICE

      • SamRock

        Really Sad.. ‘coz I was looking forward to buy premium when Naval Strike comes out.

        Also I missed the last line where it said “Urban warfare”. Now that could be a silver lining…. had too many open map with million Stingers and AA(and now AAmine) locked on me 😀

        • marpla78

          if the map are not the conquest domination map size could be good…those maps were too small for me.

          the game is fun to play with friends but i feel this franchise is going down the hill…

          • SamRock

            Yes agree on the map size. Hope we get to see some Urban Action like, Karkand, Jalalabad, War Lord, and Ghost Town. Those were classic Urban maps.. always populated on BF2

        • jj16802

          I was about to do the same as well. Guess I’ll keep my money for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

  • Nick Larsen

    WTF..DICE?? whats next, kill streaks and a-bombs?? this is BF not CoD.

    • Olek

      I’m sorry but was CoD the first FPS game to ever use fucking riot shields? What a joke, fucking cs 1.6 used to have them, stop acting like this. Then i’m gonna go ahead and say that CoD copied CS and other games for the idea.

      • CoDforever

        Cod prolly want the first game to use them, but you already know thats where they got the idea though


      Titans! Lol

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  • Ramp Lion

    This is why Medal of Honor warfighter didn’t sell well

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      it didnt sell well because it was broken

    • jj16802

      It didn’t sell well because most of the reviewers bashed a perfectly good game.

      Also Warfighter didn’t have any of this craziness DICE LA is putting into BF4.

      • Ramp Lion

        Warfighter logic:
        YOU: Shoot 6 bullets, 4 hit and you kill them
        PERSON YOU KILLED: Shown getting hit by 2 then falling over

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Ballistic shields in competetive fps games is the worst thing ever. We have already learned it from cs 1.6. But i dont think its gonna be overpowered, you can easily kill a shield guy with a granade. Just annoying

    • vapor220

      BF has never been a competitive game.

      • jj16802

        Yes it is, player vs. player is competitive.

    • jj16802

      Or for that matter, use the launchers’ splash damage or lure the guy to a C4/claymore trap.

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  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    Duffin also went on to reveal a new “groundbreaking” feature they are adding.

    “Along with ballistic shields, we are adding a new game mechanic that will reward a player that gets a streak of kills. So at 3 kills in a row you might be awarded your own sentry gun good at taking down pesky choppers. At 5 kills in a row you can get your own “mech-suit”-great at vehicle disposal. At 25 kills you can earn the vaunted “Little Boy” reward–a thermonuclear device that kills everyone on the map and gets you the win!
    This is going to reinvent the FPS genre.
    As an appreciation to our fans, Killchains (as we call them) will be available to our fans in this weeks patch.”

  • theplantain

    as soon as those Danger Close came on board and EA’s greed went into overdrive….well we know what happened…good luck getting me to buy another BF game

  • SamRock

    Offishial Shield Image from Operation Locker 😛

    • marpla78




    • jj16802

      Hey look, it’s the new Roman Empire.

  • Tank Buster

    I was actually looking forward to this DLC, but after the riot shields were announced I don’t think I’m gonna buy this DLC or premium.

  • roland0811

    I keep wanting to buy BF4. I see vids online that look like a lot of fun….then I go to my buddy’s and play for a few rounds there and shake my head thinking to myself, ” I’ll just wait ’til it’s finished and fixed….”…and then I’m reminded that they didn’t even finish or fix BF3. And now this. Thank the gods for ArmA 3.

  • Bmeowmix

    Yeah… I don’t know if DICE has played CoD BO2, but this is a mistake

  • YinYang27

    Could be good with teamwork.

  • pot51e


  • BroJ

    yo nig this b trippin! i aint gettin no peice of crap game bro.

    • Dakan45

      speak english you braindamaged bufoon.

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  • As much shit as bf4 gets its still better than ghost and for that I thank you! Also im hoping this is a nextgen only release sounds kind of similar to how they did Vietnam for bfbc2 but hey could just be another dlc!